Chapter 339: His Majesty is Pregnant!

Since Ning Xiaoyao was not too familiar with the intricacies of transferring armies, she assigned Second Young Master Pei to go and discuss with the generals.

"What should I do next?” Sitting alone in the palace, Ning Xiaoyao wondered out loud to Big Boss Black and Little White Fatty. Little White Fatty plopped down onto the ground. “Xiaoyao, do you want to eat something? Aroo~”

Ning Xiaoyao hugged her head. The capital might go to war again, how could she be in the mood to eat? Though, she did feel a little hungry.

Big Boss Black glanced up at Ning Xiaoyao and suggested, "Think about Supreme Commander." He was seriously afraid this ninny would completely forget about Supreme Commander!

Ning Xiaoyao kept hugging her head. She shouldn’t have expected anything worthwhile from Black Tubby!

"With Supreme Commander there, the Northern Hu won’t be able to conquer Black Frost City.” Big Boss Black stated after taking some time to think about it.

Still holding her head, Ning Xiaoyao’s heart was a mess. Grand Preceptor Xie had sent assassins to the justice courts, and then led the Northern Hu to the capital suburbs. These actions all seemed very random, with no semblance of order at all. Ning Xiaoyao bit down on her lips. Could the wicked old man be intentionally messing with her, and covering up his true intentions?

"Grand Preceptor must be planning something insidious," Ning Xiaoyao declared very solemnly to Big Boss Black and Little White Fatty.

Big Boss Black shook its head at Ning Xiaoyao. How could a cat understand these kinds of things?

As for Little White Fatty, he kept lying on the floor, not even bothering to raise its head.

"Second Young Master Pei had said earlier, we don’t know how the Northern Hu will invade the central plains, nor do we know how the rebel forces will enter into the capital city." Ning Xiaoyao continued to chat with the cat and the wolf. "That means, the Northern Hu will definitely reach the central plains, and the rebel forces will certainly take action against the capital.”

Big Boss Black licked its paw. “So what?"

Ning Xiaoyao decided to go look at the map. If she doesn’t do something productive right now, then she wouldn’t even have the mood to eat later! That would be too unfortunate!

Imperial decrees regarding the transfer of troops into the capital came out one after another. Although there weren’t any talks of war yet, the atmosphere of capital seemed to have tensed up overnight. However, since the common people had already gone through a daunting experience without mishap, they weren’t as anxious about fleeing this time.

Ning Xiaoyao poured over the map for several days, but it turned out that His Majesty Ning had absolutely no military talent... she memorized all the names of the places on the map, and yet didn’t gain any insight. Finally, seeing no other way, Ning Xiaoyao could only reluctant dig into her own pockets and fund fortifications to the city wall. Since she doesn’t know when they’ll get a beating, it’s better to build the walls up high in preparation ah!

With the expenses needed for preparations of the upcoming battle, having to settle displaced refugees and allocating food, reimbursing travel costs, and covering the ongoing living expenses, the treasures hidden below the Supreme Splendor Hall was quickly diminished by Ning Xiaoyao.

Standing alone in the empty underground chamber, Ning Xiaoyao walked out with a lowered head and wilted stance. From then on, the subjects of the imperial palace never heard the words “We don’t lack money” come out of His Majesty’s lips again.

Half a month passed without any action from Grand Preceptor Xie, nor did Supreme Commander Lou send over any news. Furthermore, Ning Xiaoyao did nothing other than rendering herself a poorer person. Although she complained on a daily basis that waiting for a beating to come was too difficult to endure, no one from Supreme Splendor Hall saw their majesty eat one mouthful of rice less.

On this day, while listening to Grandfather Sparrow and the others twitter and chat outside, Ning Xiaoyao opened eyes and in the span of rolling over, suddenly froze.

Big Boss Black was laying languidly on the pillow when he saw Ning Xiaoyao stiffen and immediately gloated, "Ninny, did you strain your lower back?”

Ning Xiaoyao flipped over to lie on her back and placed a hand on her belly while retorting to Big Boss Black, “You shut up!”

