Chapter 348: His Majesty leaves, Supreme Commander comes

His Majesty was going to leave the city and put himself in danger in order to draw the Northern Hu army and the rebel forces away from the capital. Elder Li and various subjects gathered at the southern gates and got down on their knees to bid His Majesty farewell. In no time, news spread throughout the entire capital.

Therefore, by the time Ning Xiaoyao and her troops arrived in plain clothes at the south city gate, a mass of people were already there waiting on their knees. Not only were there officials, but many common people as well.

Amidst the heavy rain, tens of thousands of people silently kneeled to send her off. This action greatly stunned Ning Xiaoyao. Had she done something very touching?

Elder Li heavily pressed his head against the ground. Under the heavy rain, others had trouble hearing the respected elder, but Ning Xiaoyao heard him very clearly. Elder Li was telling her, “This subject wishes Your Majesty a safe return.”

Touching her belly, Ning Xiaoyao nodded at Elder Li. She’s definitely going to take good care of herself and her baby.

"Open the gates!" Pei Yan ordered. One of the city’s gatewatchers shot an arrow into the sky. With that sound, the heavy south city gate gradually opened.

Ning Xiaoyao clenched the reins in her hands. It’s time for battle!

Meanwhile, Lou Zigui stood in an open area of the barracks and tightly grabbed onto the reins of Little Red.

"Chengying!” Mister Huihu rushed over and called out when he saw Lou Zigui getting ready to mount his horse. Lou Zigui turned around to look at his respected teacher.

Mister Huihu quickly walked over to Lou Zigui. "What are you planning on doing?” 

"I’m returning back to the capital," Lou Zigui replied in a matter-of-fact tone.

"You!" Mister Huihu looked unconvinced. His disciple isn’t someone who would change his mind once he decides on something. Even if he loses, he isn’t the type to blame anyone else. So what’s this about? The arrow had already left the bow, yet his disciple wants to head back?

"Once an arrow leaves the bow, there’s no way to retrieve it.” Mister Huihu told Lou Zigui. “Do you not understand this principle?”

As a military leader, how could he not understand this concept? But lately Lou Zigui had spent his days in hesitation. He visualized himself leading his men and conquering thousands of miles. However, instead of joy, the possibility of occupying more land caused more distress within him. That’s right. The magnificent Supreme Commander of Anyuan was afraid. What if something happens to Miss Ning? Like that time when Xiaoyao inexplicably fell into his arms on the streets of the capital? What if she falls over again but doesn’t ever wake up?

"Chengying," Mister Huihu calmed down and looked intently at Lou Zigui. "You’ve already split the army and sent some troops to Qiufeng City. What if you meet with trouble on your way back to the capital? What will you do then? With the limited number of soldiers you presently have, are you sure that you can solve the encirclement issue once you arrive at the capital?”

Lou Zigui looked at the generals around him, but all of them had their heads lowered. They were unwilling to meet Lou Zigui’s eyes.

"Chengying, ah!" Mister Huihu still had more to say.

"Respected teacher," Lou Zigui’s eyes came to a stop on Mister Huihu's face, and he coldly stated, “You shouldn’t meddle in the affairs of my army. I knew you were the one who privately incited Fang Tang and my men to kill off Prince Zui’s entire family. Once is enough. I respect you, but that does not mean I will hand over control of the Black Frost Cavalry to you. I also won’t accept those who view teacher as the one in power.”

This was probably the first time in his life that Mister Huihu had heard Lou Zigui speak to him in such a cold manner. He was momentarily stunned.

Fang Tang and Shen Mu also felt a chill. Furthermore, the other generals felt a jolt of discomfort after hearing Lou Zigui’s words. Indeed, thinking about it on a deeper level, Fang Tang and Shen Mu should be condemned for their actions. It didn’t matter what their intentions were. They had gone behind Supreme Commander’s back. At the end of the day, who was their master?

"If you have anything to say, then say it now, "Lou Zigui swept a glance over his men. When Supreme Commander Lou is in a good mood, his generals could speak and even joke around, but now with his cold face and frosty stare, no one dared to speak.

