Chapter 345: Humans are scary

It is said that the most important figure after god and parents are teachers. As a result, Lou Zigui would never do something so absurd such as scolding his respected teacher in public. However, his face had turned gloomy. “Respected teacher, we’ll end the conversation here.” After coldly leaving this sentence, Lou Zigui turned to leave.

“Supreme Commander, could you listen to what this Taoist has to say?” Still acting like an immortal, Master Priest You spoke up. 

“What does Master Priest want to say?” Lou Zigui’s voice was not without sarcasm. “Do you want to remind me once more that I’m the star of misfortune?”

“You are,” Master Priest You looked at Lou Zigui, not giving him a chance to get angry. Master Priest You then continued, “When Supreme Commander was born, the cuckoo in the back garden of Lou Estate cried blood.”

“What are you trying to say?” Lou Zigui asked. What does this have to do with persuading him to fight for power?

“This Taoist remembered the incident that night,” Master Priest You lowered his voice as he twirled his long beard, “That night the cuckoo cried blood and the sky was misty. There were cries from Lou Estate saying the meteorological phenomenon was not clear. In fact, the mist was considered to be a negative omen. Supposedly, this meant the white ghost of the Yellow River was sending off his son. Only those who are destined to live a noble life would be able to survive something like this.”

Lou Zigui sneered, “Master Priest, I respect you as my teacher's friend, but this does not mean you can talk nonsense in front of me.”

“If Master Priest had not recommended you,” said Mister Huihu, “Chengying, we wouldn’t have a master and disciple relationship.”

“There will be a day you will dance with death. When that day comes, you will dance alone,” Master Priest You looked straight into the eyes of the Lou Zigui, “But after that day passes, no one else will be able to hinder your footsteps, Supreme Commander.”

Motherf**ker! Lou Zigui swore in his heart, turned and walked away.

Mister Huihu wanted to shout but Master Priest You patted his old friend on the back of his hand. “Don’t panic, if it meant to be for your disciple then it is meant to be. He will figure it out for himself.” he smiled.

Outside the military tent, numerous Black Frost Cavalry generals stood in rows. They were all looking at Lou Zigui.

Lou Zigui looked at Fang Tang and Shen Mu, “My respected teacher told you to kill Prince Zhi, so you killed him?” he barked.

Fang Tang shrunk his neck. Shen Mu had a nonchalant expression. “Supreme Commander found out?”

Fang Tang’s neck straightened again. “Ning Guangyuan is not a good person. So what if we killed him? O-originally, His Majesty didn’t want him alive either.”

“Shut up!” Lou Zigui was furious when he heard Fang Tang mentioned His Majesty’s name.

Fang Tang countered, “No one is sending rescue troops to help His Majesty. This includes the emperor’s relatives. Which one of them has not received benevolence from the emperor? Yet, they are all staying put. So why should our Black Frost Cavalry soldiers die?” 

Lou Zigui no longer spoke. Instead, he lifted his leg and kicked Fang Tang to the ground. “Supreme Commander!” shouted a general.

Deng Rong gulped. He wanted to say His Majesty had been kind to them, but when he saw all his fellow comrades getting down on their knees, Deng Rong swallowed his words back. All those with military troops are staying put. They’ve all received benevolence from the emperor!   

“I see,” Lou Zigui nodded and growled, “You are all joining hands to force me. If you want to follow me tomorrow, then do so. If you are unwilling to display your loyalty, then just stay here!”

The generals remained on their knees. Lou Zigui tossed his sleeve and left.

“Don’t panic,” Master Priest You consoled Mister Huihu, “Your disciple did not kill anyone, right?”

Mister Huihu’s eyes briefly wavered before it turned listless. If his disciple was really loyal towards His Majesty, he would’ve killed his subordinates for secretly killing a prince and begging him to abandon the emperor. Yet, he only kicked him? His anger was far lower than it should be. 

Lou Zigui walked into his resting tent. Song Jin entered the tent without announcing himself.

“Get out,” Lou Zigui roared. “Supreme Commander!” exclaimed Song Jin. He stood in front of Lou Zigui.

“Are you planning to betray His Majesty too?” asked Lou Zigui. “His Majesty has been kind to me,” Song Jin forced a smile.

“Then what more do you want to say!? Get out!” hollered Lou Zigui, pointing to the exit.

“Supreme Commander.” Song Jin got down on both knees and knelt in front of Lou Zigui. “Do you want me to personally throw you out?” asked Lou Zigui coldly.

“Supreme Commander, deep down you know that even if we’re able to save the capital, the ones that have stayed put will revolt. His Majesty would not forgive them. Even if His Majesty was magnanimous enough to let them go, none of them would believe it. After all, His Majesty crushed his own maternal clan. All the generals and border region governors will assume they’d be punished.” Song Jin remained on his knees as he lifted his head and stared at Lou Zigui. 

Lou Zigui listened in his seat. 

“Everyone knows that His Majesty had saved Supreme Commander’s life before,” Song Jin added, “But if we protect His Majesty, we must protect the entire Ning Clan. Supreme Commander, Song Jin thinks they don’t deserve it.”

“His Majesty has already reclaimed all their assets and privileges.” Lou Zigui icily replied. “As long as the imperial family exists, there will be corruption,” Song Jin reasoned, “As long as Yongning dynasty remains, we martial artists will always be considered the inferior ones in the eyes of scholars.”

Lou Zigui was silent.

