Chapter 277: Supreme Commander, endure a few more days

Chapter 277: Supreme Commander, endure a few more days

“General,” After Lady Xu was finished with the nonsense she planned to tell her father, Xu Jing, she lowered her voice again. “Xie Wenyuan has no trouble abandoning his own biological children. What makes you think you’re so special?”

Chen Lu couldn’t think of a comeback.

“I heard Second Young Master Pei saved you?” Lady Xu continued asking.

Chen Lu nodded.

“Let him in. I want to thank him personally.”

“You want Pei Yan to enter your bedroom?” Chen Lu was about to lose his temper again. Even if Pei Yan had gotten his xx semi-chopped when he was a child, he‘s still an outsider male! How could he casually enter their bedroom?

“You won’t allow him?”

“His injury is cured,” Chen Lu mumbled.

Lady Xu stared at Chen Lu as if he was an idiot. “How am I going to send out my father’s letter without the help of Commander Pei? Do you think we can rely on ourselves? What makes you think our people will be able to leave the capital successfully?”

Chen Lu was stupefied. “You’re going to write a letter now?”

“Do you think it’s something we can delay?”

Of course it wasn’t something that could be delay. But Chen Lu couldn’t make up his mind. Xie Wenyuan maybe not be a philanthropist, but that doesn’t make His Majesty one either?

“Servants, come!” Lady Xu shouted at the door. “Invite Commander Pei in.”

One of the older maidservants in charge responded with a yes and ran to the courtyard to get Pei Yan. Pei Yan stared blankly at the older maidservant when he found out Chen Lu and Lady Xu had invited him into their bedroom. “They want me to enter their bedroom?” he was baffled.

The older maidservant had a very awkward expression on her face. She knew it was inappropriate etiquette, but that was her order and she had to comply. “Yes, please head to the bedroom.”

Pei Yan followed the older maidservant. As a prominent figure, if the couple doesn’t mind, why should he care so much?

Everyone who were initially standing right by the bedroom door were dismissed out of the courtyard. A manager bowed when he saw Pei Yan. “Commander, our General is waiting for you inside.”

Pei Yan entered the courtyard on his own. Ning Xiaoyao threw a small rock and struck Pei Yan on the shoulder. Pei Yan hastily lifted his head and noticed Ning Xiaoyao and Lou Zigui sitting on the roof. Before he could react, the two were already standing in front of him.

“In a bit, Lady Xu will ask you to help deliver a letter. Agree to help her.” After Lou Zigui’s feet landed on the ground, he quietly informed Pei Yan.

Pei Yan gazed at Ning Xiaoyao, “They want to renounce the dark and seek the light?”

“Yep!” Ning Xiaoyao nodded enthusiastically. “If Chen Lu had this attitude from the beginning, I wouldn’t have beaten him up.”

Pei Yan dipped his head. As expected, Chen Lu was beaten up by you.

“No need to disclose too much.” Lou Zigui told Pei Yan.

“I understand. But is Chen Lu actually willing to betray his biological dad?”

Ning Xiaoyao: … even you think so too?

“He’s hesitating. But Lady Xu is adamant about it.”

“Mmhmm. We have already spoken to Lady Xu earlier. In order to show our sincerity, I even ate the poison she gave me.”

Pei Yan’s face instantly turned dark. He was well aware that the Xu Clan raised the death squad. “How could you let His Majesty eat poison from the Xu Clan?” he retorted furiously.

“D-don’t argue with Supreme Commander. It’s not real poison. It’s incense ash! I recognized the taste right away.”

Pei Yan stared at Ning Xiaoyao, stunned. “How do you know what incense ash taste like?”

“We can talk about it next time.” Lou Zigui stepped in front of Ning Xiaoyao and blocked Pei Yan. “Go see the couple first.”

“What about us?” Ning Xiaoyao asked.

“We’ll go back up.”

“Oh, ok.” Then, Ning Xiaoyao pulled Lou Zigui and they flew back onto the roof.

