Chapter 289: Favored by the God of Fate

Chapter 289: Favored by the God of Fate

“How do horses climb walls?” First Young Master Ning discovered a very difficult problem when they reached the imperial palace walls. He and His Majesty could enter by scaling walls, but what about the horse?

Ning Xiaoyao patted Ming Guang the warhorse on his head, “Little Ming, you’ve never climbed a wall right? How about I take you to have some fun?”

Ming Guang let out a puff through his nostrils and opened his mouth to speak, “I’m not called Little Ming!”

“Even your master calls you Little Ming,” Ning Xiaoyao patted Ming Guang’s head again. “What’s the point of denying?”

All of Ming Guang’s fur stood on end. This emperor could understand his speech?!

“Supreme Command’s horse is called Little Red, I’ll introduce you guys later. You guys can be friends.” Ning Xiaoyao rattled on.

Little Red? As a horse who looked arrogant but always had plenty of ideas on his mind, Ming Guang lost his cool upon hearing this name. He didn’t spare more time dreading over the fact that Ning Xiaoyao could understand his speech. “A mare?”

Ning Xiaoyao shook her head, “Stallion, same gender as you, Little Ming.”

Ming Guang:… He already wants to go die from being called Little Ming, but there’s actually a fellow who’s even more unfortunate?

Ning Xiaomu watched in relish while Ning Xiaoyao chatted away with his horse. Of course, First Young Master Ning could never imagine that his little sister really had the ability to talk to animals. He only saw it as Ning Xiaoyao was acting out of a childish heart. After looking up to check the sky, First Young Master Ning walked to Ning Xiaoyao and said in a low voice, “Ming Guang can stay out here for now, we’ll enter the palace first.”

“No need.” Ning Xiaoyao replied and pulled Ning Xiaomu’s hand. Before First Young Master Ning even had a chance to react, he was already standing inside the imperial palace.

“I’ll go get Little Ming.” Ning Xiaoyao threw him a sentence before she scaled the wall and flipped outside again.

First Young Master Ning stood beneath the palace wall and pondered over how His Majesty would bring Ming Guang over. He scanned the tall and aloft vermilion wall in front without finding a single crack on it, let alone a passage.

However, First Young Master Ning didn’t have enough time to thoroughly muse over the matter when the ground beneath him shook slightly. Then, his horse appeared right before his eyes.

First Young Master Ning:…

Ming Guang:…

“Ai ma!” Ning Xiaoyao crawled out from under Ming Guang’s belly. This horse was so heavy, she had to use every ounce of her strength to fetch Little Ming over.

“You!” First Young Master Ning couldn’t find the words as he gawked at Ning Xiaoyao. Such a little body possess that much strength?

Ning Xiaoyao stood to catch her breath before saying, “Let’s go, Big Bro Ning, I’ll take you to the Supreme Splendor Hall.”

First Young Master Ning asked, “Your Majesty, you know martial arts?”

“Hm? Oh, yeah, hahaha, I’m an expert at martial arts!” Ning Xiaoyao laughed. She pulled on Ming Guang’s reins and walk in the direction of the Supreme Splendor Hall, “Big Bro Ning, are you hungry?”

The topic suddenly jumped to whether he was hungry or not. First Young Master Ning wasn’t sure how to pick up the conversation.

“I’m hungry.” Ning Xiaoyao rubbed her tummy. Lifting Ming Guang over the wall had used up all of her energy. (Author: Enough, you…)

Ning Xiaomu looked at his warhorse. Ming Guang had never allowed anyone else near his side except for Ning Xiaomu himself. Even the servants had to feed him through a wooden fence. The corners of First Young Master Ning’s eyes twitched when he saw how guileless his horse behaved in front of His Majesty.

Ming Guang was currently lost in a stupor, completely unable to figure out how he’d entered the palace. How would a dazed horse still have the wits to discern whether or not his master was the one pulling his reins?

“How come no one is guarding the gate and courtyard?” Ning Xiaomu questioned Ning Xiaoyao, his brows furrowed when he didn’t spot a single person at the entrance of the Supreme Splendor Hall.

“Why are they all standing in the corridor?” Ning Xiaoyao muttered. She could hear everyone’s breathing, but was unaware of why her little human friends have all gathered at the winding corridor.

“Let’s go in and take a look.” Ning Xiaomu stepped to walk in front of Ning Xiaoyao.

A few moments later, Ning Xiaoyao stood under the winding corridor and scratched her head. “Can anyone tell me what’s going on?”

Ning Xiaoluo was cradling his own head as he crouched next to corridor pillar.  He appeared as lackluster as a frosted eggplant.

Ning Xiaoyao squinted her eyes at the footprints on Ning Xiaoluo’s body. “Beaten up again?”

The soldiers of the Destruction Prisoner Army saw their first young master coming and hastened over to stand by Ning Xiaomu’s side.

“What happened?” Ning Xiaomu asked his men.

