Chapter 295: Supreme Commander says, promise me

Chapter 295: Supreme Commander says, promise me

“When we are back on ground level, we should head back to the palace, Supreme Commander. I don’t know if Grand Preceptor has captured Windy and the rest...”

Ning Xiaoyao cut herself off halfway. From Lou Zigui’s back, she could see the street ahead of her. His Majesty Ning’s vision turned dark, and she nearly passed out on the spot.

“Xiao- Your Majesty?” When Lou Zigui put Ning Xiaoyao down, he noticed her expression was off and quickly patted her face.

“This... H-how did it turn out like this?” Ning Xiaoyao stuttered.

The street was split vertically in half by a long, zig-zagging fissure. The houses on the street were either toppling or extremely damaged. While there hadn’t been anyone on the streets just moments ago, a lot of people were now standing together. However, they were all too shocked to speak, as if they’d gotten aphasia.

“The cannon exploded when it hit the ground,” Deng Rong ran to Ning Xiaoyao’s side.

“No way? There were only two cannons, how did they blow everything up like this?”

“Your Majesty,” Lord Protector nudged Ning Xiaoyao’s arm, gesturing to the opposite end of the fissure.

There was a group of soldiers standing on the opposite end. At their feet were several large wooden crates, which were all unlatched. Ning Xiaoyao was stunned upon seeing the dark lumps within. “What are those? Bombs?”

“What kind of toy is a ‘bomb’? Those are cannon balls, they have gunpowder inside.”

Ning Xiaoyao stared at Deng Rong, stony-faced. She had underestimated this world. Cannons and gunpowder are actually invented by ancient people? (Author: Who can you blame for your bad grasp of history? o(╯□╰)o )

“There were several crates of gunpowder that came in with the cannons. They all exploded.”

“Thank God it didn’t split completely,” Lord Protector remarked.

His words weren’t comforting at all to Ning Xiaoyao. “Why isn’t anyone saying anything?”

Lord Preceptor thought for a while. “They’re traumatized and have lost their minds.”

Ning Xiaoyao: ...

“Your Majesty, how heavy of a pot can you carry?” Lord Preceptor observed at Ning Xiaoyao’s thin arms and legs. How could this little emperor lift a cannon to smash another cannon, and even rammed the two cannons into the ground? How much strength does he have? Those were siege cannons!

“By pot you mean a vat?” Ning Xiaoyao’s expression turned stern. “Lord Preceptor, you wanna discuss about vats at this time? Even if I lifted all the vats above my head from the capital, would Grand Preceptor Xie be done for?”

Lord Protector was stunned by Ning Xiaoyao’s words. He’s asking about his strength, what does it have to do with vats?

“We’re returning back to the palace.” Lou Zigui dragged Ning Xiaoyao away. This wasn’t the time to worry about how strong Miss Ning was.

“Your Majesty, why are there teeth marks on your lips?” In Lord Protector’s opinion, those marks couldn’t have been made by His Majesty.

Ning Xiaoyao touched her lips. “There are teeth marks? Really?”

Lou Zigui stiffened. The marks on her lips were made by him.

“What’s going on?” Lord Protector asked.

“Do those count as injuries?” Lou Zigui’s face darkened. “Why do you care so much? The whole street has been destroyed. Lord Protector, you’re still in the mood to stand here and talk?”

Lord Protector was confused. He’d just asked why His Majesty’s lips had teeth marks, how had he provoked Lou Zigui?

“What about those ten or so men from Xie Wenyuan’s side?” Lou Zigui questioned.

“We killed them. They were going to run, so I ordered them to be killed. Why in the world are you so angry?”

“Arrange for some soldiers to rescue people.” Lou Zigui crisply replied.

“You want me to divide the troops to rescue people now?” Lord Protector could care less about how he had offended Lou Zigui. He lowered his voice, “You can still hear the fighting from the palace here.”

“Save the people,” Lou Zigui repeated firmly. “His Majesty won’t want to see his citizens die.”

