Chapter 291: First Young Master Ning: Don't be afraid, Your Majesty

Chapter 291: First Young Master Ning: Don't be afraid, Your Majesty

Ning Xiaoluo picked his ears and asked Grand Preceptor Xie, “What did you just say? Say that again.”

Grand Preceptor Xie smiled coldly at Ning Xiaoluo, but remained silent.

Ji Yuerong turned around. Head lowered, she muttered to Ning Xiaoluo, “He called you a girl.”

Ning Xiaoluo: ...

“This is the most absurd thing I’ve heard!” Elder Li shook himself out of his stupor, tossing his robe sleeves violently. “I think you’ve gone crazy!”

“You say that you’re His Majesty,” Grand Preceptor Xie addressed Ning Xiaoluo coolly, ignoring Elder Li. “Will you let someone confirm that?”

“Has this guy become muddle-headed after growing old?” Shadowrain whispered by the palace gates. “Even if he knows that’s Third Young Master Ning, he can’t use the woman excuse on him, right?”

“Maybe he can do conjuring tricks and turn Third Young Master Ning into a woman?” a Dragon Guard said, confused.

The Dragon Guards looked at each other. Could it be that Third Young Master Ning really is a woman?

A Destruction Prisoner Army soldier defended, “Our Third Young Master Ning is a man!” They were all older than their third young master, and had seen him running around with his butt bared for the world to see. If he really was a girl, how could they not have seen it?

The guilty Ning Xiaoyao could only pretend that she didn’t exist. His Majesty Ning squatted down and drew circles in the dirt. She’d heard that such circles could be used to curse people, but she didn’t know if it would work.

First Young Master observed Ning Xiaoyao drawing circles. There hadn’t been a daughter in their Fengzhou Ning Clan in more than ten generations. First Young Master Ning might have slaughtered every southwest barbarian without batting an eye, but knowing that this precious girl took ten generations to arrive made his heart felt all gooey and stuffed full of cotton. As long as Ning Xiaoyao wished to, she could shape and flatten First Young Master Ning’s heart however she wanted.

Ning Xiaomu bent down to and squatted next to Ning Xiaoyao. He murmured, “Don’t worry, Your Majesty. Everything will be fine.”

Ning Xiaoyao pressed her lips together and nodded. “I know everything will be fine.” With Ning Xiaoluo there, Grand Preceptor Xie would only end up hurting himself. But what if she hadn’t run into Ning Xiaoluo? If Grand Preceptor Xie had pulled this trick on her, how could she fight back? Just thinking about it makes her shudder!

Ning Xiaomu grabbed the hand that was drawing circles on the ground, and wiped away the dust on Ning Xiaoyao’s fingers. He lowered his voice, “Your Majesty, do you know why Dongfu is standing in front of the gates this time?

Ning Xiaoyao shook her head, looking lost. Could it be that he’d seen her wearing a flower-patterned skirt, so Big Bro Ning could tell she wasn’t actually a male emperor?

“It’s because Xie Wenyuan is doomed to the fate of a traitor,” First Young Master Ning slowly stated. He looked at Ning Xiaoyao with a solemn expression. “Even the Heavens are on Your Majesty’s side. What does Your Majesty have to worry about?”

That’s right! Ning Xiaoyao’s eyes lit up at First Young Master Ning’s words. What did she have to be afraid of? How was she able to confess to Supreme Commander after she left the palace, then run into Little Luoluo, and have Grand Preceptor Xie come looking for trouble? She was destined to be the person to destroy Grand Preceptor Xie ah!

“Don’t be angry,” First Young Master Ning patted Ning Xiaoyao’s head, smiling. “It’s not worth getting worked up over someone who’s about to die.”

“Mm,” Ning Xiaoyao nodded obediently. “I’m not angry.”

Ning Xiaoyao was as obedient as a little white rabbit, and it made First Young Master Ning even more pleased. A little sister was far more pleasing to the eye than a little brother. His two little brothers only annoyed him, and then annoyed him more. They had never been well-behaved once!

