Chapter 290: Grand Preceptor says, this is a woman

Chapter 290: Grand Preceptor says, this is a woman

“What if I can’t bring myself to curse him?” Even after getting assured by Ning Xiaoyao and being appeased by his big brother, Third Young Master Ning still didn’t have the courage to face the fierce Grand Preceptor Xie.

At this time, Ji Yuerong appeared once again in front of Third Young Master Ning. Ning Xiaoluo immediately went to stand behind his big brother.

Miss Ji possessed a strong military aura and prowess. She cupped fist at First Young Master Ning before she bypassed him and stood in front of Ning Xiaoluo.

“I was wrong, I’m sorry.” Ning Xiaoluo immediately opened his mouth to apologize.

“I’m going with you to see Xie Wenyuan.” Ji Yuerong declared as she cast a glance down on Ning Xiaoluo.

Ning Xiaoyao pulled Miss Ji to the back. She whispered, “Don’t look at people in such a condescending manner. Give Little Luoluo some respect ah.”

“Little Luoluo?” Ji Yuerong looked at Ning Xiaoluo. Ning Xiaoluo didn’t make a sound, His Majesty was even more savage with his beatings. He couldn’t afford to offend him. (╥﹏╥)

“Why did you appear again?” Ning Xiaoyao asked.

“It has already come to this. They are screaming and shouting violence. How could I still play dead?” After pretending to be sisters, acting out a play, and even getting beaten up together, Miss Ji now considered Ning Xiaoyao as a long-time best friend.

“Big brother, can you go with me?” Ning Xiaoluo tugged his brothers sleeve.

“I can’t let Xie Wenyuan know I’m in the capital.” First Young Master Ning replied, “You’re that scared of Xie Wenyuan?”

At this moment, Shadowgale arrived with a set of dragon robe.

“Put it on,” First Young Master Ning pushed Third Young Master Ning to Shadowgale.

Shadowgale didn’t even ask if Ning Xiaoluo was willing and immediately helped to dress him.

Since Ning Xiaoluo couldn’t resist, he had no choice but to put on the dragon robe. His head remained drooped down, allowing everyone else to watch.

Ning Xiaoyao shook her head. Although she may not seem very emperor-like wearing the dragon robe, at least she didn’t look as bad as a quail ah. “Why don’t we think of another solution?” Ning Xiaoyao suggested.

Miss Ji questioned First Young Master Ning. “Is he really your blood brother?” Aside from looking completely different, Ning Xiaoluo’s courage was the size of a green bean. He wasn’t a young miss, right?

“Lift your head.” Ning Xiaomu commanded. He smacked Ning Xiaoluo’s lower back. “Puff out your chest for me.”

Third Young Master Ning raised his head and puffed out his chest, improving his appearance by a little.

“We are going to be inside the palace, right behind you.” First Young Master Ning slightly bent his body and looked straight into Third Young Master Ning’s eyes. In a low voice, he continued,  “Xie Wenyuan definitely will not dare to hurt you. Big brother can guarantee this.”

Ji Yuerong quietly asked the soldiers of the Destruction Prisoner Army. “How old is your third young master this year?”

“Is he thirteen yet?” Ning Xiaoyao added.

The soldiers of the Destruction Prisoner Army: ...

Shadowthunder was uncertain. “I think he’s either eighteen, or seventeen.”

“Ai ma, already eighteen years old ah!” Ning Xiaoyao lamented. She really thought that this Third Young Master Ning hasn’t reached adulthood yet.

“Previously when you two were underground, he never mentioned his age to you, Your Majesty?” Shadowthunder asked.

“He may have mentioned it.” Ning Xiaoyao replied, “But I didn’t believe him, Eighteen years old!? At eighteen years old, Supreme Commander had to raise himself and a platoon of soldiers.”

The soldiers of the Destruction Prisoners Army could only stay silent. Their Third Young Master Ning shouldn’t be compared with Supreme Commander Lou, ok!?

“I feel like he may be a young miss.” Miss Ji quietly insinuated as she stared at Ning Xiaoyao, who was wearing the scattered flower dress.

“H-he’s not eighteen yet.” one of the Destruction Prisoner soldier finally couldn’t take it any more and blurted. “Our third young master is seventeen this year.” The rest of the soldiers gave him a look. Do you think saying Third Young Master Ning is seventeen makes him lose less face?