The Destruction Prisoner soldiers exchanged glances amongst themselves, none of them said a word. How should they explain this?

“Windy?” Ning Xiaoyao resorted to Shadowgale.

Shadowgale’s agenda had no such thing as helping Third Young Master Ning save face, so he instantly replied upon hearing Ning Xiaoyao’s inquiry. “Third Young Master Ning ridiculed Miss Ji for being unwed, so Miss Ji beat him up.”

“Tch,” Ning Xiaoyao clicked her tongue as she looked at Ning Xiaoluo. “Why do you always do stuff that provokes a thrashing? Also, why does it concern you whether Miss Ji is married or not?”

Ning Xiaoluo refused to back down. “She was the one who mocked me for being short first!”

“Well you are short.” Ning Xiaoyao said.

“Well she is …”

“She is what?” Ning Xiaomu stood in front of his little brother.

Ning Xiaoluo forcefully swallowed back the word “unwed”. He raised his head to peek at Ning Xiaomu before lowering it again.

"The Ji Family is a family of martyrs,” Ning Xiaomu reproached, “As a girl, she assists her grandfather in managing the entire household, and you ridiculed her?”

Ning Xiaoluo’s entire body shrunk back into a lump.

“Go apologize to Miss Ji right after this. When you meet Old General Ji in the future, you need to admit your wrongs and apologize to him as well,” Ning Xiaomu carried on. “I didn’t think your mouth is that ferocious now. Who did you learn it from? Or was it self-taught?”

Ning Xiaoluo shrunk again and now his body seemed even smaller.

“Miss Ji has fought battles and killed enemies,” Ning Xiaomu had yet to finish, “You tell me, Ning Dongfu, what have you done?”

Third Young Master Ning ran away in tears*.

The Dragon Guards:…… Third Young Master Ning may seem like a good-for-nothing, but First Young Master Ning sure is formidable!

“Should we leave first?” Ning Xiaoyao whispered to Shadowgale in a tiny voice. His Majesty Ning was a bit scared as well. Big Bro Ning appears to be such a gentle person, but who would have thought he’d be so strict when he lectures his little brother!

“I’m at fault.” Ning Xiaoluo clutched his head and admitted his wrongs. He’d rather let that Miss Ji beat him up again than to be lectured by his big brother!

“That there,” Ning Xiaoyao felt like she should give Ning Xiaoluo another beating instead, or else he might just commit suicide from such a harsh scolding.


A shout rose from the main palace’s gate when Ning Xiaoyao was just about to get on with her idea.

“The war is starting?” asked Ning Xiaoyao.

Shadowgale placed his hand on the sabre handle and said to Ning Xiaoyao, “Your Majesty, I’ll go check the main palace’s gate.”

Hearing Shadowgale use “I” to address himself in front of Ning Xiaoyao, First Young Master Ning instantly swept a glance at him.

Right at this moment, Shadowrain burst into the Supreme Splendor Hall. As soon as he saw Ning Xiaoyao standing at the winding corridor, Shadow Third Commander called out “Your Majesty” and rushed up to Ning Xiaoyao.

Ning Xiaoyao let out a breath and mentally readied herself for a fight before asking Shadowrain. “Has the fight started?”

“Xie Wenyuan is coming,” Shadowrain said urgently, “He’s brought men, and even, even dressed in mourning attire.”

“Whaaa?” Ning Xiaoyao was dumbfounded, “Who in the Grand Preceptor’s Estate died again?”

“He said His Majesty is dead,” Shadowrain was extremely anxious. His face was turning pale. “He is mourning for His Majesty.”

Ning Xiaoyao:…

Shadowgale questioned, “What was that shout earlier? Are Xie Wenyuan’s men attacking the imperial palace?”

“Xie Wenyuan said he wants to seize His Majesty’s corp…” Shadowrain was completely unable to voice out the word “corpse”.

“How many troops did he bring?” Shadowgale continued questioning.

Shadowrain replied, “As it looks, there are around a thousand.”

A thousand?” Ning Xiaoyao was enraged, “He thinks he can defeat us with a thousand men?!”

Your Majesty?” Shadowgale was seeking Ning Xiaoyao’s decision.

“Grab your weapons.” Ning Xiaoyao bricked up/picked up a brick. She wants to murder Grand Preceptor Xie.

First Young Master Ning watched as this group of people rolled up their sleeves and drew their weapons. When they were about to charge forward with murderous intent to battle, he hastened to step up and blocked Ning Xiaoyao’s path. “Your Majesty, it’s very likely that Xie Wenyuan hasn’t come to attack the imperial palace.”

Ning Xiaoyao was bewildered. “He hasn’t? Then why would he bring a thousand men here?”

First Young Master Ning pulled out the brick that Ning Xiaoyao was gripping on tightly and threw it out of the winding corridor before he explained. “If Your Majesty truly passed away and Supreme Commander Lou kept it unannounced, then Supreme Commander Lou has committed treason. If Xie Wenyuan leads his army to raid the capital city (to dispose of Lou Zigui), then he would be a loyal subject for eliminating a threat for the country.”

