Chapter 331: Don’t rush, don’t panic, don’t be thrown into confusion

Chapter 331: Don’t rush, don’t panic, don’t be thrown into confusion

Pei Yan pulled Ning Xiaoyao behind him. Currently, Ning Xiaoyao was in a confused mess after being cursed. Those next to him were either angry or stunned. Second Young Master Pei looked at the prisoner with an expressionless face, "What do you mean by that? Do you think Xie Wenyuan still has a way to compete with His Majesty?”

After the prisoner was finished cursing Ning Xiaoyao After the prisoner finished cursing Ning Xiaoyao that the country would be destroyed, he opened his mouth wide and appeared to have difficulty breathing.

"Speak," Pei Yin said, "As long as you speak, I'll get a doctor to see you."

A “heeeeeer heeeeeer" sound came out of the prisoner’s throat. "You," Pei Yan reached out to touch the prisoner.

But the prisoner suddenly straightened his body and sprayed a mouthful of blood toward Pei Yan. Pei Yan turned sideways to avoid the spat. He shouted, "Go and get the doctor!"

Ning Xiaoyao came forward again. With her here, why do they need to get another doctor?

“Your Majesty!” Second Young Master Pei grabbed Ning Xiaoyao, “Don’t get so close.” The prisoner clearly hated Ning Xiaoyao to the bone. Regardless if the prisoner had the ability to harm Ning Xiaoyao or not, Pei Yan was not going to let Ning Xiaoyao approach the prisoner.

“Fatuous ruler!” The prisoner began to shout curses at Ning Xiaoyao again.

"Pah!" Ning Xiaoyao spat at the prisoner. You’re the one who’s a fatuous ruler! Your whole family are all fatuous rulers! But then she saw blood gushing out of the prisoner’s mouth.

"He bit his tongue!" Shadowrain was the first to respond and came over. He rushed forward and opened the prisoner’s mouth by force.

Ning Xiaoyao wanted to run forward, but Pei Yan had wrapped his arms around her and lifted her into the air. Now, her feet were dangling off the ground. "I can keep him alive. Let go, let go of me quickly!" Ning Xiaoyao hollered. Without waiting for Pei Yan’s reaction, she broke off from Second Young Master Pei’s grasp and ran to the prisoner.

At this time, Shadowrain had pried open the prisoner's mouth. Once the mouth was forced opened, the majority of his tongue fell out.

"Mother f**ker!" Pei Yan stared at the tongue on the ground and swore at the scene. With so many people watching, the bastard still managed to commit suicide by biting off his tongue!

"Your Majesty?" All the Dragon Guards stared at Ning Xiaoyao for further instructions. Whether this person will live or die will depend on what His Majesty says, ah!

Ning Xiaoyao touched the prisoner's face and shook her head. The man had stopped breathing. She couldn’t save him anymore.

Since there was such a huge commotion, it was impossible for Elder Li not to hear it in the courtyard. Elder Li came alone and saw the prisoner who was still carried by the yamen runners. His complexion changed. “Your Majesty,” Elder Li made a salute to Ning Xiaoyao.

"Everyone, withdraw," Pei Yin ordered all the people present at the scene without waiting for Ning Xiaoyao to speak. "Shadowthunder, Shadowrain, take the people back first."

Ning Xiaoyao looked at them and nodded. Second and Third Shadow Commanders quickly dismissed themselves with the other Dragon Guards. Seeing the two yamen runners were about to carry the corpse away, Pei Yan repeated, "Put the corpse down and withdraw."

The two yamen runners placed the dead body on the ground, bowed their heads, and retreated.

"What are you doing before Your Majesty?" Elder Li knitted his brows tightly. He was about to start lecturing Pei Yan. Who gave you the guts to boss people around in front of the emperor?

"Old Gramps! It’s a dead man!" Ning Xiaoyao absolutely had no interest in what Elder Li wanted to say to Pei Yan. She pointed to the body on the ground and exclaimed.

"His burn injury is so severe. This man was bound to die," Elder Li replied, "Your Majesty should not look at corpses."

