Chapter 328: Xiaoyao, goodbye for now

Chapter 328: Xiaoyao, goodbye for now

“Earlier, even I thought the master was joking with me.” Lou Zigui looked at Zhou Junqi’s newly grown arm and whispered, “It’s unexpected that he truly possesses a pill that could regrow limbs. However, he mentioned that these pills are limited in number. Your Majesty, how many of them does he have left?”

Ning Xiaoyao pursed her lips at this sudden and unrehearsed scene. Should she make it lengthy or keep it brief?

Lou Zigui looked inquisitively at Ning Xiaoyao, “Your Majesty?”

Ning Xiaoyao dropped her head and reviewed her little body. If she talked big now, it would be the same as creating more difficulties for herself. “Very few. There are only several pills left. That there, my master’s wife actually took two away as well.”

Lou Zigui: … There’s even a master’s wife now?

First Young Master Zhou and General Xu: … There are really very few, ah.

“Your Majesty has high expectations for First Young Master. I hope First Young Master will not disappoint the imperial favor.” Lou Zigui said to Zhou Junqi.

Zhou Junqi exercised his new arm a little. Then, he turned to Ning Xiaoyao and knelt down to press his forehead to the ground. While the medicine came from His Majesty’s master, the master wouldn’t have revived his arm if it wasn’t for His Majesty.

“No need, no need to be so polite.” Ning Xiaoyao jumped from the side and repeatedly waved her arms at Zhou Junqi. “I mean, it was compensation, ah.”

Zhou Junqi said, “This peasant is ashamed to face Your Majesty.” His Majesty is a kind-hearted ruler. His little sister… ai... First Young Master Zhou was unable tell who was right and who was wrong. He could only blame the quirk of fate for playing tricks on people.

“Don’t ‘peasant’ me. Your official title has been restored.” Ning Xiaoyao announced, “Big Bro Zhou, from now on, you and General Xu can be partners. You guys must be well prepared to engage in a war with the rebel forces at any time.”

Zhou Junqi and Xu Feiyu quickly chorused their assent, “This subject accepts the decree.”

“That’s great. Go back now.” Ning Xiaoyao beamed, “Go back and reunite with your wife and sister. I won’t keep you guys. And if you come across Grand Preceptor Xie, kill him immediately. Our motto is to keep no calamity around.”

The two hurriedly accepted the decree again.

Ning Xiaoyao gave Zhou Junqi a rather elastic cloth ball and instructed, “You can train your arm with this. For the next month, play with it whenever you have free time. A month later, Big Bro Zhou, you’ll be able to pick up martial art training again. Fighting~”

Zhou Junqi blushed. He felt unworthy to face Ning Xiaoyao.

Ning Xiaoyao sighed. If this guy knew that she had delayed* his little sister for the past few years, he might just want to bite her to death.

When Xu Feiyu reached the palace gates, he saw the silver that Ning Xiaoyao had provided for the Zhou clan army. Although it wasn’t as much as the provision for the Destruction Prisoner Army, the silver still filled up five horse carriages. General Xu closed his eyes in contemplation. In reciprocation for such a favor from His Majesty, all he could give was his loyalty and his very life.

“Grandmaster, you should return as well.” After bidding farewells to the empress’s big brother and true love, Ning Xiaoyao stood before Grandmaster Kumu with a not-too-friendly expression. “I won’t see you off.”

Grandmaster Kumu replied, “Your Majesty, Esteemed Empress Dowager is still your birth mother. There are some things Your Majesty should keep in mind.”

“Don’t worry.” Ning Xiaoyao didn’t seem to mind. “Whether Empress Dowager becomes a nun or not, it won’t affect her quality of life. In any case, it’s impossible to find her a man. Am I right, Grandmaster?”

Grandmaster Kumu: … Is this still human speech?

Lou Zigui timely shot an icy glance over. “Grandmaster still has business?”

Grandmaster Kumu could only take his leave. These two are no honorable people!

Ning Xiaoyao watched as Grandmaster Kumu left with Shadowbolt. She was still confused that she asked Lou Zigui, “Just now, Grandmaster looked at me with a very conflicting expression. Did I say something wrong?”

