Chapter 703: Little Stone (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 703: Little Stone (1)

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Great Doctor Miao shook his head, “Sit down, I’ll get some ointment and help you bandage those marks.”

After ascertaining that Chu Lian would be fine, He Changdi could finally relax. He wasn’t too concerned about the bite marks on his arm either. When he saw that Great Doctor Miao had left, he sat back down by Chu Lian’s side.

Once the doctor had helped to bandage the wounds, He Changdi moved a chaise over to Chu Lian’s bedside.

He had rushed over here from Prince Jin’s Estate. Furthermore, he hadn't been resting well for some time. After accompanying Chu Lian for the delivery that had taken all night and being on tenterhooks, Chu Lian was now safe and sound. Thus, He Changdi’s entire mind could finally relax. Fatigue overtook him.

He Changdi laid on the chaise without changing out of his clothes. He took Chu Lian’s hand into his own and gripped that smooth and soft hand. As his mind reached a peaceful state, he drifted off into dreamland.

It was afternoon when Chu Lian woke up.

The moment she blinked and moved a little, He Changdi woke up along with her.

For a period after waking up, Chu Lian was still in a daze. A slight throb of pain from her body served to remind her of what had happened. When she looked down at her now deflated belly, her almond-shaped eyes went wide, and she mumbled under her breath, “My belly…”

He Changdi quickly sat over at her side and held down her slender shoulders, “Lian’er, Uncle Miao said that you can’t move too much after the birth.”

Upon hearing her husband’s low, magnetic voice, Chu Lian turned to look at him, “Hubby, our child?”

“Do you want to see our child?” He Changdi truly relaxed when he observed the clear look in her eyes and the healthy flush on her cheeks. His nimble fingers reached out and tucked some stray locks of hair behind her ear.

Chu Lian nodded impatiently, her eyes alight. That was the child she had birthed, of course she wanted to see them!

“Is it a boy or a girl?”

He Changdi was carried along by her excitement. His eyes softened as he looked at her. He turned his body slightly and held her head in his hands. A tender kiss was placed on her pink lips before he whispered into her ear, “A boy.”

Chu Lian didn’t show any surprise. Her eyes turned into crescents. No matter the gender, she loved their child already.

She was observing He Changdi’s expression. When she noticed that he didn’t seem to be happy at all when speaking of their child, Chu Lian immediately frowned.

She asked hesitantly, “You… you don’t like our child?”

Thinking back to He Changdi’s past experiences, Chu Lian’s heart was filled with uncertainty. Since he had already gone through one lifetime, he might really dislike children somehow…

Chu Lian’s thoughts were all displayed clearly on her face. He Changdi instantly realised that his wife was thinking too much again.

He stroked the side of her face with his thumb, then moved his hand over to the center of her brows. He pressed down the furrow that had developed there, “Not at all. He’s the child you’ve given me, how could I not like him? I’m just a little angry that he made you suffer so much during his birth.”

Chu Lian hurriedly shook her head. Although she had indeed suffered a lot during the delivery, and she had even wanted to die from the pain, the feeling of having a tiny new life by her side, one that she had made herself, turned all of her complaints into tender affection. Thinking of how the little fellow would soon grow up bit by bit, learning how to walk, to talk, and to call out to his parents, as well as how he would become a strong man, her heart was filled with endless anticipation.

This little guy was their legacy for this earth, a wonderful existence.

“Bring him over here for me! I haven’t even seen him yet!”

He Changdi had no choice but to rise and head over to the outer room. He passed on the order to the senior servants outside, who then told the nursemaids to bring over the little heir.

Their two nursemaids had been chosen beforehand. Both of them had been born in the Jing’an Estate as family servants. They had clean family backgrounds and were in their twenties. While their looks were rather average, they worked hard and efficiently, and they had good personalities.

Senior Servant Zhong smiled as she brought the newborn heir in and set him down next to Chu Lian on the bed.

He Changdi helped Chu Lian to turn a little so she could see the tiny newborn swaddled up in a bright red blanket.

Chu Lian had been expecting to see a fair, plump and cute little baby. She hadn’t thought that her child would look like a flushed little monkey.

She seemed sullen as she reached out to touch the baby’s tiny flushed cheek.

“Why is he so ugly…”

It was He Changdi’s first time looking at his son too. Just like Chu Lian, his brows drew together in a frown and his expression turned dark.

Senior Servant Zhong and the nursemaids didn’t know what to do with this new set of parents. The senior servant spoke first and quickly refuted, “Nonsense! Madam, what are you saying? How is our young master ugly? He’s very handsome! Look at that high nose bridge. He’ll surely look like Master when he grows up. Mm! His lips resemble Madam’s more, and his skin is fair and white, just like Madam’s…”

After a round of explanation from Senior Servant Zhong, Chu Lian finally realised that newborns all looked like that, as wrinkly as an old man. It would take a few days before his skin would start to turn more fair.

However, Chu Lian just couldn’t tell how their flushed newborn was like them. Senior Servant Zhong’s eyes must have some special power…

Looking at her tiny son’s face, motherly affection bloomed within Chu Lian’s heart. With Senior Servant Zhong’s help and guidance, she carried the little baby in her arms.

Once the little bundle was in her arms, the light weight of his body made Chu Lian feel that her heart was melting.

The little fellow suddenly moved his fists a little and his tiny lips formed a pout. Chu Lian watched his actions with fascination.

The nursemaid standing nearby smiled, “Madam, Young Master must be hungry!”


Chu Lian hurriedly asked Senior Servant Zhong, “Momo, can I feed him?”

Senior Servant Zhong sighed, “Madam, you don’t have any milk right now. Why don’t you let the nursemaids handle it first? If Madam and Master have some time, why not give Young Master a nickname?”

Before the little guy was born, they didn’t know if it would be a boy or a girl, so He Changdi and Chu Lian hadn’t decided on a name. Furthermore, they still had their parents above them. It wouldn’t up to them to decide their child’s official name, but they could still give him a nickname.

Chu Lian cheerfully agreed to the suggestion. After hugging her child for some time, He Changdi was worried that it would affect her rest, so he ordered Senior Servant Zhong to carry the child out.

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