Chapter 320: I'm unlucky, you deserve it

Chapter 320: I'm unlucky, you deserve it

Ning Xiaoyao gestured to Empress Dowager Xie. “Fine, you're older, you start.”

“You’re really going to kick me out of the palace?” asked Empress Dowager Xie. 

“Can I speak now?” Ning Xiaoyao asked. 

“Speak!” Empress Dowager Xie shouted.

“Oh. Yes, ah.” Ning Xiaoyao nodded. 

“This Dowager is your biological mother!” Empress Dowager shrieked.

Ning Xiaoyao waved her hand. “How many times do I have to tell you? I’m done with all these sentimental talks. Yes, it’s true that you’re my biological mother. But you want me dead.”

“This Dowager does not.” 

“Not now, because Ning Xin is still young. If I die, you would be done for.” Ning Xiaoyao replied. “But what happens when Ning Xin grows up? Do you take me for a fool? Actually, can we skip this topic? Aren’t you sick of going back to this talk again and again?”

Empress Dowager Xie shook her head. “You cannot treat this Dowager like this.”

“This is not simply my decision.” Ning Xiaoyao replied. “This is the imperial court’s decision.”

“Imperial court?” Empress Dowager Xie’s unkempt brows lifted in surprise. “Who? Who wants to exterminate this Dowager?”

“Does not allowing you to stay at the Empress Dowager Palace equates to exterminating you?”

“Is it Lou Zigui?” Empress Dowager Xie chided.

“You think Lou Zigui can be bothered with you?” Ning Xiaoyao puffed out her chest. “Old Gramps is the one who said it. He thinks if you still have any shame left, you should leave the palace on your own accord.”

(Author: Did Elder Li say that? o(╯□╰)o)

Empress Dowager Xie was well aware who this Old Gramps was. She started cursing him on the spot. “Li Wuqi, you old commoner!”  

“Stop berating others.” Ning Xiaoyao was instantly dissatisfied. “Do you think you’re a good person?”

Empress Dowager looked at Ning Xiaoyao and let out a cold sneer.

“You don't have to leave if you don't want to.” Ning Xiaoyao commented. “In any case, I've already dismissed everyone in this palace. You can stay here with your son all you want, but you will have to fend for your own necessities.”

“Do you wish death upon this Dowager?” Empress Dowager asked Ning Xiaoyao, her voice trembling.Ning Xiaoyao was fed up on the inside. Again with this crap. What makes Empress Dowager think she deserves to live a long life in her heart?

“I was on your side during Xie Wenyuan’s rebellion.” Empress Dowager trembled as she looked at Ning Xiaoyao. “Now that you no longer have use of me, you want to kick this Dowager out of the palace?”

“It's just switching a location…” 

“This Dowager is the empress dowager!” Empress Dowager screeched, interrupting Ning Xiaoyao. “Throughout the entire Yongning Dynasty, there has never been an empress dowager who didn’t spend her old age at the Empress Dowager Palace!”

“Bullshit.” Ning Xiaoyao replied. “Listen to yourself speak. Throughout the Yongning Dynasty, how many concubines have lied to an emperor saying that they have given birth to a son instead of a daughter? Do you even have any shame?”

Empress Dowager Xie was choked up by Ning Xiaoyao’s words.

“I'll only say this once. Empress Dowager, listen up ya.” Ning Xiaoyao looked at Empress Dowager and enunciated word by word. “I do not like to kill, but I can kill, so do not make me kill you.”

Still pressing the dagger by her throat, Empress Dowager Xie took a few steps back after hearing Ning Xiaoyao’s words.

“There is no sentiments between us. If you want to die, I won't stop you, and I will definitely not save you.”

Tears rolled down Empress Dowager Xie’s cheeks.

“Do you regret your past actions now?” Ning Xiaoyao asked coldly. “What should you have done?”

Empress Dowager Xie loosened her grip, and “Kwang!” the dagger fell to the ground.

With her arms crossed, Ning Xiaoyao stared at Empress Dowager Xie. She already knew this woman couldn’t bear to part with life.

“Do you have to coerce me this far?” Empress Dowager stammered.

