Chapter 333: Ninny, do you miss Supreme Commander?

Chapter 333: Ninny, do you miss Supreme Commander?

Xu Jing let out a breath of relief after seeing Ning Xiaoyao usher Chen Lu into the palace. If His Majesty is still willing to use Chen Lu, this son-in-law of his will still have a future.

“Everyone sit ah,” Ning Xiaoyao asked the two in-laws in front of her to sit for the meeting. Chen Lu continued to stand until Xu Jing pulled him down to sit on a chair.

“Does General Chen have plans to remain in the capital or would you rather follow Great General Xu?” Ning Xiaoyao started the conversation with a question. Chen Lu continued to stay silent. As long as he could keep his life and not get locked up in a prison or burnt to death, he would already feel very lucky and blessed.

“Your Majesty,” Xu Jing excitedly asked, “Chen Lu can continue to stay and protect the capital?”

“Of course, ah!” Ning Xiaoyao happily replied, “Great General Xu, you’ve also seen it... Grand Preceptor’s people are still causing trouble for us. If General Chen decides to remain in the city, he can continue to protect the capital!”

“Chen Lu,” after hearing Ning Xiaoyao’s words, Xu Jing turned his head to Chen Lu, “Are you not going to thank His Majesty?”

Chen Lu got down to his knees like a wooden puppet to give thanks. When Ning Xiaoyao shouted for him to get up, he was still muddle headed and couldn’t fathom what just happened. Xu Jing added, “Your Majesty, what about the matter regarding the assassins of the justice courts?”

“Great General Xu and Lord Protector are busy with the matters of defense, “Ning Xiaoyao waved her hand, “We can’t descend into chaos just because of a few spies. I’m not even afraid of an army, how could I be afraid of a few spies? If they have the guts, they can rush into the palace to bite me to death!

Great General Xu: ... Were His Majesty’s words always this hard to understand?

“Supreme Commander has gone back to Anyuan,” Ning Xiaoyao tilted her head and continued, “We currently do not have to worry about the Northern Hu. Now, I’m only worried about Big Boss Xiang.”

Xu Jing immediately blurted, “Your Majesty wants to fight against the rebel forces?”

“Mhm,” Ning Xiaoyao nodded, “The quicker this matter is settled, the better. After this ends, I still have to go settle things with the Northern Hu.”

Great General Xu became silent again. His Majesty was so ambitious but neither of these tasks were easy?

“This matter is not easy. But we can’t just give up because it’s not easy, right?” Ning Xiaoyao looked at Xu Jing, “We still have to protect the thirty six city barracks. Great General Xu, I’m gonna have to burden you and Lord Protector with this matter.”

If Great General Xu had to work with Lord Protector, the power would still lie with Lord Protector. Although Xu Jing felt bitter, he did not show it in front of Ning Xiaoyao. Compared to someone who had pledged his loyalty from the start, he couldn’t win.

Moreover, Xu Jing had his own agenda. If he listened to His Majesty’s orders and managed to win some battles in the war, the Xu Clan would continue to prosper and be used by His Majesty in the future.

“General Chen should take control of the city barracks then,” Ning Xiaoyao placed the fate of the city in Chen Lu’s hands. Lord Protector should have more extensive options. At the end of the day, Ning Xiaoyao was still a little biased.

Chen Lu dropped to his knees to give thanks again. Ning Xiaoyao sat on the chair and laughed gleefully, “Now General Chen can’t betray me anymore ah.” Actually it’s fine even if he did.. Then I would be able to find Grand Preceptor. I will not blame you because of Miss Xu, Ning Xiao Yao looked at Chen Lu and thought, I am such a good person!

“This subject does not dare,” Chen Lu hurriedly kowtowed to Ning Xiaoyao.

“If he dares to rebel again,” Xu Jing also got to his knees, “This subject will personally kill this traitor!!”

Ning Xiaoyao: …This.. is not necessary right? Father-in-law killing his own son-in-law. What would happen to Miss Xu then? (Author’s Note: Why do you even care about that?)