When Big Boss Black saw Ning Xiaoyao covering her stomach, he asked, “Are you hungry again?" If his esteemed Supreme Commander actually took this ninny home, could Supreme Commander even afford to raise this glutton? Big Boss Black gazed at Little Flower, who was currently resting in the nest, and felt super lucky. Little Flower was so much better than Jiao Jiao - Little Flower could catch her own mice, she would lick and groom him, and most importantly, Little Flower was willing to have little kittens with him!

Ning Xiaoyao covered her abdomen and closed her eyes intently. She needed to concentrate right now.

Big Boss Black was waiting for Ning Xiaoyao’s response. But when he noticed Ning Xiaoyao remain as still as a corpse (Author: Hey!) even a while later, he began to get a little worried. Last night, this ninny had eaten a whole pot of white rice. Had this glutton finally hurt herself by overeating? "Xiaoyao," Big Boss Black reached out a paw to swat at Ning Xiaoyao’s face, "What's wrong with you?”

Ning Xiaoyao slowly opened her eyes and removed her hands. She calmly turned to Big Boss Black. "I have a child in my womb.”

Big Boss Black:  Σ(△ °|︴.

Ning Xiaoyao muttered,  "How come you’re not saying anything?”

Big Boss Black raised a paw to scratch disbelievingly at its own face. “Is it Supreme Commander’s?”

Ning Xiaoyao: ...

"Meow meow, meow meow meow!" Big Boss Black suddenly started jumping around on the bed, exclaiming in joy, "Supreme Commander has kits now! Supreme Commander has kits ah! Meow meow meow~”

Ning Xiaoyao held her belly and turned over again. The corners of her mouth couldn’t help but curve into a smile. This was wonderful - she has a child! She's got a baby, ah! In the apocalyptic world where most humans had been walking the path of extinction, a child was a gift. After all, a child could continue the race of mankind. Although there were no shortages of children in this world, Ning Xiaoyao still maintained this mindset.

"Xiaoyao," Big Boss Black jumped up to where Ning Xiaoyao’s head was and started chattering, “Now you can’t run off with other men anymore. This cat knows, you human men don’t like to raise other men’s children. Miaow!"

When Little Flower crawled out from its nest and headed towards the bed, the first thing she saw was her cat husband flying over her head and out the palace room. Little Flower froze in a daze.

“Go away!" Ning Xiaoyao yelled at the door from her current position.

"Ninny, give up, this is your life now!" Big Boss Black shrieked from outside the door.

“Shut up!" Ning Xiaoyao hollered back again.

Big Boss Black started to sing meow meow meow outside the door. He was too happy!!

Little Flower looked at Ning Xiaoyao, and then looked out the door, before eventually deciding to go find her cat husband. She was hungry, and wanted to eat some small dried fish~

When Big Boss Black heard Little Flower say that she was hungry, he finally stopped singing. He had to ensure that his wife was happily fed first!

Hearing the two cats outside run off, Ning Xiaoyao started to roll around her bed again. This is so good, she is pregnant! After an unpleasant half a month, something good finally happened. Now she needs to have a good meal to celebrate!

Ning Xiaoyao got off the bed and ran towards the kitchenette. Although she couldn’t share this good news with her comrades, Ning Xiaoyao still decided that she was going to invite Shadowgale for a meal today!

Big Boss Black took Little Flower out to forage. Along the way, he spread the news to any small animals that he came across, regardless of species. Supreme Commander has a kit now, right in the belly of Xiaoyao!

And so, on this very ordinary summer day, a confused Shadowgale was invited to lunch with Ning Xiaoyao, and all the animals within the capital knew Ning Xiaoyao was pregnant with Supreme Commander Lou’s child.

For the next several days, Ning Xiaoyao’s face was like the sun, glowing with radiance. In fact, it was to the point that Elder Li began to wonder, has His Majesty discovered another treasure stash somewhere?

“Whaa?” Ning Xiaoyao finally stopped laughing when Shadowgale passed this message to her.

"Your Majesty, what's the matter with you?” Shadowgale asked with concern.

"Uh," Ning Xiaoyao stared at the snack box sitting on the desk. "Nothing much, I was just thinking how so many days have gone by, yet there has been no news from Grand Preceptor Xie. The Northern Hu and the rebel forces also haven’t appeared. So I was wondering if Grand Preceptor Xie may have already died.”

