Chapter 705: Exchange (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 705: Exchange (1)

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Xiao Bojian narrowed his fox-like eyes. While he looked to be gratified on the surface, his smile didn’t reach the corners of his eyes. Deep in his gaze was a lake of frost.

After Xiao Bojian made his appearance, the tension in Chu Lian’s heart changed instantly to a dead calm.

She stared closely at the man before her. Her soft voice had morphed into a hard and tough one, “State your terms!”

Xiao Bojian started a little, he hadn’t thought that Chu Lian would get right to the point. He was slightly unhappy with how Chu Lian had caught him off guard. He was even more discontent with how Chu Lian had been tense and cautious ever since she had caught sight of him.

“Lian’er, I haven’t seen you in so long. Can’t I just come over to meet you?”

The beautiful man kept his voice soft and low. Others might even think that Xiao Bojian was currently whispering sweet nothings to his lover, when he was actually brandishing a blade in threat.

Chu Lian stared at him with her lips pressed together. She completely ignored his lie.

The last traces of a smile faded from Xiao Bojian’s face, leaving behind a cold mien.

“I’ve only come to help Lian’er out, I don’t have any bad intentions.”

Chu Lian snorted inwardly.

Did Xiao Bojian think she was blind?

Little Stone’s life was in his hands right now. How could that be any good intention?

“Put down the child and the nursemaid. I’ll go with you.”

Astonishment showed briefly in Xiao Bojian’s eyes. He hadn’t expected Chu Lian to agree without any word of protest.

Chu Lian looked at him seriously, her resolution clear in her eyes.

From meeting her gaze, Xiao Bojian understood that her decision was firm. 

Since time was of the essence, and Xiao Bojian didn’t have the time to continue bantering with Chu Lian, he waved at the person next to him.

The black-cald man holding the nursemaid moved forward two steps.

Chu Lian stepped out from behind Wenqing’s back. Wenlan caught hold of her and said anxiously, “Madam! You can’t ignore your own safety and put yourself in danger! If you go, how are we going to face Master!”

Chu Lian turned and smiled faintly at the two sisters. She gave them her last order, “Take care of Little Stone.”

Wenqing and Wenlan had been serving Chu Lian for so long that they understood her personality well. They knew that Chu Lian couldn’t change her mind once she had decided it. Hearing this, they could only nod and allow Chu Lian to go.

Furthermore, this was the only way they could save the young heir at this moment.

Xiao Bojian had brought all of his assassins along with him today. The guards that He Changdi had left behind weren’t their match at all. Even if they fought to the death, they likely wouldn’t be able to turn the tables around.

Chu Lian shot a look at Xiao Bojian to tell him to release the hostages.

The black-clad man looked over at his master, before slowly releasing the nursemaid. Once the nursemaid was off his hands, he instantly turned to capture Chu Lian instead.

The nursemaid carrying Little Stone was immediately pulled by Wenqing, and the maidservant stood in front of the pair to guard them.

Wenqing and Wenlan watched Xiao Bojian warily.

However, Xiao Bojian wasn’t paying attention to them or the young heir any more. He simply turned to look at Chu Lian, whom the black-clad man had brought to this side.

A smile appeared on his face as he said, “Lian’er, you’re looking more and more charming by the day.”

Chu Lian met his gaze coolly, “You’re not leaving? If you don’t leave now, it’ll be too late for you!”

Faced with such words from Chu Lian, the originally warm expression on Xiao Bojian’s face changed. He let out a cold order, “Go!”

Chu Lian was carried by two men in black. They quickly left the rural estate and boarded a carriage that had been hidden some distance away. Soon, they disappeared into the darkness of the night.

Once Chu Lian had left, Wenqing immediately sent a messenger to He Changdi before leading the rest of the guards out of the estate.

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