By daybreak, Lord Protector and Xu Jing had already left the capital. Since Lord Protector came back overnight, he did not even have the time to see the old madam and his family.

All the people in the capital were aware of what happened in the justice courts yesterday night. However, after seeing Lord Protector and Great General Xu leave the capital with their troops, everyone felt a sense of relief. The soldiers were still able to continue their work as usual.

It seemed like His Majesty was unbothered about the fact that Xie Wenyuan was still at large. If His Majesty didn’t care, why should the common people be worried?

Around midday, the capital had resumed to its original bustling state. If someone really had to point out a difference, it would be that the visitors from the south and north have decreased. That was it.

Ning Xiaoyao laid on the table and looked at the name list that Elder Li had passed her. Pei Yan added at the side, “These twenty eight were chosen as generals by Xie Wenyuan.”

“From this list, there are already six important generals.” Ning Xiaoyao counted from the name list.

“Your Majesty, how should we handle the family members of these twenty eight people?” Elder Li asked Ning Xiaoyao.

“Let's set them free,” Ning Xiaoyao blurted out. If they were locked in prison, wouldn’t the government have to raise them? They weren’t in debt anymore but they still can’t waste money like that ah.

“Let them go?” Pei Yan raised his voice.

“If not, raise them?” Ning Xiaoyao pursed her lips. “We’re fighting a battle ah. We need to save more money!”

“All nine generations of traitors are to be killed,” Pei Yan emphasised to Ning Xiaoyao. “Whaa???” Ning Xiaoyao’s brows furrowed again. She has to kill people again?!?

“Elder Li, what do you think?” Second Young Master Pei immediately turned to ask Elder Li. Elder Li looked at Ning Xiaoyao, “If we don’t exterminate the entire clan of traitors, everyone would think they could be as lucky in the future. Does Your Majesty want this to happen?”

“I don’t. But I also don’t believe that everyone would want to betray me.” Ning Xiaoyao took a deep breath and rebutted Elder Li for once, “This matter is settled. Let them go. Just kill the traitors. I don’t like killing whole families at the drop of a hat.”

“How is this at the drop of a hat? They are traitors, ah!!” Pei Yan exasperatedly growled.

“It’s not like they succeeded.. Why are you so angry, Second Young Master?” Ning Xiaoyao grinned at him again.


“Pei Yan,” Elder Li shouted at Pei Yan. This person is getting bolder and bolder and not taking His Majesty seriously. This cannot continue!!

“You see, even Old Gramps agreed,” Ning Xiaoyao waved a hand at Second Young Master Pei, “Let’s just settle this matter like this ok?”

Elder Li: … What did he even say?!

“You have to give the Emperor some respect,” Ning Xiaoyao secretly peeked at the dark expression on Elder Li’s face.

“This official accepts the imperial decree,” Elder Li decided not to argue with Ning Xiaoyao and bowed to accept the decree. Eh? Ning Xiaoyao was startled by the acceptance. Old Gramps finally knows to show her some respect ah!

“Your Majesty must still consider what Xie Wenyuan will do from now on,” Elder Li reminded Ning Xiaoyao.

Ning Xiaoyao’s mouth twitched. This matter has been the main topic during morning court for the past two days. Everyone started quarrelling over it and it almost escalated to a full blown fight. Yet, they still couldn’t come up with a solution. How is she supposed to think of one on her own?!?!

“This subject will retire,” Elder Li left the room. Ning Xiaoyao immediately let out a breath she was holding. Old Gramps finally left.

Pei Yan withdrew from the room with Elder Li and asked, “Why did Elder Li agree to let those criminals off?”

Elder Li looked at Pei Yan and lowered his voice, “After that family was caught, the men were all killed on the spot. Only a few women and children are left. What are you worried about?”

“All the males were killed?” Pei Yan was startled, “Whose command was it?”

