Chapter 318: Elder Li says, “His Majesty is kind-hearted”

Chapter 318: Elder Li says, “His Majesty is kind-hearted”

Elder Li was invited to the palace room. He heard that Grand Preceptor Xie had fled and Xiang City was burned down in a great fire. Although Old Gramps could sit still, the expression on his face frightened Ning Xiaoyao. Does he want to beat her up, or does he want to beat her and Supreme Commander up together?

Elder Li sat in silence for quite a long time. Ning Xiaoyao pulled Shadowgale, who stood by the couch, in front of her. If Old Gramps isn’t speaking, she didn’t dare to speak either.

Shadowgale didn’t understand why His Majesty was so afraid of Elder Li. Elder Li still hadn’t moved. So, the head commander decided to speak, “Your Majesty…”

The moment Ning Xiaoyao heard a sound, she hastily tugged Shadowgale’s sleeves. “I don’t want water.”


"Don't talk, or you'll get scolded," Ning Xiaoyao said in a low voice. What else could Shadowgale say?

At that moment, Elder Li looked up at Ning Xiaoyao.

"It’s my fault for letting Grand Preceptor Xie escape," Ning Xiaoyao immediately took the initiative to admit her mistake. "I underestimated his cruelty."

"If he ran away, then he ran away," said Elder Li.

Ning Xiaoyao was surprised that Elder Li didn’t scold her. “Currently, the top priority is to arrest Xie Wenyuan. Your Majesty, you must give out an imperial decree. Those who can capture Xie Wenyuan or those who are able to assist the court with capturing Xie Wenyuan should be heavily rewarded regardless of family background.

"Money is not a problem," Ning Xiaoyao said right away. She just got some treasures. Now she was not lacking money.

“In this subject’s opinion, Your Majesty should confer titles and honours again," Elder Li looked at Ning Xiaoyao. "Generally, people all strive for benefits. As long as Your Majesty promises titles and honours, along with a huge sum of money, people will try their best to catch Xie Wenyuan for Your Majesty."

"Deal," Ning Xiaoyao nodded. "Official titles, I'll give whatever titles the hero wants."

“It doesn’t have to be a real one,” Elder Li reminded.

"Deal," replied Ning Xiaoyao, "Old Gramps, since you got involved in this, you should write the imperial decree.” Elder Li stood up, “This subject obeys the imperial decree.”

"So….so we’re done, right?" Elder Li did not get angry. In fact, his attitude was pretty good. As a result, Ning Xiaoyao relaxed and a smile could be seen on her chubby face again. She happily grinned at Elder Li, "This still counts as a great win for us, right?"

Elder Li twirled his white beard. Ning Xiaoyao said, “Old Gramps, please have a seat. Let’s sit down and talk.”

“Were it not for things prepared in advance, Traitor Xie could not have burned down Xiang City overnight," Elder Li sat down and looked at Ning Xiaoyao." Since he knew to arrange an escape route at Xiang City, this traitor must definitely have prior arrangements to escape when the entire world is after him.”

Ning Xiaoyao felt as if someone had dumped another basin of iced water over her. She was happy for less than a minute. "Has Supreme Commander Lou brought back the report about Traitor Xie’s destination?" Elder Li asked.

"Nope," Ning Xiaoyao shook her head. Elder Li softly sighed, "Xie Wenyuan has followers all over the world."

"Old Gramps, don’t," Ning Xiaoyao couldn’t sit still from Elder Li’s words. "Don't praise Grand Preceptor."

Elder Li turned silent. When did he praise Xie Wenyuan?

“We managed to take down Grand Preceptor’s troops who fought in the capital and its surrounding, albeit with great difficulty,” explained Ning Xiaoyao. “From what you said, I feel like Grand Preceptor can return and pull out another military troop to fight us.”

Elder Li crinkled his brows. As soon as she saw the old man's eyebrows furrow, Ning Xiaoyao became even more panicky, "Can that truly happen ...?" If that's the case, she won't have fun anymore. This world didn’t let people enjoy themselves.

"This subject meant that Traitor Xie has numerous followers. We can catch those who openly supports Grand Preceptor, " Elder Li patiently explained to Ning Xiaoyao, "But the secret supporters are hard to detect unless they make some moves."

