Chapter 293: His Majesty Ning fainted

Chapter 293: His Majesty Ning fainted

Ning Xiaoyao lost consciousness.

Lou Zigui leaped off his horse and ran. He made it just in time to scoop Ning Xiaoyao into his embrace. The entire process happened in a blur. He had leaped off his horse, ran, and embrace the person in his arms without truly processing any of his thoughts. Right now, he was half kneeling on the ground holding a motionless Ning Xiaoyao. It was as if he had lost consciousness as well. Lou Zigui remained half-knelt and motionless.

Another muffled sound came from deep underground. The ground shook violently. Suddenly, quite a few buildings toppled on the street. The ground began to split open from the hole where the cannon had sunk.

Lord Protector was no longer on his horse. He led his troops and bolted to Lou Zigui. When he saw that the ground was splitting open, he quickly bellowed at the dazed Deng Rong. "Take His Majesty and the Supreme Commander away now!"

Deng Rong was startled by the Lord Protector's cry and came back to his senses. He scuttered to where Lou Zigui was kneeling.

Lou Zigui could sense that someone was approaching him. He instinctively reacted by raising his hand and brandishing a knife to chop at the individual.

If Deng Rong hadn't retreated quickly, he would have been hacked in two. "Su-Supreme Commander?!" Deng Rong shouted at Lou Zigui.

With one hand, Lou Zigui swung his blade and used it to hack at anyone that came near him. His other hand was still tightly gripping onto Ning Xiaoyao. Lou Zigui didn’t even look at Deng Rong. The whole time, his head was attentively looking down on Ning Xiaoyao.

"Run ah! The ground is splitting open!" When Lord Protector saw the cracks on the ground rapidly approaching Lou Zigui, he frantically shrieked, "Lou Zigui, don't you want to live?!"

“Supreme Commander!”  Deng Rong was also screaming.

Lou Zigui lifted his head and stared at Deng Rong.

When Deng Rong and the soldiers ran over, they were stunned once again. Supreme Commander had such a helpless expression on his face. His eyes were reddened as if he was about to cry.  "You.." Deng Rong's voice trembled. He had seen Lou Zigui like this once. At that time, the news of the death of an army marshal and the three major generals had arrived back to city of Black Frost. After receiving the news of their death, Lou Zigui had the exact same expression. "How is His Majesty?" Deng Rong attempted to get closer to Lou Zigui. He had to see His Majesty’s condition with his very own eyes.

Lou Zigui no longer brandished his sword at Deng Rong but shifted to the side to shield Ning Xiaoyao.

“Supreme Commander, check to see if His Majesty is ok!?” Deng Rong had no choice but to halt his steps. He yelled at Lou Zigui.

“Do all of you want to die?” Lord Protector’s cries rang again. This time, his tone was even more urgent and restless. “Run ah!”

“Ugh,” At this moment, Ning Xiaoyao groaned in Lou Zigui’s embrace.

Hearing this, Lou Zigui hurriedly looked down at Ning Xiaoyao again.

“Lou Zigui!” Lord Protector was shouting himself hoarse.

As the ground continued to split open, Deng Rong wanted to throw himself on Lou Zigui and push Supreme Commander and His Majesty to the side. However, he was tightly restrained by the soldiers behind him. They had surrounded him like a ball as they all tumbled to the corner of the road.

When the ground beneath him caved in suddenly, Lou Zigui fell down the crack while holding Ning Xiaoyao in his arms.

Ning Xiaoyao opened her eyes in a daze. She felt as if she was falling down from a high elevation. Looking at the sky above, Ning Xiaoyao wondered how the blue sky was getting farther and farther away from her. Something’s wrong! When a pebble struck her right in the face, Ning Xiaoyao woke up. She is really falling down, ah!

Lou Zigui curled up his body to protect Ning Xiaoyao in his embrace.

"Supreme Commander!" Deng Rong sprinted from the corner of the road to the crack on the ground. He laid down on his stomach and roared. If the soldiers from behind hadn’t rushed to stop him, General Deng would have already jumped into the pit.

“Your Majesty?!” By now, Lord Protector had also finally stumbled to the crack that was as huge as a tunnel.

