Chapter 312 Treasure from saving a big tree

Chapter 312 Treasure from saving a big tree

As Ning Xiaoyao was being pulled down by the water current, she resolutely threw the big tree out. If this Chinese parasol tree dies, wouldn’t she have drowned for nothing?

Shadowgale tightly held onto Ning Xiaoyao. He was trying to push her out of the whirlpool. However, his strength could not compete against the strong current of the water.

After Ning Xiaoyao threw out the tree, she wanted to throw out her Windy too. Unfortunately, she ran out of time as a strong force coming from the earth’s core sucked them both into the dark abyss.

The Dragon Guards watched helplessly as both His Majesty and their Head Commander disappeared into the whirlpool. After a stunned moment, all of them flapped towards the swirling water.

The Chinese parasol tree flew over several walls before landing heavily on the ground. It maintained its full leafy features, and most importantly, its roots were intact, bringing along mud from its recent submersion.

Following the sound of commotion, First Young Master Ning and Lord Protector each took hold of Elder Li as they ran forward. Upon seeing the big tree lying on the ground, they all came to a stop.

“Where is this tree from?” Elder Li asked urgently.

First Young Master Ning released Elder Li’s arm as he ran forward.

“Hurry!” Elder Li grabbed hold of Lord Protector who was planning to run off, “Go over there to check.”

Lord Protector really wanted to fling off Elder Li’s arm, but he lacked the courage to do so.

First Young Master Ning stood in a daze in front of a pool of rapidly plummeting water. By the time Lord Protector and Elder Li rushed over, the water level had dropped to the point where they could see the bottom. The collapsed palace hall’s bedroom, the flooded garden, and a very deep hole that could accommodate two people stood side by side appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

Although First Young Master Ning was a person who had experienced a lot, he was also astounded by this. “This…this is the palace hall’s bedroom?” Elder Li asked frightfully.

First Young Master Ning bent down to peer into the deep pit. The ground was wet, and the water continued to flow into the cavity, yet standing at the opening, he could not hear any sound of water dripping. The chasm must be very deep.

“Your Majesty?” Lord Protector yelled into the pit. His voice echoed for a long time, but there was no reply from Ning Xiaoyao.

“Bring the rope here.” First Young Master Ning commanded a young Dragon Guard beside him.

“This is where the Chinese parasol tree was growing.” explained another young Dragon Guard standing beside Lord Protector.

Lord Protector asked, “It’s rooted this deeply?”

The Dragon Guard did not respond as he felt it was not possible either.

“Seal off this area and do not let anyone enter here.” First Young Master Ning gave another command. A few men from the Destruction Prisoner Army accepted the command and ran off.

“Nobody in this courtyard is allowed to leave.” First Young Master Ning continued to dictate his order. Lord Protector was too busy preparing to descend the pit and did not bother to even look at First Young Master Ning. However, Elder Li took a few glances at him.

“The war just ended. The capital will be in a disarray if there are news that His Majesty has an accident.” First Young Master Ning explained to Elder Li.

Elder Li nodded his head at First Young Master Ning. “His Majesty trusts you, hence this old man will naturally trusts you.”

The Destruction Prisoner Army was now able to move freely throughout the entire imperial palace. While Elder Li was itching to jump into the pit, his mind was also occupied by the amount of power First Young Master Ning and his men had. When he sees Ning Xiaoyao later, he must speak to him about it. (Author: In such a short time, you already have another matter to instruct His Majesty?)

In the cave, Ning Xiaoyao sat on the ground and spat out the water in her mouth. She rubbed her tummy. Ai ma, my stomach is full from the water.

Shadowgale rolled twice on the ground. Just now, Ning Xiaoyao had sat on his stomach when they both landed on the ground. In that short moment, Head Commander felt like he was about to vomit blood. He laid on the ground for a long time, unable to regain his breath.

The Dragon Guards who dropped into the pit with them were either exhausted from churning in the water, or injured from the fall. They were all lying on the ground, unable to get up.