“Your Majesty shouldn’t think too much about matters concerning Empress Dowager.” Since no one was around, Lou Zigui gently pinched Ning Xiaoyao’s cheeks. “Be good and wait for me in the capital. I will try my best to return quickly, okay?”

Ning Xiaoyao pouted. Why on earth would she care about Empress Dowager? As if she and Empress Dowager hadn’t tormented each other enough.

“Supreme Commander, you’re not very good at sweet nothings.” Ning Xiaoyao shook her head at Lou Zigui.

“Sweet nothings?” Lou Zigui couldn’t help but feel mentally exhausted again. He was discussing serious business, but this young miss was actually hoping for sweet nothings? If they really had the time for sweet nothings, they might as well start rolling around the sheet again, ah! (Author: Supreme Commander, you’ve been corrupted…)

“You should say something like this. Be good and think of me while you wait here in the capital. If you don’t, I will…” Ning Xiaoyao stopped mid-way.

Lou Zigui’s interest was piqued. “What should I do then?”

“You should give His Majesty some respect,” Ning Xiaoyao spoke in a serious manner, “I’m the emperor.”

Lou Zigui bursted out a pfft laugh.

“Don’t laugh, be serious.” Ning Xiaoyao’s chubby face clearly showed some displeasure. Is it so funny to show the emperor some respect?

“If you don’t behave,” Lou Zigui pressed his lips to her ear and murmured, “Then I’ll spank your butt when I return.”


Ning Xiaoyao stared woodenly at Lou Zigui. Is this sweet nothings or just some kid joke?

“Unsatisfied?” Supreme Commander Lou seemed to be in an even better mood when he saw Miss Ning’s expressionless face.

So this is an example where one tends to bully the girl he likes? Ning Xiaoyao expressionlessly thought to herself. Supreme Commander Lou actually has such a childish side to himself. It’s tiring to her heart. (Author: You’re both mentally worn out now. Can it ever get better?)

“Right, how do you plan on dealing with the princes?” Lou Zigui steered back to business after some “sweet nothings”.

“Everybody is a grown adult now, they can find themselves a job.” Ning Xiaoyao never took the princes seriously. The most tiring job in the world was already taken by her, what else did those so-called brothers want, ah?

“What kind of jobs can they do?” ask Lou Zigui.

“How should I know?” Ning Xiaoyao shrugged, “I’m not their daddy!”

Lou Zigui… You’re not their daddy, but you’re the head of the family, ah.

“I can’t make their life decisions for them.” Ning Xiaoyao raised her head to look outside the main hall. She recognized Deng Rong and the others’ footsteps.

“This can wait until I return.” Lou Zigui suggested, “You can also discuss this with Elder Li and the other officials.”

“Mhm.” Ning Xiaoyao nodded. She was afraid of Elder Li, but in times of need, she would still seek him for decisions despite the risk of being scolded.

“Your Majesty.” Fang Tang’s voice rang from outside the main hall’s gates. Lou Zigui briefly pulled Ning Xiaoyao in a tight embrace, whispering, “Wait for my return, okay?”

“Mhm.” Ning Xiaoyao knew that Supreme Commander Lou truly had to leave now. Her mood instantly plummeted as she could only let out a muffled assent.

Dropping a kiss on Ning Xiaoyao’s hair, Lou Zigui loosened his embrace and took a few steps back. After he stood away from his girl at the distance suitable for a ruler and a subject, Lou Zigui motioned Ning Xiaoyao to call Fang Tang and the rest in.

“Come in.” Ning Xiaoyao ordered.

The generals of the Black Frost Cavalry entered the main hall altogether. In preparation for the long trip ahead, the generals were dressed in martial robes instead of heavy armors. Since they were all men of the northern region, they possessed the typical tall and sturdy build. Now that all of them were standing together in front of Ning Xiaoyao, it made her appear shorter than usual.

“No need for obeisance.” Ning Xiaoyao felt stifled whenever people bowed at her. She waved in dismissal at the generals who were about to pay obeisance. “My apology for making you guys make such a pointless trip here.”

