Chapter 270: Bloody battle of a summer night

Chapter 270: Bloody battle of a summer night

Witnessing the scene before him, Grand Preceptor Xie couldn’t help but feel that women from military backgrounds were a bunch of fools. Clearly, Ning Yu was the one trying to drive a wedge in between them; yet Lady Xu had completely fallen for the trap.

“Lady Xu.” Although deep down Grand Preceptor Xie was burning with fiery, he had enough self control to suppress it. He wanted Lady Xu to realize that this was all part of Ning Yu’s trick.  

Lady Xu disregarded the unconscious Chen Lu and grudgingly stared at the Grand Preceptor. She was not in the mood to listen to him. She had just broken all ties with her husband. Right now, Lady Xu only wanted to find a spot to sulk.

“You state that Chen Lu has no affection or you,” Grand Preceptor Xie tried to talk reason into her. “But has Chen Lu ever mistreated you all these years? You two have been married for so long. Now, because of these false rumours and gossips, you’re suspecting Chen Lu of having another woman on the side. Not only that, you’re accusing him of having other children with someone else. You even went as far as accusing your husband of attempt murder. You have no trust in Chen Lu at all. Lady Xu, this old man wants to ask you, where is your affection for Chen Lu?”  

Lady Xu coldly replied, “Then who wants to kill me?”

“The assassin could’ve been sent by anyone from the capital. It could have been this old man, Chen Lu, or anyone who has some type of power or influence.” Grand Preceptor Xie reasoned. “Lady Xu, you don’t believe a word of what this old man had said to you earlier?”

“Fine.” Lady Xu refuted, “Let’s assume the assassin was sent by someone else. How would you explain the two pageboys your guard had instructed to claim the people sent to wait on Great General Chen had already died? Give me an explanation for that, Grand Preceptor.”

Grand Preceptor Xie looked to his left and right. Steward Xie’s head was wrapped with white bandages. His face was a bloody mess as he exchanged looks with the Grand Preceptor.

The Grand Preceptor shifted his eyes away. That man is an idiot.

Lady Xu sneered. “What’s wrong? The Grand Preceptor can’t come up with a response?”

“The guards and the pageboys are all here. Lady Xu, please tell this old man which guard and pageboys you are referring to.”

Him.” the nanny pointed at the commander officer.

The commander officer gazed around his surroundings. When he was certain he was the accused, he instantly got down on his knees and cried out  grievance. “Master, this servant has been wrongly accused!”

All the other guards immediately backed up their leader. After all, their leader was with them the entire time. How could he have been the one to order the pageboys to lie?  

Lady Xu briskly laughed. “Obviously, your people will be on your side.”

That’s right!” Ning Xiaoyao heatedly muttered from the roof.

Lou Zigui didn’t understand why Ning Xiaoyao sounded so irritated. I thought she was upset about committing a sin just momentarily ago?

“Are you determined to set this old man and Chen Lu as the culprits?” the Grand Preceptor asked.

Lady Xu didn’t respond, but her face was filled with contempt.

Grand Preceptor Xie sighed out loud. “Why don’t you take the next few days to recuperate at my estate?”

Ning Xiaoyao was stunned. He couldn’t convince Lady Xu with reason, so now this old man wants to imprison her?

Lou Zigui’s mouth curved upwards. His smile was filled with disdain. This is totally Xie Wenyuan’s style. He would only do what was the most favourable for him. Right now, he wants to bring out his army. He couldn’t afford to let Lady Xu ruin his plans. Since he couldn’t convince her, he might as well put her under house arrest and deal with her after the battle.  

“What if I refuse?” Lady Xu retaliated.

Grand Preceptor Xie drawled, “If this old man were to make a request, even your father, Xu Jing, wouldn’t dare to not show up.”

Lady Xu felt her chest tightening.

