Chapter 219: Did Supreme Commander give you his promise?

Chapter 219: Did Supreme Commander give you his promise? Original and most updated translations are from volare. If read elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.

Elder Li bowed towards Ning Xiaoyao and said, “Your Majesty, this subject will take his leave.”

“Great, ah, great,” Ning Xiaoyao stuck out her head from behind Lou Zigui. “Have a good trip, old gramps. Farewell, old gramps!”

Elder Li backed up three steps before turning his back and leaving. Although he executed his formal bow perfectly, the Lord Protector could tell that the man seemed light-headed and swayed when he walked, as if he was stepping on cotton.

“Elder Li really is getting on his years,” Ning Xiaoyao remarked to Lou Zigui after the man walked out of the hall.

“.....” said the Lord Protector. Is this really an issue of age?

Lou Zigui patted Ning Xiaoyao’s head. Elder Li didn’t like the sight of him, nor did he in turn. He didn’t want to talk much about Elder Li at all.

Ning Xiaoyao said, “Supreme Commander, are you hungry? Let’s go eat.”

The Lord Protector didn’t hear Ning Xiaoyao dismiss him, so he asked, “Is Your Majesty planning to leave this subject for the meal as well?”

Ning Xiaoyao’s expression blanched before she glared at him. “What? You want to eat here, oh?”

The Lord Protector turned dumbfounded when he saw His Majesty stare at him like a hated enemy.

“You still owe me a meal,” Ning Xiaoyao said as she continued to glare. Trying to get free food out of me while still owing me himself?! Anyone who makes this Majesty spend money now is my husband-snatching foe! (Author: Enough already, you. Where’s your so-called husband? o(╯□╰)o)

The Lord Protector didn’t understand what Ning Xiaoyao was so angry about, so he asked, “Then, shall I invite Your Majesty to the Lord Protector’s estate?”

Immediately, Ning Xiaoyao stopped glaring and was all smiles. “That’s possible, yeah.”

The Lord Protector’s eyes twitched at the abrupt transformation. Could it be that His Majesty was telling the truth when he said he was very poor? He can’t even get a good meal, so he always looks delighted when others treat him out to eat?

“There’s no time today,” Lou Zigui pulled Ning Xiaoyao to his side before she could run off again. He added in a lower voice, “Something might happen on Prince Fu’s side. It’s unlikely the imperial clansmen will be so docile.”

Ning Xiaoyao suddenly felt that there was no more love left in this world.

The Lord Protector said, “His Majesty can take care of national affairs at the Lord Protector’s estate, too. Supreme Commander, you---”

Lou Zigui stared at the Lord Protector, who inexplicably felt a chill and shut up.

“It’s inadvisable to leave the palace right now,” Lou Zigui turned back to Ning Xiaoyao after he had made the Lord Protector docile. “Maybe in the future.”

Ning Xiaoyao was thinking the same thing as the Lord Protector. Even if her uncle, Prince Fu, ended up brawling with his clansmen, it wouldn’t make a difference whether she was in the palace or the Lord Protector’s estate. But it was clear that Lou Zigui didn’t want her to go, so between delicious food and Supreme Commander Lou, she grudgingly chose the latter.

“Remember, you owe me a meal,” she told the Lord Protector, who only looked between her and Supreme Commander Lou.

I wasn’t imagining things, there really is something going on between them!

Lou Zigui had Ning Xiaoyao sit down before he poured her a cup of water. Then he turned to the Lord Protector and said, “Tao Yu’s gone to East Ji, so I’ll have to trouble the Lord Protector for matters back at the military barracks.”

The Lord Protector hastily asked, “Supreme Commander wants me to enter the barracks?”

Lou Zigui nodded. “Your Lord Protector’s estate has plenty of troops too. Many of them are in East Ji, so you can summon them to the capital.”

Is this to improve things for our Lord Protector’s estate’s men? The Lord Protector looked towards Ning Xiaoyao, who was currently munching on a sugar bean.

Seeing his look, she replied, “Mhm, listen to what Supreme Commander says.”

