Chapter 302: After the city was invaded...

Chapter 302: After the city was invaded...

From the south city gate tower, Ning Xiaoyao was observing to see whether the enemies were retreating. When suddenly, shouts of fighting travelled from the west side of the capital.

“The west side?” Lord Protector heard the cries and paused and turned to Pei Yan to confirm.

“It’s the west city wall.” Pei Yan replied, “Who’s the person stationed at the west gate now?”

Lord Protector reported a name that Ning Xiaoyao had never heard before, then reassured her, “There wouldn’t be a problem.”

At this moment, the sounds of rumbling started again.

Ning Xiaoyao exclaimed, “They’re shooting cannons at the west gate ah!”

The Pei brothers glanced at each other and Pei Yan asserted, “Your Majesty, this subject will escort you out of the capital.”

“Ah?” Ning Xiaoyao didn’t understand anything that had happened so far. What exactly is happening? Why do they want to send her out of the capital again?

“Since Lou Zigui is not around, Your Majesty can replace him as the pillar of the army outside the capital.” Second Young Master Pei tried to trick Ning Xiaoyao.

Ning Xiaoyao looked at the hill of corpses outside the capital. The cause of this massacre was the lack of a pillar in the army?

“Your Majesty??” Pei Yan shouted.

The sound of explosions was continuously coming from the west gate.

Ning Xiaoyao shook her head and felt that there was something definitely wrong with this situation.

Pei Yan coaxed, “If Your Majesty is afraid, then forget it.”

Ning Xiaoyao’s mouth twitched. She has been through the apocalypse, how could she be afraid of something like this?

“Your Majesty?” Ning Xiaoluo’s voice travelled from the staircase. Ning Xiaoyao turned her head towards the staircase to look.

The rain had thoroughly drenched Ning Xiaoluo. He ran to Ning Xiaoyao like he was panic stricken.

“Why are you here?” Ning Xiaoyao asked.

Ning Xiaoluo stood in front of Ning Xiaoyao, panting, “My brother told me to follow Your Majesty out of the south gate.”

“Why are we leaving the capital?”

“Oh.” Third Young Master Ning spoke very seriously,  “My big brother said since Lou Zigui is at the west gate, the soldiers at the south gate have no pillar of support. With Your Majesty out of the capital, we can appease the soldiers.”

Ning Xiaoyao: ...

The Pei brothers: …

This suspicious reason was now used consecutively by two different people. What does this mean? Ning Xiaoyao stroked her chin. There’s definitely something wrong with this explanation ah.

“Your Majesty.” Ning Xiaoluo added, “Miss Ji and Shadowgale of the Dragon Guards are waiting down by the gate. My brother said after the enemy troops at the south gate have retreated, Elder Li and the others can leave from there as well.”

I have to be the pillar of the army?” Ning Xiaoyao questioned.

“Yes ah,” Ning Xiaoluo nodded his head.

Just then, there was a sound of a louder detonation, Ning Xiaoyao asked, “Little Luoluo, where is Big Bro Ning now?”

“Definitely in the palace.” Second Young Master Pei immediately replied.

“He has gone to the west gate.” Ning Xiaoluo said at the same time.

After both of them spoke simultaneously, they stared at each other. Third Young Master Ning lost the staring contest and lowered his head. He didn’t dare to take another look at Second Young Master Pei.

“Is the west gate in danger, ah?” Ning Xiaoyao fretted. “Is that why we are sending everyone towards the south?”

“That’s not possible.” Lord Protector hurriedly shook his head. “No matter how many cannons they have, the city walls will not fall.”

Ning Xiaoyao’s face stiffened. She looked at the three people standing in front of her and ridiculed, “Do I look like an idiot to you?”

Third Young Master Ning hurriedly stuttered, “You’re not.. I am.. Your Majesty.. Can we leave the capital now?”

Looking at the swollen pig head before her, Ning Xiaoyao sighed. In any case, this punk really isn’t smart. “You all escort old gramps and the others out of the capital, I will head to the west gate to take a look.”

“No!!” Ning Xiaoluo exclaimed.

Ning Xiaoyao turned and ran off. At this point, she would have to squeeze out whatever energy she had left.

Third Young Master Ning pounced on air and directly fell onto the ground.

