Chapter 323: His Majesty still doesn’t understand this world

Chapter 323: His Majesty still doesn’t understand this world

“I will protect His Majesty well.” Lou Zigui assured First Young Master Ning without resolving the doubts in his heart. “For this matter, Moyuan can rest assure.”

After being assured, First Young Master Ning stayed silent. There were no idiots here and there was no need to explain everything so clearly. Lou Zigui wasn’t a kind person. How hard would it be for him to kill others?

Ning Xiaoyao was fooling around with the Destruction Prisoner Army and eavesdropping on the conversation between Lou Zigui and First Young Master Ning.

First Young Master Ning was adamant that Empress Dowager and Ning Xin were threats, but didn’t directly say to kill those two. As a result, Ning Xiaoyao was touched and felt that her Big Bro Ning really cared about her. What a good brother!

Thus, when First Young Master returned to Ning Xiaoyao’s side, Ning Xiaoyao welcomed him with a huge smile.

“Your Majesty, you must take care.” Prior to leaving, First Young Master Ning reminded Ning Xiaoyao again.

“Mhm, I will!”

“Perhaps, I’ll be back to the capital very soon.” First Young Master Ning added, “If Your Majesty has any problems, please don’t hesitate to send a letter to Fengzhou.”

“Okay!” Ning Xiaoyao immediately agreed. Ning Xiaoyao watched as First Young Master Ning climbed onto his horse. After pondering for a moment, she asked, “Big Bro Ning, where is Little Luoluo?”

First Young Master smiled at Ning Xiaoyao apologetically, “He has already left the capital.” Every time his younger brother encounters people in the palace, he would always receive another blow to his self esteem. Thus, Ning Xiaoluo would rather die than to deal with Ning Xiaoyao and her people again.

To be honest, First Young Master Ning would rather fewer people see his younger brother. After all, Ning Xiaoluo looked far too similar to Ning Xiaoyao. What if this raises suspicions? There were many instances that First Young Master felt guilty towards his third brother. Bro, it’s a good thing your face is so swollen.

Ning Xiaoyao thought it was such a pity. She had wanted to show Lou Zigui her doppelgänger, Little Luoluo.

“Have a safe journey.” Lou Zigui saluted First Young Master Ning with a cupped fist. The way First Young Master Ning gazed at Ning Xiaoyao was making Supreme Commander Lou very uncomfortable.

Why is he giving her this look like he can’t bear to part with her? Isn’t Ning Xiaomu already married with kids?! No, wait. Is he aware Miss Ning is a female?? The discomfort within him grew and Lou Zigui wanted First Young Master Ning to leave as quickly as possible. It’s better that he wasn’t around him, and especially not swaying around Miss Ning.

First Young Master Ning and his men began their journey.

Ji Yuerong, who also came to send them off, sighed, “The people of the Duke of Yue just left like that.”

Ning Xiaoyao quickly reminded her, “Miss Ji, Big Bro Ning is already married.”

Ji Yuerong looked blankly at Ning Xiaoyao. This person must be having delusions again.

Lou Zigui dragged Ning Xiaoyao back to the palace. It’s good that you know Ning Xiaomu is married, the way you call Big Bro Ning here and Big Bro Ning there.. Supreme Commander didn’t like this nickname at all. Compared to Supreme Commander, Big Bro Ning sounded way more intimate.

“Little Luoluo really looks exactly like me!” Ning Xiaoyao reiterated this to Lou Zigui after arriving back at Supreme Splendor Hall. “Supreme Commander, you should’ve seen it for yourself a few days ago!! The look on Grand Preceptor’s face when Little Luoluo took off his clothes! Ha ha ha~” Ning Xiaoyao grinned.

Just then, Lou Zigui suddenly thought of a possibility. The Duke of Yue’s Ning Xiaoluo and Miss Ning looked very similar but to what extent? Then again, it could be Ning Xiaoyao speaking rubbish in front of him as usual. After all, until he sees Ning Xiaoluo’s normal face, Lou Zigui really couldn’t be bothered with this matter.

“At the time, did a fight break out at the palace gates?” Lou Zigui asked Ning Xiaoyao.

“Yes, ah!” Ning Xiaoyao nodded, “Only a few lines were exchanged before Grand Preceptor Xie and I started to fight.”