On such a cloudy day, the lighting was very poor. Since the crack was too deep, Deng Rong and Lord Protector both laid on their stomach and peered down. Their eyes narrowed to slits. They could not see the bottom at all, let alone the two people who had fallen into it.

"F-find a rope!" Lord Protector ordered the soldiers nearby.

Deng Rong agitatedly glared at Lord Protector and exclaimed in a rage. "You’re busy looking for a rope during a moment like this?"

"It’s for tying around the waist!" Lord Protector roared back at Deng Rong. "If you don't fasten a rope around the waist and have people pull on it, how will anyone get down there? Do you have the skills to jump down?!"

General Deng was silenced by Lord Protector’s roar.

"Don't jump down," Lord Protector thought about it and yelled at Deng Rong. "If you jump down, I’ll have to find a way to save you too!"

General Deng was just about to jump into the crack...

Inside the crack, Ning Xiaoyao blinked her eyes at Lou Zigui and asked, "What's going on?" Lou Zigui was on top of her.

When Ning Xiaoyao opened her mouth and heard her voice, she was startled. When did her voice change to this?

She sounded like a dying person with no strength left.

The bottom of the pit was very quiet. As a result, it made Ning Xiaoyao’s voice appear much louder than it actually was. Nonetheless, Lou Zigui still placed a hand underneath Ning Xiaoyao's nose to check if there was breathing. Lou Zigui wasn’t convinced Miss Ning was still alive until he felt the air on the back of his hand.

Ning Xiaoyao hastily cleared her throat. She smacked Lou Zigui’s hand away. "Why don’t you say something?"

Lou Zigui’s hand caressed Ning Xiaoyao's face again. Ning Xiaoyao's face looked like a squishy meaty steam bun, but Lou Zigui’s palm was large enough to cover most of her face. "Are you wounded?" Lou Zigui whispered.

Ning Xiaoyao’s eyes blinked. Was she beaten up and thrown down here?

"You can't talk?" Lou Zigui anxiously asked again.

"Oh my God!" Ning Xiaoyao looked at Lou Zigui. Her dizzy brain was back to normal. She had passed out from throwing the cannon away!

“Xiaoyao?” Lou Zigui became even more restless when Ning Xiaoyao didn’t answer him. He started to touch around to check Ning Xiaoyao’s body for injuries.

However, Ning Xiaoyao jumped up from the ground and knocked against Lou Zigui. But almost instantaneously, His Majesty Ning felt no strength in her legs and sat back down on her butt again. She stared at Lou Zigui. “Did the cannon explode? Is anyone injured?”

Lou Zigui sat and observed Ning Xiaoyao for a moment before uttering, “You’re fine?”

“Eh, I’m alright.”

“Then how come you fainted?”

Ning Xiaoyao scratched her head. She admitted out of embarrassment. “If I use too much strength and go over my limit, I would faint.”

“Come,” Ning Xiaoyao beckoned at Lou Zigui. “Let me see your…”

Before Ning Xiaoyao could finish her sentence, Lou Zigui appeared in front of her and directly took her into his arms. Talking to this girl only gives him a headache. It would be better to hug her instead and set his mind to rest.

Ning Xiaoyao lifted her hand and patted Lou Zigui on the back. Hm, there’s nothing wrong with Supreme Commander Lou, but his heart is beating a little too fast.

Ning Xiaoyao wanted to help return his heartbeat back to normal, but the moment she attempted to use her super abilities, she started to black out again. Ning Xiaoyao instantly stopped and didn’t dare to continue.

“How come you suddenly fainted?” Lou Zigui asked.


“Don’t talk,” Lou Zigui said, “Even if you tell me, I won’t understand.”

Ning Xiaoyao was confused. What’s the point of asking if you won’t let me talk?

“Later, let Imperial Physician Gao take a look at you.” Lou Zigui continued.

“Imperial Physician Gao’s skills are not as good as mine...”

“Don’t talk,” Lou Zigui still wouldn’t let Ning Xiaoyao speak.

Fine. I won’t say anything then. Ning Xiaoyao kept her mouth shut.