So it can actually play out that way?

Ning Xiaoyao stomped her feet. “I’m gonna go meet him!” Ning Xiaoyao turned to run out of the winding corridor.

“Your Majesty!” Ning Xiaomu was quick and precise to grab Ning Xiaoyao. “This is too dangerous. How could Your Majesty personally come out to the palace entrance to see Xie Wenyuan?”

Ning Xiaoyao was so angry that her entire face turned red. She looked at First Young Master Ning and demanded, “Then what should I do now?”

“Dongfu.” First Young Master turned around and called Ning Xiaoluo.

Ning Xiaoluo still had his head down from all the scolding. He walked up to his big brother and Ning Xiaoyao.

“Let’s have Dongfu go.” First Young Master Ning said to Ning Xiaoyao with a smile.

Ning Xiaoyao looked at Ning Xiaoluo, then at First Young Master Ning, before finally looking down at herself. Her mouth gaped open. She couldn’t go outside...because if she did, she’d be done for if Grand Preceptor demanded her to verify her identity publicly. But if it was Ning Xiaoluo…

Ning Xiaoyao’s mouth was wide open as she scanned Ning Xiaoluo. The latter had a face that highly resembled her own; a similar height, a similar little body, but most importantly, he was male! At this moment, Ning Xiaoyao believed that she was favored by the God of Fate.

“Is there a dragon robe?” First Young Master Ning asked Shadowgale.

Shadowgale turned his gaze to Ning Xiaoyao. “Your Majesty?”

“Windy, help me out real quick,” Ning Xiaoyao closed her mouth before she commanded, “Go to my room and find a dragon robe.”

“Yes.” Shadowgale turned to do as instructed.

“Oh, Little Luoluo!” Ning Xiaoyao jumped in front of Ning Xiaoluo. Ning Xiaoluo was in a stupor as he stood there without a reaction. He still hadn’t realized what he had to do.

“I’m so lucky you came!” Ning Xiaoyao grabbed Ning Xiaoluo’s hand and swung it.

“I,” Ning Xiaoluo opened his mouth with difficulty to speak, “What do I need to do again?”

“Disguise as the emperor, ah.” Ning Xiaoyao replied. Third Young Master Ning felt his legs turning into jelly.

Ning Xiaomu reached out to support his little brother and instructed, “In just a bit, First Shadow Commander and his men will escort you outside to see Xie Wenyuan.”

“Can’t His Majesty go?” Ning Xiaoluo wailed.

“His Majesty is of utmost importance and must not be placed in danger,” First Young Master Ning’s expression was solemn and respectful. “Dongfu, as subjects, it is our duty to lessen the burden for His Majesty.”

“I-I’ll be right behind to protect you,” Ning Xiaoyao felt that she was being too cruel for letting Ning Xiaoluo go face Grand Preceptor Xie, so she assured him. “I definitely won’t let Grand Preceptor hurt you.”

“I-I’m not scared of being beaten,” Ning Xiaoluo said, his face ashen, “But when I meet with Xie Wenyuan, what do I say to him?”

“You are the emperor, he is a traitor,” First Young Master Ning instructed his little brother, “You can just curse him.”

“Curse him, like old scoundrel?” Third Young Master Ning asked in a trembling voice.

“Curse him as you like.” First Young Master Ning smiled and patted Third Young Master Ning on his shoulder. “Trust your big brother, Xie Wenyuan won’t have the nerves to hurt you in front of everyone.”

*Run away in tears: an internet slang which means “getting very emotional” and not literally run away or in tears.

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“Alright. Stop crying. This Prince….will not do anything to you. Alright?”

*wu wu*

Humph! You think I’ll stop crying just because you asked? Then I will lose face!

Perhaps Le Yao Yao purposely wanted to anger Leng Jun Yu for bullying her, so she deliberately did the opposite of what he wanted. She began to wail even louder.

Seeing this, Leng Jun Yu’s handsome brows couldn’t help but crinkle. However, within his eyes, there was a trace of helplessness.

After all, he never had to coax anyone before. As a result, he honestly didn’t know how.

He didn’t want the servant to cry anymore, but his servant was being disobedient and began to sob even harder! So, since he had no other tactic, Leng Jun Yu hardened his face and sternly threatened Le Yao Yao.

“If you continue crying, this Prince will instantly kiss you!”


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Her delicate body began to squirm around below him as she lightly moaned, causing Yu’s body to fire up even more.

So now, Leng Jun Yu groaned vehemently and began to massage and squeeze Le Yao Yao’s other jade bunny while sucking one with his mouth. His remaining hand slowly headed down to the forbidden kingdom.

Le Yao Yao was also being an active participant. She was about to touch Leng Jun Yu’s bulging bird when a child voice rang -

“Daddy, are you hungry? Why are you drinking mommy’s milk? Xuan’er also wants some milk!”

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