Chapter 13: His Majesty goes wild

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After clearly explaining the relationship between him and the crown prince, Lou Zigui discovered that the current emperor was still blinking at him with his large, dark eyes. He seemed completely clueless, so Supreme Commander Lou could only ask, “Why save me?”

“Weren’t you falsely accused?” Ning Xiaoyao found it strange. Why wouldn’t she save an innocent person?

“Your Majesty isn’t afraid that I’ll take revenge for His Highness, the Crown Prince?” Lou Zigui asked coldly.

Ning Xiaoyao patted her chest, which had been bound with cloth to make it flat, and said, “No fear, we can work hard together.” The two of them could join forces against the Grand Preceptor and empress dowager!

Lou Zigui’s excellent brain was left a bit muddled by Ning Xiaoyao’s words. Grand Preceptor Xie Wenyuan and Empress Dowager Xie were the father and daughter pair who caused the crown prince’s death. The one to benefit most from that, and the chief culprit of this mess, would be none other than Ning Yu himself. But he said he wanted them to work hard together to kill himself?

“I believe you’re a good guy,” Ning Xiaoyao said quietly as she placed her hand on his forehead. “So I’ll help you. Right now, you don’t need to think about anything else. Rest well first and leave everything else to me.”

A warm current passed through Lou Zigui’s veins to seep through his entire body. He was originally full of doubts and caution, but the warmth soon enveloped him into a heavy sleep. Ning Xiaoyao picked away a section of clotted blood on Lou Zigui’s wounds to inspect the injury beneath it. The bleeding had stopped, but the wound had yet to heal. Within the injury was exposed bone. Ning Xiaoyao sucked in a breath. Though she still had her powers, they weren’t as strong as they were originally in the apocalyptic world. She’d already done her best, but it had only stopped Supreme Commander Lou’s bleeding.

“Your Majesty,” Fang Tang’s voice called from outside the door. “Esteemed Empress Dowager has invited Your Majesty to her hall.”

“Not going,” Ning Xiaoyao said without a second thought. She didn’t have anything to talk about with that woman, so why meet her at all?

Eunuch Xu stared at the closed doors of the palace and thought for a bit before he spoke up. “Your Majesty, Esteemed Empress Dowager said she misses you.”

“I don’t miss her,” Ning Xiaoyao’s reply was succinct and clear. Currently, that little brother of hers was still being fed on milk, so she wasn’t worried at all. That father and daughter pair couldn’t think of ways to kill her, yet.

Outside the doors, everyone had been silenced by Ning Xiaoyao’s words. It didn’t seem like His Majesty had simply lost his temper at Esteemed Empress Dowager. If anything, he’d suddenly adopted a hostile stance! In the midst of the silence, a little eunuch of Supreme Splendor Hall quickly ran onto the scene. Startled by the quiet, he didn’t dare ascend the steps to the sleeping quarters, but stood in the courtyard and said, “Your servant reports to Your Majesty, His Excellency Grand Preceptor requests an audience.”

When Ning Xiaoyao heard that other guy was acting up too, she immediately replied, “Hurry and have him go home.”

The little eunuch’s voice trembled as he said, “Your Majesty, His Excellency Grand Preceptor has already entered the palace. Right now, he’s at the empress dowager’s hall.”

Ning Xiaoyao was vexed beyond belief as she sat in the chair by the bed. Was this father and mother pair partnering up to counter me?

“Your Majesty?” Eunuch Xu shouted at the closed doors once again.

She didn’t have a grasp of palace struggles, so what should she do? Ning Xiaoyao paced round and round in her rooms. Should she go fight with them, or just take Supreme Commander and run away?

Fang Tang and the rest stood like door gods by the entrance, looking strong and imposing. But their hearts were seized with anxiety. If His Majesty couldn’t stand his ground and bowed before the empress dowager and Grand Preceptor, then wouldn’t Supreme Commander be in danger again?

With a crash, the doors opened as Ning Xiaoyao strode out. After careful deliberation, she had decided that she didn’t know enough about this world. Running away wasn’t a good idea, so she had to fight instead!

“You there, you guys guard this spot. If anyone wants to go inside, beat them up!” Ning Xiaoyao said fiercely. “I’ll take responsibility if someone dies.”

Once again, the courtyard fell into silence at Ning Xiaoyao’s words. Everyone felt that things had taken a serious turn. His Majesty was planning to go wild!

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