Lord Protector and Pei Yan wanted to chase after her, but when Ning Xiaoyao is determined to run with all her life, how could the Pei brothers even hope to catch her?

Ning Xiaoyao ran down the city gate tower and rapidly sprinted her way to the west gate.

Shadowgale just saw a silhouette pass him. After trying to take a second look, NIng Xiaoyao’s shadow was gone.

Lord Protector rushed down the city gate tower and shouted, “Your Majesty???”

Shadowgale was shocked. There was no doubt that the person that had just passed him was His Majesty. Without a word, Shadowgale leapt on a horse and instantly gave chase to Ning Xiaoyao.

Ji Yuerong, clad in armor, met with the Pei brothers. Pei Yan instructed, “Miss Ji, please assist my brother in escorting the officials out of the capital.”

Lord Protector immediately stopped Pei Yan from leaving. “You go with Miss Ji, I will protect His Majesty.”

“Where is His Majesty?” Ji Yuerong asked.

“He ran away.” Lord Protector wiped his face. Sometimes, when His Majesty is too capable, it is also a concern!

“You can first escort these officials out and then come back,” Pei Yan flung off Lord Protector’s hand. He ran and flipped onto the warhorse then headed for the west gate.

Lord Protector looked at Miss Ji. He couldn’t bring himself to ask her to escort the officials out of the capital alone.

“Lord Protector should go to protect His Majesty.” Just when the Lord Protector was at a loss, Ji Yuerong took the initiative to speak. “I can escort the officials out of the capital. After ensuring their safety, I will return immediately.”

“Deng Rong is just outside the capital. After victory has been decided, Miss Ji can hand the people over to Deng Rong.”

“Alright, I understand.” Jie Yuerong nodded her head.

Lord Protector gave Miss Ji a cupped fist and urgently left for the west gate as well.

When Lord Protector was gone, Ning Xiaoluo finally arrived at the bottom of the city gate tower. After falling over and hitting the ground, Third Young Master Ning started sporting a huge bruise on his forehead.

Ji Yuerong couldn’t bear to look at him. If this face keeps getting damaged, will it ever heal?

Ning Xiaoluo walked over to Ji Yuerong and looked at the crowd behind her. “His Majesty ran off, ah?”

“Why did you go up the city gate tower?”

Ning Xiaoluo open his mouth. After inadvertently collecting a mouthful of rainwater, he decided to close it again. He swallowed down the rainwater and complained, “I just said what my brother taught me to say, who would’ve thought His Majesty wouldn’t believe me.”

Ji Yuerong walked towards Elder Li. She really didn’t want to talk to a guy who was useless without his big brother.

On the way, Ning Xiaoyao met with a platoon of soldiers that were running from the west gate to the city barracks. “How is the west gate ah?” Ning Xiaoyao stopped the soldiers and yelled.

The soldiers couldn’t recognise Ning Xiaoyao and stared at her guardedly as they stopped.

Ning Xiaoyao justified, “I am the emperor, ah.”

The soldiers still didn’t say anything. Who knows if he’s telling the truth?

“Grand Preceptor’s men want to kill me. Why would I pretend to be the emperor for fun?” Ning Xiaoyao wiped the rain off her face and pointed out, “Lil bro, quickly tell me, how’s the situation at the west gate ah?”

“The situation is not good.” a soldier who looked only sixteen or seventeen reported to Ning Xiaoyao, “The First Young Master with the Ning surname ordered us to go protect the palace gates.”

“How many enemy troops are there outside the capital? Ning Xiaoyao frantically asked.

“I’m not sure,” the young soldier shook his head, “It’s full of people outside the capital. Also...”

“There are also cannons!” Ning Xiaoyao completed his sentence, “I know, I can hear the explosions too.”

“They’ve broken through the city wall!”

“The city gates have opened——”

“Rebels are entering the capital!”

“Run ah——”


Panic and confused shouts were heard from the city gates.

Ning Xiaoyao felt an explosion in her mind. The capital has been invaded?!

“Your Majesty, leave quickly! Your Majesty!” the young soldier hollered at Ning Xiaoyao.

“All of you return to the palace first.” Ning Xiaoyao ran past this platoon and headed for the west gate like a gust of wind.