From Elder Li’s expression, it was difficult to tell whether he was pleased or not. He replied Pei Yan with a name, “Lou Zigui.” Second Young Master Pei realised if he continued to say that Lou Zigui wasn’t loyal to His Majesty, he would be going against his conscience.

“Do you still have any questions?” Elder Li asked.

“What about the matter with the spy saying that His Majesty will ruin the country. What does Elder Li think about that?”

“For this matter, I have already mentioned to His Majesty. It is obvious that the Traitor Xie wants to cause chaos and disruption with His Majesty. It is fine to just ignore it.”

Pei Yan watched Elder Li walk away with a hand behind his back. Is that it?

Ning Xiaoyao sat in the palace room and crushed the name list into a ball. This time, she was certain that these people were silenced to death by Xie Wenyuan.

Where did old man Xie run to this time? All the small animals that were able to leave the capital have gone to look for him but none of them could find any news about him. Could he really have died? Even if he was in Heaven, Wheat and Little Gyrfalcon should be able to see ah.

Ning Xiaoyao was so frustrated that she pounded the table with her fist.

“As long as old man Xie is not dead, we’ll be able to find him,” Big Boss Black laid on the floor and mumbled, “Just because you’re not lacking money, you think you can casually destroy the table?”

Ning Xiaoyao sprawled across the table. “Ninny, do you miss Supreme Commander?” Big Boss Black asked.

“No,” Ning Xiaoyao immediately replied. The past few days she had been busy as a dog, how could she have the time to think about Supreme Commander?

Big Boss Black went back to his original position and laid on his stomach. To have met such a heartless person, he really pitied poor Supreme Commander.

Ten days later, the edict sparing the families of the criminals were sent to various prisons of the country.

In the prison within Yan City, one of the doors opened. An elderly madam carried a baby walked out of a prison cell. Behind her were a few women. Some of them were of middle age, others were in their teenage years. But all of them were dressed in simple cloth robes and they looked haggard.

“Old Madam, we really don’t have to die?” A middle aged lady looked at the street and choked with emotions. The old madam did not reply and silently carried the baby down the steps before walking down the street. The ladies scurried after the old madam. The passersby stopped around and made comments while pointing at them.

The young maidens in the group did not dare to raise their heads in shame, but the old madam ignored all the passersby around her. They have already walked away from the gates of death, how could mere words frighten her?

“Follow them,” the governor of Yan City stood at the gate of the prison and ordered a guard, “Check if there are people searching for them.”

“Yes,” the guard hurriedly turned and ran out of the prison.

On the same night, just as the governor of Yan City was about to go to bed, the housekeeper hurriedly brought a guard in. The chief guard had already followed the governor for many years and was already over thirty years of age. When he knelt down and spoke, the pitch of his voice changed, “Your Excellency, all the people we sent out were killed.”

The drowsiness that the governor felt instantly vanished as he exclaimed in disbelief, “What did you say?!”

“All those sent out were killed. Their bodies were found in the eastern suburbs, thrown into the forest beside the official roads,” the guard lowered his head, “This servant has personally seen the bodies. All of them were killed with a single slash wound.”

The governor’s head spun and he nearly fell down the flight of steps. After being supported by two servants, the governor of Yan City ordered, “Go look for the Feng Clan. I, this official, will go to the eastern suburb!!”

Beside the roads at the eastern suburb of Yan City, thirteen bodies were lying disorderly in the forest. These bodies were carelessly thrown on the ground. When the governor of Yan City saw these bodies, his head spun again.

The people of the Yan Governor’s estate and soldiers of Yan City searched the city for the entire night. But none of them were able to find the womenfolk of the Feng Clan. The governor of Yan City did not delay any longer and personally wrote a memorial to the emperor and ordered a messenger to send it to the capital.

Three days later in the palace, Elder Li put down the memorial from the governor of Yan City. He turned to Ning Xiaoyao, “It seems like Feng Muhai is still alive.”

Ning Xiaoyao had seen name in the wanted name list but she still appeared lost. Even if she knew his name, she didn’t know where this person stationed his troops and how many soldiers he had ah!?

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