Chapter 214: You're as beautiful as a flower, I'm as handsome as the Heavens

Chapter 214: You're as beautiful as a flower, I'm as handsome as the Heavens Original and most updated translations are from volare. If read elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.

Lou Zigui only nodded to Pei Yan’s words. The Lord Protector stated, “Then what else do we have to do?”

To put it simply, the roving rebel bands were simply bandits, but they’d had time to mature into a rebel army force. What else could be done against such insurgents besides to beat them back? The Lord Protector could even predict that the battles would be a big blow to the nation’s vitality again. After all, every time the rebels attacked, the dynasty suffered for it. How could this time be any exception?

Lou Zigui turned to look at Tao Yu behind him, his voice low. “There still need to be preparations. Right now the rebels own 19 cities and their morale is high. Even if you go to East Ji, you won’t be able to solve the problem instantly.”

Tao Yu cupped his fist respectfully at Lou Zigui. “This soldier awaits your instruction.”

The Lord Protector still had more questions, but Pei Yan tugged him back. It’s obvious that Lou Zigui doesn’t want to talk about it here, so why are you still asking? The Lord Protector looked at his little brother before coughing and staying mute.


Ning Xiaoyao had already made her rounds of the Imperial Physician Courtyard before circling back to Supreme Splendor Hall. She thought that Fang Tang had been sent for emergency treatment there, but they doctors said he’d never shown up. Ning Xiaoyao had no choice but to backtrack to her palace. The smell of fresh blood was still strong there thanks to the massive bleeding in the wake of Fang Tang’s injury. But since Fang Tang was a general of the army, he was still conscious. When he saw Ning Xiaoyao, his expression turned aggrieved.

“Your Majesty, are my injuries very serious?”

Imperial Physician Gao had already dressed Fang Tang’s wounds. Now he stood on the side to explain, “General Fang Tang didn’t suffer much from Xie Anji’s sword strike, but his right leg is broken.”

“Anything else?” Ning Xiaoyao asked.

Imperial Physician Gao gave a start, but as anyone who had spent time in Ning Xiaoyao’s presence would grow bolder over time, he was quick to ask, “Where else does Your Majesty wish Fang Tang to be injured?”

“......” said Fang Tang. Isn’t that too inhumane?

“Don’t worry, hah,” Ning Xiaoyao patted Fang Tang’s head as she promised, “A broken bone can be healed in the space of a breath. Lil’ Big Bro Fang, don’t be scared. I promise you’ll be able to run right away.”

Now it was Imperial Physician Gao’s turn to be struck speechless. How can a broken bone be cured in the time it takes to take a breath?

Ning Xiaoyao raised her hand and prepared to treat Fang Tang’s injury until she remembered Imperial Physician Gao was still there. She turned back and saw him staring at her.

“That there,” Ning Xiaoyao negotiated, “Lil’ Big Bro Gao, can you step out for a moment?”

“This subject isn’t allowed to see?” Imperial Physician Gao was very hurt.

“It’s a secret art from my master, I can’t spread it around,” Ning Xiaoyao blabbered out an excuse. She was determined not to be seen as a freak by the people of this time and burned to death. Because of her words, Imperial Physician Gao had no choice but to retreat. He too, had some prescriptions in his family that were only passed down to the sons but never the daughters, much less outsiders, so Ning Xiaoyao’s excuse was quite acceptable.

“Your Majesty,” Fang Tang said after the doctor left. “My Supreme Commander said you can’t treat my wounds.”

“Your Supreme Commander said all that for Grand Preceptor Xie to hear, but you still believe his words?” Ning Xiaoyao replied.

“Then, would the Grand Preceptor come to the same conclusion?” Fang Tang asked worriedly. If that happens, wouldn’t I have gotten stabbed for nothing?

Ning Xiaoyao placed her hand on Fang Tang’s stomach wound and replied, “Speaking of which, just what’s your Supreme Commander planning? Lil’ Big Bro Fang, can’t you tell me?”

