Chapter 697: Hidden Tempest (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 697: Hidden Tempest (1)

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As for what they had experienced before, and who they had been in the past, those didn’t matter anymore. The most important thing was that they were now married to each other and they would be together from now on, and even blessed with the crystallisation of their love.

Chu Lian didn’t care about what He Changdi had done to Muxiang. Ever since she had heard from him personally about the end he had come to in his past life, the end that she hadn’t read about in the novel, she felt like she could empathise with him more. As much as He Changdi looked like a vicious and merciless person who solved things with force in other people’s eyes, in her heart, he was the best husband she could ever have.

After August had passed and the autumn winds were blowing, Second Prince was finally stripped of his title and thrown into the imperial jail. Consort Liang was also banished into the cold palace, where disgraced concubines languished for a short time till their deaths.

Despite these misfortunes, Prince Jin never spoke a single word to help lift the blame from Second Prince and Consort Liang.

Before Consort Liang had hanged herself in the cold palace, she had met with Prince Jin one last time. Only then did she find out that Prince Jin already knew the truth behind how she had killed Consort Xian.

Following closely after the news that the successor to the throne had been deposed, rumours spread of the emperor being in ill health. The fight for the throne in court became even more intense. The battles that were being fought in secret had now shifted to the open.

In court, it was Fourth Prince and Sixth Prince whose factions were the largest.

Chu Lian’s pregnancy had already progressed to its seventh month. She and He Changdi had already decided together that she would not leave the estate until the little fellow in her belly was born.

For some reason, Sima Hui had already taken her troops with her back to Shandong at the end of August.

Chu Lian’s usual guests at the Anyuan Estate were Royal Princess Duanjia, Lady Yang, Old Duchess Zheng and other nobility in her circle.

Finally, when it was mid September, it had come time for House Ying’s Eighth Miss Chu Yuan to marry Royal Prince Shou.

Their match had been made by the emperor himself, so they were preparing a grand celebration of it.

Even though she had received House Ying’s red invitation to the wedding, Chu Lian didn’t attend. She only stayed at home and rested. When evening fell and it was about time for dinner, Royal Princess Duanjia came running over excitedly.

Chu Lian watched in stunned amazement as Royal Princess Duanjia came up to her in blaze, took up the cup of fruit tea she had just drunk from, and downed it in one gulp.


Royal Princess Duanjia sat right down next to Chu Lian after drinking her tea. She hugged one of Chu Lian’s arms with sparkling eyes as she said, “Hahaha! Chu Liu, I bet you don’t know what happened at the Ying Estate today!”

The two of them were now as close as sisters. Royal Princess Duanjia knew what Chu Lian had been through in the past.

Ever since she had almost fallen into a trap, courtesy of House Ying’s second branch, Chu Lian had secretly broken ties with House Ying. Thus, she hadn’t gone to attend the wedding today. Otherwise, as the older sister of the bride, she was supposed to be present and offer her congratulations.

Chu Lian found her question funny, “What else could happen? Chu Yuan got married!”

Royal Princess Duanjia didn’t like House Ying’s petty and small-minded conduct in the first place. After becoming good friends with Chu Lian, she felt even more disgusted by House Ying.

Since she could tell that Chu Lian didn’t know anything, as expected, she started gabbing away with an air of pride.

“Haha! I didn’t think that Chu Yuan had it in her! I was at Prince Yongkang’s estate to attend the wedding today, and there were a whole bunch of imperial relatives in the newlyweds’ room. When Royal Prince Shou lifted the veil on the bride, everyone there was dumfounded!”

Chu Lian found it strange.

“Ah? Dumbfounded?” What was there to be shocked about? Although Chu Yuan had an evil personality, her appearance didn’t reflect her inner heart. Chu Qizheng had handsome looks, while Second Madam had been one of the prettier daughters from her humble family. Naturally, Chu Yuan took after them.

It was then that Royal Princess Duanjia burst out into hearty laughter.

“Take a guess?”

The corner of Chu Lian’s mouth twitched. She suddenly let out a cunning smile, “I told Xiyan to make some osmanthus cakes yesterday. You probably haven’t tried them before, right?”

When Royal Princess Duanjia heard that there was something new to taste, her eyes lit up like stars, “Where is it? Why haven’t you told them to bring out some for me?”

Chu Lian grinned at Royal Princess Duanjia without speaking.

The princess immediately understood what she was trying to do.

Royal Princess Duanjia puffed up her cheeks and glared at Chu Lian. “Chu Liu, haven’t you been spending too much time with that husband of yours? How sneaky! Alright, alright, I give in! I’ll tell you what happened! Now bring me that osmanthus cake!”

With a wave of Chu Lian’s hand, Xiyan quickly came forward with an exquisite porcelain dish, which she then set on the round table near the ladies.

Royal Princess Duanjia brightened up and instantly grabbed a square osmanthus cake, stuffing it into her mouth with glee.

She continued speaking as she chewed on the cake, making her words muffled.

“When Royal Prince Shou lifted the veil, the one under it wasn’t Chu Yuan, but your Fifth Sister!”

The sweet, yet not sticky taste of the osmanthus cake took away Royal Princess Duanjia’s concentration. She casually revealed the twist outright.

Chu Lian was a little surprised, “You mean the one that Royal Prince Shou married was actually Miss Su?”

Royal Princess Duanjia nodded, “Right now, the men from the Ying Estate and Prince Yongkang’s Estate are all looking for Chu Yuan, but they haven’t found her yet.”

Then what’s going to happen now?”

Since the bride had been switched, and it had been an engagement bestowed by the emperor, this was no small matter. If the emperor decided to punish them, the entire Ying Estate would likely suffer.

Royal Princess Duanjia harrumphed, “Of course Imperial Uncle is going to punish them! However, there is something weird about all of this. When Uncle Yongkang was going to bring the matter up with the emperor, Cousin Shou stopped him. Judging from the way he was acting, it seems like he already knew your Fifth Sister long ago. Everyone’s thinking there was something up with that!”

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