Chapter 299: First Young Master Ning said, “Kill!”

Chapter 299: First Young Master Ning said, “Kill!”

Ning Xiaoyao picked up the white jade crown. Ning Xiaomu and Shadowrain went over to Ning Xiaoyao’s side.

After weighing the white jade crown with her hand, Ning Xiaoyao affirmed, “It must be hollow inside.”

First Young Master Ning took the crown from Ning Xiaoyao's hand. He examined it from top to bottom before starting to twist the gilded top from the left.

Shadowrain poked his head out to get a better view and whispered, "There's something inside!"

Ning Xiaoyao pursed her lips. She also noticed something was stuffed inside the crown. First Young Master Ning carefully pulled out rolls of letters from within the crown.

The moment Ning Xiaoyao saw the traditional Chinese characters, she felt dizzy. So, she only shot a brief glance at it before asking First Young Master Ning, "Big Bro Ning, what does it say?"

Ning Xiaomu took a cursory glance at the letter and handed it back to her. He lowered his voice, "This is a letter from Xie Wenyuan to His Highness, the second prince."

Ning Xiaoyao’s hand began to shake when she heard the three words, Xie Wen Yuan. Why is he everywhere ah?!

Seeing that Ning Xiaoyao did not read the letter, First Young Master Ning added, "Grand Preceptor said that Prince Cheng is too young and he doesn’t want to watch the empress dowager go through misfortune. So, he will try his best to assist Second Prince to become the emperor."

Ning Xiaoyao was in a daze for quite some time. "Did Second Prince seriously believe Grand Preceptor’s words?"

Ning Xiaomu lowered his head to stare at the unconscious Second Prince lying on the ground. "He can’t be that stupid, right?" Ning Xiaoyao was in disbelief. “Second Prince is willing to work under a person who dares to kill an emperor?”

"He may not believe it, but this at least gives His Highness some hope," First Young Master Ning replied.

"T-then, the reason why he deliberately came to stir up trouble today was to help Xie Wenyuan?" Shadowrain stuttered.

Ning Xiaoyao did not understand. “How does having an argument with me help Grand Preceptor?”

Ning Xiaomu suddenly lifted his head and asked Shadowrain, "What happened to those who came to the palace with Second Prince?"

"They’re still waiting outside the palace gate." answered Shadowrain.

“Your Majesty, please dispatch the troops to raid Second Prince’s estate,” Ning Xiaomu firmly stated.

“Whaa?” Ning Xiaoyao opened her mouth wide, stunned.

“Do you remember what we talked about earlier, Your Majesty? What happens to the capital when there is instability in the imperial household?” asked Ning Xiaomu. Ning Xiaoyao looked at him. Of course, she remembered.

"Regardless if Second Prince escapes the capital today to take refuge with Imperial Concubine Jing or not, rumours of the princes being displeased with His Majesty will spread around the capital." First Young Master Ning explained in a low tone.

"How does that benefit him?" Ning Xiaoyao asked, pointing at Second Prince.

"There’s no benefit to him if Your Majesty is alive," Ning Xiaomu whispered.

Ning Xiaoyao: ... That’s true. After being alive for so long, she completely forgot to confer a title for Second Prince.

"Your Majesty!" Shadowrain called out softly.

"Umm, I know you feel sorry for me, Third Rain," Ning Xiaoyao rubbed her nose. "I'm alright."

"How do you want to deal with Second Prince?" Shadowrain asked. As long as His Majesty gives him permission, he’ll immediately kill him!

Ning Xiaoyao lifted her foot and kicked Second Prince several times without saying a word. She’ll beat him up first to vent out her anger.

Ning Xiaomu instructed, "Keep it under wraps for now. Right now it’s not the time to cause more trouble.”

"Didn’t you suggest raiding his estate?" Ning Xiaoyao asked.

Ning Xiaomu said, "Grand Preceptor’s men should be the ones who search and confiscate his family’s property."

Dang! Ning Xiaoyao took a deep breath.

"What do you think, Your Majesty?" First Young Master Ning wanted Ning Xiaoyao’s input.

"Mm, that’s fine." Ning Xiaoyao nodded. If she’s merciful to the enemy now, she’ll be ruining herself!

