Chapter 324: Bro, my beloved bro

Chapter 324: Bro, my beloved bro

Song Xu’s corpse was sent out from the Supreme Splendor Hall. As for where it went after that, no one told Ning Xiaoyao. While Ning Xiaoyao was worrying about this, Lou Zigui told her that he would be leaving for Anyuan.

“Whaa?” Ever since she had arrived to this world, Lou Zigui had always been by her side. Now that he was suddenly going on a long journey, Ning Xiaoyao felt terrible. Deep down, she knew Supreme Commander Lou had to return to Anyuan eventually, but thinking and hearing about it was completely different. The distance to Anyuan was the same to Fengzhou. It meant he was going to be far far away from the capital city.

Currently, it was already sunset. By the headrest, a lit candle that had been placed inside the beak of a copper sparrow illuminated the bedroom. The flickering candle flames appeared to be dancing as its shadows could be seen against the walls. It looked like it had spread its wings to fly.

Staring at the shadow of the copper sparrow cast on the wall made Ning Xiaoyao feel better. Even a person that’s handsome enough to pierce through the heavens needs time to regulate his emotions, you know? (Author: What does this have to do with a person handsome enough to pierce through the heavens?o(╯□╰)o

Lou Zigui sat on the edge of the bed and patted the back of Ning Xiaoyao’s palm. “Xie Wenyuan definitely cannot make a comeback on his own. But I don’t think he would lower his face to the point of relying on the rebel forces.”

“But it's the rebel forces who saved him this time.” Ning Xiaoyao pouted.

“They are merely being used by Xie Wenyuan.” Lou Zigui pinched Ning Xiaoyao’s chin, and turned her face around so that their eyes met. “It's absolutely impossible for him to bow down to Xiang Nong.”

“He still looks down on his benefactor?” Ning Xiaoyao frowned to the point she looked almost like a fried dough twist. “Supreme Commander, what do you think Big Boss Xiang is after by rescuing such a person?”

“Right now, Modou might actually be a way out for Xie Wenyuan.” Lou Zigui held onto Ning Xiaoyao’s hand. “To prevent their collaboration, I have to return to Anyuan.”

“Grand Preceptor would risk death by heading to Anyuan?” Ning Xiaoyao yelped in surprise. Would Grand Preceptor continue to keep taking such huge risks?

“I’m unsure about this.” Lou Zigui shook his head. “I don’t know how Xie Wenyuan would contact Modou, neither do I know if Modou would believe his words.”

“Then why the heck would you go if you don’t know anything?” asked the peeved Ning Xiaoyao.

“I have to return to secure the six provinces of Anyuan. That is necessary in order to ensure the safety of your kingdom.” Lou Zigui looked at Ning Xiaoyao.

Ning Xiaoyao understood what Supreme Commander Lou was saying. That’s called taking preventative measures. 


“Fine, you should go, Supreme Commander.” Ning Xiaoyao firmly decided. However, before Lou Zigui could say anything, she continued, “No matter how Grand Preceptor and Modou will collude in their evil deeds, we should prevent the Northern Hu army from invading Black Frost City.” People of the Yongning Dynasty have suffered enough. If a foreign invasion were to occur, the nation should just be vanquished. Haha, they wouldn’t be able to live anyway.

“Alright.” Lou Zigui made a promise to Ning Xiaoyao. “I will never allow the people of Northern Hu to step into Black Frost City.”

“You have to take care of yourself.” Ning Xiaoyao replied, “After I’m done dividing the land of the imperial clansmen, I’ll come find in you Black Frost City. Then, we’ll cross beyond the Great Wall to find Modou.”

“To find Modou?” Lou Zigui didn't understand.

“Hmm.” Ning Xiaoyao declared in a serious demeanor. “I’ll lead my soldiers into combat!” After saying that, Ning Xiaoyao felt a surge of pride like never before. The thought of her leading an legion of thousands slashing zombies, no, fighting with people of the Northern Hu, was soooo wildly heroic! She could almost feel the excitement surging through her veins.

“My God!” Ning Xiaoyao sighed to Lou Zigui with a dreamy expression, “I'm really handsome enough to pierce through the heavens!”