“I’ll have it out with you!” Just as First Young Master Ning was thinking contemptuously of his little brothers’ faults and how annoying they were, Ning Xiaoluo let out an enraged howl.

It was fine that his father had babied him, and his two brothers had treated and raised him like a girl.

It was fine that he had been teased by strangers for looking like a woman.

It was also fine that that person with the surname Ji had thought that he was a young miss.

But this time, he was dressed in a dragon robe and pretending to be the emperor, yet this old idiot Xie Wenyuan still accused him of being a lady?! Ning Xiaoluo was beyond mad. Will this f**king never end? No matter what he does, he’ll always be seen as a woman?! Furious, Third Young Master Ning rushed towards Grand Preceptor Xie.

Grand Preceptor Xie was certain that Ning Xiaoyao wouldn’t dare to let anyone check her body. He had assumed she wouldn’t dare to be rude at the risk of being exposed. Hence, he was completely unprepared for Third Young Master Ning’s attack. Third Young Master Ning had recklessly thrown himself forward, and Grand Preceptor Xie was pushed to the ground.

“Oh!” Ning Xiaoyao stretched out her head and exclaimed by the palace gates. Who would’ve thought that Little Luoluo had a manly side to him? He was usually the one who got beaten up!

At first, upon seeing “His Majesty” fight with Grand Preceptor, the Grand Preceptor’s guards were stunned. But after a moment, they surged forward. They had already reached the point of attacking the emperor and the palace with the Grand Preceptor. At this point, there was no turning back!

When Shadowgale and the others saw the Grand Preceptors guards charge forward, they hurried to move in as well. The battle resumed in the blink of an eye.

Ning Xiaoluo was throttling Grand Preceptor Xie to death. Just as Grand Preceptor Xie was about to pass out, Third Young Master Ning was kicked in the back by someone, and he tumbled onto the ground.

Two of the Grand Preceptor’s guards lifted Grand Preceptor Xie and prepared to leave.

Shadowgale leapt from Ning Xiaoluo’s side and slashed one of the guards to death. Just as Ning Xiaoluo lifted his head, his face was sprayed by a spurt of blood from the guard’s neck.

“She’s a despicable wench pretending to be His Majesty to help Lou Zigui seize control of Yongning!” Grand Preceptor Xie screeched, pointing at Ning Xiaoluo.

Despicable wench? This old idiot is still calling him a woman?

Third Young Master Ning swiped at the blood on his face and jumped up. He threw himself onto Grand Preceptor Xie. He still wanted to strangle this old bastard!

Shadowgale aimed his sword straight for the chest, ramming through the other guard protecting Grand Preceptor Xie.

The guard’s corpse collapsed to the ground, and blood sprayed all over Grand Preceptor Xie.

“Don’t go out.” Ning Xiaomu ordered, stopping the Destruction Prisoner Army soldiers from going out to help.

“Third Young Master Ning is getting beaten up,” a Destruction Prisoner Army soldier warily reminded First Young Master Ning. Although their third young master was finally being heroic, he was still destined to get beaten up.

Ning Xiaoluo was kicked again, and he rolled over twice on the ground. When he sat up, his face was no longer recognisable. The corners of his eyes and mouth had split open, and his cheeks were swollen and stained with blood.

“Ai ma,” Ning Xiaoyao covered her eyes. “His face is injured again!”

Ning Xiaomu grabbed a bow from an Elite Imperial Guard, and took out an arrow from its holder. When he saw that Shadowgale had already chopped down the guard who attacked Ning Xiaoluo, he lowered the bow and arrow in his hand.

Ning Xiaoyao stood behind First Young Master Ning. No matter what, she didn’t like to see people getting killed.

“Escort the Emperor!” Elder Li shrieked.

Two troops of Elite Imperial Guards rushed out of the palace and joined the battle.

“Be careful, Your Majesty!” Shadowgale hauled Ning Xiaoluo up, and pushed him backwards.

Third Young Master Ning gestured threateningly at Grand Preceptor Xie, brandishing his fists.

“Your Majesty!” Elder Li yelled into Ning Xiaoluo’s ear, tugging his arm.