Shadowrain accepted the decree and brought his people out the palace gate. Just as he was about to leave, he heard someone calling him from behind. Shadowrain turned around and saw that it was Ning Xiaomu.

Shadowrain ran up to him. "First Young Master, does His Majesty have another order for me?"

"Everyone must be killed in Second Prince’s estate," First Young Master Ning lowered his voice. "Remember, leave no one alive."

Shadowrain was astonished. "This is His Majesty’s..." Even if you beat him up, Shadowrain wouldn’t believe His Majesty would make such a decree.

First Young Master Ning waved his hand to stop Shadowrain from speaking.  "This is my idea. Remember this, Xie Wenyuan is the one who did the killing."

"Would bystanders believe our words?" Shadowrain asked.

"Right now it doesn’t matter whether they believe it or not," First Young Master Ning gazed at Shadowrain and continued in a low voice. “It’s fine as long as some people in the capital are afraid of the consequences of supporting Grand Preceptor. The message I want to get across is that they may die if they support Xie Wenyuan.”

But just because they kill Second Prince, it doesn’t mean Grand Preceptor Xie would kill the common people, ah! While Shadowrain was trying to figure it out, First Young Master Ning continued, "Do you know Second Prince’s followers?"

Shadowrain nodded. The followers were merely the advisors of the estate. In addition, there were also a few officials who were supporting Second Prince because they wanted to have an established position in the capital.

"Select a few convenient subordinates and get rid of them." Ning Xiaomu commanded. Looking at the eldest son of Duke of Yue’s estate, Third Shadow Commander truly did not understand. How could this young master still look so gentle and elegant while talking about slaughtering others?

"Dragon Guards dare to kill people, right?" First Young Master Ning said, "If not, I can dispatch the Destruction Prisoner Army."

Shadowrain stroked the knife that was hanging around his waist.

"His Majesty would most likely be against this decision. But I think this is beneficial to him. Those in the capital would join forces to fight against one common enemy. So whether His Majesty stays or leaves the capital, he won’t have to worry about getting shot in the back by an arrow. Understand?"

Of course, Shadowrain's scheming abilities were incomparable to those of First Young Master Ning. After hearing his words, Third Shadow Commander felt that Ning Xiaomu’s words were reasonable.

"Third Commander?" Ning Xiaomu gave Shadowrain an amiable look.

"I understand.” Shadowrain turned and quickly walked away.

Ning Xiaomu stood at the palace gate. He could hear Shadowrain ordering the Elite Imperial Guards to change their attires. When he heard someone behind him calling “big brother!”, First Young Master Ning turned his head. Behind him stood Ning Xiaoluo with a face that was totally unrecognizable.

“Big brother,” Third Young Master Ning looked outside the palace gate and whispered, “Are we going to assist His Majesty in the war?"

First Young Master Ning asked, "Are you afraid?"

"I'm not afraid," Ning Xiaoluo hastily shook his head. "I'm just concerned about the lack of men we have. If we knew this from the start, we should’ve brought more troops with us.”

First Young Master Ning laughed. If they had brought the whole Destruction Prisoner Army with them, would Xie Wenyuan have let them into the capital? He was already suspicious of the Duke of Yue’s estate harboring ulterior motives.

“Big brother, do you think His Majesty will be able to win this time? I’ve asked around. Miss Ji said that Xie Wenyuan has tens of thousands additional soldiers in his hand, that’s more than His Majesty and Lou Zigui’s forces combined!”

First Young Master Ning walked towards the direction of the imperial palace while his younger brother chased after him. "Big brother, with such fewer troops, can His Majesty really win?"

"As long as big brother is here, you won't meet with any mishaps," First Young Master Ning patted his younger brother on the shoulder. "Your face is so swollen. You should focus on healing. Don't worry about fighting in the war."

Ning Xiaoluo...He felt like a disposable item. Could someone tell him whether he was overthinking?

"Where is Miss Ji now?" First Young Master Ning asked.

"She's keeping His Majesty company at the moment. Supreme Commander Lou asked her to stay with His Majesty."