The Lord Protector had a new understanding of Supreme Commander Lou’s favored position. He was simply deciding things for His Majesty, ah. “So I’ll go to the military barracks and become Chen Lu’s deputy general?” the Lord Protector asked Lou Zigui.

“If you please,” Lou Zigui bowed slightly to him. As the respected Lord Protector of the country, it really was a step down to be Chen Lu’s subordinate at the military barracks.

The Lord Protector hastily waved his hands. “It’s no trouble. As long as I can be of service to His Majesty, then it’s fine.”

“You should go back and make preparations,” Lou Zigui said. “His Majesty will set the decree at the next morning assembly.”

“Some of our Lord Protector estate’s men are getting on in their years,” the Lord Protector recalled just then. He was about to go, but found it better to clarify some details. “Supreme Commander, are they useful as well?”

“If they’re old, don’t they have sons or grandsons of their own?” Lou Zigui asked.

The Lord Protector looked towards Ning Xiaoyao, who swallowed the sugar bean in her mouth. “Mhm, just do as Supreme Commander says. As long as they can fight, they should come. I don’t mind having more people.”

“This subject accepts the decree,” the Lord Protector was all smiles now.

“Go home and eat,” Ning Xiaoyao said. “Remember you still owe me a meal.”

Still that meal… The Lord Protector’s smile stiffened before he suddenly asked, “Your Majesty, why did you send Tao Yu to East Ji? This subject is a soldier as well. Was Your Majesty planning to place this subject into the military barracks even back then?”

“Ah?” Ning Xiaoyao replied. “That’s not it, ah. Back then, I just happened to spot General Tao.”

When the Lord Protector took his leave, he felt lightheaded as well. Just happened to spot him? Can you use people like that?

“Really,” Ning Xiaoyao told Lou Zigui. “I just happened to see Tao Yu then instead of the Lord Protector.” If she’d see him, she’d definitely feel conflicted about her choices.

The Lord Protector left the hall with heavy steps. So as it turned out, I only missed the chance for leading troops to war because His Majesty never noticed me.

“Let’s go eat,” Ning Xiaoyao jumped out of her chair once the Lord Protector was gone, pulling Lou Zigui away with her.

Lou Zigui said, “Xiaoyao, how did you think of pushing Prince Fu to step forward?”

“Because Fenglin City belongs to him, ah,” Ning Xiaoyao replied.

“Just because of that?”


“Then what about spending money to get rid of all the calamities?” Lou Zigui asked next.

“Because we’re dealing with refugees, ah,” Ning Xiaoyao explained. “If they have enough food, what kind of refugee would still want to risk death and revolt?”

“That’s it?”

“Mhm.” Ning Xiaoyao nodded. Who’s going to raise a rebellion for no reason when their bellies are full?

Ning Xiaoyao pulled Lou Zigui out of the side palace and towards the main audience all. By now the weather had gotten hotter, and the rays of the sun were piercing as they shone beneath the eaves. Lou Zigui looked up at the skies beyond, which were approaching summertime. Still, the light didn’t banish the gloomy cant to his pupils.

“Supreme Commander,” Ning Xiaoyao swung Lou Zigui’s hand in her own. “What do you want to eat later?”

Lou Zigui dropped his head, his gloomy eyes replaced with laughing ones. “Xiaoyao.” Standing in the deserted walkway, he placed both of his hands on her shoulders.

“What is it?” Ning Xiaoyao was all smiles as she thought of food. Lou Zigui lowered his head to peer at her, causing her to swallow her sugar bean. “Supreme Commander, do you have something else to say?”

Big Boss Black swished his tail from behind them. Is Supreme Commander going to kiss that ninny again? Can they stop abusing a cat like this? (Author: What do humans’ affairs have to do with you? (¬_¬) )

“Xiaoyao, I hope there’ll come a day when you don’t hide anything from me,” Lou Zigui said in a small voice. Ning Xiaoyao blinked before scratching her palms. What did I hide?

“I’ll wait,” Lou Zigui said as he cupped her face in his hands.

Ning Xiaoyao thought it over before asking, “Supreme Commander, what things are you talking about? Can you give me a reminder?”