Lou Zigui… He seriously couldn't keep up with this lady’s thought pattern. What do the things they talk about have to do with a handsome person piercing through the heavens?

“I am gonna to break Modou’s legs!” Ning Xiaoyao exclaimed and made a pledge to Lou Zigui. “I will definitely break that punk’s legs!”

After giving it some thought, Lou Zigui still couldn't quite follow Ning Xiaoyao. Xie Wenyuan is still alive, yet this lady here already wants to break the legs of Modou, the leader of the Wolf Clan of the Northern Hu?

Thinking about how Modou had tortured Big Bro Lou, Ning Xiaoyao decided that breaking his legs was too light of a punishment for him. So Ning Xiaoyao turned to Lou Zigui and continued, “I think it's better to pluck his head off and kick it around. This person should not be alive.” Ning Xiaoyao’s little eyes turned ferocious. Don't think that she doesn't dare to kill yo!

Lou Zigui could only respond with, “We can talk about this in the future.” Right now, they don't even have enough troops to send out from Black Frost City to fight with the Northern Hu.

“We can't leave this for later.” Ning Xiaoyao’s eyes were still narrowed with the same intensity. “I have been planning for this. Supreme Commander, don’t you also want the Northern Hu to be exterminated?”

”Are you doing this for my sake, Xiaoyao?”

Ning Xiaoyao blinked. That’s actually one of the main reasons. Ai ma, so it turns out she was going to war for a beauty. She’s actually as muddle-headed as the previous emperor! Is she actually a fatuous ruler? (Author: I told you to stop overthinking…)

“Xiaoyao?” Lou Zigui asked.

“Stop smiling.” Ning Xiaoyao pushed his face aside. “Are you going to use the beauty trap on me again?”

Lou Zigui instantly felt very hopeless and tired. How did the topic turn to beauty trap? Most importantly, he wasn’t smiling just now? 

After pushing his face aside, Ning Xiaoyao pulled his face back to stare. No matter what, this is the face that she’s most vulnerable to. In the past when she fought with zombies, she never would’ve considered herself as a superficial person.

“So should I smile or should I not smile?” Lou Zigui asked Ning Xiaoyao.

Ning Xiaoyao sighed. “It’s better you smile.”

Lou Zigui lifted the corners of his lips and grinned to Ning Xiaoyao.

“Aiya.” Ning Xiaoyao poked her fingers onto Lou Zigui’s smiling face to make dimples appear on his face. “I'm willing to be a fatuous ruler for this beautiful face. Now, beauty, give this emperor a good smile before you leave.”

“I’ll be sure to return as soon as I can.” Lou Zigui held onto Ning Xiaoyao’s playful fingers.

“What? We’ve already decided that I’ll go and look for you. Why are you coming back to me?” Ning Xiaoyao crooked her head sideways and looked at Lou Zigui. “Supreme Commander, why do you keep changing your mind?”

When did we decide?

Lou Zigui massaged his forehead. He wanted to tell her to be obedient and to patiently wait for him to come back. But before he uttered those words, Supreme Commander Lou thought of something else. “You address Ning Xiaomu as Big Bro Ning, yet you keep calling me Supreme Commander?” (Author: Hey hey, what should be your focus here, Supreme Commander?)

“Come on.” Ning Xiaoyao widened her eyes, “The title of Supreme Commander is so chic. It sounds like a great figure yet you don't like it? Then what should I call you? You want me to call you bro? Isn’t that weird to you? Imagine when we’re rolling in the bedsheets and you hear me call you bro. Won’t you be traumatized?”

Lou Zigui: ...

“Or rather,” Ning Xiaoyao looked deep into Lou Zigui’s eyes, “do you actually like this whole brother and sister business, Supreme Commander?” Who would’ve thought Supreme Commander would have special requests like these? 

Lou Zigui took a deep breath. This conversation was truly exhausting. He turned his head to check. When he had entered the room, he locked the doors. Then, he noticed the windows were closed as well. Lou Zigui laid down on the bed and pulled Ning Xiaoyao down with him.

Ning Xiaoyao was still pondering about the bro and sis relationship when she saw Lou Zigui’s handsome face in front of hers. Emperor Ning tested his reaction by calling out, “Bro?”