Fang Tang had no reservations in front of Ning Xiaoyao, so he immediately told him everything about Lou Zigui’s plan. Ning Xiaoyao removed her hand and pursed her lips. Looks like the enemies are too fierce. Otherwise, we wouldn’t need to get so complicated and bloody just for the sake of delivering one letter.

“Your Majesty, my Supreme Commander’s doing all this for Your Majesty’s sake,” Fang Tang finished.

“He could only be doing it for my sake, ah,” Ning Xiaoyao replied. “Do you think he’d waste all that effort on you?”

“.....” said Fang Tang. Is it just me, or is there something off about those words? Why do I suddenly feel bad?

“Get up and walk a few steps,” Ning Xiaoyao gestured at Fang Tang to rise. “See if there’s anywhere else that feels uncomfortable.”

“Ah?” Only then did Fang Tang notice that his wounds had stopped hurting. “I--I’m cured?”

“Right, ah, you’re cured. I told you it’d only take the space of a breath.” Ning Xiaoyao saw that Fang Tang wasn’t moving, so she reached out and pulled him off the bed until he was on the ground.

Fang Tang’s broken bones didn’t hurt at all. He stomped his right leg in astonishment, but still felt no pain!

“Walk a few steps,” Ning Xiaoyao said as she sat on the bed.

Fang Tang tried walking all around the room. In the end, he opened up his clothes to stare at his stab wound. His broken leg was cured, but what about his stomach injury?

Ning Xiaoyao’s eyes widened at the sight of Fang Tang’s well-defined V-line and eight-pack. What a good body!

Fang Tang touched the location of his injury. He’d obviously been stabbed through, but there was nothing there but a red mark now. He rubbed it vigorously. The newly grown flesh over the old was a bit tender, but didn’t bleed.

“It really is cured, ah,” Fang Tang muttered to himself. Reality was right before his eyes, but young General Fang still couldn’t quite believe it. Meanwhile, Ning Xiaoyao rested her chin in her hands to stare at Fang Tang’s pecs. It’d be a waste not to stare at such a well-built body.

It was at this moment that Lou Zigui entered the room. The first thing he saw was Fang Tang half-exposing himself to Ning Xiaoyao, who was staring fixedly at him. His expression instantly darkened. Fang Tang saw his Supreme Commander and quickly turned with a loud voice, “Supreme Commander, look!” He was still so stunned that he hadn’t realized his Supreme Commander was ready to thrash him.

Lou Zigui took one look at the reddish mark on Fang Tang’s abs before stepping between him and Ning Xiaoyao. Once he’d successfully blocked the man from her sight, he said coldly, “What are you thinking, exposing your chest in front of His Majesty like that? What kind of place do you think this is?!”

Fang Tang opened and closed his mouth a few times. We’re all men here, so what’s the big deal? (Author: But Your Majesty is not a man….)

“Why aren’t you getting dressed yet?” Supreme Commander’s voice turned even colder. Fang Tang quickly closed up his shirt again. Lou Zigui still regarded his subordinate with a chilly gaze until Fang Tang straightened out his waistband as well. Only then did Lou Zigui shift to look at Ning Xiaoyao.

“I didn’t see a thing,” Ning Xiaoyao said immediately.

“.......” said Lou Zigui.

“Really,” Ning Xiaoyao lifted her hand and vowed, “I was looking at the door just then, haha. In any case, I think yours are better, Supreme Commander.”

If you didn’t see a thing, how do you know that mine are better? Lou Zigui wanted to say as he stared at Ning Xiaoyao. Fang Tang only scratched his head and felt like he was missing something in the equation.

“Don’t be angry,” Ning Xiaoyao grinned so her eyebrows curved to match. “You’re the best.”

Lou Zigui knew the girl was trying to trick him, but he still felt a bit better. He walked to her side and lightly pinched her chubby cheek. “Fang Tang’s alright now?”

“He’s fine,” Ning Xiaoyao replied. “He could even go beat up Xie Anji one more time to settle things.”

“Your Majesty, how did you do that?” Fang Tang asked. Although his Supreme Commander wasn’t happy with him now, he still had to ask before he died from curiosity.