Pei Yan didn’t get it. There’s no one else in the courtyard anyway. You two could stand by the door or hide under the windows. Why must you both be on the roof?

“Commander Pei?” Lady Xu’s voice echoed from the bedroom.

“This subject is Pei Yan.” Pei Yan walked over to the bedroom door and replied.

Lady Xu quickly invited him in and Pei Yan pushed opened the door. Instead of looking at Lady Xu, he sized up Chen Lu. “Your face isn’t going to permanently look like this from now on, right?”

Chen Lu knew Pei Yan had a poisonous tongue, so he decided to swallow the insult.

“Thank you for saving our General, Commander Pei.” Lady Xu expressed her gratitude.

“Lady, you’re too courteous.” Although Pei Yan was speaking to Lady Xu, his eyes wandered elsewhere. “Is there a reason you called for me?”

Lady Xu wasn’t the type to beat around the bush. She directly told Pei Yan she needed his help to deliver a letter.

Pei Yan gazed at Chen Lu. “Is this also Great General Chen’s wish?”

Chen Lu didn’t reply. Deep down, he was torn by conflicting thoughts.

“Yes,” Lady Xu responded for Chen Lu. “This is also our General’s wish.”

“Then please write your letter, Lady Xu. I will instruct someone to send out the letter tonight.” Pei Yan readily agreed to help.

“You,” Chen Lu raised his head and stared at Pei Yan.

“If Xie Wenyuan wins this round, our Lord Protector Estate will be consigned to eternal damnation. So if the Xu Clan is willing to support His Majesty, I would naturally offer all the support I could give.” Pei Yan stated briskly.

“The paper and brush is on the table by the window. May I trouble Commander Pei to bring it to me?”

“Get a servant to serve us instead.” Chen Lu muttered. How could they let Pei Yan assist them with the letter?

“This is concerning a significant issue. Can you tell which servants are Xie Wenyuan’s spies?” Lady Xu demanded.

Once again, Chen Lu failed to think of a response.

Pei Yan lifted the small table and carried it over to the bed. He also grabbed the paper, ink, and paper for Lady Xu. However, due to proper etiquette, Second Young Master Pei still tried his best to avoid looking at Lady Xu’s figure.

Lady Xu started to write a letter to her father.

“General, Lady Xu.” Lady Xu completed the letter and stamped it with their personal seal. Suddenly, they heard the older maidservant’s anxious voice from outside. “Grand Preceptor Xie is here.”

The three in the room were shocked. “Why did Grand Preceptor come?” Lady Xu asked.

The servant in charged replied, “My lady, the Grand Preceptor heard you have been injured by an assassin, so he deliberately came by to visit.”

Lady Xu instantly stared at Chen Lu while Pei Yan jeered, “I guess everything that happens in Chen Estate is no secret to Xie Wenyuan.”

“Y-you...go hide somewhere.” With difficulty, Chen Lu told Pei Yan.

“Do you seriously think Xie Wenyuan doesn’t know I’m here?” Pei Yan thought Chen Lu was being ridiculous. “Why don’t you have a direct fall out with Xie Wenyuan instead?” he suggested.

Chen Lu shook his head. If they have a fall out now, Grand Preceptor Xie will really take their lives.

“Shenyan, are you inside?” Grand Preceptor Xie’s voice could be heard beyond the doors. Pei Yan picked up Lady Xu’s finished letter without reading it. He folded and tucked it into his sleeve.

“Shenyan?” Grand Preceptor Xie was still yelling. Pei Yan turned around to walk out.

“What are you doing?” Chen Lu was freaking out. Pei Yan acted as if he didn’t hear him. He didn’t even bother turning around and walked straight out of the room.

“Let him see Xie Wenyuan.” Lady Xu whispered. “His Majesty wants to use us, so Pei Yan isn’t going to harm us.”

This time, Chen Lu didn't have conflicting thoughts anymore. He had no other choice. He’s actually betraying Grand Preceptor Xie. Chen Lu placed his hand against his chest. Surprisingly, he wasn’t as nervous as he thought he would be.

