Chapter 349: Emperor Ning wants to enter the rebel forces

“The fatuous ruler has left from the south gate. He thinks he can escape down south,” Xiang Nong stood in the heavy rain and muttered. Then, he casually raised his head and ordered his foster child, “Don’t worry about the army camps. Bring your troops to stop the fatuous ruler!”

Xiang Tiange cupped his fist and made a loud sound of assent before heading south with his battalion.

“Let’s go!” Xiang Nong got on to his horse and shouted, “Let’s go and meet the fatuous ruler!!” After leaving the army camp, Xiang Nong and the rebel forces realised that there were many silhouettes all around the campsite. Where is the fatuous ruler?! 

“Are we going to go out?” Pei Yan accompanied Ning Xiaoyao and squatted outside one of the army tents. Ning Xiaoyao made a small slit on the tent, allowing the two of them to look out through the hole. They were in the tent where the rebel forces would take their rest. All the rebel soldiers had already been slaughtered by Shadowgale and the others. 

Ning Xiaoyao and Pei Yan squatted at the entrance of the tent to keep watch while Shadowgale and the others changed into the outfit of the rebel forces. Ning Xiaoyao released her hand and the slit in the tent closed. Pointing behind her, Emperor Ning asked, “Before we discuss our following steps, Second Young Master Pei, please explain to me what’s going on?”

Ning Xiaoyao was pointing at Erya and Xiaoqiu. The two of them were sitting on a wooden stool and innocently gazing at Ning Xiaoyao. 

Pei Yan replied, “Your Majesty changed to casual wear and left the palace to infiltrate the camp of the rebel forces right? Otherwise, why didn’t Your Majesty choose to leave from the north gate?” Did he think that the rebels were easier to bully than the Northern Hu? That obviously can’t be the reason why Ning Xiaoyao chose to leave from the south gate. 

“What does this have to do with you bringing Erya and Xiaoqiu out?!” Ning Xiaoyao glared at Pei Yan. Earlier, she was distracted by the hundred thousand troops at the scene and didn’t take note of the troops Pei Yan brought out of the capital. She would never have guessed that this crazy bastard would take Erya and Xiaoqiu out of the capital ah!!

“There is no better way to hide our identities than to bring two kids along.” Pei Yan grinned. Pei Yan’s smile made him look handsome as always but that only triggered Ning Xiaoyao’s anger. “Time was of the essence and I didn’t have time to tell Your Majesty.”

Ning Xiaoyao exploded, “Couldn’t you have found a proper reason?!”

“I’m serious,” Pei Yan continued smiling. Ning Xiaoyao’s clenched fist could be heard loud and clear. She really wants to beat this useless guy up ah!!!

“No one would ever think the ruler of the country would be travelling with two children unrelated to him,” Pei Yan shook his head closely at Ning Xiaoyao and lowered his voice, “Your Majesty, is this reason acceptable?”

“Your Majesty,” Erya shyly chirped in, “Then.. Then should I bring Xiaoqiu back?”

Ning Xiaoyao: …What could she say? They’ve already braved the danger and escaped. How could she toss them back?

“What is happening below?” Pei Yan pulled opened the slit in the tent. Ning Xiaoyao looked out of the tent, “Do you hear it? It’s the Northern Hu dialect.” Pei Yan nodded. The language of the Northern Hu and Yongning people were different and it was easy to tell them apart.

“When we exit the tent, we will shout that the fatuous ruler ran south,” Ning Xiaoyao twirled the dagger in the hand and whispered, “We will lead the two groups and run to the south.”

“What happens after that?” Pei Yan asked. At this moment, Shadowgale and the others arrived.

Ning Xiaoyao licked her parched lips, “That’s the exciting part.”

Everyone, including Pei Yan, held their breaths. “Our purpose is not to escape,” Ning Xiaoyao excitedly explained, “Our purpose is to get the rebel forces to fight against the Northern Hu!!”