Lou Zigui gritted his teeth and spoke in a hoarse voice. “Call me that later.”

“Whaa?” Ning Xiaoyao didn't understand. The bed frame and the canopy shook. Ning Xiaoyao was still troubled over the loving brother and loving sister matter. She also couldn’t understand why Lou Zigui was acting so rash. He seemed much more passionate than usual. However, while hugging Supreme Commander Lou’s sweaty neck, the smitten Ning Xiaoyao thought she was rather silly to be thinking about this during such time.

Meanwhile, at Supreme Splendor Hall, Xu Feiyu was already on his three cups of tea but Ning Xiaoyao still haven’t grant him the presence. As Shadowrain was about to pour him his fourth cup of tea, General Xu Feiyu couldn't help but ask, “His Majesty…”

Shadowrain scowled. No matter how Xu Feiyu had assisted His Majesty, there was no denying the crime of snatching their empress! If it weren’t for the fact that he had already informed His Majesty, Shadowrain would have mixed rat poison into his tea to poison this scum.

*Bang* Shadowrain slammed the teapot onto the side table and glared at Xu Feiyu. “His Majesty has to attend to numerous state affairs everyday. Yet you’re losing patience for waiting, General Xu?”

Xu Feiyu figured it was better he remained silent.

“Drink less tea.” Shadowrain blurted, “And don't count on His Majesty to grant you a meal.”

Xu Feiyu… he wasn’t counting on a feast at all.

“Oh yeah. It's not as convenient to use the toilet in the palace. You better hold it in if you need to relieve yourself.”

Xu Feiyu remain tongue tied. How do the imperial officials in the palace handle this problem when meeting His Majesty then? When they need to pee, they peed in their pants?

“Have some water, General Xu.” Shadowrain tapped on the side table.

When General Xu saw a new cup of refreshing tea on the tea table, he felt the urge to splash some onto Shadowrain’s face. Shadowrain may be deliberately tormenting him because he wanted to show his loyalty to His Majesty. But how could he become a Dragon Guards with that brain of his? He wants to torture him by continuously making him drink liquid but making him hold in his pee? 

“You don’t like this type of tea?” Shadowrain looked at Xu Feiyu who sat motionlessly. “Should I change it to another kind for you?”

“No need. I don't drink tea.” Xu Feiyu coldly stared at Shadowrain. “Third Commander, are you planning to force the tea down my throat?”

Shadowrain drew a long breath. This scum has the audacity to give him so much attitude in Supreme Splendor Hall? How much face does he think he has?

General Xu sat and continued to glare at Shadowrain. He was wondering if this Dragon Guard Commander was going to fight him.

Shadowrain clenched his fist. Without His Majesty’s permission, he really couldn’t raise his hands on this scum.

“There’s no hope.” In the main palace behind an opened window panel, Shadowthunder said to Shadowbolt, “I knew our third brother won’t succeed in pulling off this trick. Had I known, I would’ve mixed croton with tea to give him the best diarrhea he ever had!”.

Shadowbolt rolled his eyes at Shadowthunder. This guy only knew how to comment in hindsight. What were you doing earlier instead of mixing Croton into the tea then? It’s too late now!

Big Boss Black ran across the flower shrub. Even the cat couldn’t stand listening to their conversation anymore. This bunch seems to be turning more and more silly the more they spend time with that ninny. If you lot are so capable, you should all bite that Xu scum till he’s dead! (Author: That's enough, you…)


“Call me bro.” In the bedroom, Lou Zigui had Ning Xiaoyao in his arms. His voice sounded very indolent. “I want to hear it.”

Ning Xiaoyao’s nasal sound was strong. “Bro.”

“And?” Lou Zigui asked.

“Errr, good bro.”

“Is that all?”

“Oh! My beloved brooooo~”

The bed curtains draped down from all the shaking. The movement brought a gust of wind that extinguished the candle light from the copper sparrow.

Big Boss Black had just returned back to the window. While he was in the palace hall watching a show, what happened here?  

This chapter was sooooo cute! AHAHAH I died laughing near the end. I hope you guys love it too! Teaser for 325 will be up tomorrow. I got sick so I have to sleep now :(

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