“You’re right. I am coercing you. So what? Enough with your pitiful act. Everyone is gone and there’s no audience. So who are you still acting for?” Ning Xiaoyao nonchalantly replied. The door to the palace chamber was still wide open, yet Ning Yu dared to speak so openly about a princess acting as a substitute for the emperor’s son. Empress Dowager concluded there must be no one else in the palace. Upon knowing this, she fell into despair.

Ning Xiaoyao swept her eyes at Ning Xin, who was sleeping soundly on the cushion. This baby sure has a good life. Two adults are at each other’s throat, yet all he does is eat and sleep.

Empress Dowager lowered her head and had an internal battle for a while. All of a sudden, she fell on her knees, and knelt before Ning Xiaoyao. Ning Xiaoyao was so shocked that she yelped, “What are you doing?”

Empress Dowager Xie continued kneeling on the floor. She lifted her head up to look at Ning Xiaoyao. “Your Majesty, please let this Dowager off!”

Ning Xiaoyao didn't understand. “I don’t starve or freeze you. Neither do I hit or yell at you. I’m just telling you to change another location. Why are you acting as if I’m trying to kill you or something?”

“After leaving the palace, is this Dowager still Empress Dowager?” Empress Dowager Xie had tears streaming down her face. “This Dowager knows what you're trying to do. First, you will kick this Dowager out of the palace. Then, when Xie Wenyuan cause trouble again, you will abolish this Dowager’s title. Xie Wenyuan definitely will cause trouble again. So, you want to get rid of this Dowager. Your Majesty, I know I have done you wrong, but I worked very hard to get you the emperor’s seat. You musn't, you mustn't do this to this Dowager!”

Ning Xiaoyao rubbed her chin. Could Old Gramps not only want to prevent the crown prince from seeing Empress Dowager Xie, but also wants to abolish the empress dowager from her position?

“Your Majesty, ah!” Empress Dowager attempted to embrace Ning Xiaoyao’s legs

Ning Xiaoyao stepped aside to avoid her hands.

“This Dowager cannot leave the palace!” she cried. She cannot get kicked out of the palace. She is still the empress dowager so long as she is still in her palace. She is the empress dowager of the current dynasty. Today, she will let the world know that she’s ashamed of her lineage, but how should she explain to the world when Xie Wenyuan makes another move? Apart from relinquishing her honored status, what other plan does she have to redeem herself? Even when that time comes and she were to remain quiet, Ning Yu will do it for her. Even if Ning Yu were to poisoned her to death, the whole world will feel that she took her own life out of shame.

She went from refusing to back down, to not wanting to die. Empress Dowager Xie felt that her life was rather pathetic. She had lived impressively for half of her lifetime, but towards the end, she realised that her hands were empty. She even had to deal with her enemy’s attitude in order to survive.

“Whatever.” Ning Xiaoyao was out of patience and turned to leave.

“Your Majesty!” Empress Dowager Xie slammed her forehead against the ground, pleading. “This Dowager is begging you!”

Ning Xiaoyao halted her steps and turned to look at Empress Dowager Xie. Empress Dowager Xie looked so pathetic, but at least she wasn’t unattractive. She was like raindrops on a pear blossom.

“Damn..” Ning Xiaoyao laughed and walked a few steps before squatting down in front of Empress Dowager Xie. “So, it turns out you also know how to beg others?”

Empress Dowager Xie looked at Ning Xiaoyao with a face filled with tears. “Your Majesty, no matter what this Dowager does, I am still your…”

“Don't say the word biological mother.” Ning Xiaoyao exclaimed. “I’ve asked around. Back then I’m sure the previous empress had also knelt before you. She begged you to spare the crown prince’s youngest son.”

Empress Dowager Xie’s crying stopped. Pointing to her own forehead, Ning Xiaoyao spoke again. “You told the previous empress, so long you see blood here, you might be filled with kindness and change your mind. So, the empress pounded her forehead until it bled. Yet, in the end, you killed all her children. How did she curse you back then?”

Suddenly, Empress Dowager Xie felt cold and trembled. Ning Xiaoyao lowered her voice and icily replied, “You expect me to go easy on you when you are so cruel.”