“Foolish lass,” Lou Zigui rubbed Ning Xiaoyao’s head and smiled, “Once the fight started, who would be looking closely at Ning Xiaoluo? Maybe he does look like you, but the two of you can’t have the same face, right?”

“Hey hey!” Ning Xiaoyao was grumpy. Why doesn’t he believe her words?

Lou Zigui was about to continue when Fang Tang arrived outside their door and yelled, “Supreme Commander!”

Lou Zigui removed the hand that was patting Ning Xiaoyao’s head. “What is it?”

“Little Bro Fang, quickly come in!” Ning Xiaoyao enthusiastically called out to him. Fang Tang heard her and entered the room. Upon seeing Ning Xiaoyao, he immediately got down on his knees.

Ning Xiayao ran forward and pulled Fang Tang up. She scolded him, “We can’t be friends if you continue to be like this.”

Fang Tang lowered his head and did not dare to look at Ning Xiaoyao, “Your Majesty, this official doesn’t have the face to see you.”

“Because of Grand Preceptor?” Ning Xiaoyao asked.

Fang Tang nodded his head. Currently, Fang Tang was feeling regret and guilt. If they had arrived a few days earlier, how could Traitor Xie have escaped?

“It’s ok,” Ning Xiaoyao patted Fang Tang’s shoulder and smiled. “Supreme Commander said there are Grand Preceptor’s spies in the Black Frost Calvary. I’m glad you guys are fine ah.”

The moment Ning Xiaoyao brought up the matter of spies, Fang Tang raised his head to look at Lou Zigui, “Supreme Commander, I heard Seventh Song cry.”

Lou Zigui didn’t even look up and coldly responded, “Is that so?”

Fang Tang shut his mouth when he noticed Lou Zigui’s attitude.

“Cried ah,” Ning Xiaoyao was worried instead, “Why is he crying? How is Song Xu ah?”

Fang Tang’s aura suddenly turned fierce and he barked, “That asshole deserves to die!!”

She probably shouldn’t have said anything.

Lou Zigui stood up and turned to Ning Xiaoyao, “I’m going to go take a look.”

Ning Xiaoyao hesitated for a moment before she decided to follow behind Lou Zigui. Could Song Jin be crying because he didn’t want his older brother to die?

In a remote room within the palace, Song Xu’s face was pale. Song Jin was still heavily injured and his hand was in a splint, General Seventh Song didn’t look well.

“Did you receive any news of my wife and the others? Were there any news in Anyuan?” Song Xu asked.

“No,” Song Jin had cried earlier and now his voice was hoarse.

“They’re probably dead.” Song Xu commented.

“Don’t worry. If your wife and child are still alive, I’ll take care of them. You shouldn’t have done something like this. How could you do something like this?!” Song Jin blurted.

Just then, Lou Zigui walked into the palace room. Song Jin stood up. He was brought into this room after entering the palace and had yet to see Lou Zigui. After seeing his Supreme Commander, Song Jin’s face burned with shame; he couldn’t bring himself to look at Lou Zigui.

Lou Zigui lifted his hand and gently pressed Song Jin down to sit. “Are you guys done talking?”

“Supreme Commander, I..” Song Jin stuttered.

“You even had a crying fit,” Lou Zigui looked into Song Jin’s eyes and lowered his voice, “Are you trying to plead for Song Xu?”

“How could you?!” Fang Tang entered the room and hollered.

Song Jin frantically shook his head. This was his older brother. They grew up together and were very close. But his brother had made an unforgivable mistake.

“Then what are you waiting for?” Lou Zigui looked towards Song Xu.

Ning Xiaoyao didn’t understand the merciless ways of military men. In her opinion, Lou Zigui was far too harsh. Isn’t he hitting Little Bro Song’s face way too hard? (Author: At this point, you still caring about General Song’s face? o(╯□╰)o)

Song Xu stood up from his seat. Ning Xiaoyao looked at Song Xu, then looked at Song Jin and slowly tried to ease into the conversation. “Why don’t we let it go just once? Grand Preceptor can’t possibly kidnap Song Xu’s wife and children any longer. He’s now an escaped criminal, ah.”

After Ning Xiaoyao said this, the four people in the room all turned to look at her. Ning Xiaoyao just gazed at Lou Zigui. “What do you think Supreme Commander?”

Lou Zigui couldn’t say anything. The Emperor’s words were treated as gold and if Miss Ning said that they should let this matter go, what else could he say? He could have probably said something if they were speaking privately. But with so many people present, how could he go against her words?