Ning Xiaoyao's face turned bitter again. She understood what Old Gramps meant. Basically, it was unpredictable where Grand Preceptor ran to and what kind of people he would use to fight against her.

"As long as Traitor Xie is alive, Your Majesty must remain on guard." Seeing Ning Xiaoyao's face wrinkled into eighteen folds of steamed buns, Elder Li was satisfied. Right now, it’s not the time to say all is fine and laugh about it.

Ning Xiaoyao wiped her face and suddenly realized that her life’s path ahead was difficult. Who knows when Grand Preceptor Xie will die?!

“There’s still Empress Dowager’s matter.” Elder Li immediately brought up the topic of Empress Dowager Xie. "This subject wants to know how Your Majesty plans to deal with Empress Dowager?"

Ning Xiaoyao blinked when Elder Li brought up the words ‘deal with’. "Deal with her? Old Gramps, do you want me to kill Empress Dowager?”

Elder Li suddenly stood up. As soon as Ning Xiaoyao saw Elder Li’s reaction, she immediately added, "It's certainly wrong to kill Empress Dowager."

Elder Li looked at Ning Xiaoyao and asked, "How is Your Majesty planning to deal with Empress Dowager?"

"Well, I’ll let her continue living in Empress Dowager’s palace," Ning Xiaoyao said with a slight toothache. "Who made her my biological mother?"

Elder Li grimly stated, "Your Majesty, Traitor Xie and the Xie Clan should die ten thousand deaths for their sins. However, the son shouldn’t speak of his mother's fault. Although Empress Dowager was born from the Grand Preceptor Xie’s clan, she is Your Majesty’s biological mother. Your Majesty can’t be unfilial.”

Ning Xiaoyao couldn't do anything but nod her head. "But when Empress Dowager was the empress and the late emperor was in power, she was doted on by the former emperor," At this point, Elder Li changed the direction of his message. "The empress dowager ought to be distressed by her clan's rebellion against the monarch."

Ning Xiaoyao became confused. She took a deep breath and cautiously asked, "What do you want to say, Old Gramps?"

"Empress Dowager was deeply troubled by the misfortune of her clan. She felt shame toward the late emperor and toward Your Majesty," Elder Li said. "From now on, she shall live in seclusion inside the hidden palace, continuously worshipping Buddha to lighten her clan’s sins. Only then will she have enough face to meet the late emperor again in the afterlife."

Ning Xiaoyao stared open-mouthed at Elder Li. Old Gramps is quite cruel, ah! This would drive Empress Dowager away from her palace and force her to live in the Buddhist hall, ah! Empress Dowager is so used to her luxurious lifestyle that she still wants to wear beautiful dancing skirts until today. Yet, Old Gramps expects her to be a nun?!

“Your Majesty, “ Elder Li bowed to Ning Xiaoyao, "Although this subject believes that Your Majesty must be filial toward Empress Dowager, Your Majesty is the reigning monarch. The country’s welfare and Your Majesty’s wellbeing are of the utmost importance. Empress Dowager is the daughter of a criminal. Your Majesty may choose to disregard Empress Dowager’s knowledge and involvement in the matter of Traitor Xie. In fact, Your Majesty must even take care of Empress Dowager. But Your Majesty must no longer allow Empress Dowager to appear in public. Your Majesty cannot give her the honour and glory of what a reigning Empress Dowager deserves.”

Ning Xiaoyao's mouth opened wider.

"She is indeed the daughter of a criminal." Elder Li crisply spoke in a clear and loud voice. "Now Empress Dowager can only pray that Traitor Xie will not create more troubles. Otherwise, whether she could be buried next to the late emperor will be another question."

“Grand Preceptor certainly would not give up looking for trouble, ah!" Ning Xiaoyao countered.

"Your Majesty could put more thought on it after the empress dowager’s death," Elder Li said immediately.

The corner of Ning Xiaoyao’s mouth twitched. You’ve already made it so clear. What else does she need to reconsider, ah?

Elder Li suddenly knelt down again. “This subject heard that Your Majesty found the late crown prince’s remains and ordered people to build a mausoleum near the late emperor’s imperial tomb. Your Majesty has a benevolent heart. This old subject shed tears, the former crown prince may now rest in peace.”