No one responded and everyone was stunned. “We don’t have enough troops,” Ning Xiaoyao continued her plan without a care, “But the rebel forces have so many people ah. And all these people are from Yongning. Why shouldn’t they protect the country too?”

“That’s not the point,” Pei Yan finally responded, “Why would the rebel forces listen to you ah?”

“I am not that influential,” Ning Xiaoyao had self awareness.

“Then what are you going to do?” Second Young Master Pei did not understand. In the rebel forces, His Majesty was known as the fatuous ruler. How was he going to convince the rebel troops to fight against the Northern Hu with their lives on the line?!

“There is a female camp in the southwest direction of the campsite,” Ning Xiaoyao whispered. Everyone stared at Ning Xiaoyao. No one believes that His Majesty would be thinking about women at times like this. But why would His Majesty suddenly bring up the matter of the female camp ah?

“Xiang Nong has no son,” Ning Xiaoyao explained, “He only has a daughter called Wanwan.”

“You want to kidnap Wanwan and use her to threaten Xiang Nong?” Pei Yan blurted. “That move would be useless,” Ning Xiaoyao shook her head, “Xiang Nong isn’t impotent yet, he could probably deal with the death of his daughter.”

“Then what do you want to do?” 

“We’ll kidnap the lady when the Northern Hu comes over. Then we’ll kidnap one with a high status,” Ning Xiaoyao put her thumbs together, “You understand right…” Everyone present looked at each other, then turned to Ning Xiaoyao and shook their heads. They really didn’t understand...

“We won’t strip the lady,” Ning Xiaoyao beamed gleefully, “But we will strip the Northern Hu man. Then we’ll call the rebel forces over and push the blame on the Northern Hu!!”

A Northern Hu man forcing himself on Xiang Nong’s only daughter. In public. In front of so many people.

If Xiang Nong doesn’t take revenge, he would be seen as a man who couldn’t even protect his daughter’s innocence. How could a man like that be fit to be the Lord of the rebel forces?!

“In order to make it seem legit, we have to kidnap a few more girls,” Ning Xiaoyao looked out of the tent, “This will make it seem like the rebel forces didn’t know Wanwan’s true identity.”

“Wait a minute. Now it’s going to be a group of Northern Hu?” 

“I just decided on this. You have an issue with that, Second Young Master?” Pei Yan realised he didn’t know how to respond when he was facing this punk. How could he think up such things on the spot?!

“Windy, do you have any objections?” Ning Xiaoyao looked up and asked Shadowgale and the others. Shadowgale and the others shook their heads. They actually came with the thought of sacrificing their lives when they left the capital with His Majesty. Never would they have expected to ride directly into the camp of the rebel forces.

The people outside were all out for their lives and yet they were squatting in their military tent and having a meeting. Shadowgale and the other guards felt a little dizzy. This situation really deviated too much from their imagination!!!

“This way, that Xiang Wanwan will lose her innocence in name and cannot marry out in the future right?” a kind Dragon Guard voiced out. After saying this, apart from Ning Xiaoyao, Erya and Xiaoqiu, everyone stared at this little bro. You still care about the marital affairs of a rebel lady?! Ning Xiaoyao puffed out her cheeks. What she plans to do is despicable and morally wrong but... 

Ning Xiaoyao took a breath, “Xiang Nong wants to kill me but I can’t ruin his daughter’s innocence? Also, it’s not like I’m really taking her innocence!!”

Everyone: …It isn’t real but this may cause the young miss to be suicidal, okay?!

“This comment is rejected,” Ning Xiaoyao waved her hands, “Are there any other issues?”

Pei Yan added, “What happens after we save Xiang Wanwan? Do we escape immediately?”

“No,” Ning Xiaoyao shook her head, “I have decided to join the rebel forces. Fighting to death against the Northern Hu is my new job.”

*Gulp* One of the Dragon Guards choked on his saliva. The military tent was quiet again.

“Why aren’t any of you saying anything?” Ning Xiaoyao asked.

