Chapter 185: This subject knows who the culprit is

Chapter 185: This subject knows who the culprit is Original and most updated translations are from volare. If read elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.

While Ning Xiaoyao was suppressing her urge to kill Grand Preceptor Xie, Lou Zigui took that time and spoke up. “This one understands the Grand Preceptor’s views as well.”

Hearing those words from that man, Grand Preceptor Xie’s eyes flashed. “Your Majesty, this subject is ill. Please pardon this subject for not seeing you off.”

“Let’s go,” Lou Zigui pulled Ning Xiaoyao away, but she refused to leave without resolving the troubles of A’Mo and the rest.

When Lou Zigui tugged on her, she simply stood in place and asked, “Do you insist on doing things this way?”

Grand Preceptor Xie didn’t even open his eyes. “This subject still has the same words: does Your Majesty want this subject dead?”

Ning Xiaoyao said, “Would you die if I tell you to?”

To which Grand Preceptor Xie replied, “This subject has no choice if the sovereign wants the subject dead.”

Ning Xiaoyao immediately replied, “Then fine, you can go die.”

“However, the mountains and rivers are in tatters while bandits roam the lands. Your Majesty is haunted by petty subjects by your side,” Grand Preceptor Xie continued. “Due to current circumstances, this subject cannot die.”

Ning Xiaoyao smoothed down her sleeves and suddenly lost all her patience. She was going to sic this bastard. How could he say such righteous-sounding words when he was absolutely shameless himself?!

“Your Majesty!” Lou Zigui grabbed Ning Xiaoyao once again and shook his head at her.

Ning Xiaoyao held herself back and said to the Grand Preceptor, “Why don’t you say who those supposedly petty subjects are?”

Grand Preceptor Xie simply stared at Lou Zigui. Ning Xiaoyao glanced at him and said, “Supreme Commander, you still want me to hold back?”

“Justice is apparent in one’s heart,” Lou Zigui replied coldly, causing Grand Preceptor Xie to bark out a sarcastic laugh. By now, all of the doctors had backed up right next to the windows. In the Grand Preceptor’s eyes, His Majesty wasn’t a sovereign at all.

“You can still laugh even when you’re swollen like this,” Ning Xiaoyao gave Grand Preceptor Xie a thumbs up. “No wonder people always say ‘good people never live long, but evil jerks live on forever.’”

Grand Preceptor Xie moved his neck with some difficulty to stare at Lou Zigui. “What Your Majesty means to say is while the Xie Clan’s full of loyal martyrs, Supreme Commander is the sole survivor of his family?”

Aiya, Ning Xiaoyao thought as she stared at Grand Preceptor Xie, He’s classifying Supreme Commander as one of those ‘evil jerks,’ “Grand Preceptor, your brains have turned useless with your advanced years, is that it?” Ning Xiaoyao said. “The Lou Clan still has a little nephew named Lou Nan.[1. Lou Nan (楼楠) - Nan is the name of the Phoebe zhennan tree, whose wood was so valuable that only the imperial family could use it.] How could you ignore the existence of such a living, breathing Lou Clan member?”

Grand Preceptor Xie laughed coldly. “Lou Nan has been weak and sickly since childhood---”

“Enough,” Ning Xiaoyao didn’t let Grand Preceptor Xie finish his nasty words. “You had three perfectly healthy sons, but was that any use? One’s been wasted, one’s an idiot, and the last---oh, that’s right, I forgot to ask. Is your third son still struggling for life in this world?”

Grand Preceptor Xie finally fell silent. Ning Xiaoyao silently gave herself a ‘Like.’ Anyone who tried to verbally spar with her would experience a life worse than death, even if there were no zombies in this world! She’d definitely drive Grand Preceptor Xie to a dead end! In the past, anyone who faced off against her ended up being gnawed by zombies. (Author: Enough already…)

“Let’s go,” Lou Zigui pulled Ning Xiaoyao away. If this kept on, she’d probably start shouting abuses in public again.

“Are you still going to capture the ants?” Ning Xiaoyao asked loudly.

Grand Preceptor Xie only took her to be mocking him. He chortled, then said, “This subject already found the culprit, so why would I blame ants for these things? Or does Your Majesty wish for this subject to make mortal enemies out of some puny ants?”