After Lou Zigui embraced Ning Xiaoyao for a bit longer, he suddenly exploded in anger. "Why didn’t you dodge when you saw the cannon? Why didn’t you try to avoid it?”

Ning Xiaoyao couldn't keep silent anymore. "You expected me to watch while you guys get blasted?"

"Don’t you know that you could die?" Lou Zigui was still furious.

"How could I die?" Ning Xiaoyao rolled her eyes at Lou Zigui. "Aren’t we alive and living fine right now?"

"You were unconscious!" Lou Zigui glared at Ning Xiaoyao.

"Mm," Ning Xiaoyao admitted her inadequacy. "I will train harder to toughen up in the future."

Lou Zigui wished he could beat up the girl in his arms to teach her a lesson. His facial expression was grim. “How do you plan to train? Are you going to run into battle to kill the enemy?”

"Ah? Based on my current strength and abilities, it should be enough to fight and kill our enemies in battle, right!?"

Ning Xiaoyao’s words irritated Lou Zigui again. He massaged his forehead. How could her strength be enough?

"Then, what? Shall we continue sitting on the ground?" Ning Xiaoyao tugged on Lou Zigui’s sleeve.

"You’re really ok?" asked Lou Zigui.

The light was dim at the bottom the pit. Lou Zigui’s hair bun was a little askew. A few strands of hair fell and concealed his face. Ning Xiaoyao half knelt and used her hand to brush the hair to the side. Lou Zigui’s face was pale and his lips were trembling slightly. In addition, his eyes were bloodshot. Ning Xiaoyao frowned. She touched his eyes and asked, "Supreme Commander, what’s wrong with you, la?"

Lou Zigui did not respond. He didn’t know what was wrong with him either, except that he was in a foul mood.

Ning Xiaoyao touched Lou Zigui's eyes, and suddenly came to a realization. "Supreme Commander, were you frightened because I lost consciousness?"

Lou Zigui pulled down Ning Xiaoyao's hand.

Ning Xiaoyao urged, "Were you?"

The underground was quiet. On the contrary, the incessant noise above the ground seemed to have nothing to do with the two people below.

"That’s right." Lou Zigui admitted after a long pause. He intently gazed at Ning Xiaoyao. "You scared me."

"Eh," Ning Xiaoyao dug her nails into her palms. She frightened her man. What should she do?

"Immediately after you said I’m your true love, something happened to you." Lou Zigui whispered.

Ning Xiaoyao lowered her head and continued to dig her fingers into her palms. She still hadn’t figured out what to do.

"What does true love mean?" Lou Zigui suddenly changed the topic.

"It means I am fond of you.’re my beloved. What else..."

"Alright, I understand." Lou Zigui interrupted Ning Xiaoyao's words again.

Ning Xiaoyao tilted her head and analyzed Lou Zigui’s expression. "When I said you were my true love, did those words scare you?"

Lou Zigui: ...

Since Lou Zigui didn’t respond, Ning Xiaoyao immediately added, "Well, then pretend I never said anything." This type of stuff required mutual consent. It wasn’t something that could be forced. Although deep down Xiaoyao was unhappy, she considered herself a very reasonable person.

"Pretend you never said anything?" Lou Zigui hotly laughed.

Ning Xiaoyao still had a bit of observation skills. She could sense that Lou Zigui’s laughter was not a happy one. So, she responded, “Then you speak and I’ll listen.”

Perhaps it was the dark or the fact that there weren’t anyone else around, or maybe it was because Ning Xiaoyao had fainted today, Lou Zigui actually expressed the thoughts that were deep within his heart.

Lou Zigui gazed at Ning Xiaoyao and said, "I am the star of misfortune. My curse may lead to your death."

Ning Xiaoyao couldn’t utter a word.

“What if you died because of my curse?” Lou Zigui asked.

“I won’t.” Ning Xiaoyao shook her head.

“I am the star of misfortune,” Lou Zigui repeated.

“Star of misfortune your sister! “ Ning Xiaoyao muttered furiously. She cupped Lou Zigui’s chin with both hands. “This bullshit can’t even fool ghosts and yet you believe it? I told you I’m fine and I threw a cannon. A cannon, ah! Do you have any idea how heavy a cannon is?”

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