Chapter 327: His Majesty says, it was mainly the medicine

Chapter 327: His Majesty says, it was mainly the medicine

“Don’t mention this for now.” Lou Zigui leaned in close to Ning Xiaoyao and whispered.

Ning Xiaoyao felt the need to explain herself. Looking at Grandmaster Kumu, Ning Xiaoyao could only say, “I didn’t force Empress Dowager to do this. Do you believe me, Grandmaster?”

Grandmaster Kumu pressed his palms together before his chest, and muttered a Buddhist chanted before giving his reply, “Your Majesty is kind-hearted.”

Ning Xiaoyao:… I don’t think he believes me.

Zhou Junqi spoke up, “Your Majesty, could this peasant leave the capital with General Xu?” First Young Master Zhou knew full well that Empress Dowager Xie was trouble, so he couldn’t care less about her situation. He even thought that it would be better for His Majesty if Empress Dowager was dead.

“Oh, sure!” Ning Xiaoyao instantly nodded. She stood up and walked over to Zhou Junqi. “That there, everybody knows I have a very formidable master, right?”

Xu Feiyu quickly chimed in, “That miracle doctor?”

Lou Zigui furrowed his brows. What is this girl planning again?

“Come come,” Ning Xiaoyao pulled Zhou Junqi by the hand. “Let my master take a look at you.”

Before Zhou Junqi could react, Ning Xiaoyao had already dragged him out.

“The miracle doctor can revive a cut-off arm?” While General Xu held some hope in his heart, his rational mind told him this was impossible. Unable to describe his feeling right now, General Xu turned toward Lou Zigui with the question.

However, General Xu was terrified after taking one look at Supreme Commander Lou. The latter’s face was so dark, it was as if his face had been painted on with black ink. His Majesty only took his brother-in-law to find his master, what is this guy so angry about? (Author: because they held hands o(╯□╰)o)

By the time Lou Zigui and Xu Feiyu had arrived at the side third chamber to the left of the main hall, Zhou Junqi was standing alone in the room. His Majesty Ning had gone to look for her “master”.

“Is there really a revival treatment for a cut-off arm?” Xu Feiyu asked once more.

Lou Zigui responded icily, “Don’t know.”

Xu Feiyu:… Really, what is this guy so angry about?

A short while later, Ning Xiaoyao returned with Chef Huang. Lou Zigui swept a glance at Chef Huang and instantly regretted his action. The imperial chef looked like an embarrassment.

In order to look the part of an otherworldly expert, Chef Huang was dressed in a thoroughly white robe to give off an immortal vibe.

“This is my master.” Ning Xiaoyao ceremoniously made the introduction to Zhou Junqi and Xu Feiyu.

Chef Huang stood up straight with his tummy puffed out. After successfully deceiving Empress Dowager Xie, he had gained a lot of confidence. No matter how ruthless a person may be, they can’t be any more ruthless than Esteemed Empress Dowager, right?

Zhou Junqi and Xu Feiyu weren’t those who judged a person by their outer appearance. However, this miracle doctor looked like a polar bear no matter how many times they looked at him. His face was fierce, he was black and chubby. His image was quite different from their expectation.

“Come come, master.” Ning Xiaoyao urged Chef Huang to check First Young Master Zhou’s arm. “Can this be treated?

Chef Huang had previously rehearsed the lines with Ning Xiaoyao. Although he felt like Ning Xiaoyao was playing a joke on him, Chef Huang still nodded his head and carried out his responsibility. “It is possible.”

Ning Xiaoyao said, “Alright then, please treat him, master.”

“Then you lot should retreat.” replied Chef Huang.

“Your Majesty?” Zhou Junqi called out.

“Big Bro Zhou lost his arm for our country.” Ning Xiaoyao lightly patted Zhou Junqi’s empty sleeve and solemnly declared, “My Imperial Father did you wrong. You have suffered injustice all these years. This is my apology. But don’t worry. If my master says it’s treatable, then he will definitely cure you.”

Chef Huang found it difficult to breathe. He is moved by His Majesty’s words, but he is still a chef, ah! He can chop off limbs, but regrow a cut-off arm? Even a real miracle doctor cannot do that, alright?