Ning Xiaoluo turned to look at Elder Li.

“Your Majesty, with the Dragon Guards and the Elite Imperial Guards here, why do you need to fight?” Elder Li advised sincerely.

“No way!” Ning Xiaoluo shook off Elder Li’s hand. He still wanted to have it out with Grand Preceptor Xie.

“Your Majesty!”

In a flash, around ten officials surrounded Ning Xiaoluo, preventing him from putting himself in danger.

Ning Xiaoluo shouted to let him charge forward, but the officials worked together to hold him back. Those who were aware would see that the officials were intervening to calm things down, but those who had no idea what was happening may assume the officials were ganging up on his Majesty. (o(╯□╰)o)

Grand Preceptor Xie’s guards were helping him retreat.

Beside his guards were the military forces he’d brought into the capital. Looking at his soldiers fighting with the Dragon Guards, Grand Preceptor Xie sensed that something was wrong. Ning Yu is highly-skilled in martial arts. Even if the wretched girl didn’t want to kill him today, how could she be wounded by his guards?

She wants to increase his punishment? No, Grand Preceptor Xie shook his head. He’d already revolted. The relatives of traitors would all be executed, what other crime could Ning Yu give him?

“I’m going to kill you!” Ning Xiaoluo hollered at Grand Preceptor Xie.

The chief guard’s body was covered in blood, and he urgently rushed, “Grand Preceptor, this servant will protect you. You should leave first!”

Grand Preceptor Xie uttered coldly, “Release the arrows and kill this wretch for me.”

The chief guard was anxious beyond belief. They only had about a thousand people today; it was already not enough. If Lou Zigui appears with more troops, they wouldn’t be able to escape even if they wanted to.

“Don’t panic,” Grand Preceptor said. “Release the arrows! Release the arrows for this old man!”

“Did you hear that?” Ning Xiaoluo hollered. “That old bastard wants to shoot me dead!”

“What are you doing?” Elder Li screamed at Shadowgale and the others. “Hurry up and kill that traitor Xie Wenyuan!”

Shadowgale wouldn’t be able to watch out for Elder Li’s safety if he had to kill the enemy. Thus, he thought of taking Elder Li back into the palace. However, he didn’t dare to roar at Elder Li. Instead, he turned to the Li estate servants. “Take Elder Li inside!” he shouted.

“Shadowgale!” Elder Li furiously yelled.

The Head Commander of the Dragon Guards cut a soldier down, and the veins on his forehead popped out. Shadowgale roared, “If you don’t want your Elder to be hurt, take him inside!”

The Li estate servants looked at Shadowgale and nearly burst into tears. What control did they have over His Excellency Elder Li?”

“Kill Elder Li for this old man!” Grand Preceptor Xie ordered.

Elder Li stood, coldly smiling.

The Dragon Guards and the Elite Imperial Guards: ... They’d never seen an old fogey so capable of causing trouble!

“Go over there,” First Young Master Ning ordered two Dragon Guards. “Bring Elder Li in.”

Hearing this, the two Dragon Guards lowered their heads and looked at Ning Xiaoyao.

“How about knock him out gently and then take him home?” she suggested.

The two Dragon Guards: ... How are you supposed to knock out a person gently?

“If you guys don’t go, are you expecting His Majesty to personally rescue Elder Li himself?” Ning Xiaomu’s face darkened as he glared at the unmoving Dragon Guards.

“Yes!” For some reason, First Young Master Ning’s black face frightened them. The two Dragon Guards panicked and ran out of the palace.

“Command those on the city gate towers to shoot their arrows,” First Young Master Ning ordered Shadowrain. “Kill Xie Wenyuan.”

The rebel military forces following Xie Wenyuan were in the capital. They didn’t need to be afraid of hell breaking loose. In order to catch the brigands, you must first seize their king. Wasn’t this the time to do so?

First Young Master Ning looked at Shadowrain dashing towards the towers, and patted on Ning Xiaoyao’s head. He murmured, “Your Majesty, don’t fear. Soon, everything will be alright.”

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