“I won’t force you,” Lou Zigui smiled at her before taking her hand. “Let’s go eat.”

After following him a few steps, Ning Xiaoyao blurted out, “I have supernormal abilities.”

Lou Zigui’s steps halted. Ning Xiaoyao was very nervous. Please don’t think I’m some sort of freak!

Lou Zigui had heard of able-bodied soldiers, but what was ‘supernormal?’

“I, I can also understand the speech of animals,” Ning Xiaoyao said next. Since she was going to tell the truth, she might as well say everything. She and Supreme Commander had already tumbled in the sheets together and might stick together even more in the future. It wasn’t good to always be so dishonest.

Lou Zigui rested a hand against his forehead.

“It’s true, ah,” Ning Xiaoyao ran in front of him.

“Let’s go,” Lou Zigui started to leave.

“If you don’t believe me, I’ll show you,” Ning Xiaoyao waved at Big Boss Black. “Black Tubby, come here.”

Big Boss Black sat on the walkway without budging an inch.

“If not, then roll over,” Ning Xiaoyao said next.

Big Boss Black gave a yawn before sprawling on the ground.

“.....” said Ning Xiaoyao.

Lou Zigui said, “Didn’t you say we were going to eat? Let’s go.”

“You damned Black Tubby!” Ning Xiaoyao raged at him. “You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you? You want your Supreme Commander to think that I’m a liar so he’ll dislike me?” Why didn’t I notice what a malicious bastard this fat cat was?

Big Boss Black lazily rose to his feet, gave a long stretch, and jumped off the walkway and fled.

“Hmph!” Ning Xiaoyao was completely cross and prepared to give chase. One of us is definitely going to die today!

“Alright, alright,” Lou Zigui hooked his arms around her waist and pulled her back. “I believe you. Now let’s go eat.”

“......” said Ning Xiaoyao. Is this the attitude you should be showing if you believe me? Stop changing the subject!

The distant sound of footsteps approached them then, causing Lou Zigui to release Ning Xiaoyao and step away. Soon enough, a Black Frost Cavalry general arrived. He first bowed to Ning Xiaoyao, then respectfully reported to Lou Zigui, “Supreme Commander, someone from the Ministry of War’s arrived.”

“I’ll go meet with them,” Lou Zigui told Ning Xiaoyao softly. “You go eat first.”

Ning Xiaoyao deflated.

“I’ll have someone buy you egg yolk guoba later,” Lou Zigui added.

Can egg yolk guoba help my hurt feelings? Ning Xiaoyao puffed out her cheeks before sticking up two fingers at Lou Zigui. “Two jin.”[1. Two jin - approximately two pounds.]

“Alright,” Lou Zigui smiled warmly before turning to leave with the general.

Ning Xiaoyao stood alone in the walkway before raising her foot to stomp the ground. She’d told the truth, but Supreme Commander didn’t believe her, ah!

“Miaow,” Big Boss Black peeked out from the flower beds beyond the walkway and leaped back on the balustrade.

“Huh, you still have the guts to show yourself?” Ning Xiaoyao’s hand rushed forward like lightning and pressed Big Boss Black down as she prepared to beat him up.

“Xiaoyao,” Grandfather Sparrow flew onto the balustrade as well.

“Big Tubby ruined me” Ning Xiaoyao tattled immediately.

Grandfather Sparrow’s expression was stern as he looked at her. “Xiaoyao, you can’t let Supreme Commander know your secret yet.”

“Whaa?” Ning Xiaoyao gave a start.

Big Boss Black took this chance to wiggle out of her grasp and said, “You ninny, have you married Supreme Commander yet? How could you just tell him anything you like?”

Grandfather Sparrow added, “Xiaoyao, did Supreme Commander give you his promise?”

Ning Xiaoyao sat on the railings and blinked. “What promise, ah?”

“That he’ll be with your forever and ever, and protect you, and raise you, and something about growing white hairs together,” Big Boss Black meowed at her. “He hasn’t promised you anything yet, so how could you tell him your secret?”

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