“Had the crown prince not die, you wouldn’t have been the emperor!” Empress Dowager Xie countered.

“Who friggin wants to be an emperor?” Ning Xiaoyao roared at Empress Dowager Xie. “You’re the one who wants me to be the emperor! What you want is to hold the imperial court from behind the screen. YOU want to be the female emperor!”

Unable to speak, Empress Dowager Xie’s lips quivered before letting out an audible cry.

“How many people died because of you? You’re arrogant when inflicting harm upon others. Have you ever thought this would happen to you? You think I should let you off because you’re on your knees begging? Did you let anyone off?”

Empress Dowager Xie’s body turned limp as she lost balance and fell to the ground, sitting.

Ning Xiaoyao sneered and let off a cold snort. She stood up to leave.

“I gave birth to you.” Empress Dowager Xie softly whispered.

“I admit I’m unlucky. You should admit you deserve it. I'm not going to put up with you because I hate you.”

“So you are trying to kill me.”

“I’m waiting for you to perish with me. Didn't the empress already tell you? She will be waiting for you in hell. Go stay in a monastery. Although I'm not sure if it can help you, you should chant lots of Buddhist scriptures. You have committed too many sins, I'm afraid you won't attain peace even when you're dead.”

Empress Dowager shook her head as if she was possessed. “You cannot do this to me.”

Ning Xiaoyao turned around and left. It's another one of those days where they made no conversational progress.

“If I hadn’t fought for it, what do you think would’ve happened to us?” Seeing that Ning Xiaoyao was really leaving, Empress Dowager Xie suddenly stood up and screamed. “How do you know that the empress wouldn’t have harmed us?”

Ai ma. I’m about to explode.

Ning Xiaoyao took a deep breath and turned around to shriek. “She was already Empress! Do you think she would bother about you, the mistress of a previous emperor? She was an empress, her husband was the emperor. Why would you matter?!”

Empress Dowager shook her head profusely. “You don't understand.”

“I don't. How could I understand the poisonous thoughts of a person like you? You’re like a poisonous snake.”

Ning Xiaoyao turned around and hurriedly left. The more she said, the more fired up she was. She was afraid if she continued chatting with Empress Dowager Xie, she might lose control and beat her up.

Shadowgale was waiting at the front courtyard of the palace with a group of Dragon Guards. When he saw Ning Xiaoyao storming out, Shadowgale ran to Ning Xiaoyao. “What's the matter, Your Majesty?”

“Have you removed everyone from the palace?” Ning Xiaoyao asked

“Yes.” Shadowgale replied. 

“Good. Seal the door, let’s go.”

Shadowgale looked behind Ning Xiaoyao and didn't see Empress Dowager Xie appearing. The Empress Dowager Palace had a door at the front and at the back. There was also a side gate to the left of the palace for people to enter and exit. Several Dragon Guards took wooden planks and nailed these three doors shut.

Shadowgale pushed the nailed backdoor to check it was secure before he turned to the Dragon Guards. “You guys will remain here to guard this place. No matter what Empress Dowager says, ignore her. The only exception is if she says she’s willing to leave and head to the Buddhist monastery.”

The Dragon Guards understood and responded in unison. “No one is allowed to send in any food or water.” Shadowgale added.

The Dragon Guards acknowledged the order once more. Earlier, they had already removed all the food and drinks from the palace. How long can Empress Dowager last with her tender and delicate figure?

After briefing his men, Shadowgale was about to leave when they heard Empress Dowager screaming from behind the door.

“His Majesty! This Dowager wishes to see His Majesty!” Empress Dowager Xie shrieked. Shadowgale sneered and headed to the direction of Supreme Splendor Hall.

Empress Dowager Xie held Ning Xin in her arms. She stood with dishevelled hair by the door. She screamed until her voice turned hoarse, yet no one responded to her. Empress Dowager attempted to shake and push the door open. But the thick and heavy door didn’t budge at all. Then, she tried to use her body to slam against it. The door moved slightly, but remained shut.

The Dragon Guards stood outside the door in silence. Their expressions were serene; it was as if no one heard anything.

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