Chapter 272: If a man is too outstanding, it can cause a woman a lot of headache

Chapter 272: If a man is too outstanding, it can cause a woman a lot of headache

“Your Majesty isn’t hurt?” After a long period of silence, Lady Xu suddenly asked.

“That’s a rumour,” Ning Xiaoyao dragged two seats over and made herself at home. She looked at Lou Zigui and Lady Xu. “Let’s sit down and chat. It’s a long story.”

Lady Xu knew she couldn’t beat up Ning Xiaoyao anymore and sat back down. However, she continued to assess the man in front of her. For some reason, she couldn’t sense any imperial superiority aura from him. If Lou Zigui wasn’t acting all protective next to Ning Xiaoyao, Lady Xu would seriously send someone to investigate whether this childlike individual was truly His Majesty.

Ning Xiaoyao wanted to shorten the long story and get to the point. But, she realized the limit of her language abilities. It was an impossible task for her. So, she tugged Lou Zigui’s hand. “Supreme Commander, explain.”

Lou Zigui said what he could say, and told Lady Xu the story.

“It’s a revolt, ah!” Ning Xiaoyao emphasized to Lady Xu.

Ever since last night, Lady Xu had experienced waves of shock over and over again. She barely had time to breathe. It was a bit too much to handle, even for someone strong like her.

Ning Xiaoyao could see Lady Xu turning pale. She was empathetic. “Scared?”

Lady Xu’s voice trembled. “What are your motives?”

“Defeat Grand Preceptor Xie and help the common people eliminate evil!” Ning Xiaoyao shouted.

“W-what does that have to do with me?” Lady Xu stuttered.

“How could you be unrelated?” Ning Xiaoyao gave Lady Xu a pitiful look. “You’re Chen Lu’s wife, and the daughter of Xu Jing ah!”

“Grand Preceptor Xie will definitely transfer your father to the capital.” replied Lou Zigui.

Lady Xu sat in a daze. Suddenly, she downed the entire cup of tea and stared at Lou Zigui. “Grand Preceptor has always been extra careful and secretive with every move. How did you guys find out?”

“That, I cannot disclose.”

“Why should I trust you?”

“Grand Preceptor has already sent out the secret message. If you’re still unconvinced, why would His Majesty appear in front of you right now?”

Ning Xiaoyao puffed out her chest. Although Supreme Commander was spewing a bunch of crap, she must not tear down his stage.

Lady Xu sank in silence again.

“I don’t mind using the Black Frost Cavalry to fight against your father’s Roaring Tigers Camp.” Lou Zigui coolly stated.

“I mind!” Ning Xiaoyao raised her hand. “Right now, we need to fight the Northern Hu people. We also need to fight Xiang Nong (the leader of the rebel forces). We already have limited people for war!”

Lady Xu remained seated and expressionless.

“Name your conditions. Let’s negotiate.” urged Ning Xiaoyao.

“Your Majesty, I’m only a married woman,” answered Lady Xu.

“How about this,” Ning Xiaoyao continued, “I can help you get pregnant. What do you think?”

“What?” Lady Xu was flabbergasted.

“Pssst.” Ning Xiaoyao whispered as her eyeballs began to swirl, “Do you wanna know why you and Great General Chen have never been able to have kids?”


“I grew up in the Grand Preceptor Estate. So I definitely have an idea of all the bad stuff the Grand Preceptor did.”

Lady Xu’s complexion turned dark. “Grand Preceptor? This is related to him?”

“Grand Preceptor has drugged you,” Ning Xiaoyao lied without batting an eye.

Lady Xu was about to explode.

“Dont,” Ning Xiaoyao blocked her. “Don’t be so emotional. It’s in the past. There is no point of getting all stirred up, right?”

“What’s the reason?” Lady Xu asked Ning Xiaoyao.

“How would I know?” Ning Xiaoyao pretended to look innocent. “If I could figure it out, I would’ve already been able to crush Grand Preceptor Xie. Why would I still be dealing with him to this day?”