All the citizens who were capable of leaving the capital have already left. The only people who were left were all hiding at home. Thus, there were very few people running on the streets.

From afar, Ning Xiaoyao saw Ning Xiaomu riding a horse towards her. First Young Master Ning was holding a sword with blood dripping from the tip of it.

“Your Majesty?” First Young Master Ning arrived in front of Ning Xiaoyao in an instant.

“Big Bro Ning!” Ning Xiaoyao stood in front of Ming Guang the horse and raised her head to look at First Young Master Ning, “Are you injured?”

First Young Master Ning reached out and pulled Ning Xiaoyao onto the horse. Whipping his horse, he headed towards the palace. “Didn’t you leave through the south gate?”

“At this moment, I can’t run away.” Ning Xiaoyao shook her head, “I’ve already discussed with Supreme Commander. Unless I am in a life and death situation, I can’t run.”

“He…!” First Young Master Ning wanted to curse Lou Zigui but he suppressed it.

“Also, Big Bro Ning is still at the west gate as well,” Ning Xiaoyao added.

“Your Majesty is here to look for me?”

“Mhm,” Ning Xiaoyao nodded.

First Young Master Ning paused for a moment and lightly rubbed his chin on Ning Xiaoyao’s head. He whispered, “Your Majesty is worried about me?”

“Mhm, I’m afraid you will get injured ah.”

First Young Master Ning smiled, but this smile had yet to blossom before the sound of horses rushed towards them.

Ning Xiaoyao turned to look, “Are those enemy soldiers?”

“Sit tight,” First Young Master Ning pulled Ning Xiaoyao to a secure position. It’s too late to send little sister out of the capital. If he tries, the rebel troops will follow and Elder Li and the other officials at the south gate would inevitably die.

Fiercely whipping Ming Guang, First Young Master Ning quickly galloped to the direction of the palace with Ning Xiaoyao.

The soldiers, who were running on foot, couldn’t outrun the horse and saw that the enemy soldiers were approaching. They immediately headed for the alleys and smaller streets.

Before the battle, their general had instructed them to look for a place to hide. They were only to attack the enemy soldiers after they have entered the alleys.

Shadowgale and the Pei brothers arrived one after another and encountered First Young Master Ning and Ning Xiaoyao.

“They broke through the west gate?” Lord Protector saw First Young Master Ning and shrieked.

First Young Master Ning nodded his head at Lord Protector. Ming Guang dashed past Lord Protector. Lord Protector swung his fist in the air and turned his horse to follow after First Young Master Ning.

After the time it took to burn half an incense, First Young Master Ning and Ning Xiaoyao finally ran through the palace gates.

After Lord Protector entered the palace, he immediately got off his horse and ran up the city gate tower. Below the city gate tower, Shadowgale roared, “Close the gates! Immediately close the palace gates!

Ning Xiaoyao asked First Young Master Ning, “The enemies have cannons, can the palace gates hold up?”

“The palace gates can hold up. Rest assure, Your Majesty.” First Young Master Ning didn’t stop his horse even when passing the kneeling eunuchs. He directly leapt over them with his horse.

“Go back and tell Empress Dowager,” Ning Xiaoyao shouted from the horse to the eunuchs, “The war has started, but as long as she remains in her palace, she’ll be fine!”

Shouts of killing travelled from the palace gates. The eunuchs got up and ran towards Empress Dowager’s palace.

Lord Protector stood at the top of the city gate tower with the generals of the Elite Imperial Guards. They watched as the rebels pushed several cannons to the front of the military formation. All the generals were troubled. How many blasts could the palace gates and city gate tower take?

First Young Master Ning placed Ning Xiaoyao in front of the Supreme Splendor Hall before redirecting his horse. “I’m going to the palace gates. Your Majesty must remember the words you said. If you are in a dire situation, you must leave the capital.”

Without First Young Master Ning’s body sheltering her, there was no one to block the rain from hitting Ning Xiaoyao. Her eyes could barely open from the heavy rain.

“Your Majesty, you must be safe,” First Young Master Ning sat on the horse and lightly patted Ning Xiaoyao’s head before turning to leave.

Ning Xiaoyao wiped her eyes and watched as First Young Master Ning’s distance grew further and further away from her.

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