Ning Xiaomu nodded. He no longer spoke and continued walking straight ahead.


Ji Yuerong watched as Ning Xiaoyao stuffed her mouth with food in the palace room. She was concerned. "Your Majesty, eat slower. What if you choke?"

Ning Xiaoyao swallowed down a bowl of rice in three mouthfuls. She has no time to eat slow! Right now, she has to replenish her energy as fast as she can so that she’ll be prepared to throw cannons again if necessary!

Chef Huang was watching from the side. "Is this still not enough?"

"Not enough," Ning Xiaoyao declared, “Bring me another pot."

Miss Ji and Chef Huang’s mouth began to twitch. They had never heard of anyone who wants to get second helpings in pot size!

"Why hasn’t Big Bro Ning returned yet?" Ning Xiaoyao asked as she stuffed her mouth with rice again. "Did he leave the palace with Shadowrain?"

"Let’s not worry about that heir of the noble house for now," Miss Ji’s mouth was still twitching. "His Majesty, why don’t you eat some veggies?" What kind of person only eats plain rice without any other dishes? Is it a type of condition?

Meanwhile, First Young Master Ning followed the four Dragon Guards who were carrying Second Prince. At the same time, Ning Xiaoluo was still following closely behind him. "Big brother, where are the four Dragon Guards taking Second Prince?

"You know that he's Second Prince?"

"Yes,  everyone from Supreme Splendor Hall is aware that the five princes came to create trouble for His Majesty. We all know His Majesty beat up Second Prince."

"We can’t let too many people know about it?" Ning Xiaoluo hurriedly asked.

"No, it’s fine," said Ning Xiaomu. "They are going to the Hall of Punishment."

"Then are we also going to the Hall of Punishment?" Ning Xiaoluo asked.


Ning Xiaoluo fell behind his big brother. He thought about it over and over again, but was still clueless. Why are they going to the Hall of Punishment?

Second Prince woke up while they were still on the way. However, he was unable to move or speak because he was tightly tied up with rope and his mouth was stuffed. Four Dragon Guards were carrying him. When Second Prince was carried into the prison cell, he fell to the ground and made two sounds with all his might.

First Young Master Ning came inside the cell and smiled at the four Dragon Guards. "Leave the cell and wait for me. I have something private to say to His Highness, the second prince."

"Come out," Shadowrain spoke from outside the prison cell. The four Dragon Guards quickly left the scene.

First Young Master Ning crouched down and took out the cloth that was stuffed in Second Prince’s mouth.

"Ning Xiaomu," The moment Second Prince could speak, he threatened First Young Master Ning. "By acting like this, you’re not afraid Grand Preceptor will punish your entire Duke of Yue’s estate to death?”

"Your Highness is obviously a royal prince. Yet, you think it’s wrong that these subjects are loyal to the emperor?" First Young Master Ning stared at Second Prince and laughed. "What type of reasoning is this?"

Second Prince angrily snarled, "I don’t want to waste effort talking rubbish with you!"

"Your Highness, you’re already a prisoner. If you don’t talk rubbish to pass time, what else can you do?”

"You!" Second Prince was at a loss for words. Suddenly, he abruptly swore, "Ning Yu! You caused the death of the crown prince, and now you're going to kill your brothers. You fatuous ruler!”

"Stop making shit up!" Ning Xiaoluo was furious. His Majesty caused the death of the crown prince? How dare this man throw any crap he can at His Majesty’s head!

"You assume you can be the emperor if His Majesty is dead?" Ning Xiaomu lowered his voice and looked right at Second Prince.

Second Prince appeared to be both startled and enraged.

"You couldn’t go as far as believing that Xie Wenyuan would assist you to become the emperor," Ning Xiaomu said, "What would you gain from following Xie Wenyuan?"


"Xie Wenyuan is going to kill you," First Young Master Ning said.

Second Prince was stunned. While he was in a daze, Ning Xiaomu stuffed a pill-like thing into his mouth.

"Your Highness's life is of no use to His Majesty," said Ning Xiaomu, cruelly smiling at Second Prince. "On the contrary, your death can help His Majesty. Have a good trip*.”

*meaning to die at peace/rest well in heaven/be on your way

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