Chapter 334: Fifth Young Miss took poison

Chapter 334: Fifth Young Miss took poison

“Ah, so it turns out that they’re Feng Muhai’s family.” Ning Xiaoyao had a ‘I understand’ expression. “Old Gramps, you don’t understand the matters of the army right? Come come, Windy,” Ning Xiaoyao yelled for Shadowgale, “Introduce this Feng Muhai to Old Gramps.”

Elder Li commented, “Your Majesty, this subject knows who he is.”

Ning Xiaoyao: … But I don’t know, ah.

“Feng Muhai’s maternal aunt is Xie Wenjing’s official wife,” Windy explained. Ning Xiaoyao knew about Xie Wenjing. He was Grand Preceptor Xie’s brother and he was killed by the Empress’ true love on a public road.  

“Out of the thirty-six barracks in the capital city and its environs, Feng Muhai is in charge of three barracks. He is regarded very highly by Xie Wenyuan,” Shadowgale added. Deep down, Head Commander Shadowgale was certain that His Majesty knew nothing of Feng Muhai aside from his name.

“Why did Xie Wenyuan decide to rescue Feng Muhai?” Elder Li asked while looking at Ning Xiaoyao. Ning Xiaoyao suggested, “Perhaps General Feng still has usable troops in his hands?”

“That is impossible,” Elder Li shook his head firmly. “Oh, then I don’t know.” Ning Xiaoyao shrugged her shoulders. This made Elder Li choke.

“I really don’t know.” Ning Xiaoyao was also getting anxious. Grand Preceptor Xie is plotting to destroy the world right now and she has no way to stop him because she can’t find this fellow, ah!

Elder Li didn’t speak to Ning Xiaoyao anymore. Old Gramps picked up the memorial from Yan City’s governor and looked at it again. He scrutinized each and every word, causing Ning Xiaoyao to wonder whether the memorial possessed some hidden profound meaning she was unaware of.

“One of Feng Muhai’s young grandsons is still alive,” Shadowgale informed Ning Xiaoyao. “Okay, so the young infant didn’t die.” Ning Xiaoyao wasn’t concerned about this. She just wanted to know where Grand Preceptor Xie was hiding now.

“Feng Muhai must be useful to Xie Wenyuan,” Elder Li reckoned.

Ning Xiaoyao asked, “In what ways?” Elder Li replied, “This subject doesn’t know.”

The subject doesn’t know, the emperor also doesn’t know. We’re even finding ourselves at a loss because we were caught unprepared, ah. Ning Xiaoyao hugged her head. Suddenly, she felt like finding something to eat in the kitchen.

Elder Li departed with the memorial from Yan City’s governor. There was nothing fruitful from discussing with Ning Xiaoyao so Old Gramps decided to return to his residence to have a discussion with his disciples instead.

Ning Xiaoyao stood up and told Shadowgale, “Let’s go have a meal in the kitchen.”

Shadowgale: … How could he still be in the mood to eat?

“At any rate, regardless if we eat or not, we can’t come up with any ideas.” Ning Xiaoyao said like a hoodlum, “In that case, we might as well go and eat.”

“No one from the Xie Clan has looked for Fifth Young Miss,” On their way to the kitchen, Shadowgale suddenly mentioned to Ning Xiaoyao in a soft voice. Ning Xiaoyao stopped in her tracks and turned her head to look at Shadowgale.

“The elderly Buddhist nun at the nunnery said that she has no fate with Buddha and was unwilling to shave her head for her,” Shadowgale added.

“She’s going to be your wife. That means that she’s destined to have no fate with Buddha, ah.” Ning Xiaoyao knitted her eyebrows and stared at Shadowgale, “Windy, why do I feel that you want to use Fifth Young Miss to find Grand Preceptor? I don’t think you should do that?”

Shadowgale didn’t reply. “Don’t worry about this anymore.” Ning Xiaoyao patted Shadowgale’s shoulder. “Grand Preceptor even abandoned his own wife. How could he possibly dispatch people to look for Fifth Young Miss? That’s impossible.”

“I’m currently by Fifth Young Miss’ side,” Shadowgale lowered his voice, “Your Majesty, since I am one of your personal Dragon Guards, Xie Wenyuan will most likely use this as an opportunity.”

Ning Xiaoyao lost all her appetite. There is no doubt about this. Putting feelings aside, Windy is staying beside Fifth Young Miss to use her.

“Your Majesty,” Shadowgale continued, “If people from the Xie Clan come to look for Fifth Young Miss, I…”


“Your Majesty,” Shadowgale justified, “I don’t want to do this either. But we want to see how Xie Wenyuan will deal with this matter, right?”