“Let’s go.” Ning Xiaoyao dragged Lou Zigui out.

After being pulled out of the chamber, Lou Zigui asked in a low voice, “Is it actually possible?”

“Yep.” Ning Xiaoyao replied.

“Then why don’t you treat him yourself?”

“I have considered it. But if I do it myself, people will think that I’m a monster.” This matter had put Ning Xiaoyao at a loss for days. Since her power was still limited, renewing a human’s cells, such as regrowing a limb, would drain up all her energy. What would she do if many people came to seek help from her? Should she tire herself to death? Who knows if people can accept a sorry explanation like “inadequate ability”? (Author: So you put that much thought into it eh…?)

Lou Zigui rested his palm against his forehead. “But you’re not afraid if others consider Chef Huang a monster?”

“When the act is done, he is still a chef. There will be no monster, ah.” Ning Xiaoyao explained with confidence. “Even if you humans want to catch the monster, you wouldn’t be able to find this monster anyway.”

You humans? Lou Zigui suddenly had no desire to keep the conversation going with Miss Ning. Xu Feiyu was also chased out by Chef Huang. In the corridor, he stood in a daze. Arm-reviving treatment truly exists in this world?

Chef Huang had Zhou Junqi lie down on the couch with his eyes closed. He fed First Young Master Zhou a sugar bean. Then, he foolishly stood in front of the couch and waited. Now that he’s done everything he should, what’s next?

Meanwhile, underneath the corridor, Ning Xiaoyao sat on the steps. She had used up all her strength and needed to sit down to rest for a while.

Lou Zigui sat down next to Ning Xiaoyao. Wiping off the sweat on her forehead, he whispered, “Hot?”

Ning Xiaoyao chuckled awkwardly. She’s not hot, she’s exhausted.

About two hours later, Chef Huang opened the doors of the side chamber with a wooden expression. Xu Feiyu didn’t even ask Chef Huang for the result. He just strode into the chamber. Lou Zigui also stood up from the steps and fixed his gaze on Chef Huang.

Deep down, Ning Xiaoyao was secretly feeling anxious as well. Since her current body was too small and weak, she wasn’t sure if her ability had reached the level of helping human cells reform and grow yet. If so, then she was more confident about dealing with Supreme Commander’s elder brother and Miss Ji’s big brother’s injuries.

Chef Huang was currently staring at Ning Xiaoyao with a combination of shock and admiration. He swallowed his saliva several times before stuttering, “I-it grew.”

Lou Zigui immediately headed towards the chamber. He’d seen arms being chopped off, but for them to grow out again? Supreme Commander Lou couldn’t imagine what such a thing would look like.

Ning Xiaoyao sluggishly stood up from the ground and stuffed an almond cookie in her mouth. She had consumed an entire bag of almond cookies, but still felt no strength in her body.

“Your, Your Majesty!” Chef Huang rushed up to Ning Xiaoyao.

“I know what you wanna say. But a divine pill should be used on a meritorious subject, right?”

At this moment, if Ning Xiaoyao said pigs could fly and fish could walk, Chef Huang would still believe her. “Your Majesty,” Chef Huang lowered his voice, “Is your master an immortal?”

“Ah?” Ning Xiaoyao didn’t expect Chef Huang to say this. She’d thought he would ask about the divine pills instead.

“If he knows I pretended to be him, would he be angry?” Chef Huang timidly asked in a cautious manner.

Ning Xiaoyao arched her brows, “Scared to get beat up?”

“Scared that I’ll lose my life, ah!” Chef Huang exclaimed and trembled in fear.

Ning Xiaoyao scratched her head. So it looks like Chef Huang ran an abnormal train of thought from normal people. While others would care about divine pills before anything, this guy was worried about securing his life.

“It’s alright.” Ning Xiaoyao tiptoed to pat Chef Huang’s shoulder and assured him, “My master doesn’t even look as good as you, he won’t be angry.” Since she has no master, what’s there to be scared of?

Chef Huang was stunned as he touched his rough and chubby face. His face doesn’t look as good as him? Is His Majesty’s master not an immortal, but a monster? (Author: who says immortals must have good looks?)

“Why is there no movement in there?” Ning Xiaoyao mumbled to herself as she walked in the direction of the chamber.

