Chapter 92: Secret Affair (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 92: Secret Affair (1)

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Heir Zheng pulled Xiao Bojian over with one arm and smiled. “Senior Xiao, I didn’t think that House Jing’an’s Third Young Madam was so talented.”

Xiao Bojian finally loosened the tight grip he had on the railing. The frost in his eyes also slowly faded away. His gaze scanned the area across the pond as he pressed his lips together without saying a word.

The manservant could hear the happiness in Heir Zheng’s voice, so he quickly continued his report. “Heir Zheng, this servant heard that the longevity peach buns Third Young Madam made are to be sent to the feast located in the outer court. If Heir Zheng wishes to taste them, why not go to the banquet hall? The feast is about to start.”

“Alright, thanks for the news.” Heir Zheng casually tossed out a peanut made of gold; the manservant hurriedly received it and profusely thanked the young master before leaving.

As Heir Zheng fanned himself, he exclaimed, “Senior Xiao, let’s go! We have to rush over there or there won’t be any left for us.”

Xiao Bojian went along with Heir Zheng silently.

At around the same time, the prince sitting on the third floor of Qingfeng Court also stood up. The corners of his lips curled. “Let’s go. To the outer court.”

Although the Great Wu Dynasty was more open-minded compared to the previous dynasties, they still separated males and females whenever possible. Thus, the two genders were seated in different halls.

Chu Lian followed behind Madam Zou obediently. Anyone looking at her now wouldn’t think that she was the same Third Young Madam who had just turned the tables on a bunch of noble madams in Mei Court.

Madam Zou’s brows were slightly drawn together. By the time she had heard of Chu Lian’s troubles and rushed back to Mei Court, she had already realised that someone was out to get Chu Lian.

While House Dingyuan was prospering both in numbers and wealth and seemed like a mighty noble house, the truth of the matter was that the main branch and second branch were fighting each other.

Madam Zou was a young lady from the second branch, and was also the eldest granddaughter of the family. Her aunt didn’t like her at all, and didn’t have to worry about offending House Jing’an either. There was no limit to what her aunt could do.

Madam Zou had been informed upon reaching Mei Court that her youngest daughter had accidentally fallen off a decorative mountain and had been hurt. She had rushed over like someone had set her on fire, only to find that her daughter had only scraped her knee. By then, she had begun to feel like something wasn’t quite right.

However, she hadn’t expected that her aunt’s real target was Chu Lian.

Madam Zou inwardly sighed and turned to Chu Lian. “Third Sister-in-Law, it’s Eldest Sister-in-Law’s fault for not taking care of you properly and letting you suffer. Just stick to me for now.”

Chu Lian shook her head and smiled. “It’s not Eldest Sister-in-Law’s fault! Even if they didn’t get me this time, they have a thousand and one other tricks they could use on me Unless I never step out of the house again, I’m bound to fall for one of them. Don’t take it to heart. I even earned quite a few good accessories today!”

When Chu Lian spoke of the accessories, her almond-shaped eyes lit up, clearly showing how happy she was. She really hadn’t let any of what just happened affect her at all.

Madam Zou wanted to say something, but she stopped just as she was about to speak. Thinking of the shock Chu Lian must have suffered just now, she decided to save the rest of her words for when they got back to the Jing’an Estate.

It wasn’t really a good thing to take the accessories from those noble madams and princesses.

Madam Zou patted Chu Lian’s hand and led her to the courtyard where the female guests would be participating in the banquet. In her heart, she decided to return home quickly once the banquet ended so that they could avoid any other traps set by her aunt, Madam Huang.

In the end, everything went smoothly and the guests were invited to take a walk to Dingbo Pavilion after the feast. Chu Lian excused herself and rested in a guest room with her two nieces for a couple hours.

Madam Zou wanted to leave as early as possible and Chu Lian didn’t want to continue staying at the Dingyuan Estate, so before dusk, they sent someone to summon House Jing’an’s carriage.

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