Ning Xiaoyao stood up and looked around. The water flowed along the walls of the cave and continued to drip down. She could not feel any water around her feet. Ning Xiaoyao squinted her eyes in the extremely dim lighting of the cave, and finally discovered there was a stone trough on the ground. The water from above were all flowing into this trough.

“Majesty, Your Majesty?” Shadowgale saw Ning Xiaoyao walking away and immediately hollered.

Shhh,” Ning Xiaoyao told Shadowgale, “Don't yell, what if there is a monster around?”

Head Commander: …

Ning Xiaoyao gripped the rugged edges of the cave wall and walked through the man-made stone tunnel. In no time, Ning Xiaoyao came upon a bright area. She discovered an underground dark river trail and a flat tidal area which came about from the alteration of the river trail.

Shadowgale stumbled as he ran after Ning Xiaoyao. After his eyes adjusted to darkness in the cave, he suddenly saw a brightness that blinded him to the point where he had to close his eyes. Shadowgale rubbed his eyes for a long time before opening them again. When he did, His Majesty was standing there without moving, just like earlier.

“Your Majesty?” Shadowgale shouted at Ning Xiaoyao.

Ning Xiaoyao turned around with a stunned expression. She pointed above her head and asked Shadowgale: “Windy, look! Is this the legendary pearl of the night?”

Shadowgale looked up. The top of the stone wall was smooth and straight. It was obviously a surface that has been smoothened by someone. The stone wall was set with many egg-shaped pearls, approximately the size of a goose egg. The pearls shone brilliantly, with clarity. They were definitely pearls of the night.

Ning Xiaoyao said: “It is pearls of the night, right?”

“Yes” Shadowgale agreed, “Why would there be pearls of the night here?”

Ning Xiaoyao pointed in front of her. “Windy, look.”

Shadowgale looked at where she pointed. On a pebbled mudflat, there was a large stone platform, big enough for four horses to run on it at the same time. Reddish brown cases were all neatly placed on the stone platform, with the topmost case already knocking against the stone roof. Shadowgale could not tell how many such cases were stacked there.

“Let’s mentally prepare ourselves. Windy, what do you think is in the cases?”

At this time, the Dragon Guards had arrived. All of them were all stunned by what they saw. Shadowgale deeply inhaled the cold air. “I will go over and take a look.”

“Let’s go together.  A surprise should be shared.”

“I am worried that there might be traps.” Shadowgale was apprehensive.

“It is okay,” Ning Xiaoyao rolled up her sleeves, “With me here, you do not have to be afraid of any injuries.”

That was a statement that all the Dragon Guards believed in. Hence, all of them walked over together to the front of the stone platform.

From a distance, Ning Xiaoyao didn’t notice how tall the stone platform was. It wasn’t until she was standing in front of it that she realized the stone platform was quite far from the ground. In fact, it was actually as tall as her height.

When Shadowgale saw Ning Xiaoyao jumping up and down trying to use both hands and feet to climb up the stone platform, the corner of his mouth twitched. He half carried Ning Xiaoyao as he flew up to the platform.

Woah!” Ning Xiaoyao stood on the platform, and gave a heartfelt sigh. Each of these cases were taller than her.

Shadowgale carefully knocked against one case and told Ning Xiaoyao. “It’s made of copper.”

Copper cases?

Ning Xiaoyao rubbed her hands and exclaimed, “Open the cases!”

In the time it took to burn half an incense, First Young Master Ning and Lord Protector reached the bottom of the cave. In case Xiaoyao was injured, they wanted to ensure the news didn’t spread. Hence, everyone else had to wait and remain on the ground level with Elder Li.  

First Young Master Ning stood in the cave. The ground was filled with crushed rocks but he did not see anyone. “Your Majesty?” he yelled.

His voice echoed around the cave.