At this moment, the seventeen year old Third Young Master Ning rushed towards his big brother and nodded, “I’ll go.”

First Young Master Ning heavily patted his little brother’s shoulders. “Xie Wenyuan is already at death’s door, so there is no need to be afraid of him.”

Ning Xiaoluo nodded his again. Even if he was afraid, it was of no use ah.

“His Majesty,” First Young Master Ning raised his head to look at Ning Xiaoyao. “Please let the Dragon Guards escort Dongfu to the main palace gates.”

“Oh, sure ya.” Ning Xiaoyao immediately assented.

Ning Xiaoluo was nudged forward by Shadowgale and the other guards. After exiting the Supreme Splendor Hall, he got onto the sedan and travelled to the main gates of the palace.

They could hear shouts of fighting and killing, weapons clanging, and even the sound of arrows being shot through the air. Ning Xiaoluo asked Shadowgale, “If we go out now, are we helping out with the battle?”

Shadowgale ordered the Dragon Guards to put down the sedan chair. After he helped Ning Xiaoluo get off, he replied, “Your Majesty, when they see you, they will stop fighting.”

Ning Xiaoluo stared at the dragon robe he was wearing. Alright. I’m the emperor now...

“His Majesty, they are just behind us.” Head Commander Shadowgale walked ahead of Ning Xiaoluo to protect him. He also whispered, “Third Young Master, you don’t have to be afraid. As long as I’m not dead, I’ll make sure to keep you alive.”

“You can’t die.”

“What?” Shadowgale didn’t think that Third Young Master Ning would be concerned about his life or death.

“If you die, His Majesty would kill me.” Ning Xiaoluo complained. “On the other hand, if I died, my big brother would definitely want to kill you. But His Majesty would be able to stop him. Head Commander,” Third Young Master Ning looked at Shadowgale with envy, “Your life is great.”

Shadowgale thought about it, and realized he couldn’t say anything to rebut Third Young Master Ning’s words. Also, since this trash almost looked identical to His Majesty, it made Head Commander Shadowgale very angry.

Ning Xiaoluo turned his head around. Where were the people who said they would be right behind him? He couldn’t even see their shadows from here!

“Open the palace gates.” Shadowgale ordered.

Ning Xiaoluo was flustered and ogled at Shadowgale. We’re opening the gates now?!

When the generals of the Elite Imperial Guards in charge of the palace gates noticed Ning Xiaoluo, their hearts relaxed. His Majesty was fine. This meant that the past few days they spent guarding the palace gates weren’t for nothing.

With the opening of the gates, the two opposing factions ceased fire.

“Let’s go.” Shadowgale nudged Ning Xiaoluo to walk forward. Ning Xiaoluo adjusted the collar of the dragon robe. With the attitude of fighting until the very end, he stepped out of the palace gates.

“Are you all not going to kneel after seeing His Majesty?” After Ning Xiaoluo’s appearance, all those outside the palace gates were dumbfounded. Shadowgale reprimanded the crowd.

“Is it really His Majesty?” At this moment, Elder Li was also outside the palace gates. After seeing His Majesty walk through the gates alive, the old man couldn’t believe his own eyes and asked his followers, “Is that really His Majesty?”

Elder Li’s followers didn’t reply immediately. The crowd also stared at Ning Xiaoluo and asked themselves, is that really His Majesty?

“It’s His Majesty.” Eventually, Elder Li confirmed it with his own eyes. He was right! The person who walked out of the palace gates is really His Majesty!!

Elder Li staggered. He wanted to walk up to Ning Xiaoluo. “Grand Preceptor has arrived!” One of Elder Li’s followers pulled Elder Li back and quietly exclaimed.

After being stopped by one of his followers, Elder Li stood up and stared ahead. By now, Xie Wenyuan was already standing in front of Ning Xiaoluo.

“Just imagine, you almost died in his hands. Don’t you want revenge?” Shadowgale quietly whispered to the trembling Ning Xiaoluo.

Third Young Master Ning: ...Thinking of that would only make him more afraid ah!

“Your Majesty?” Xie Wenyuan measured Ning Xiaoluo multiple times before speaking. “After not seeing you for a few days, your Majesty has lost quite a bit of weight.”

Ning Xiaoluo stiffly faced Grand Preceptor Xie. It was true that his face wasn’t as chubby as His Majesty’s.