Lou Zigui mounted his horse. “Let’s go.”

“Everyone, set off!” a mid-ranked officer immediately shouted out. A troop of nearly 100,000 quickly left for the south. Sound of hooves thudded through their departure and soon disappeared from Mister Huihu’s views.

"Let's go." Master Priest You said with a laugh. "Do you still want to stay by your disciple’s side, acting as someone who is only under one and above all other men?” 

You’re looking down on your disciple, old friend. Since ancient times, men of integrity who scrupulously abide by the rites of the world would never become the sovereign who establishes a dynasty. Lou Zigui isn’t a kind type to begin with.

Master Priest You looked at Mister Huihu and shook his head. From how his friend had tried to force things to happen behind Lou Zigui’s back, there’s no way his friend can take up an official post again even if Lou Zigui becomes the emperor someday. Lou Zigui had been pricked, and pulling out the thorn won’t make a difference.

Looking up at the sky full of stars, Lou Zigui touched his cuffs. Before setting off, he had specifically ordered some soldiers to go into the nearby farmhouses to find a box of sugar beans. They weren’t as delicious as the ones in the capital city and lacked the osmanthus flower flavour, but as long as they were sugar beans, Miss Ning should like them.

At the capital, Ning Xiaoyao rode out of the gates under heavy rain. Shadowgale and Pei Yan followed closely behind, one to the left and the other to the right.

"Be careful, ah!" Ning Xiaoyao shouted to the Dragon Guards behind her when she saw the enemy camp up ahead. “Don’t think about unnecessary things. Your life is the most important!”

“Fatuous ruler! It’s the fatuous ruler!”

From the wooden lookout platforms, several rebels raised their voices simultaneously and shouted out as loud as they could. "The fatuous ruler has left the city!”

“Fatuous ruler your sister!” Ning Xiaoyao cursed back.

“Your Majesty, watch out!” Pei Yan then ran to Ning Xiaoyao’s side. “Once we enter the enemy camp, you can charge ahead. Don’t worry about me.”

Ning Xiaoyao did not speak.

“Your Majesty!”

Ning Xiaoyao ran ahead of Pei Yan again. "How can I not worry about you? Don't be ridiculous, you can't even beat me in a fight, and yet you want to protect me?”

“What did you say?” Second Young Master Pei wanted to rebel.

"You can't beat me," Ning Xiaoyao stuck out her tongue and made a face as she rushed past Second Young Master Pei.

"If you’re going to be like this, then let's not even go to the enemy camp, let's just head back," Pei Yan bit out angrily.

"I don't want to!" Ning Xiaoyao shook her head and protested.

All the Dragon Guards in the back: ... is this the time to quarrel? Can you guys be serious!

"Arrows! The rebels have arrows! Watch out!” When Pei Yan saw archers appear, he did not wait for them to make a move. Instead, Second Young Master Pei directly warned Ning Xiaoyao.

"I’m not afraid!" Ning Xiaoyao shouted back.

"You..." After hollering back a word, Pei Yan didn’t have anything else to retort with.

Spying a large rock lying on the ground, Ning Xiaoyao jumped down from her mid-galloping horse.

The rock was taller than Ning Xiaoyao, and more than 6 times her width. His Majesty Ning easily lifted it above her head and tossed it towards the rebels.

The rock flew out, and Bujing the horse had also run its way back to Ning Xiaoyao’s side. Ning Xiaoyao leaped onto the horse with grace and style.

At this point, the Dragon Guards only had one thought. Their Majesty really is someone who’s dashing enough to pierce through the heavens!

The rebel archers hadn’t even reloaded their bows when they suddenly saw a large stone in the air. Amidst their shock, the rock had already reached the top of their heads and all the light from the camp was suddenly block off by its large shadow.

"Run!” Someone yelled from inside the camp. But, it was too late. Right when the shout had sounded, the rock landed with a heavy thud.