"Just now, he cursed His Majesty and said he would vanquish the nation," Pei Yan lowered his voice and repeated the prisoner's words to Elder Li.

Ning Xiaoyao crouched beside the prisoner’s corpse. Another one dead. Why is it that the people from this world chooses to die even when they could live? Ning Xiaoyao hugged her head. She was only a minute late, and this person died? Thinking that this was unacceptable, Ning Xiaoyao yanked open the prisoner’s mouth again.  

“His Majesty!” Elder Li hurriedly shouted at Ning Xiaoyao. Pei Yan was about to drag Ning Xiaoyao away. You are the emperor, not a coroner, ah!

Ning Xiaoyao showed Elder Li and Pei Yan her blood-stained hands and muttered, "He has poison in his mouth."

Elder Li and Pei Yan were stunned. Ning Xiaoyao crouched on the ground. "How could he have poison in his mouth? Did someone feed him poison when the prison cell caught fire?”

Everyone was aware that His Majesty was a miracle doctor. Suddenly, Pei Yan bolted out of the corridor.

"Mm?" Ning Xiaoyao asked Elder Li. “Where the heck is Second Young Master going, ah?”

Elder Li squatted down and took the jade pendant off his belt. There was a small bead of pure silver on the buckle of the jade pendant. Elder Li took the bead and stained it with the blood on Ning Xiaoyao’s hands. The bead immediately turned black.

Ning Xiaoyao said, "Old Gramps, you don’t believe me?"

Elder Li directly threw the jade pendant to the ground and seized Ning Xiaoyao's hands. "Does Your Majesty feel unwell now?" he fearfully asked.

"Ah?" Ning Xiaoyao understood what Old Gramps was worried about and quickly reassured him. "I'm fine, Old Gramps. Have you forgotten that I'm immune to all kinds of poisons?"

At that moment, Elder Li felt as if he had gotten a new lease on life! Taking the handkerchief out, Elder Li shakily wiped Ning Xiaoyao's hands.

"Old Gramps, don't touch the blood on my hand, ah! But it doesn't matter if you touch it. I can detoxify you, ha ha ha."

"That’s enough!" Elder Li glared fiercely at Ning Xiaoyao. You nearly died from someone else’s plot and you can still smile?

Ning Xiaoyao noticed Elder Li’s change of expression. He’s grumpy when he’s busy.

At this point, Pei Yan had ran back. His face was grim. "One yamen runner ran away."

"Whaa?" Ning Xiaoyao asked. Elder Li exclaimed, "We must catch this assassin!"

Pei Yan nodded, "I've dispatched someone to give chase. I’ve also sent my men to the city gate. He definitely won’t be able to exit the capital."

Ning Xiaoyao crouched on the ground and used her pea-sized brain to think. The yamen runners brought the prisoners here. Most likely, the poison in his mouth was put in by the runners. Most were aware she had personally came to the justice courts. As for her medical abilities, it was no longer a secret.

So, whoever that put the highly toxic thing into the prisoner’s mouth knew she was going to try to cure the prisoner. That person wants her life ah!

"Who? Who did this?!" Ning Xiaoyao jumped up from the ground. They defeated Grand Preceptor with great difficulty. How come her life was still in danger? Can this even get better?!

"Don't rush, Your Majesty," Elder Li stood up slowly and told Pei Yan, "Go and find the coroner. Check if this dead man was a major criminal in the army."

Pei Yan assented and turned to leave again. Ning Xiaoyao looked at Elder Li in a daze, "This can't be done by Grand Preceptor, right?"

Elder Li answered, "Your Majesty, Xie Wenyuan will always be a threat to you as long as he lives."

Ning Xiaoyao instantly became anxious. She couldn’t continue living at this pace of life, ah!

"At this time, Your Majesty should not rush, panic or be thrown into confusion," Elder Li looked at Ning Xiaoyao.

Ning Xiaoyao chuckled, "Ha ha." She's about to have a heart attack because of the major criminal. Don’t rush, don’t panic, and don’t be thrown into confusion? If Grand Preceptor appeared in front of her, she would bite that guy to death, ah!