In order to gain the support of the citizens? Lord Protector nodded, and gestured for some of his troops to step forward. “Go to the barracks and transfer the rest of the troops here to help rescue the citizens.”

Finally, they heard sounds of weeping coming from the streets. Three youths were crying for their parents, and scrabbling at the rubble before them.

Ning Xiaoyao shook off Lou Zigui’s hand, and dashed to them.

Two hands appeared from under the broken wall, clasped together. The skin on the man’s hand had split apart, revealing the bone, while the woman’s hand had been completely protected by the man, and was only marked slightly by some ash.

Ning Xiaoyao reached out to touch these two hands.

The three youths had no idea who Ning Xiaoyao was, but upon seeing her touch their parents’ hands, turned to look at her hopefully. At this time, no matter who had come, they hoped to receive some help.

Ning Xiaoyao backed away, she looked devastated. The couple was dead.

The three youths stared blankly at Ning Xiaoyao. Ning Xiaoyao lowered her head as if she had committed a crime. She didn’t dare to make eye contact with the three youths. If she’d flung the cannon off this street, would things have turned out differently?

Lou Zigui walked over to Ning Xiaoyao’s side and saw her tragic expression. Then, he noticed the two hands buried underneath the rubble. He stepped forward so that Ning Xiaoyao was shield behind him. He turned to the three youths and murmured, “My condolences.”

The three youths stood stupefied for a moment. Then, they threw themselves onto the broken wall, and began to wail at the top of their lungs.

The sound of cries rose out one after another. The houses had collapsed with people inside. Those who had managed to escape with heavy injuries were considered lucky.

“Let’s go.” Lou Zigui tugged at Ning Xiaoyao.

Ning Xiaoyao bit her lip but didn’t move.

“Xiaoyao, let’s return to the palace. These things are unavoidable. Lord Protector has already dispatched some troops. There will be soldiers here to help them soon.” Lou Zigui consoled.

Ning Xiaoyao mumbled, “Their homes are gone. The people are dead.”

Lou Zigui seized Ning Xiaoyao into his arms, and let her head rest on his chest. “These hard times will pass.” he whispered.

“Will this suffering end with the Grand Preceptor’s death?” Ning Xiaoyao demanded.

“Your Majesty?” Shadowthunder’s voice rang out before Lou Zigui could say anything.

Ning Xiaoyao rubbed her eyes and responded, “Over here.”

Shadowthunder rushed to Ning Xiaoyao and urgently informed her, “Your Majesty, that bastard Xie Wenyuan has disappeared!”

Xie Wenyuan has disappeared- the words circled in Ning Xiaoyao’s mind and made her feel sick.

“What happened?” Lou Zigui questioned, reaching out to support Ning Xiaoyao.

Shadowthunder’s body was stained with a considerable amount of blood. It was obvious that it had been a fierce fight. He waved his fist violently and fretted, “Xie Wenyuan escaped from the west gate. We didn’t recognize any of the soldiers stationed there.”

“Where are those people now?”

“They left with Xie Wenyuan,” Shadowthunder said. “My older brother took some men and chased after them. I...I came to find His Majesty.”

Lou Zigui shook his head. “Call Shadowgale back. Quickly.”

Dumbfounded, Shadowthunder looked at Ning Xiaoyao. Are they just going to let Xie Wenyuan off like this?

Ning Xiaoyao didn’t understand either, and looked at Lou Zigui in confusion. If they don’t chase him now, would they still be able to catch him after a meal? (Author: what does this have to do with eating...)

Looking at their twin expressions of confusion, Lou Zigui explained, “Xie Wenyuan definitely has reinforcements outside the capital. How many troops did Shadowgale take with him?”

“F**k!” Ning Xiaoyao instantly understood. Their Windy would definitely run into Grand Preceptor's massive army when he chased after them! Ning Xiaoyao thought of running to the west city walls herself, but felt dizzy after taking just two steps. So, she could only grab Shadowthunder. “Second Thunder, tell Windy and the rest to come back!”