Inside the side chamber, Lou Zigui and Xu Feiyu stood before the couch while Zhou Junqi was sitting up on it. None of them uttered a sound as they all stared intently at the freshly grown flesh from Zhou Junqi’s arm.

Ning Xiaoyao walked up to take a look, before exclaiming in “shock”, “Oh wow, a new arm really grew out!”

“How come I see flesh growing?” Xu Feiyu voiced his suspicion. “Arm is flesh, ah.” Ning Xiaoyao said, “Looks like it works. Now it only needs time to slowly grow.”

Although the three men were all people who had led armies to fight in battles, Ning Xiaoyao’s words were able to terrify them. What the hell is “slowly grow”? This isn’t vegetable or pigs, ah! Slowly grow?!

“You hungry?” Ning Xiaoyao abruptly asked, “Let’s go eat.” Suddenly, she recalled that she had missed out on dinner because she had been too busy rolling around the bedsheets.

Xu Feiyu and Zhou Junqi both shook their heads. Who is in the mood to eat now? How did His Majesty grow up to be so carefree?

“What about you, Supreme Commander?” Ning Xiaoyao turned to Lou Zigui, “Why don’t you have a meal before you leave?”

Looking at Miss Ning’s expectant face, Lou Zigui automatically interpreted this as she was reluctant to part with him. Since Lou Zigui wasn’t on close terms with Zhou Junqi, he naturally wouldn’t want to accompany this guy here while his arm grew. Thus, Supreme Commander Lou slightly nodded his head. “This subject shall accompany Your Majesty for a meal.”

“Great!” Ning Xiaoyao was overjoyed. First Young Master Zhou suddenly had a feeling that his arm wasn’t nearly as important as a meal to His Majesty.

The two left the side chamber and settled down at the round table in the main hall. Ning Xiaoyao thought Lou Zigui would be curious about First Young Master Zhou’s arm, but Supreme Commander Lou never once mentioned about this during the meal.

So he really doesn’t care? Holding the dessert box, Ning Xiaoyao thought to herself as she secretly observed Lou Zigui.

The servants began to clean out all of the tableware. What? Leftovers? With His Majesty Ning here, how could there still be leftover food?

Lou Zigui remained in his seat for a cup of tea. Finally, there was news from the side chamber that Zhou Junqi’s arm had revived completely.

Before Ning Xiaoyao and Lou Zigui could head to the side chamber, Zhou Junqi and Xu Feiyu had already arrived at the main hall. Ning Xiaoyao tugged on Zhou Junqi’s newly grown arm to check. “It’s grown well. How are you feeling, Big Bro Zhou?”

Zhou Junqi was still lost in a daze. He felt as if the world before his eyes wasn’t real at all. “Try moving it?” Ning Xiaoyao urged.

Zhou Junqi still stood there, dumbfounded. Lou Zigui reached out his hand to touch. This is truly a real arm. It’s not a fake.

“Hey, hey, Big Bro Zhou?” Ning Xiaoyao waved her hand in front of Zhou Junqi.

Her waving woke Zhou Junqi from this stupor. Instinctively, he clenched his hand upon hearing Ning Xiaoyao say “try moving”.

Ning Xiaoyao inwardly nodded when she saw that the motor nerves were functioning normally. While the strength of this arm couldn’t compare to that of a normal person, it would improve with each passing day. First Young Master Zhou’s arm was fine now.

“The miracle doctor, he,…” Since Xu Feiyu had seen Zhou Junqi’s arm recover with his very own eyes, his reality had taken an astronomical blow. He stared at Ning Xiaoyao and stammered, “He’s really a miracle doctor, t-this subject…”

“It was primarily the medicine, hahahah.” After a long struggle, Empress’s true love still couldn’t finish his line. Ning Xiaoyao could only laughed, “Now, you can do what you wanna do, Big Bro Zhou! This is great!”

Lou Zigui swept a quick glance at Ning Xiaoyao. Are you encouraging Zhou Junqi to return to the Zhou army and fight Xu Feiyu for military power? Looks like this girl won’t show any mercy at times of action. (Author: Hey hey Supreme Commander, don’t be like that…)

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