Chapter 93: Secret Affair (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 93: Secret Affair (2)

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Wenqing was led to Xi Court by one of the Dingyuan Estate’s maidservants. Just as they turned around a corner and entered a secluded area, the maidservant suddenly turned around and took out a letter from her sleeves, shoving it into Wenqing’s hands.

Wenqing froze in response, but heard the maidservant explain, “This is a letter from Mister Xiao to Sixth Miss Chu. Sister, please be discreet.” Following that, the maidservant ran off...

Wenqing’s entire body had stiffened. For Sixth Miss Chu? Wasn’t that their Third Young Madam? Who… who was Mister Xiao?

When she finally recovered her senses, she quickly hid the letter in her sleeves. After looking left and right to make sure there was no one else around, she heaved a heavy sigh of relief.

Xi Court was right around the corner. Wenqing made it there in two or three paces. She closed the door behind her and finally dared to take the letter out from her sleeve. There was the Chinese character for Xiao on the simple envelope, handwritten in a way that divulged the writer’s strong personality.

When Wenqing recalled the reminders that Senior Servant Zhong had given her yesterday, her heart beat like a drum.

However, the way Chu Lian looked while making desserts, and the way she amiably mingled with the maidservants also popped into her mind. A glint of determination flashed in Wenqing’s eyes.

She looked down at the letter in her hands.

This must be from someone trying to frame Third Young Madam. Third Young Madam was such a good person; how could she possibly be having a secret affair?! Senior Servant Zhong was too narrow-minded. She had to hide this letter! It was pitiful enough that Third Young Master had left Third Young Madam all by herself to go to the northern border. She had to protect Third Young Madam! She couldn’t let anyone harm her!

After making her decision, Wenqing folded the letter and placed it back into her sleeve.

By the time she returned to Chu Lian’s side, Madam Zou was already preparing to leave the Dingyuan Estate.

Wenqing followed behind Chu Lian, her head lowered and her expression tense. Chu Lian found it strange and turned to look at her, asking worriedly, “Wenqing, are you feeling alright?”

When Wenqing looked up to meet Third Young Madam’s concerned gaze, her heart softened and she was even more sure that the letter she had received was from someone trying to frame Third Young Madam.

Wenqing hurriedly shook her head. “Third Young Madam, this servant is fine. It’s been a little too hot these few days; perhaps this servant looks off due to the heat.”

“When we return to the estate, go back to your room and take a break. You don’t have to serve by my side for now.”

“Thank you, Third Young Madam.”

Madam Zou and Chu Lian left the Dingyuan Estate. When they reached the Jing’an Estate, it wasn’t even dark yet.

Old Matriarch He had stayed behind in the Dingyuan Estate for the night banquet. She would probably return late at night. Chu Lian sent Wenqing back to her room to rest the moment they returned to Songtao Court.


In the guest room provided for male guests in the Dingyuan Estate, Xiao Bojian was seated on a wooden chair. Within minutes, a knock sounded at the door. After his grunt of approval, a woman dressed up as a normal maidservant pushed the door open and entered.

The maidservant closed the door carefully and knelt down before Xiao Bojian.


“Have you carried out your task?”

“Master, please rest easy. The letter was given to one of Sixth Miss Chu’s personal maidservants. Sixth Miss Chu must have read Master’s letter by now.”

“Alright. Return to hiding. Don’t expose yourself.”

“Understood.” The maidservant opened the door and left. Right after passing through the doorway of the guest room, the cold expression on her face changed into one that was timid and weak.

It was as if she were two different people.

After the maidservant left, another person appeared within the guest room. This man was dressed in ash-grey clothing. He had an average figure and average looks.

He bowed his head and lowered his voice as he said, “Master, isn’t it a waste to expose Seven just for a woman?”

The contented expression on Xiao Bojian’s face instantly turned icy and hard. He narrowed his eyes and turned to look at the man behind him. “One, it’s not your place to comment on what I do.”

The man called One stiffened and quickly lowered his head even further. “This subordinate has overstepped his bounds.”

Xiao Bojian waved his hand and continued to coldly order, “Don’t come out again unless I call for you.”

TL Note: Xiao Bojian has a group of secret guards who are literally named with numbers. Seven = 7, but One's name in Chinese is a little more like 1st in 1st, 2nd, 3rd. My editor and I went through several different names, but having one of them be Seven and the other one be First seemed a little strange, so I kept it simple by translating his name as One.

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