“You’re really His Majesty?” Grand Preceptor Xie asked again.

“Presumptuous!” Shadowgale and Ji Yuerong came from behind and angrily retorted.

Grand Preceptor Xie didn’t even acknowledge Shadowgale. He sized up Ji Yuerong and demanded, “Where is Lou Zigui?”

“I should ask Grand Preceptor whether these troops at the palace gates are the rebel troops you plan to use against us?”

“Ji lass.” Grand Preceptor Xie’s gazed chilled as he stared at Ji Yuerong. “This old man wants to know whether your Anyuan group of six states have decided to follow Lou Zigui and rebel?”

“We’re rebelling just because you are accusing us of rebelling?” Ji Yuerong sarcastically responded.

“Then with the same logic, Ji lass, this old man is rebelling just because you are accusing this old man of rebelling?” Grand Preceptor Xie rebutted.

Miss Ji: ...

“Miss Ji is not good enough.” Currently, Ning Xiaoyao was peeking from the palace walls. She muttered to First Young Master Ning, “She can’t verbally win against Grand Preceptor.” First Young Master Ning pulled Ning Xiaoyao back. If this girl stretches out her neck further, she will reveal herself.

In front of them, Ning Xiaoluo opened his mouth, “I, Zhen, didn’t die. What are you guys trying to do?”Grand Preceptor Xie scoffed, “His Majesty has learned to use Zhen already?”

Once again, Ning Xiaoluo was startled. Could it be His Majesty doesn’t refer to himself as Zhen?!

“Xie Wenyuan.” Elder Li finally managed to walk towards the palace gates with the help of a follower. He looked angrily at Xie Wenyuan. “His Majesty is clearly fine! What are your motives?”

“His Majesty is already dead.” Grand Preceptor Xie crisply enunciated each word.

“What?” Ning Xiaoluo shouted. “I’m standing right in front of you and you dare to say I’m dead?” This old man ought to be killed! Third Young Master Ning was outraged. How could a person lie through his teeth like this?

Elder Li walked in front of Ning Xiaoluo and looked him up and down. “Call him old gramps.” Shadowgale whispered to Ning Xiaoluo.

“Old gramps.” Ning Xiaoluo looked at Elder Li with a wooden expression.

“Your Majesty, why.” Elder Li wanted to ask, Your Majesty, why must you torment yourself so much? But after thinking about it, this wasn’t the right time for this conversation. So, Elder Li turned back to face Grand Preceptor Xie.

“You are not His Majesty.” Grand Preceptor Xie looked at Ning Xiaoluo.

Ning Xiaoluo was trembling. This person could tell he was a fraud?

“Nonsense,” Elder Li immediately rebutted.

“Elder.” Grand Preceptor Xie was not angry even after getting scolded by Elder Li. Instead, he cried in anguish to Elder Li, “This old man watched His Majesty grow up. Wouldn’t this old man be able to tell if this is His Majesty or not? This old man is His Majesty’s maternal grandfather. Why wouldn’t I wish His Majesty to be safe and sound?”

Elder Li frowned deeply. “Xie Wenyuan, what exactly do you want to do?”

“The person standing behind you is not His Majesty.” Grand Preceptor Xie declared.

Ning Xiaoluo then thought, should he run while he still could, and just escape without caring?

“How laughable.” Ji Yuerong icily laughed, “I could say you’re not Xie Wenyuan. Old thing, who do you think you are? You dare to pretend to be Grand Preceptor Xie?”

Ning Xiaoyao was squatting and picking up stones by the palace wall. She wanted to smash Grand Preceptor to death!

Just then, Lou Zigui and his troops entered the capital on horseback. They rushed towards the palace.When the common people on the empty streets saw them, they quickly got out of their way. Those who had homes to return to, rushed home. Those who didn’t have homes to return to, fled to hide themselves. The big battle was about to begin and the common people were scared out of their wits.

In the palace, Ning Xiaomu helped Ning Xiaoyao up and threw away the stones in her hands. “Your Majesty, don’t be angry. Continue watching.” Ning Xiaoyao displayed her annoyance.

Outside the palace, Grand Preceptor Xie pointed at Ning Xiaoluo who wanted to run away. He accused, “This person is someone Lou Zigui found from an unknown place. This old man claims she’s not His Majesty because she is a woman.”

Grand Preceptor Xie’s words caused everyone in the vicinity to fall dead silent.

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