Ning Xiaoyao asked, “Then what do you want to do?”

“Your Majesty can summon her once into the palace,” Shadowgale elaborated, “If Xie Wenyuan’s people are monitoring her, then Xie Wenyuan will definitely find out about this.”

“What if Fifth Young Miss wants to kill me?” After being silent for a long time, Ning Xiaoyao finally asked Shadowgale this one question.

“Then I’ll kill her.”

Ning Xiaoyao: … This can’t turn out well anymore. How can they have a romantic relationship if he’s heartless enough to kill her? He might as well be a stranger, ah.

“Your Majesty, I know exactly what I’m doing.” Shadowgale looked at Ning Xiaoyao.

“Then just don’t give Fifth Young Miss the opportunity to kill me. Isn’t that the solution?” Ning Xiaoyao felt emotionally exhausted, “That way, Grand Preceptor can’t make use of her either, right? Windy, let us not torment ourselves like this, ok?”

“I must do this in order to test  Xie Duoying’s character.” Shadowgale shook his head. “I have ruminated over this matter. May Your Majesty graciously grant me the permission to proceed.”

“Why don’t we go find you another young lady?” Ning Xiaoyao proposed. Shadowgale looked at Ning Xiaoyao. He smiled for a moment but didn’t respond.

That means it’s out of the question. Ning Xiaoyao felt emotionally drained.

“If I disappoint Your Majesty for the sake of a woman, then I…”

“Alright, don’t say anymore.” Ning Xiaoyao walked towards the kitchen with heavy footsteps. She can’t let him continue the conversation. If he keeps going, she may even conclude that Windy has fallen in love with her.

“Your Majesty?”

“Let me think for a moment. You can’t be careless when it comes to feelings!”

Shadowgale asked, “What does this have to do with feelings?”

“If I say it’s related, then it’s related.” Ning Xiaoyao fiercely stated, “I’m the emperor, you have to listen to me.” If two people like each other, then they should be together. If they don’t like each other, then they should say goodbye and part amicably from each other. Even if they can’t be friends when they meet again, they also shouldn’t become enemies. What is this all about, making use of each other? On one hand, they date and express their affection for each other. On the other hand, they wait for the other to expose their evil true colors? What is this!

Ning Xiaoyao sat down to eat two bowls of white rice. Her mood didn’t improve at all, it was still extremely terrible.

“Your Majesty.” Shadowgale accompanied Ning Xiaoyao to eat one bowl of rice. When he saw Ning Xiaoyao place the empty bowl down, he wanted to speak.

“Don’t talk, let me think about it more.” Ning Xiaoyao stood up and left. Grand Preceptor Xie is really the bane of people!

Ning Xiaoyao avoided Shadowgale for the entire day. When it reached nighttime, Ning Xiaoyao was sitting behind the desk and writing a letter to Lou Zigui. After writing about what had transpired in Yan City, Ning Xiaoyao also wanted to write about Shadowgale and Fifth Young Miss Xie. She had just written a ‘Xie’ character on the letter when Shadowrain’s voice could be heard from outside the door. “Your Majesty, something bad has happened!”

Ning Xiaoyao’s hand trembled, causing a few drops of ink to drip onto the letter.

“Your Majesty, there is an old nun outside the palace gate saying that something has happened to Fifth Young Miss Xie,” Shadowgale entered the palace chamber to report to Ning Xiaoyao.

“What happened?” Ning Xiaoyao asked.

“The old nun said that Fifth Young Miss has taken poison.” The brush in Ning Xiaoyao’s hand fell onto the desk. Did Fifth Young Miss discover Shadowgale’s plans? So now she has given up all hope towards love, and decided to commit suicide?!

“Your Majesty, what are your thoughts on this?” Shadowrain asked Ning Xiaoyao.

“You seem very composed.” Ning Xiaoyao looked at Shadowrain.

“What’s good about the Xie Clan’s daughters?” Shadowrain started grumbling to Ning Xiaoyao, “Any random woman on the streets would be a better catch than the Xie Clan’s daughters, right?”

Ning Xiaoyao was stupefied by Shadowrain’s complaint. So it turns out the identity as Xie Clan’s daughter really annoys people, eh?

“Not to mention, Windy is a Dragon Guard. How can he get together with a daughter of the Xie Clan?” Shadowrain continued to complain, “Right now, she is even causing more trouble by committing suicide. What exactly does she want?”

“I’ll go take a look at her.” Ning Xiaoyao stood up.

“Your Majesty!” Shadowrain exclaimed. They have been going back and forth. Is His Majesty even listening to what he’s saying?