“Join the rebel forces?!” Second Young Master Pei blasted, “Your Majesty, you think they will let you join?”

“We are the poor and unfortunate common people who can’t wait to kill the fatuous ruler, Ning Yu. Second Young Master, do you think I can join the rebel forces based on this reason?”

“Your Majesty wants to fake death?” Shadowgale furrowed his brows.

“Mhm,” Ning Xiaoyao nodded. Mhm your head ah! Pei Yan regretted coming along with Ning Xiaoyao. “How are you going to fake your death?”

“I have already thought it through,” Ning Xiaoyao patted the bundle on her back. Everyone else: … His Majesty has already thought it through ah?

Ning Xiaoyao took out something from the bundle. “You!” Pei Yan exclaimed when he saw what was in Ning Xiaoyao’s hand.

Ning Xiaoyao covered Pei Yan’s mouth with a “pa!” sound. “Isn’t it just the jade seal, what is there to be excited about?!”

Pei Yan pulled away Ning Xiaoyao’s hand and wanted to shout at him. But then he thought, he is the emperor. I guess it’s not wrong for an emperor to carry around his jade seal ah...

“Find me a corpse later,” Ning Xiaoyao added, “The kind that has been trampled by horses. What’s that called...Horse what soil?” Shadowrain replied, “Horse stamped to soil?”

“Yes, yes that’s the phrase,” Ning Xiaoyao gave a thumbs up to Shadowrain. Pei Yan thought while squatting, “It wouldn’t be convincing if you’re the only one dead, right?”

“Everyone’s clothes are here.” Ning Xiaoyao pointed at the clothes that Shadowgale and the others changed out of. “Find some corpses and change them into these outfits. Just make it seem like we all died ah.”

“What if someone finds out about the identity of these bodies?” Pei Yan asked.

Ning Xiaoyao immediately replied, “Disfigure the faces.” Pei Yan retorted, “If all the bodies had disfigured faces, wouldn’t it seem like you’re just trying to deceive yourself into thinking your plan would work?”

“What do you suggest then, Second Young Master?” 

“Light a fire. If the bodies are burnt, no one would be able to tell what they look like. This solution is simpler.”

“Deal!” Ning Xiaoyao clapped her hands together, “Let’s settle on this happily. Second Young Master, we can split now. You can go back to the palace and I will go to the female camp!”

Pei Yan stared at Ning Xiaoyao. Ning Xiaoyao blinked her eyes, “You’re not returning to the palace?”

“I’ll accompany Your Majesty to finish the task first.” Pei Yan actually didn’t want to accompany Ning Xiaoyao to do crazy things. But after thinking about it, if they managed to get a Northern Hu man to ruin Xiang Wanwan, perhaps they may really be able to force Xiang Nong into going against them.

“Your Majesty,” Erya ran to Ning Xiaoyao, “What about me and Xiaoqiu?” Ning Xiaoyao looked at Pei Yan.

“We want to be with Your Majesty!!!” Erya didn’t wait for Ning Xiaoyao to reply before stating resolutely. Ning Xiaoyao looked at Pei Yan and sighed, muttering, “What’s the point of having a face like that.”

Second Young Master Pei was amused. “I may be born with such fairy-like looks, but I already have a family. How could Erya be interested in me?” 

Everyone in the vicinity felt that His Majesty and Pei Yan’s entanglement wasn’t random. These two people both thought differently from everyone else and only they could have a conversation. (Author: o()o)

“How about this,” Ning Xiaoyao waved at Xiaoqiu who was sitting obediently at the side. When Xiaoqiu ran in front of her, Ning Xiaoyao reached out and picked him up. “From now on, I’ll be a strong independent widow with Erya and Xiaoqiu as my daughter and son.”

Everyone else: …

What did you say?!” Second Young Master Pei lost count of the number of times he was stunned by this bugger today. “What did you just say? Can you repeat that for me?” Second Young Master Pei roared at Ning Xiaoyao.

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