“Urk,” Ning Xiaoyao said seriously, “It’s a secret art from my master.”

“Then Your Majesty, who’s your master? Where are they?” Fang Tang ran delightfully towards Ning Xiaoyao. “With medical skills like Your Majesty’s, we’d save a lot of lives on the battlefield!”

“Mhm,” Ning Xiaoyao nodded. “I was thinking the same thing. We didn’t know each other in the past, but now that we do, you don’t have to worry, Lil’ Big Bro Fang. I’ll join you guys in the battlefield in the future and beat that Modu to death.”

“Your Majesty wants to personally lead a military expedition?” Fang Tang was even more thrilled.

“Mhm,” Ning Xiaoyao was serious. “I want to personally lead an expedition.” Killing the leader of the Northern Hu isn’t the most important thing, but going to White Wolf Gorge so I can rescue Supreme Commander’s big brother!

Fang Tang grasped Ning Xiaoyao’s hands and said, deeply moved, “Your Majesty, when are you leading the expedition?”

Before Ning Xiaoyao could reply, Lou Zigui stuck out a leg and kicked Fang Tang aside. Fang Tang fell face-first with a splat before crawling mournfully to his feet. “Supreme Commander, what did I do wrong?”

“Get out,” Lou Zigui replied.


“Is all safe and sound enough in the capital for His Majesty to lead a military expedition?” Lou Zigui asked.

Both Ning Xiaoyao and Fang Tang wilted at his words. That’s right, ah. Grand Preceptor Xie and his cohorts are still here. How can we leave on an expedition now?

“Get out,” Lou Zigui told Fang Tang coldly. The last thing he wanted was to see this bastard right now.

Fang Tang left, but still couldn’t figure it out. He’d clearly completed his assigned mission, so what was Supreme Commander so displeased about?


Lou Zigui took Ning Xiaoyao’s hands and held them before he said, “He was taking liberties with a woman just then. If he does this in the future, you should beat him up.” (Author: Supreme Commander, you’ve completely wronged Fang Tang, ah. o(╯□╰)o )

Ning Xiaoyao was astute enough to keep quiet. Truthfully speaking, she’d even entertained the thought of feeling up Fang Tang’s V-line and eight-pack just then. But if Fang Tang holding her hands counting as ‘taking liberties,’ then fine. Ning Xiaoyao lowered her head. Good thing I didn’t get touchy-feely back there.

Lou Zigui pulled out a chair and sat in front of Ning Xiaoyao. “I want Fang Tang to go back to Anyuan and transfer troops to the capital. As long as the Black Frost Cavalry reaches the capital city, Xie Wenyuan will become no threat.”

“But Grand Preceptor will know that I’d healed Fang Tang’s injury, ah,” Ning Xiaoyao didn’t understand. “Supreme Commander, how are you planning to trick Grand Preceptor Xie?”

“I’ve already said my piece in front of the Hall of Golden Chimes. Even if we don’t stick to them, we can’t let anyone see the difference,” Lou Zigui said. “So Fang Tang will be hiding in Supreme Splendor Hall to avoid meeting anyone. That’s reasonable. Meanwhile, I’ve already arranged for a body double from the imperial guards to pose as him while Fang Tang’s gone.”

“Well dang,” Ning Xiaoyao exhaled, “Supreme Commander, you’re so amazing!”

Lou Zigui smiled. He was a cold and aloof man most of the time, but his smile was as brilliant as a flower. Ning Xiaoyao cupped his face with her hands and said, “Pretty, I like.”

Lou Zigui allowed her to hold him as he replied, “Xiaoyao, when you smile, I---I like it too.”

“Really? Hahaha,” Ning Xiaoyao drew her mouth back and laughed, revealing her white teeth. She just looked a bit idiotic, but even a fool as ignorant in love as Lou Zigui knew better than to tell her that outright.

“Ha,” Ning Xiaoyao laughed. “Supreme Commander, you’re as beautiful as a flower while I’m as handsome as the Heavens. We make the perfect pair, don’t we?”

“......” said Supreme Commander Lou. Why am I the one as beautiful as a flower?!

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