"Your Majesty, there should be one thing on your mind right now." Elder Li advised.

"How to kill Grand Preceptor Xie?" asked Ning Xiaoyao. "I think about it every day." Even today, she still hasn’t been able to kill that man.

"No," said Elder Li, "Why did the criminal say what he did to Your Majesty before he died?"

"He hated me, ah!" Ning Xiaoyao immediately replied.

"What grudge can he have against Your Majesty? As a death warrior, he must have had a low status." Elder Li asked Ning Xiaoyao. Ning Xiaoyao couldn't come up with an answer. She hadn't seen this person before. What grudge could he have against her?

"This man's face was burned, but it does not rule out the possibility that Your Majesty might know him," Elder Li added.

"I have never seen him." Ning Xiaoyao affirmed. She couldn't see his face clearly. To her, it was like looking at bones. "Then he could not have cursed Your Majesty in anger," Elder Li reasoned.

"Maybe he wanted to provoke me? He was waiting until I came closer to contact the poison?" Ning Xiaoyao guessed.

"Your Majesty, you have Dragon Guards around you. Why would you be the one to touch him?" Elder Li shook his head. Ning Xiaoyao spread out her hands. "Well then, I don't know. Maybe he just doesn’t like me?"

Elder Li decided not to carry on the conversation. He looked at the corpse on the ground and muttered quietly to himself.

Ning Xiaoyao sat down on the ground, felt for a sugar bean from her body and threw it into her mouth. Sugar beans can help her de-stress.

Pei Yan came over with two coroners from the justice courts. Elder Li ordered those two old coroners, “Find out if this man was a general in the army." The two old coroners accepted the order and crouched down to do the autopsy.

"Don't touch his mouth," Elder Li saw an old coroner trying to open the corpse’s mouth and shouted in a haste. Ning Xiaoyao sat on the ground in a daze. Oh yeah, someone else touched this guy’s mouth just now. Who was it?

Pei Yan went over to Ning Xiaoyao's side and heard Ning Xiaoyao grinding her teeth. He hastily asked, “Your Majesty?”

"Oh my goodness!" Ning Xiaoyao hopped up from the ground and ran across the corridor. "Just now Third Rain touched this man's mouth! My Third Rain, ah!"

"Quickly follow His Majesty," Elder Li instantly ordered Pei Yan once he saw Ning Xiaoyao running like a maniac. Pei Yan lifted his legs and chased after Ning Xiaoyao.

Meanwhile, Shadowrain was standing in front of the prison door. The fire was still burning inside the prison. Although people poured buckets of water on it, it didn’t seem to have any effect on extinguishing the fire.

"Third Commander," a Dragon Guard member rushed in front of Shadowrain. "I've counted the dead bodies. There are twenty-eight in all."

Twenty-eight major criminals from the army were placed in this prison. Their corpses were all here. Therefore, the man who was brought to His Majesty could not be a major criminal of the army. "Damn it!" Shadowrain opened his mouth and cursed.

“Third Commander,  what are we going to do next?" asked the Dragon Guard. Just as Shadowrain was about to say they had to return to His Majesty, he felt unwell. Suddenly, it was as if all the strength was drained from his body and he fell onto the ground.

The Dragon Guard and the people around Shadowrain were frightened. They didn’t know how to react. What’s happening to Third Shadow Commander?

"Third Commander!" The Dragon Guard subconsciously extended his hand to support Shadowrain. In a matter of moments, Shadowrain's face had turned purplish black. The Dragon Guard holding Shadowrain shouted in horror, "Someone, call the doctor! Go and call the doctor!"

The yamen runners of the justice courts dashed out in a hurry. If something bad were to happen to Dragon Guard’s Third Commander here, no one from the justice courts would be spared of punishment.

Shadowrain coughed and vomited a mouthful of blood on the ground. At this time, Ning Xiaoyao had arrived from running wildly. She could see Shadowrain vomiting blood and her breathing instantly turned sluggish.

Not far from Shadowrain, two yamen runners saw Ning Xiaoyao’s arrival. One of them was about to step forward but was stopped by his companion. "Don't panic, let's see what happens."

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