“She was chased out by the Xie Clan,” Ning Xiaoyao scowled at Shadowrain, “Xie Wenyuan is my maternal grandfather so my biological mum is a Xie Clan daughter too.”

A terrified expression briefly appeared on Shadowrain’s face. He lowered his head and no longer spoke.

“You suggest finding a random woman on the streets,” Ning Xiaoyao jabbed Shadowrain’s head with her finger, “Are those young ladies as pretty as Fifth Young Miss?”

Shadowrain couldn’t say anything. True, they weren’t as pretty.

“Where’s Windy?” Ning Xiaoyao asked as she stood by the palace chamber’s door.

Shadowrain replied, “He went to see Fifth Young Miss.”

“We should go too.” Ning Xiaoyao walked outside the corridor.

Two hours later, Ning Xiaoyao stood outside the entrance of the Buddhist nunnery. Looking at the four-roomed nunnery before her eyes, Ning Xiaoyao told Shadowrain, “Isn’t this place a little too small compared to the Iron Buddha temple?”

Shadowrain didn’t reply. What is there to compare?

Ning Xiaoyao was about to walk towards the nunnery when a barking sound could be heard from behind. “Woof woof, Xiaoyao!” It was a mournful shrill that was harsh to the ear. Ning Xiaoyao hastily turned around to look. She realized Big Yellow was barking while shaking its head at her nearby. Big Yellow was a dog from the south side of the capital.

“Your Majesty, I’ll go chase the stray dog away.”

“Wait a moment.” Ning Xiaoyao held onto Shadowrain.

“There are people in the woods,” Big Yellow shouted, “They want to burn you to death! There is also something on top of the walls. Xiaoyao, you should take a look.”

Ning Xiaoyao hastily turned around to examine the courtyard walls of the nunnery. The courtyard walls were smeared with plaster. At first, Ning Xiaoyao couldn’t detect anything wrong with the wall.

Shadowrain saw Ning Xiaoyao staring fixedly at the wall and hastily grabbed a torch from a Dragon Guard. However, despite carefully scanning the wall with the torch, Shadowrain didn’t find anything suspicious.

“There are people hidden in the woods across from us,” Ning Xiaoyao instructed Shadowrain softly, “Third Rain, bring people to outflank them from behind. Strive to capture them alive this time.”

“Really?” Shadowrain’s hand instinctively touched the sword at his waist. “Yes.” Ning Xiaoyao reached out to knock the wall with her hand. The layer of plaster fell off and revealed a black wall. It was even emitting a smell.

“Oil?” Shadowrain’s face turned ghastly pale.

“Wow, they used oil to brush the walls. Damn it, they don’t lack money,” Ning Xiaoyao cursed.

Shadowrain rapidly turned around and stared at his surroundings. “If we approach them head on, wouldn’t these people just run?”

Deep down, Ning Xiaoyao calculated the maximum shooting range of the bows and arrows from this world. She exercised her wrists a little and told Shadowrain, “Then don’t outflank anymore. Let’s cancel this battle tactic. Instead, I’ll hurl the wall over. Third Rain, when you see the wall fly, charge over there with the bros and kill them.”  

Shadowrain: … Hurl the wall?

Ning Xiaoyao gripped the wall and hollered, “Big Yellow, run to me!” Big Yellow immediately dashed to where Ning Xiaoyao was standing.

Ning Xiaoyao exerted the strength in her hands and lifted half of the wall. She turned around and directly hurled it according to the distance she had calculated in her mind. The Dragon Guards were dumbstruck.

At this moment, Shadowrain had no time to be dumbstruck. He pulled out the sword from the sheath and commanded his brothers, “Seize the assassins!”

Half of the wall landed squarely in the middle of a tree and snapped it in half. Those hiding at the top of the trees fell to the ground, while those hiding underneath the tree failed to flee in time and were crushed head-on by the broken tree and brick rubble.    

“Xiaoyao!” Big Yellow hadn’t reached Ning Xiaoyao yet when he barked, “The leader is still by the pool in the woods.”

“Let’s go.” Ning Xiaoyao resolutely made a prompt decision. “Big Yellow, lead the way. Later, I’ll feed you meat and bones until you’re full.”  

Big Yellow turned to dash into the woods again. That leader appeared very fierce and looked like he had killed many dogs. However, for the sake of the meat and bones, Big Yellow decided to go all out!

Ning Xiaoyao ran faster than Big Yellow. It only took her two steps to catch up to him. So, she simply carried the dog and ran.

Shadowrain saw Ning Xiaoyao running past himself. By the time he was able to react and wanted to give chase, there was already no sign of His Majesty.

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