Chapter 81: Can't Dodge Disaster (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 81: Can't Dodge Disaster (2)

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Madam Rong was about to come over to help Chu Lian out. Upon seeing Imperial Princess Leyao leading the rest of her party away, she heaved a great sigh of relief. However, without waiting for her to relax, a sharp scream filled the air.


Chu Lian felt someone push her hard and she wobbled. Following that, some sweet-smelling things fell over her and rolled all over the floor.

Chu Lian froze in shock. When she looked down, she noticed that there were some longevity peach buns scattered all over the ground.

The person who had knocked into her was already on her knees, wailing and crying.

Chu Lian felt the urge to roll her eyes.

The group of noble ladies hadn't gone too far. Their attention was attracted by the new commotion, so they started to turn around to look.

The madams and young ladies surrounding Chu Lian all moved away, leaving a clear path for the noble ladies.

When Zou Yuanqin spotted the longevity peach buns all over the ground, her calm demeanour cracked and she quickly walked over. She pointed at Chu Lian while trembling in anger.

"You! How could you destroy the birthday present my mother prepared for my grandfather!"

Birthday present?

These ugly longevity peach buns?

Lady, stop pulling my leg. Isn't this trap you've made way too obvious?

After Zou Yuanqin's shout, someone in the crowd exclaimed. "Look at the shape of the buns! These must have been made by Mr Wang from De'an Restaurant! They were destroyed just like that! What a waste!"

The corners of Chu Lian's mouth twitched.

These half-grown ladies were not just using a plate of longevity peach buns to sabotage her. They were even praising these buns like they were made by some master chef! What were they trying to pull? What happened to the 'pushed into water' trap she had been expecting in the novel?!

How did the trap become even more... stupid?

Those lumps on the floor were just some white steamed buns dyed a little red. How could they be some top-class longevity peach buns made by some amazing chef?

Please, don't joke around with me.

Of course, the crowd couldn't possibly hear Chu Lian's inner ranting.

The crowd parted again and a richly dressed forty-year-old madam walked out. When Chu Lian looked at her, the madam's sharp gaze shot back at her. With anger rumbling in her tone, she questioned, "What's going on here!"

This was Heir Dingyuan's wife, Madam Huang, whom Madam Zou had brought her to greet earlier.

She was also Zou Yuanqin's mother.

The person kneeling on the ground, trembling, was a maidservant dressed in a ginger-coloured dress.

With a wavering voice, she said, "This... this servant was sending the longevity peach buns to the banquet at the outer court when... this young madam suddenly pushed this servant. Madam, please have mercy on this servant! Please have mercy!"

Chu Lian: ......

She had been standing still right here, how could she have pushed her?

However, no one stood out to speak for her at this time. To the noble madams and young ladies here, she had already climbed the social ladder by marrying into House Jing'an. He Changdi's sudden departure so soon after the marriage had then made her the hot topic of the season. Most of the people here were probably waiting to see her commit a faux pas. Even if they knew that she was being framed, not a single one would stand out for her.

Furthermore, the one trying to put her down seemed to be Heir Dingyuan's wife. It might even be the Emperor's most favoured child, Imperial Princess Leyao.

Madam Rong stopped in her tracks.

Miss Su gaped a little in shock. After blanking out for a moment, she finally recovered her senses. She turned to her sister-in-law and said, "Eldest Sister-in-Law, we... we..."

"Don't say a word! We'll wait!"

Madam Rong felt the urge to retreat.

Previously, when Imperial Princess Leyao had been purposely mocking Chu Lian, the princess was the one at fault. If she went up to defend Chu Lian, that was perfectly reasonable. Even if she made an enemy of the princess then, the news of her good deed and righteous defense of her family would spread out. However, it was a completely different situation now. She hadn't clearly seen what happened. It didn't matter who the culprit was, anyway. Madam Huang's gift to Old Marquis Dingyuan for his longevity feast had been ruined, so it was now all Chu Lian's fault.

If she went out now, she had to face both Madam Huang and Imperial Princess Leyao. There wouldn't be any merit to her reputation, and she might even be labelled as someone who tried to cover up her family's faults.

Madam Rong was already low enough in the ranks of noble madams. She was also in charge of managing the Ying Household. House Ying's descent had slowly moulded her into someone who would seek profit and avoid all losses.

Miss Su desperately looked at the crowd, and was about to make her way forward when Madam Rong held her back.

Eighth Miss, Miss Yuan, hid behind Madam Rong and watched. Hidden in the shadows, her lips curled up.


Xiao Bojian stood outside the corridor, his right hand gripping the red painted railing tightly as his gaze fixed upon the scene across the pond.

Heir Zheng used the folding fan in his hands to block the sun shining from above and carelessly said, "Senior Xiao, it seems like something must have happened over there. Even the Princess is around! It looks quite lively."


On the third floor of Qingfeng Court, the smell of hardwood incense filled the area. There was practically no one around, and it was extremely peaceful and serene. The window facing the pond was only opened halfway, and from that small opening, a tall person could be seen.

He had sharp features, and a pair of azure eyes that were currently focused on Mei Court.

The man waved his hand and a human figure appeared next to him.

"Master, what are your orders?"

"Go over to Mei Court. If they try to punish Miss Chu, save her."


The figure disappeared in a flash.

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