Lord Protector removed the rope around his waist and looked at the four walls of the cave. “Why is this so big? What exactly is this place?”

First Young Master stood there without speaking. On the ground, there was a sword that belonged to a Dragon Guard. His sister and the guards must have been here, and they’re able to move around. This means their lives weren’t in danger.

“Your Majesty?” Lord Protector called out, since First Young Master Ning was just standing there motionlessly.

“Big Bro Ning! Lord Protector!” Ning Xiaoyao appeared quickly in front of the two of them, smiling widely.

Lord Protector thought to himself. Has he discovered the body of Xie Wenyuan here?

At this point, Ning Xiaoyao was so thrilled that she could not speak. She grabbed their hands and ran.

“Your Majesty, where are you bringing us?” Lord Protector asked. Did he really see Xie Wenyuan’s corpse?

“Look!” Ning Xiaoyao stopped.

Countless amount of gold.

Countless amount of silver.

Countless number of armor and swords…

First Young Master Ning and Lord Protector were totally amazed.

“Hahaha!” Ning Xiaoyao happily clapped her hands and declared, “Rich, I am rich, I am rich now!”

First Young Master recovered his senses and asked Ning Xiaoyao. “What are these?”

Ning Xiaoyao replied with a serious expression. “I believe these are hidden treasures.”

Everyone felt that was an understatement. If these were not hidden treasures, what else could they possibly be?

First Young Master Ning took a piece of gold ingot and then touched a piece of silver ingot. He turned to Ning Xiaoyao. “This should be the imperial family’s treasure.”

“Eh? But nobody told me about this!” If she knew there were hidden treasures underneath her bedroom, she wouldn’t be so concerned about money on a daily basis!

First Young Master Ning responded, “The late emperor may not have known.”

Not just Emperor Yuanzong, even Emperor Mingzong and those emperors before may not have known about the existence of these treasures. If they had known, based on their spendthrift habits, these treasures could not have remained till now.

“Your Majesty, how did you find out about this place?” Lord Protector finally recovered his senses and asked Ning Xiaoyao.

“Oh, I just wanted to save my Chinese parasol tree.” Ning Xiaoyao happily recounted how she discovered the hidden treasures.

After Lord Protector heard Ning Xiaoyao’s story, he felt that the only explanation for this matter was that it was a real streak of pure luck.

“Now I don’t have to worry anymore!” Ning Xiaoyao looked at the treasures. “Even if Grand Preceptor escaped, I am not scared. I have money and I can pay for soldiers and horses now! I will fight him to the death!”

First Young Master Ning laughed, “Your Majesty, you wish to use these treasures to feed the soldiers?”

“Yes, ah.” Ning Xiaoyao replied, “Fighting a war requires money. I was worrying where to find such a sum of money. Big Bro Ning, I will also give you some money to bring back to the southwest Jiuzhou.”

First Young Master Ning was surprised. “This subject will also be given some money?”

“Yes, everyone will get some!” Ning Xiaoyao generously beamed. “Supreme Commander had previously told me that those in the army are not living well. Now that I have money, I will share it.”

Lord Protector was very moved by Ning Xiaoyao. This little Majesty did not ask to rebuild his palace hall bedroom, or anything for himself. The little Majesty only said he wishes for the army to live better. Lord Protector’s eyes reddened. To have met such a wise ruler, what else could they as subjects ask for?

“Go get more little bros to come down,” Ning Xiaoyao waved a hand. “Let’s start moving!”

“Yes!” Everyone shouted in unison.

When Elder Li heard about the discovery of these hidden treasures, he immediately got down on his knees. “The Heavens blessed his Majesty!”

Ning Xiaoyao did not dare to retort Old Gramps. She found those treasures because she was saving her tree. What does it have to do with the Heavens?

Elder Li said, “In this case, after reclaiming the assets and privileges of the imperial clansmen, Your Majesty can now take care of them with these monies.”


Ning Xiaoyao was stunned. She must still provide for the clansmen?

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