Pei Yan pushed open the door and saw Grand Preceptor Xie outside. He curved into a cold smile. “Why are you here, Grand Preceptor? Are you also here to capture Lady Xu’s assassin?”

“Why were you in the couple’s bedroom?” Xie Wenyuan was bewildered.

“Well, if I’m catching the assassin, obviously I need to do a thorough search. Or else, if the assassin escapes, whose responsibility would it be?” Pei Yan stood by the door.

“Get lost!” Lady Xu screamed from inside her room.

Pei Yan shot a glance behind him and stepped outside the room, blocking Grand Preceptor Xie’s path. “Why are you here, Grand Preceptor?”

“Don’t be too unbridled. You need to learn when to retreat.” Grand Preceptor Xie threatened.

“When you forced my father’s death, did you think of a route of retreat for yourself?” Pei Yan coldly smirked. “Grand Preceptor, you are a two-faced individual. Smiling and killing simultaneously is a skill I’m incapable of.”

Grand Preceptor Xie lightly nodded. “Alright. This old man will remember your words.”

“Commander!” The deputy general ran into the courtyard but was stopped by Grand Preceptor’s guards. He wasn’t able to get to the corridor.

“Let him pass.” Grand Preceptor Xie ordered.

The guards stepped aside and the deputy general ran to the flight of steps and loudly announced, “To report to the commander, we have searched the entire Chen Estate but found no traces of the assassin.”

Pei Yan walked down the steps. “Let’s go.”

Grand Preceptor Xie coldly glared at the two individuals as they left the courtyard. Then, he flung his sleeve and entered the bedroom.


“Supreme Commander came looking for me.” the deputy general whispered behind Pei Yan.

“Don’t talk about it here.” Pei Yan waved his hand. The deputy general immediately covered his mouth and looked around his surroundings. He wasn’t sure if Supreme Commander was still here or not.

Currently, Lou Zigui was standing behind the back wall of the Chen Estate. He forcefully removed the brick from Ning Xiaoyao’s hand and threw it onto the ground. “This isn’t the time to cause more problems. You will have an opportunity to beat him up in the future.”

Ning Xiaoyao was grumpy she couldn’t smash Grand Preceptor’s head.

“Let’s return back to the palace.” Lou Zigui pulled Ning Xiaoyao with him.

“Don’t you want to eavesdrop on what they’re talking about?” Ning Xiaoyao stubbornly refused to move.

“He’s just going to say you failed at ruining their relationship, so you sent the assassin.” Lou Zigui wouldn’t let go of Ning Xiaoyao’s hand. “Don’t these words anger you?”

Ning Xiaoyao began to walk. Who would want to listen to people cursing her?

“After we return back to the palace, you can get Chef Huang to make you some guoba.”

“The Xu Clan doesn’t wanna follow the Grand Preceptor. Supreme Commander, do you think Grand Preceptor Xie’s subordinates also feel the same way?”

Lou Zigui was astonished. For once, this girl isn’t putting guoba as a priority.

“What kind of look at you giving me?”

“Nothing.” Lou Zigui continued to lead Ning Xiaoyao out of the alley. “We can’t do it. It is hard to fathom a person’s mind. If we end up attracting Xie Wenyuan’s spy, it would ruin all our plans.”

“Mm. In order to pull Chen Lu and Xu Jing over to our side, we were busy since last night. I don’t have time to pull in more people.”

“There’s only a few days left.” Lou Zigui stood looking down from the entrance of the alley. “Xiaoyao, just endure a few more days. Perhaps this time, we will get rid of Xie Wenyuan and his faction once and for all.”

Ning Xiaoyao nodded slowly. “Mm.” A breeze came through the alley and messed up her hair. A few strands of hair were poking in her eye. Lou Zigui hugged Ning Xiaoyao and switched positions with her. He blocked the sudden wind and fixed her hair with his hands. Then, Supreme Commander bent down and kissed her eyelids.

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