Chapter 16: The empress asks for an audience

Chapter 16: The empress asks for an audience Original and most updated translations are from volare. If read elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.

Today was His Majesty’s second day on the throne, so the generals felt it was very normal that Ning Xiaoyao wasn’t familiar with the palace. Ning Xiaoyao gave them a few ideas. “Go out and ask someone. All of you know martial arts, so if you meet any haughty types who don’t want to help, just beat them up. Hit them until they turn amiable and easy to approach.”

“Is this an imperial decree?” a few generals were shrewd enough to ask respectfully.

“Huh?” Ning Xiaoyao thought a bit before nodding. “Yes, it’s an imperial decree.” If that was convenient, then she’d turn her words into imperial decrees.

The generals exchanged glances before simultaneously kneeling down to pay Ning Xiaoyao respect. Ning Xiaoyao had come in too suddenly just then for them to treat her as subjects should treat their sovereign. Moreover, they wanted to thank her.

Ning Xiaoyao leapt to her feet and started furiously waving her hands. “No, no need to kneel, hurry and get hot water, and some medical gauze, saving Supreme Commander is more important.”

Fang Tang rose and asked, “Your Majesty, what is medical gauze?”

Ning Xiayao fell silent before replying, “It’s just clean, unused gauze.”

Now the generals all understood. After bowing with a chorus of ‘This subject accepts the decree’ they went out to look for imperial physicians and hot water. When they left, Ning Xiaoyao turned to observe Lou Zigui again. His eyes were closed, but his eyelids were quivering. It wasn’t clear whether he was awake and pretending to be sleeping, or actually feeling pain in his sleep, but Ning Xiayao sat by the bed and drew close to him before placing her hand over his shoulder. Soft green light twinkled as Ning Xiaoyao used all her strength to activate her ability, her face turning a bit pale by the result. But the area around Lou Zigui’s exposed bone began to grow new flesh, slowing covering up the unprotected bone.

The half-conscious Lou Zigui caught a whiff of fresh grass and plants, a delicate fragrance that slowly smoothed out his wrinkled brows. As the pain faded, he felt like he was being wrapped up in the same warmth from an hour ago, and fell into a dream-filled slumber. Ning Xiaoyao removed her hand, her body covered in sweat from treating his injury. She collapsed by his side and mused over how weak her new body was. In the future, she’d have to train it up. It wasn’t easy getting to live in a world without zombies, so she had to get a fine, strong body to live for lots and lots of years.

“Your Majesty,” a court lady called from outside, timid enough to cry.

Ning Xiaoyao was breathing heavily as she lay on the bed, unwilling to answer.

“Your Majesty?” the court lady called again. This time, she really sounded like she was crying.

Ning Xiaoyao could only sit up and ask, “What is it?” If the empress dowager wanted to see her again, Ning Xiaoyao swore that she wouldn’t go this time even if she died!

Hearing Ning Xiaoyao’s voice, the court lady outside hastened to say, “To reply Your Majesty, esteemed Empress requests an audience.”


Ning Xiaoyao spat out a mouthful of water. Had she heard wrong? Empress? She even had an empress?!

“Your Majesty?” the court lady asked. “Does Your Majesty want to see esteemed Empress?”

Ning Xiaoyao jumped off the bed and onto the ground. They really were putting on a complete play this time. Forget about dressing up a girl as a guy to cheat the throne, she even had a wife. Nothing good could come from this! Moreover, how had Ning Yu and this girl spent their wedding night? (Author: Don’t worry about these questions, you should be working out what to do next! Ah, peh!)

“Esteemed Empress came to pay her respects for Your Majesty’s health,” the court lady said again.

Even if she didn’t see the empress this time or next time, she couldn’t avoid her forever. That was impossible. Thus, an annoyed Ning Xiaoyao said, “Let her in.”

With a noise of assent, the court lady accepted the decree and prepared to leave.

“Don’t bring her here,” Ning Xiaoyao turned back to see Lou Zigui sleeping on the bed. “Find a quiet place and bring the emp, empress over there.”

The court lady obeyed and hurried off.

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