On the roof, Lou Zigui whispered to Ning Xiaoyao. “The reason why Lady Xu is so daring is because she is banking on the fact that Xie Wenyuan wants to use her family’s military power. As long as her father and brothers have control over the military, Xie Wenyuan wouldn’t be able to do anything to her.”

“But now, the Grand Preceptor is revealing his true colours.” Ning Xiaoyao was starting to feel agitated. What if the Grand Preceptor harms Lady Xu during the house arrest? She wants to ensure the empress could safely exit the capital. Furthermore, she wants to bring the mighty general Xu Jing onto her side. She didn’t want Lady Xu to die.

“Xie Wenyuan would never let a woman threaten him.” Lou Zigui lowered his voice.

“Someone, come,” Grand Preceptor ordered. “Bring Lady Xu back to my estate.”

At this moment, sounds of chaotic horse hooves could be heard from a distance. The Nine Gate Infantry Commander and the generals from the military barracks dismounted from their horses one after another.

Two pageboys carried Xie Laibao over to the Grand Preceptor. He whispered, “Master, we should continue the talk at your estate. The fire will spread here soon.”

The houses that have caught on fire had already collapsed. If it weren’t for the man-made pond in the front courtyard, the fire would’ve already swallowed everything.

The Grand Preceptor curtly stated, “We can’t leave anymore.”

Pei Yan stood right in front of the Grand Preceptor in his commander uniform. The uniform concealed his feminine features and made him appear much more masculine.

“Oh my God!” Ning Xiaoyao gushed, “Second Young Master Pei is so hot!”

Lou Zigui’s face turned black.

“Why are you here?” The Grand Preceptor asked Pei Yan.

Pei Yan replied, “Grand Preceptor, this place is on fire and everyone has their weapons out. If this subject doesn’t come, this subject would be neglecting his duties.”

Grand Preceptor Xie responded, “This old man heard screams. Was it because of you and the military barracks guards?”

“Yes.” Pei Yan admitted instantly.

“Who gave you the nerves? Just because you’re the Nine Gate Infantry Commander, you think you can use your army wherever you choose?”

“Pei Yan was the one who started it.” a general from the military barracks snitched.

Pei Yan harshly stared at the man and taunted. “You look like an upstanding man. Were you bullied by someone? You have to tattletale to your parents? Is your surname Xie?”

“You!” the officer was speechless.

“Grand Preceptor,” After firing shots, Pei Yan aimed at the Grand Preceptor. “Based on what you’re saying, it was wrong of me to come out with an army even though there are people slaughtering each other and setting places on fire?”

Grand Preceptor Xie asked, “Is this the crime of the military barracks?”

“If we do not investigate, how would we know? Pei Yan dares to question the Grand Preceptor. The military barracks are leading their troops in the middle of the night, barging through the city streets. Who gave them the nerves to do this?”

“Pei Yan, stop being a troublemaker!” a general from the military barracks roared.

“This isn’t a battle of who has a louder voice. Where’s the imperial edict that grants you the permission to take the troops out?” Pei Yan’s eyes remained cold and merciless.

Grand Preceptor Xie lifted his hand to dismiss the generals. He turned to Pei Yan. “His Majesty has been stabbed…”

“Did you see His Majesty being stabbed?” Pei Yan interrupted, “As a subject, you dare to curse our present emperor. Xie Wenyuan, what is your motive?”

“Presumptuous!” the head steward Xie shouted.

Pei Yan didn’t even look at him. “It’s the middle of the night. Which dog is howling?”

“You!” the head steward choked.

“Grand Preceptor, as a dog owner, you should take better care of your dogs. Don’t let them bark everywhere. Others wouldn’t blame the dog. Instead, they would fault the owner. Of course, if you’re inferior to your own pets, no one is going to say anything. Humans aren’t going to bother arguing with a dog. Why would they bother with you?”

“Wow. His tongue is so poisonous!” Ning Xiaoyao took a deep breath and murmured.

Grand Preceptor Xie remained silent. Just as his people were waiting for his orders to take Pei Yan’s life, the Grand Preceptor laughed. “Pei Yan, this old man will gloss over the slip of tongue.”