Fang Tang looked unsteadily at Song Xu and burst out, “You’re so lucky!”

Song Xu looked at Song Jin, who still had his head lowered in silence. Taking a step forward, Song Jin lowered to his knees in front of Ning Xiaoyao.

Ning Xiaoyao walked towards the side. She hated this the most.

Song Xu said to Ning Xiaoyao, “Thank you, Your Majesty.”

Ning Xiaoyao wanted to say no worries but when she opened her mouth, she realised that she would sound daft no matter how she said it. So swallowed those words back down.

Song Xu shuffled his knees before facing Ning Xiaoyao again and kowtowed to her three times. Fang Tang wanted to ask Ning Xiaoyao why she was letting the asshole Song Xu off. But after looking at the guilty Song Jin who was still staring at the ground, General Fang couldn’t bring himself to bring up the matter. How could he ask His Majesty to slaughter Song Xu in front of Seventh Song?

“Don’t do this in the future,” Ning Xiaoyao thought for a long time before choosing to say these words to Song Xu.

“Your Majesty, this lowly peasant will never make such a mistake again.”

“These words…..who doesn’t make mistakes? I’m just saying, don’t do something that will make your brother upset again. You, ah, this time you…..”

Blood stated dripping from the corner of Song Xu’s mouth. Ning Xiaoyao’s words were stuck in her throat.

“Ah!” Fang Tang cried out. Song Jin frantically looked up and saw his blood brother lying on the ground with black blood flowing out of his mouth.

Ning Xiaoyao wanted to run towards Song Xu. This person ate poison ah!

Lou Zigui reached out and stopped Ning Xiaoyao. Lowering his voice, “Your Majesty, just let it be.”

Ning Xiaoyao twisted her head to look at Lou Zigui.

“He would be in more pain if he were alive,” Lou Zigui bent slightly over and whispered into Ning Xiaoyao’s ears, “After doing something like this, the entire Song Clan in all of Anyuan’s six provinces are not going to forgive him. He can’t forgive himself either. He won’t have a home anymore.”

Ning Xiaoyao was dazed. This matter is so complex?

Fang Tang squatted down and checked for Song Xu’s breathing. He confirmed it with Song Jin, “He’s dead.”

Ning Xiaoyao frantically turned to look at Song Xu on the ground. What poison is so powerful? She only listened to Lou Zigui for a few seconds and this poison already took away this man’s life?

Fang Tang stood up and retreated, giving Song Jin his spot. Song Jin squatted down and reached out towards Song Xu’s nose.

NIng Xiaoyao waited awhile. After seeing no reaction from Song Jin, she ran and half squatted to grab Song Xu’s hand. It was then she confirmed that Song Xu was definitely dead.

The skin on Song Xu’s face had turned black and black blood was still dripping from the corner of his mouth. His eyes were rolled back as if he didn’t have eyeballs.

Song Jin reached out to close Song Xu’s eyes and kneeled on the ground. Facing Ning Xiaoyao who was still in a half squat, “This General thanks Your Majesty for deeming my brother of no crime but my brother has committed a grave mistake and can only atone through death.”

Lou Zigui walked forward and pulled Ning Xiaoyao up before ordering Fang Tang. “Call a few people to come and carry the body away.”

Fang Tang accepted the order and left the room to search for people. Lou Zigui lightly patted Song Jin’s shoulder. “This matter has nothing to do with you. Don’t overthink.” Song Jin nodded his head at Lou Zigui. “Many thanks, Supreme Commander.”

Ning Xiaoyao looked from the side. He could’ve clearly not die. Why did Song Xu still choose to kill himself? Just because of one person’s mistake, the whole clan has to suffer? She still didn’t understand this world.

Lou Zigui pulled Ning Xiaoyao out of the room. When they reached the middle of the courtyard, he could still see Ning Xiaoyao turning to look back at the room. Lou Zigui whispered, “Even if Song Xu didn’t die today, when he returned to Anyuan, his family would also force him to death. Xiaoyao, we couldn’t have saved him.”

Ning Xiaoyao was still lost in her thoughts. She didn’t get it.

What a sad chapter T_T. I was actually pretty confused because they kept talking in 3rd person and I kept getting Song Jin and Song Xu and Seventh Song mixed up. (Seventh Song is actually Song Jin). But I am bad with names so I'm always like, "Who's that again? -_-" Too many Songs yo)

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