Whaa? Ning Xiaoyao was a little lost. Aren’t A’Mo’s team of ants the culprits? Where did this ‘other suspect’ pop out from?

“Your Majesty,” Grand Preceptor Xie stared at Ning Xiaoyao. “Don’t take this subject for an idiot.”

Ning Xiaoyao creased her brows and considered the situation before her. Forget about who the Grand Preceptor’s suspecting, at least A’Mo and the rest are safe now, so I’ve reached my goal. Once she thought it through, Ning Xiaoyao relaxed her brows and nodded. “You’re not stupid,” she said.

If he really was stupid, would I have so much trouble killing him up to now? That’d only mean I was the low IQ one instead.

Grand Preceptor Xie said, “This subject thanks Your Majesty for the compliment.”

“You’re welcome,” Ning Xiaoyao said. “Treat your illness well, we can fight again when you recover. Goodbye.”

Ning Xiaoyao was already walking towards the door when Lou Zigui gave a parting word, “I beseech Grand Preceptor think twice before taking any actions.”

Grand Preceptor Xie blinked. Lou Zigui said no more, but turned and left as well. Ning Xiaoyao was standing outside the study doors to lecture Xie Anji. “There are so many rooms in the Grand Preceptor’s estate, but you let your father sleep in a study? Where’s your sense of filial piety?”

Xie Anji heaved for breath as he stared at Ning Xiaoyao.

“I’m asking you, is the study a room to read books or a room to sleep in?” Ning Xiaoyao curled her lips in contempt. “You unfilial son.”

All of the Grand Preceptor’s people wanted to kneel in awe before Ning Xiaoyao. It was common for the Grand Preceptor to sleep in the study, so was His Majesty kicking up a row on purpose? The eldest young master was a bastard who abandoned his first wife, the third young master was cold-blooded bastard who treated human life like garbage, and now His Majesty wanted to accuse their second young master as an unfilial bastard, too?!

“You just wait,” Ning Xiaoyao told Xie Anji, “If this happens again and I catch you mistreating the Grand Preceptor, I’ll definitely, that there, drown you in a wicker basket!”

“Your Majesty!” Xie Anji exclaimed out loud.

“........” said everyone else. His Majesty’s even saying things like drowning people in wicker baskets, how did his tongue turn so poisonous? That kind of punishment is only reserved for married women who’ve committed adultery, so what does it mean when he puts it on second young master’s head?

“Stop shouting,” Ning Xiaoyao said. “Even if you do, I’ll still drown you in a wicker basket.”

As Xie Anji lost all reason and started a verbal spar against Ning Xiaoyao, Lou Zigui walked out with a cold look towards the man. “Your Majesty, is there anything else you wanted to do?”

“Nothing else,” Ning Xiaoyao replied. “Where’s the old madame’s mourning hall? Second Xie, lead the way. I’m going to burn some incense and papers and whatnot for old madame.”

All of the Grand Preceptor estate’s people wanted to cry. He’s not even sparing the old madame’s mourning hall?

“Escort the guests out!” Grand Preceptor Xie yelled from the study.

Lou Zigui tugged at Ning Xiaoyao because it was about time they left. If they really forced Xie Wenyuan into ordering the capital soldiers to revolt, wouldn’t everything be over? Ning Xiaoyao was pulled toward the front gates of the Grand Preceptor’s estate as she made a ‘nailed it’ gesture to Cousin Magpie on the roof.

Cousin Magpie said, “Xiaoyao, if anything else happens, I’ll find you at the palace.”

Ning Xiaoyao blew a kiss at him. Cousin Magpie was no romantic, but he sensed that Ning Xiaoyao was telling him ‘alright,’ so he chirped back a few times before flying to A’Mo’s nest. He told the heroes who’d bitten Grand Preceptor Xie all over that the emergency had been resolved.

“Who’s A’Mo?” Lou Zigui asked.

“Oh, A’Mo’s alright now,” Ning Xiaoyao replied.

“I’m asking you who he is, not if he’s alright,” Lou Zigui murmured.

“Urk, A’Mo’s a little ant.”

Lou Zigui stopped and turned to look at Ning Xiaoyao.

“Alright,” Ning Xiaoyao knew Supreme Commander wouldn’t believe her. “A’Mo’s one of my little pals.”