The Black Frost Cavalry generals: … Is His Majesty really apologetic, or is he scolding them?

“After you guys get back to Anyuan, make sure you listen to Supreme Commander.” Ning Xiaoyao instructed, “Work hard at your job and don’t laze around. Since I have money now, I’ll definitely raise your wages.”

The generals exchanged glances amongst themselves before turning to their Supreme Commander in unison. A wage increase is a good thing, but why does His Majesty make this sound so awkward?

Lou Zigui cleared his throat, “Your Majesty, us subjects shall take our leave then.” He certainly couldn’t count on Miss Ning to admonish subordinates. They should just leave now.

Ning Xiaoyao sighed, “Alrighty, I’ll see you guys off until you are outside the capital.”

The generals looked at Lou Zigui. His Majesty wanted to see them off outside the capital? It’s not like they are departing for a war!

Lou Zigui ignored them and strode out of the main hall. Just outside the capital was nothing. If possible, he truly wanted to bring Miss Ning to Anyuan with him!

Outside the imperial palace entrance, forty to fifty horse carriages were well-prepared with goods and covered by waterproof felt cloth. The generals already knew that His Majesty was going to provide them with a huge amount of military money. However, they were still shocked upon seeing so many horse carriages. In fact, the horse carriages took up half the street in front of the palace. These things aren't just some tribute flower vases or brocade useless to military men, these are all real gold and silver, ah!

While Lou Zigui inspected the preparation for the carriages, Ning Xiaoyao walked over to Song Jin and immediately caught sight of the black clay jar fastened to the saddle on his horse. “What is this?”

Song Jin whispered, “Song Xu’s ashes.”

Ning Xiaoyao was dumbfounded and unable to continue the conversation.

“Supreme Commander returned his ashes to me.”

Ning Xiaoyao’s expression was awkward. “I already told him to let it go.”

“Your Majesty,” Song Jin gazed at Ning Xiaoyao, “Song Xu deserved his death.”

Ning Xiaoyao glanced at the black clay jar at the saddle. If you are putting it so heartlessly, why are you still taking your big brother’s ashes with you?

“My fifth sister-in-law and nephew must have passed on as well.” Song Jin softly whispered.

Ning Xiaoyao hastily raised her head to check on Song Jin.

“Xie Wenyuan set his eyes on him because of me.” Song Jin gave a wretched smile. ”In a way, it was me who caused his death.”

“If you put it that way,” Ning Xiaoyao dug her fingers into her palm, her head was starting to sweat. “This wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t cause this war. Maybe it was me who push Song Xu to death?” All of a sudden, Ning Xiaoyao felt like a heavy sinner.

“Your Majesty isn’t wrong.” Song Jin hurriedly countered, “It’s that old fogey Xie Wenyuan who deserves death!”

“Oh,” Ning Xiaoyao dropped her head.

“The traitor must die,” Song Jin said in a repressed voice, “This is the rule of our Black Frost Cavalry. Supreme Commander has already done me a big favor by allowing me to bring Song Xu’s ashes back to our hometown. Your Majesty shouldn’t feel bad.”

Ning Xiaoyao gave a weak assent. He’s already died. What’s the point of bringing his ashes back to his hometown? There are some things in this world that she would never understand for the rest of her life.

“Your Majesty.” Lou Zigui’s voice rang out from behind. Ning Xiaoyao quickly turned around.

“This subject shall take his leave now.” Lou Zigui informed. “Alright.” Ning Xiaoyao nodded her head.

“Get on the horse!” a sergeant in the departing troop shouted out loud. All of the military men got on their horses.

“You must take care,” Lou Zigui stood before Ning Xiaoyao and said in a low voice, “Wait for me.”

“Mhm, yeah.” At this moment, Ning Xiaoyao looked like a very well-behaved little girl.

Lou Zigui wanted to say something else, like ‘you must eat properly’. But he knew Miss Ning would never starve herself. This girl would only stuff herself full. He inwardly made a face before saying his last words to Ning Xiaoyao, “No need to go any further, Xiaoyao. Goodbye for now.”

*delay a girl: (ancient time) waste a girl’s best years of youth by preventing her from having a real marriage at the right age.

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