“Why should I trust you?” retorted Lady Xu.

“Fine. I’ll bring you a woman and let her give birth to Chen Lu’s babies to prove it isn’t his issue. You’re the one with the issue!”

Lady Xu’s eyebrows were turning vertical.

Ning Xiaoyao rushed, “Heyyyy, we said we weren’t gonna resort to violence!”

Lady Xu…When did I agree to that?

“Return to your estate. Chen Lu is still at Grand Preceptor’s estate. Lady Xu, do you know what that means?” Lou Zigui asked.

Lady Xu glared at Lou Zigui. Ning Xiaoyao was also wondering. What’s he going to come up with now?

“If you had a son or daughter of your own, do you think Chen Lu would neglect you and remain at Grand Preceptor’s estate?”

Lady Xu coldly replied, “That’s because Grand Preceptor won’t let him see me.”

Lou Zigui’s tone was even colder than hers. “Did he protect you last night?”

“Eh, I saw him begging the Grand Preceptor...but he wasn’t that sincere.” Ning Xiaoyao casually chirped in.

“What does he have to do to be considered sincere?” asked Lady Xu.

“Ahhhhh!!” Ning Xiaoyao cried. Suddenly, she slipped down and knelt in front of Lou Zigui. Ning Xiaoyao hugged his thigh and started to howl with grief. “Supreme Commander! You can’t be like this! You can’t abandon me. I’m so pitiful! My wife is also pitiful…. Wahhhhhhh!!!!”

Lou Zigui: …

Lady Xu: …

That’s what you called begging! Now that’s sincerity!” Ning Xiaoyao stood up with her nose in the air and returned back to her seat. She gave Lady Xu a solemn expression. “He didn’t even hug a big thigh. And you consider that begging?”

Lou Zigui placed his hand against his forehead.

After a long period of silence, Lady Xu commented, “The General fainted last night.”

“Ehh? Who doesn’t know how to fake a faint? Also, you only need to bite a small hole in a package and you can vomit blood. Aaiiii, Lady, it’s obvious that you lack experience in dealing with residential battles.”

Lady Xu couldn’t hold back and fired a shot. “So His Majesty has experience?”

Ning Xiaoyao gave her a ‘you have limited experience, I don’t blame you’ look.

“Lady, do you think a person who has to fight internal palace battles wouldn’t know how to fight residential battles? My opponent is the empress dowager. The Empress Dowager, ah!!” Ning Xiaoyao dramatically exclaimed.

Lady Xu was speechless.

“Supreme Commander, you take over,” Ning Xiaoyao wanted Lou Zigui to continue the story. She was having trouble keeping it up.

Lou Zigui didn’t immediately speak. Why wouldn’t Grand Preceptor Xie allow Lady Xu to bear a child? (Author: Yeah, why?)

“You have nothing else to say?” Lady Xu coldly laughed.

Ning Xiaoyao smacked the table. *pa!*

Lou Zigui quickly gave her a look. Woman, don’t overdo it with the nonsense!

“At this point, I might as well tell you what happened back then.” Ning Xiaoyao pretended to be in deep suffering. “Of course, I must first confirm that you and Chen Lu are truly in love.”

Lady Xu couldn’t help but take a deep breath as she prepared herself for another wave of trauma.

“Chen Lu and Tao Chen are relatively close in age.” Ning Xiaoyao lowered her voice. “Your Chen Lu is a tall and handsome man. His martial arts abilities are very high too. As for Tao Chen, he’s not as tall as Chen Lu. Although he isn’t ugly per se, he isn’t as good looking as your Chen Lu either. Also, sources say Chen Lu has better martial arts than Tao Chen.”

Lady Xu nodded. It’s true.

Ning Xiaoyao laughed on the inside. She knew it! That’s what you call lover observation! “Lady Xu have you ever seen Grand Preceptor’s daughter? As in, Tao Chen’s wife?”