“So what happened here? This subject has a duty to find out. Please speak the truth, Grand Preceptor.”

“You’re not qualified to question me.”

Pei Yan turned to Lady Xu. “Lady Xu?”

“I want to return to the Chen Estate. Please bring me back, Commander Pei.”

“Lady Xu!” Grand Preceptor Xie’s tone definitely sounded more menacing.

“Someone take Lady Xu back to the Chen Estate.” commanded Pei Yan.

All of Grand Preceptor’s people pulled out their weapons and blocked the exit.

“Charge!” Pei Yan gave the order.

Another fight was about to break out. Chen Lu suddenly woke up from the commotion. He saw that Pei Yan was about to take his wife away. The entrance was blocked by the Grand Preceptor’s guards. Chen Lu climbed up and knelt in front of Grand Preceptor Xie. “Grand Preceptor, Lady Xu has a moment of foolishness. Please forgive her this time.” he pleaded.

“Shut up!” Grand Preceptor Xie and Lady Xu simultaneously yelled.  

“Kill!” Pei Yan ruthlessly declared.

Cries rose in the air and the Nine Gate Infantry and the Chen Estate men were against the Grand Preceptor and the military barracks’ men. The two sides fought right by the entrance. Soon, the whole alley was filled with sounds of slaughter.

Those living nearby weren’t sure what was happening. But they didn’t dare to look out. The old and the young had hidden themselves within the house. No one dared to light a lamp.

“Let’s go,” Lou Zigui turned to Ning Xiaoyao.” By now, the empress should be out of the capital.”


At this moment, Shadowgale was standing by the horse carriage at the south doors. He turned to Empress Zhou. “This servant will bid you farewell here.”

“Will His Majesty be alright?”

“Please be on your way, empress.”

This woman has an illicit lover. Why would she care for His Majesty? Shadowgale bitterly thought to himself.

Empress Zhou could tell this dragon guard disliked her. After Shadowgale’s crisp reply, she closed her curtains.

“Be safe.” Shadowgale commanded the dragon guards. They were in charge of bringing the empress to the Zhou barracks.  

The dragon guards accepted their orders. Shadowgale raised his hand and slapped the side of the horse.

The horse galloped and the empress experienced a bumpy ride. Along the way, she couldn’t help but feel depressed. She couldn’t understand why. Soon, she’ll be reunited with Xu Feiyu. So why is she feeling unhappy?

When the empress had disappeared from his field of vision, Shadowgale brought his people back to the capital. He was greeted with a pile of dead bodies. They were all guards that defended the city wall.

“She’s gone?”  Deng Rong appeared in front of him.

Shadowgale nodded as he stepped into a pool of blood. The gruesome scene didn’t bother him.

“We killed them all,” Deng Rong pointed at the bodies. “In order to prevent Xie Wenyuan from figuring out our plan, we killed everyone at all four city gates.”

Aside from Supreme Commander’s trusted men, all the guards on duty tonight were killed.  


Ultimately, Pei Yan won the bloody battle in Fangqi alley and took Lady Xu away. Chen Lu got down on his knees in front of the Grand Preceptor. He was motionless like a wooden figure.

“Get up.” Grand Preceptor Xie commanded.

Chen Lu didn’t dare to get up. Instead, he continuously slammed his forehead to the ground. “Grand Preceptor, please spare Lady Xu this time.”

Grand Preceptor Xie felt wronged. “If this old man had wanted to take her life, did you think Pei Yan would’ve been able to take her away?”

“Grand Preceptor?”

“Let her figure it out.” snapped Grand Preceptor. He looked at the bloody alley and lowered his voice. “She will regret it.”

Chen Lu shivered. The Grand Preceptor reached out and helped him up. Suddenly, Chen Lu gritted two words through his teeth. “His Majesty!”

He has never seen an emperor who is so good at tormenting his subjects!

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