The archers, who reacted too late, were crushed under the boulder. Blood flowed from under the stone, mixing with the rain and flowing to the lower terrain.

Ning Xiaoyao’s countenance was very cold as she charged into the enemy’s camp. She also picked up a spear off a rebel and directly collapsed a tent.

The tent flew up and hit the wooden pillar supporting the watchtower, causing it to collapse from the middle. Not only did many soldiers fall to their deaths, the soldiers on the ground were also smashed to death by the falling debris. Altogether, around twenty or thirty people were wiped out in an instant.

"Enemy soldiers approaching!" Pei Yan yelled out to Ning Xiaoyao.

Ning Xiaoyao knew the charging cavalry was coming for her head, and so without a second’s thought, she hurled a nearby iron basin over. The iron basin was filled with oil since it was used for lighting lanterns.

The cavalry saw this blazing murder weapon fly over, but could not react in time; their horses were still charging forwards. A moment later, the iron basin fell from the sky, splashing hot oil onto the soldiers. People were killed and injured, horses were spooked, and sparks fell onto the cloth tents, immediately igniting the fabric.

It happened to be raining heavily. Otherwise, with all the sparks, the camp would have been set on fire already.

Pei Yan gracefully wielded his sword and chopped off the head of a nearby rebel. However, by the time he was finished, Pei Yan realized His Majesty had already done away with more than a dozen rebel soldiers.

Second Young Master Pei fell silent. His Majesty Ning’s overbearing actions and murderous aura really shows he has no intentions of throwing away his life!

“Charge!” Ning Xiaoyao shouted to the men behind her.

"Do you still want to split up?” a deputy general following behind Pei Yan asked. Pei Yan nodded. It was necessary to split the rebel forces.

"Split what, ah?” Ning Xiaoyao turned around and scolded, "Are you going to listen to him or me? I’m the emperor!”

“Watch out!” Pei Yan suddenly exclaimed. A rebel general had appeared in front of Ning Xiaoyao and was about to smash a giant hammer down her head!

If he could capture this fatuous ruler, then he’s definitely going to benefit from this meritorious service in the future!

Ning Xiaoyao didn’t bother to dodge; she just raised the sword in her hand and thrust forward.

The rebel general did not see Ning Xiaoyao’s movements but he suddenly felt the cold bite of steel right before a sharp pain. The spear pierced through the rebel general’s side and Ning Xiaoyao’s grip loosened. With that, the merciless human-and-horse duo galloped past the fallen soldier.

“Charge!!” Pei Yan gestured towards Shadowgale and the rest of the men. By the time he turned around, he noticed that His Majesty was already waving another sword in the air.

Ning Xiaoyao headed for where the most people were gathered. In order to create more chaos, the best way is to instill mass panic.

"Wolf King," outside of the Northern Hu barracks, a general rushed into the leader’s tent and urgently reported, "A team of Yongning Cavalry has escorted Ning Yu out of the capital.”

Modou's first thought was that Ning Yu, the emperor of Yongning, was trying to make a run for it.

Wolf King Modou sat up straight, and his pair of dark blue eyes flashed with murderous intent. Although he was approaching forty, he still appeared very young. "Men, we’re going to go and take Yongning’s little emperor's life!"

The drums of war in the Northern Hu barracks sounded, and a heavy fog rolled onto the plains with the thundering rain. Along with the sound of the drums, the heavy rain pounded the ground, instilling fear in the common people’s hearts. It sounded as if it came from the deepest dungeons of Hell.

Xiang Nong hurried out of his tent and into the unrelenting rain. He watched his camp descend into chaos as enemy soldiers appeared everywhere.

"Father," Xiang Tiange and a small team of soldiers hurried to where Xiang Nong was. 

"What's going on here?” The heavy rain soaked Xiang Nong’s clothes in an instant. "Ning Yu has entered the camp," Xiang Tiange replied loudly.

"How many soldiers did that dog Emperor bring?!” Xiang Nong’s eyes glittered with anger. How many enemy soldiers had attacked his camp, rendering it to this state of chaos??


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