Shadowthunder turned and dashed off. Ning Xiaoyao was standing there all jittery and anxious. She hadn’t recovered her strength yet, so there was nothing she could do.

“Xiaoyao,” On one side, Lou Zigui signalled for Deng Rong to prepare a horse. On the other, he pulled Ning Xiaoyao before him.

“Ah?” Ning Xiaoyao responded absently, her eyes were still focused on where Shadowthunder had run off.

“I’m going out of the capital,” Lou Zigui stated in a low voice.

Ning Xiaoyao whipped her head back and looked at Lou Zigui. “You’re leaving?”

“We can’t let Xie Wenyuan escape like this.” Lou Zigui fondly touched her face. “Wait for me in the capital.”

“Okay.” Ning Xiaoyao nodded. At this time, she couldn’t burden Supreme Commander Lou.

“Did Ning Xiaomu of Duke of Yue’s estate go to the palace to see you?” Lou Zigui was anxious to leave, but directed his question at Ning Xiaoyao nonetheless.

“Mm. It was all thanks to the help of Big Bro Ning and Little Luoluo. Ah, Little Luoluo is just...”

“Supreme Commander,” Deng Rong yelled, one hand leading the warhorse Little Red.

“I have to go.” Lou Zigui patted Ning Xiaoyao on the head. “Remember what you promised me if Xie Wenyuan’s troops enter the capital.”

“Mm. If I can’t beat him, I’ll run.”

“You have to be well,” Lou Zigui bent down to look into Ning Xiaoyao’s eyes. “Promise me.”

“Mhm,” Ning Xiaoyao nodded.

Lou Zigui turned to walk towards the warhorses.

Lord Preceptor received Lou Zigui as he walked over.

“Xie Wenyuan’s accomplices are definitely in the capital,” Lou Zigui hopped onto the horse, and addressed to Lord Protector. “Capture those people as soon as possible. Kill those who need to be killed.”

“What about those from Grand Preceptor Xie’s estate?” Lord Preceptor stood beside Little Red and asked.

“If Grand Preceptor’s estate still has people, kill them.” Lou Zigui curtly stated. “Let Pei Yan do it.”

Lord Protector nodded. “I understand.”

“Protect His Majesty,” Lou Zigui exhorted Lord Protector, before setting off.

Lord Protector waved his hand at Lou Zigui. “Don’t worry, I vow to defend His Majesty to the death.”

It was difficult for normal people to walk with the fissure in the road. Yet, even with the piles of rubble and debris, Lou Zigui and his men were able to rush off, and disappeared from sight in the blink of an eye.

“Find Second Young Master Pei,” Lord Protector called one of his personal guards over. “Get him to take some men to Grand Preceptor’s estate.”

The bodyguard received the order, and ran towards Nine Gate Infantry Commander’s estate.

When he turned, Lord Protector realised that the spot where His Majesty had stood was empty, and immediately broke out in cold sweat. He frantically yelled, “Where’s His Majesty?”

“Lord Protector, sir!” A soldier pointed at the opposite end of the fissure.

Ning Xiaoyao was squatting in front of a topped house, scrabbling at the bricks.

Lord Protector raced to Ning Xiaoyao’s side as fast as he could, only to see Ning Xiaoyao carry out a baby from under the bricks. He couldn’t tell if the baby was male or female, and could only see the limp hand dangling from its side. In that instant, he knew that the little infant was dead.

Ning Xiaoyao gently rubbed away the dirt on the child’s face. The child was chubby, and with fair, supple skin. It had definitely been brought up well. There was a big gash on its forehead from the impact of a brick. It hadn’t been dead for long; its body was still soft, and hadn’t begun to go through rigor mortis.

“Your Majesty ah...” Lord Protector walked to Ning Xiaoyao’s side, and squatted down. He looked at the baby cradled in Ning Xiaoyao’s arms, and sighed. “Please return to the palace with this subject.”

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