“Based on His Majesty’s abilities, he would be fine even if the capital city falls,” Song Jin inched in closer, “His Majesty had never behaved like an emperor. He personally told me that the imperial throne was forced upon him. Supreme Commander, even if Yongning dynasty is extinguished, it does not mean His Majesty has to die. If you are in the position of power, you can decide how to deal with His Majesty. If Supreme Commander does not wish to control the world, you can present a new dynasty to His Majesty, right? ”

“Get out!” Lou Zigui furiously waved his hand to dismiss Song Jin. Song Jin stood up. “Supreme Commander, I know you understand my words. Even when the crown prince was still alive, you had already turned Anyuan’s six provinces into Lou Clan’s rule.”

Lou Zigui lifted his eyes and stared at Song Jin. Song Jin bowed to Lou Zigui and left the tent.

Lou Zigui sat alone in the military tent all night. No one knew what thoughts went through his mind. That night, the Black Frost Cavalry barracks were very quiet. Even the horses neighed less than usual. Everyone’s eyes were fixated at Lou Zigui’s unlit tent. They were all waiting for their Supreme Commander to make his decision. Fang Tang believed his future would largely depend on Supreme Commander’s choice. 

At dawn, a team of mounted scouts that left the army several days ago returned back to the barracks. They had bad news for Lou Zigui.

“This inferior one found out the valley soldiers ahead of us is led by the Left Tiger General Dou Yi. They are the subordinates and troops from the prince consort, Feng Jing.” The captain of this spy team stood in front of the Lou Zigui. He appeared exhausted but his voice was loud and clear. 

“They’re preventing us from moving by blocking our path,” a general immediately shook his head, “Supreme Commander, we have yet to encounter the Northern Hu and the rebel forces, but we already have to fight this revolting group first.”

“Even if we get rid of those two, how many more of them are waiting for us?” Fang Tang spoke up, “By the time we’re done fighting all these men, would we even make it in time to rescue the capital?”

“Supreme Commander,” another Black Frost Cavalry general muttered, “We’re risking all our men’s lives. By the time this is over, will we still be able to save His Majesty?”

Suddenly, all the generals were indignant. Everyone had something to say. They didn’t want to be so foolish. 

“In my opinion, we should turn back and occupy Qiufeng City first! We can discuss after we take over the city!” Out of all the generals, Fang Tang’s voice was the loudest.

“Supreme Commander,” Song Jin gazed at Lou Zigui, “If we insist on going forward, perhaps Anyuan will be taken by those with ill intentions. If that happens, we won’t even have a way out.”

Lou Zigui knocked the table twice with his fingers. Silence fell on the tent, and all the generals had their eyes on their Supreme Commander.

“Fang Tang, Deng Rong, listen up,” Lou Zigui instructed, “You will each lead twenty thousand troops. Before the night falls, I want to see the heads of Dou Yi and Feng Jing.”

“Supreme Commander, are you still heading to the capital?” asked Fang Tang.

Lou Zigui coldly answered, “Why? Are you going to go against me if I choose to head to the capital?” 

“This general does not dare.” Fang Tang instantly lowered his head.

“If you can’t bring back Dou Yi and Feng Jing’s heads, come see me with your heads.” Lou Zigui slammed the table.

“This general will do as you bid!” Fang Tang and Deng Rong accepted the command and left the tent.

Standing outside the tent, Deng Rong gazed at Fang Tang with a complicated expression. “We’re letting down His Majesty by doing this.”

Fang Tang lowered his head and kicked the stone at his feet. “I’m sorry.” Deng Rong also looked down at the floor.

“His Majesty is a good person,” said Fang Tang, after kicking a few stones, “But how could we let Supreme Commander lose this opportunity to take over the world for His Majesty? If we don’t take it, there’s a whole group of people after it!”

Deng Rong remained silent. Life savior or the country. How could one decide? 

Fang Tang and Deng Rong each took twenty thousand troops and split into two roads. They charged towards the valley.

“Song Jin,” Lou Zigui commanded after sending Fang Tang and Deng Rong out. He handed a command arrow to Song Jin and named several generals. “You guys take sixty thousand troops to Qiufeng City and conquer it.”

When the generals heard Lou Zigui’s command, they were momentarily stunned. Then, they were overjoyed by the unexpected good news. Their Supreme Commander is going to occupy territory! He is going to seize the world!

“Now, you can rest assured. Supreme Commander knows what he wants. Which man wouldn’t want to rule this great land?” Outside the military tent, Master Priest You smiled at Mister Huihu.

Mister Huihu nodded his head and the both of them turned around and went to the side.

A flock of wild geese migrating south for the winter were resting in the woods next to the military barracks. A-Ming the goose flew past the tents and saw the Black Frost Cavalry troops charging ahead. 

“Supreme Commander isn’t going to the capital anymore?” When Ah Ming returned to the woods, a companion immediately asked him.

“Yes,” A-Ming nodded.

“I heard a lot of people want to kill Xiaoyao,” honked another goose, “Supreme Commander is just going to let the bad guys kill Xiaoyao?” 

“Didn’t the old man with the inscription on his face say something about the world yesterday?” a very young wild goose asked, “Supreme Commander wants to be emperor?”

“This is mankind,” replied the oldest goose from the group. He shook his head. “Humans would do anything for power.”

The wild geese were speechless. So it turns out humans were terrible.

“Let's go,” A-Ming declared. The autumn sun had already risen. “When we pass by the capital, we must tell Xiaoyao the news so that the silly girl does not expect her Supreme Commander to save her.”

The wild geese flew up into the sky as Lou Zigui stepped out of his military tent. When he looked up at the sky, he saw a row of geese flying in the shape of the word “human 人”. They were heading south. 

“Supreme Commander,” Shen Mu walked over to Lou Zigui and reported in a low voice, “Song Jin and the others have left.”


“How about His Majesty?”

“He won’t die,” Lou Zigui lightly replied. With Miss Ning’s ability, Lou Zigui believed her life wouldn’t be endangered.

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