In Lou Zigui’s mind, this A’Mo had to be one of Ning Xiaoyao’s agents at the Grand Preceptor’s estate. (Author: Supreme Commander, you’re right in everything but the species.)

“Your Majesty?” one of the Dragon Guards ran out from the back courtyards of the Grand Preceptor’s estate.

“Withdraw the men, we’re going back to the palace,” Ning Xiaoyao said. The Dragon Guard nodded and ran off. Ning Xiaoyao was dragged by Lou Zigui all the way to the exit. The servants there felt their legs quaking at the mere sight of her, feeling that anything could go wrong. By now, the Lord Protector had finally arrived with his own guards to the area.

“Lord Protector, should we dismount from the horses?” a guard asked.

The Lord Protector stared at the newly renovated archway above them before whipping his horse to pass right through. Seeing this, his guards followed suit. Ning Xiaoyao stood at the entrance of the Grand Preceptor’s estate and looked left and right. Every time her gaze swept over someone, they would lower their heads and pretend they were invisible.

“This door,” Ning Xiaoyao said as she patted one of the round metal decorations on the door, “Is simply too ugly.”

The Grand Preceptor’s servants felt their hearts rise up in their throats. Ning Xiaoyao banged against the door with effort and managed to topple it to the ground again.

“........” said the Grand Preceptor’s servants. As expected, His Majesty can’t leave without tearing something down at the estate.

Lou Zigui stepped forward and took Ning Xiaoyao’s hand. “Does it hurt?”

The Grand Preceptor’s servants looked at the toppled door and felt that it probably hurt more than His Majesty. The Lord Protector first heard the door crashing to the ground before he reached the Grand Preceptor’s estate. By the time he got to the front doors, Ning Xiaoyao was standing on top of the fallen door. In that moment, the Lord Protector believed in the old madame’s words. His Majesty wouldn’t lose---His Majesty would definitely play that old hooligan, Xie Wenyuan, to death!

“Eh?” Ning Xiaoyao grinned at the Lord Protector. “Lord Protector, why did you come?”

The Lord Protector flipped off his horse, but Ning Xiaoyao had already run to his side. “Lord Protector, your little brother…”

Lou Zigui caught up and pulled her aside before lowering his voice. “Talk about that after we’re farther away from this place..”

Ning Xiaoyao turned back and saw the Grand Preceptor’s servants hastily drop their heads, again pretending they didn’t exist. Lou Zigui brought Ning Xiaoyao and the Lord Protector some ways away from the Grand Preceptor’s estate, then asked, “Is honorable little brother well?”

Lord Protector hastened to kneel in front of Ning Xiaoyao, but Lou Zigui stopped him before the emperor could do it herself. “There’s no need for formalities here, we can just talk.”

The Lord Protector stared at Lou Zigui. He was kneeling for His Majesty, so why did Lou Zigui stop him? Ning Xiaoyao said, “Mm, judging from the fact that Lord Protector tried to thank me, honorable little brother is well.”

Joy flashed on the Lord Protector’s face before he cupped his fist in front of his chest. “Yes, Your Majesty. Pei Yan has really recovered.”

It’s a pity, Ning Xiaoyao thought to herself, I didn’t get to go to the Lord Protector’s estate last night and see for myself.  But when she lifted her head to look at Lou Zigui, her lips split into a lecherous grin. Last night, Supreme Commander and I...heheheh, that really wasn’t bad, either.

“........” said the Lord Protector. My little brother was the one who became a man last night, but why does His Majesty look like he enjoyed himself too?

Lou Zigui pulled Ning Xiaoyao to stand behind him before intoning, “Congratulations.”

The Lord Protector only felt that there was something off about this odd couple.

“Lord Protector, why have you come?” Lou Zigui asked while keeping Ning Xiaoyao firmly out of sight.

The Lord Protector said, “I heard something happened to the Grand Preceptor?”

“Something has,” Lou Zigui lost his grip and Ning Xiaoyao popped out from behind him in high spirits.

“The Grand Preceptor’s body is all swollen up. Haha, his face is as ripe as a monkey’s butt!”

Hearing Ning Xiaoyao’s description, the Lord Protector’s first thought was, Heavens, His Majesty has poisoned the Grand Preceptor.

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