Shadowgale: ... how could someone like Xie Wenyuan die so easily? He’s the scourge of all people!

"No treasure stash or anything like that," Ning Xiaoyao took a piece of rice cake for herself and also placed one in Shadowgale’s palms. "I’m just happy, hahaha."

"There’s no news regarding Xie Wenyuan at all?" Shadowgale squished the rice cake he’d been given. He had no appetite.

"Well who knows, perhaps he’s already dead," Ning Xiaoyao started to laugh again. Maybe she’s been so unlucky lately that her fortune was finally reversing? “Windy, think about it ah, what if Grand Preceptor fell into the water and drowned, or choked to death while eating, or got hit by a cart while walking, or maybe he was sitting in a house and then it collapsed and crushed him to death?"

Shadowgale really could not achieve the same level of optimism as Ning Xiaoyao, and so Shadow Commander could only stare blankly at His Majesty.

"Aiya," Ning Xiaoyao demolished the rice cake in a few bites. She needed to think of a way to leave the throne, or else what would she say to her subjects in a few months when her belly grows bigger? Ning Xiaoyao decided to test Shadowgale. "Windy, do you think I’ve gotten chubbier?

Shadowgale inspected Ning Xiaoyao from head to toe and shook his head. "Your Majesty is not chubby.”

Ning Xiaoyao pinched some fat on her face for Shadowgale to see. Shadowgale could not understand. “Does Your Majesty wish to become fatter?”

"Not just fatter, but a lot fatter!" Ning Xiaoyao spread out her arms, demonstrating a size that was two times her current figure.

"But Your Majesty, you have just informed the entire country of the Empress’ passing," Shadowgale continued with a frown, "If His Majesty were to become chubbier now, then that wouldn’t be appropriate, right?”

"Then," Ning Xiaoyao asked very carefully, "what about five months from now?”

Shadowgale stared at Ning Xiaoyao. What’s His Majesty really trying to accomplish? Is there anyone who could accurately predict growing fatter in exactly five months? That’s unheard of. (Author: Your Majesty is now pregnant, she will definitely become rounder ... o (-) o)

Ning Xiaoyao sighed. It seems like ‘growing fat’ is not a good-enough excuse. She needs to hurry and think of another explanation.

Another month slipped by as she thought about this, the weather was gradually changing from summer to autumn. In Supreme Splendor Hall, the summer flowers wilted, green leaves turned yellow, and Ning Xiaoyao still didn’t have a plan. However, she received a letter from Lou Zigui.

“Supreme Commander has returned to Anyuan, and also met up with Shadowbolt," After reading the letter, Ning Xiaoyao shared the news with Second Young Master Pei, Shadowgale, and the rest of the crew. "He also said that he didn’t notice any abnormal movements from the Northern Hu. If everything remains quiet, he’ll return to the capital in a few days.”

Pei Yan reacted with surprise, “That’s it?”

"Oh," Ning Xiaoyao added cheerfully, "Supreme Commander also says he misses me very much.”

Pei Yan made a sound of acknowledgement but inwardly thought, why does Lou Zigui have to be so mushy when flattering others?

“Then this battle has been avoided?" Shadowgale asked doubtfully. Ning Xiaoyao forcefully slapped the table. "Grand Preceptor must have died already!”

Pei Yan glanced at the letter that Ning Xiaoyao was hovering protectively over, and shook his head. "Calamity lasts a thousand years, I don’t believe Xie Wenyuan would die so easily.”

"Then explain this, there have been no movement from the Northern Hu. Do you think Grand Preceptor went to the rebel forces?” Ning Xiaoyao countered. Second Young Master Pei couldn’t answer this question.

"I have decided to invite Prince Fu to the capital," Ning Xiaoyao stated.

“Prince Fu?" Pei Yan was surprised. “Your Majesty needs Prince Fu for something?”

Ning Xiaoyao nodded. She wasn’t impressed by any of the princes that had remained in the capital. Since Supreme Commander Lou had taken Ning Xin away with him, she needed to consult with Prince Fu and decide on a worthy inheritor of the throne. (Author: Aren’t you afraid of frightening Prince Fu to death?)

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