Ning Xiaoyao beckoned Elder Li to raise. From Old Gramp’s words, Ning Xiaoyao realized that he was also the late crown prince’s follower. No wonder at the beginning Old Gramps had looked at her with all kinds of disapproval.

"I’ll definitely deal with this, ah!" Ning Xiaoyao told Elder Li. "This is also Empress Dowager’s sin. All I can do is to let the crown prince rest in peace." Besides, it's not difficult for her to find the remains of the crown prince's family.

Elder Li bowed again. "Your Majesty is kind-hearted."

At this moment, Shadowgale opened his mouth. "When Empress Dowager moves out of her palace, will she still be raising Prince Cheng personally?"

Without thinking about it, Elder Li responded instantly, "Prince Cheng is an imperial prince. How can His Highness be brought up in the hidden palace?"

Ning Xiaoyao was contemplating. If she drives Empress Dowager Xie out of her palace and snatches Ning Xin away from her hands, Empress Dowager Xie would probably turn insane. "Prince Cheng is still young, how about we let him stay a little longer with Empress Dowager."

Elder Li raised his head and stared at Ning Xiaoyao. Ning Xiaoyao solemnly explained, "Otherwise, she will go kill herself."

Elder Li then lowered his head again, "Your Majesty is kind-hearted."

Ning Xiaoyao... She’s not kind-hearted. She’s forced and has no other options.

"This subject will withdraw first to draft up the imperial decree," Elder Li spoke. "This subject also expects that the empress dowager's matters be dealt with as soon as possible by Your Majesty."

After Elder Li dismissed himself, only Ning Xiaoyao and Shadowgale were left in the room. One of them sat, while the other one stood. They remained in silence for a long time. Finally, Ning Xiaoyao asked, "Does Old Gramps not want the crown prince to see the empress dowager even after his death?"

If Empress Dowager Xie were to be interred in the Yuan ancestral tomb, their tombs would be neighbours. Shadowgale nodded, "Perhaps."

"She is such a hateful woman," Ning Xiaoyao shook her head.

"Your Majesty," Shadowrain’s voice came from outside the door.

"Come in," answered Ning Xiaoyao. Shadowrain entered the room and handed two urgent reports to Ning Xiaoyao. He announced, "Your Majesty, General Tao Yu and Prince Fu sent urgent reports."

Ning Xiaoyao opened the emergency reports in a hurry. Where are the rebel forces attacking now?

Shadowgale and Shadowrain stood waiting for Ning Xiaoyao to reveal the message.

"Xie Anji escaped," Ning Xiaoyao slammed those urgent reports on the small side table beside her. Shadowgale hastily picked up the urgent reports and read them.

Both Prince Fu and Tao Yu wrote in the urgent report that Xie Anji had a sudden illness in the army half a month ago and stayed in his tent to rest. The following night, Second Young Master Xie had vanished.

"Needless to say, Grand Preceptor saved his second son," Ning Xiaoyao muttered, and hugged her head.

Shadowgale and Shadowrain looked at each other. Just as they were about to speak, Ning Xiaoyao continued, "By now, perhaps Second Young Master Xie has already reunited with his father."

"That is highly unlikely," said Shadowgale. "Xie Wenyuan just fled from Xiang City. Half a month isn’t enough time for Xie Anji to run to the vicinity of Xiang City."

"Forget it," Ning Xiaoyao mumbled as she pointed to the urgent reports on the small side table. "There will always be retribution for bad deeds. Does Grand Preceptor still think he can have a house full of grandchildren? Let's see. Sooner or later, all his Xie family members will perish because of him."

Shadowrain immediately blurted, "Yes, the Xie family members must not have a good death!"

"Oh! Maybe the rebel forces saved Xie Anji!" Ning Xiaoyao propped her chin and pouted. "If they can save Grand Preceptor, then they can also save his son. I am getting curious now. Supreme Commander said that until Grand Preceptor dies, I can't fully deal with the rebel forces. That is the reason why Big Boss Xiang rescued Grand Preceptor in the first place, but," Ning Xiaoyao looked at Shadowgale and Shadowrain. "Would Big Boss Xiang go this far for Grand Preceptor?”

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