Chapter 706: Little Stone (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 706: Little Stone (2)

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On the dark and quiet road, there was only the sound of the hoofbeats and the carriage wheels turning.

The group of mounted men guarded a carriage as they headed at top speed towards the capital.

Within the carriage, the atmosphere was filled with tension. Chu Lian sat in a corner of the carriage with her eyes shut and unmoving, as if all this had nothing to do with her.

Xiao Bojian sat in front of her, his sharp and sinister gaze constantly watching her.

It hadn’t been long since she had given birth, so Chu Lian was supposed to be in confinement still. She was only wearing a plain casual dress right now. For the sake of keeping warm, she had pulled on a light purple vest. Her black hair was loosely tied up with half of it cascading down her back. The only accessory she was wearing was a simple light purple headband with rabbit fur accents.

Her body was still weak from the birth. After the commotion just now, her face was as pale as a ghost.

However, the pallor didn’t reduce any of her beauty and made her seem like a poor lady in need of protection instead.

Her moist eyes now contained a glint of resolution, giving her a strangely attractive aura.

For some reason, Xiao Bojian felt that the current Chu Lian was even more attractive to him now as compared to before she had married.

His eyes were set aglow, like a starving wolf that had finally found some prey that he was satisfied with, and he wasn’t willing to let it out of his sights.

Deep in Xiao Bojian’s perverse heart, he was still imagining how he could break the stubborn woman before him and how he could make her into a pleading and sobbing mess under him.

He wanted to break her wings, so that he would become the only one she could rely on!

She would become his exclusive plaything!

Thinking of that, his entire being started trembling with excitement.

Even with her eyes closed, Chu Lian could feel the weight of his invasive gaze on her.

She bore with the discomfort and tried her best to ignore the nausea rising within her.

However, Xiao Bojian wasn’t willing to let her off so easily.

He chuckled lowly, “Lian’er, aren’t you curious where we’re going?”

Chu Lian thought for a bit before opening her eyes, directing her clear gaze at Xiao Bojian, who was seated across from her. It took a moment before she could speak, “I’m already in your hands, is there a need to ask that?”

Xiao Bojian’s face sunk as he abruptly lost the desire to tease Chu Lian.

Chu Lian watched as his face shifted through various emotions. Finally, he spoke up again, “Lian’er, was there ever a time when you truly liked me?”

Chu Lian felt that Xiao Bojian was a joke. Even in this situation, he still had to ask her a question with an answer as clear as day.

If she had been the original owner of this body, she might have tried to come with an answer that he would be happy with. Unfortunately, she wasn’t the original Chu Lian.

Ever since the start, she had always tried to keep this fearsome man at a distance.

Was he trying to joke with her right now?

Even if she could possibly have had any good impression of him at the start, it would already have been dispelled by all the choices he had made in front of her.

He hadn’t realised that the person he cared about wasn’t her, but himself!

Chu Lian’s expression grew even colder. She spoke some words that Xiao Bojian couldn’t even refute before shutting her eyes, “Don’t you know the answer already? Why would you want me to say it once again? There’s no meaning to repeating some words too much.”

Before Chu Lian finished speaking, Xiao Bojian’s beautiful features had already contorted.

If not for the tension at court and the need for Chu Lian as a chess piece in their game, he would likely have lost his temper and taught Chu Lian a lesson.

It was precisely because she knew her value to him that Chu Lian had stubbornly expressed her true views.

She wasn’t stupid. Right when Xiao Bojian had used Little Stone as leverage to capture her, she had already realised the importance of her identity to Xiao Bojian.

Chu Lian’s ruthless reply had completely cut short their conversation in the carriage.

The carriage quickly entered the capital without any hindrance.

It soon reached the one place in the capital where all the power and authority of the dynasty was concentrated.

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