Chapter 15: The kitten says, there's no saving the Supreme Commander

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Ning Xiaoyao dejectedly left the empress dowager’s hall, feeling that life was hard. She wandered aimlessly through the grounds of the Imperial Palace until the sight of flowering trees, jade-like pools, and various birds, bugs, and fish gradually improved her mood. Ning Xiaoyao had never seen a world like this while growing up during the apocalypse. No matter how hard life was, could it be any more difficult than living with the constant threat of being eaten alive by zombies? Immediately, Ning Xiaoyao was filled with endless ambition. She wasn’t even afraid of zombies, so why would she fear regular people? These types hadn’t even evolved yet! Bulls**t!

With her mood improved, Ning Xiaoyao’s walking speed increased. The court ladies and eunuchs who were following His Majesty couldn’t keep up. By the time they were all running, they realized that His Majesty could disappear from their very eyes just by taking a stroll. All of them were rendered speechless. How could they explain this to the empress dowager? Also, who told them that His Majesty only studied books and not martial arts?

A happy Ning Xiaoyao pranced through the Imperial Palace that resembled a large garden, singing songs from Let’s All Kill Zombies to I Kill a Zombie, I Gain Glory until she spotted a copse of trees up front. April was the perfect time for trees to be sprouting buds, so Ning Xiaoyao saw a canopy of fresh leaves covering the skies as soon as she looked over.

Hah! Ning Xiaoyao tossed aside the grass in her hands and cheerfully ran into the woods. What a beautiful world!

At the same time, four cats were holding a meeting in one of the trees.

“Meow,” the rather skinny kitten licked Big Boss Black’s paws ingratiatingly and said, “Big Boss, there’s no saving Supreme Commander.

Big Boss Black clawed the kitten until it tumbled and said, “Just what’s going on? Hasn’t that ninny rescued Supreme Commander and brought him back?”

In the forest, Ning Xiaoyao turned stiff at being called foolish again. That’s right, hadn’t she rescued Supreme Commander and brought him back?!

The kitten rolled around the branches before sitting upright and repeating what it’d heard from the Grand Preceptor and empress dowager beneath their carriage to Big Boss Black. Both the other cats on the tree and the human beneath them were stunned. Soon enough, Big Boss Black’s sad, shrill cries filled the entire copse. “Miaow, abominable humans!”

“Shoot!” Ning Xiaoyao stomped her feet before turning to dash wildly out of the woods. Poison on the executioner’s blade? That damned old man! The four cats on the tree only heard Ning Xiaoyao yelling before they realized a human had appeared beneath them since who knows when. When they looked again, they saw that the madly fleeing figure was none other than that ninny, Ning Yu.

“We follow,” Big Boss Black jumped between the branches as if flying until he reached the ground. Then he rushed out the forest with his groupies trailing along.

Evolved humans ran like the wind when they were in a rush. Ning Xiaoyao reached the Supreme Splendor Hall in one breath, where all the people who’d followed her to the empress dowager’s palace were still milling about searching for His Majesty. The court ladies and eunuchs left at the palace only felt a breeze blow past their forms and didn’t even manage to see Ning Xiayoao clearly.

Fang Tang and the rest were anxiously standing guard around the bed. They didn’t know how to treat patients and couldn’t find a doctor to look after Lou Zigui’s wounds. When they heard someone kick open the door, a few generals hastily turned back, only to see nobody there. By the time they turned back around, they saw Ning Xiaoyao standing by the bedside. Currently, Lou Zigui was lying unconscious on the bed. Since he’d incurred heavy injuries, he had yet to regain his physical strength. Ning Xiaoyao listened to his breathing and heartbeat before releasing a breath. Geez, while she was strolling about the gardens and enjoying the beautiful world, Supreme Commander Lou was actually dying from poison!

Fang Tang carefully asked Ning Xiaoyao, “Your Majesty, you’re…?”

Ning Xiaoyao bent over and lightly touched her hand to the wound on Lou Zigui’s shoulder. Fang Tang wanted to ask more questions, but the generals by his side tugged on his sleeve and made him shut up. Lou Zigui’s shoulder had been stripped of its skin, then gnawed on by the hordes. Right now there was less than a quarter of his original skin left, while the deeper parts of the wound exposed the bone. Ning Xiaoyao narrowed her eyes to look closer, but didn’t see any indications of poison. She increased her pressure on the hand covering the wound until it started bleeding again.

Seeing Ning Xiaoyao’s hand soaking in Supreme Commander’s blood, the generals couldn’t hold it back any longer and chorused, “Your Majesty!”

Ning Xiaoyao said, “If you have this kind of strength, why not go get some hot water and some gauze?” With her here, they didn’t need medicine, but Lou Zigui’s wound had yet to heal. It seemed like they should still bind it up.

“Where, where do we get them?” Fang Tang stammered. This was the Supreme Splendor Hall. Was it a place where they could just run about blindly?

Seeing no signs of toxins in the blood, Ning Xiaoyao gave a long sigh. It looked like she’d gotten rid of the poison when she treated Supreme Commander Lou on the execution platform. Good job, healing powers!

“Your Majesty?” Fang Tang shouted.

“Don’t know,” Ning Xiaoyao shrugged her shoulders at Fang Tang. She’d just transmigrated over today and had spent all that time strolling around without ever finding the kitchens where they boiled water.

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