Lady Xu responded, “I’ve seen her before.” She was the young miss of Xie Clan’s first wife. As an influential upper class lady, how could she not have seen her before?

“From the beginning, she had her eyes set on your general.” Ning Xiaoyao bullshitted without a change in expression.

Lady Xu: …

Lou Zigui turned his head and looked out the window. It was getting hard to listen to.

“It’s true! When I was little, I stayed at the Grand Preceptor Estate. Everyone knows about it there. Even the head steward Xie Laibao took her to Iron Buddha Temple and got the Grandmaster Kumu to divine the fortunes for her and your general.”

Lady Xu was feeling unwell all over.

“If you don’t believe me, go ask Xie Laibao. Or you can ask Grandmaster Kumu! Out of curiosity, how have you been treated by the Xie Clan? How’s their attitude?”

“Not good!” Lady Xu resolutely affirmed. That fake bi*ch!

Ning Xiaoyao kind of figured. The Xie Clan looked down on those from a military background. Obviously, they wouldn’t treat Lady Xu with respect.

“Grandmaster Kumu?” asked Lady Xu.

“Yeah, that trash. Because of him, I couldn’t enter the palace for over a decade.” Ning Xiaoyao muttered.

Lady Xu’s brows were turning vertical again.

“Grandmaster Kumu said their fortunes were compatible. And something about a bird taking over someone else’s nest.”

“The magpie taking over the cuckoo’s nest?” Lady Xu suggested.

“Yah!” Ning Xiaoyao nodded like a madman. “That’s it! I didn’t say it because I didn’t want to hurt you, my lady!”

Lou Zigui rubbed his forehead.

“And then?” Lady Xu asked Ning Xiaoyao.

“And then? Then I overheard…” Ning Xiaoyao whispered in a super low voice, “If you can’t give birth to children, Chen Lu could reasonably file a divorce. Then, the Xie Clan can... you know… there’s no need for me to say the rest. Or else, we’ll just cry together. Aaaiii!”

Lady Xu stayed silent for a while. “So I should thank Chen Lu for not abandoning me?”

“Later on, Tao Chen came into the picture. But they’ve already drugged you. Plus, even if Chen Lu is childless, it wouldn’t affect the Xie Clan.”

Lady Xu violently slapped the handrail. Her seat shook like it was about to collapse.

Ning Xiaoyao pretended to be a kind soul. “Don’t be mad. Anger harms the body. We shouldn’t get mad at dead people.”

Lady Xu glared at Ning Xiaoyao. Why are you using we?

“If a man is too outstanding, it can cause a woman a lot of headache. I completely understand your pain.” Ning Xiaoyao sighed. “Lady Xu, why don’t we work together? Just name the position or money you want.”

Lady Xu coldly laughed. “So I can have any amount that I want?”

“Eh?” Ning Xiaoyao’s heart began to shudder. “How about I write you an IOU?” (abbreviated from the phrase I owe you)

Lady Xu: …

“Alright?” Ning Xiaoyao asked.

“How do I know you’re not lying to me?” asked Lady Xu.

Ning Xiaoyao tugged on her sleeve. “I’ll write you one right now!”

“I want a child,” Lady Xu stared at Ning Xiaoyao. Who wants your IOU?

“Oh, child,” Ning Xiaoyao placed down her sleeve. “So are you on our side?”

“It takes ten months to get pregnant. There’s so much time. Let’s assume you end up winning but my poison remains in my body. At that time, I won’t be able to do anything to you, Your Majesty.”

“I’ll let you beat me up,” Ning Xiaoyao generously declared.

“But I want a child,” protested Lady Xu.

Finally, Lou Zigui spoke again. “By the time you give birth, the entire country would already be under the Xie Clan. Don’t even bother dreaming of having your own child.”

“Mmhmm.. That’s definitely an issue!” Ning Xiaoyao gave Lady Xu a grave look.

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