Chapter 696: We Are The Same (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 696: We Are The Same (2)

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Muxiang was waiting for He Changdi’s calm expression to crack. However, after a long pause, nothing changed in that coolly handsome face, not even the slightest ripple.

She spoke with some hesitation, “You… you don’t believe me?”

Following that, she listed a few examples to prove that Chu Lian wasn’t the original owner of her body.

Just as her panicked fit was getting more and more intense, He Changdi abruptly barked in laughter. “If you say my wife is a freak, then what am I? And what would you be? Since you’ve come to this now, you probably didn’t have a good end in your past life either!”

He Changdi’s revelation was like a bomb to Muxiang.

She stared with widened eyes of disbelief at He Changdi.

What did he say?

He… was like her? He had reincarnated?

What kind of joke was that? How could things have happened this way?

Muxiang was about to collapse from the weight of He Changdi’s words.

She had thought that she could start afresh from the beginning, but it seemed like it had only been wishful thinking.

Everything she had done now looked laughable in comparison.

Numbness overtook her. The two people who had been a couple in their past lives now stood facing each other as sworn enemies in this jail cell.

There wasn’t any joy in He Changdi’s heart. He simply wanted this annoying grudge to come to an end sooner, so he could return to Chu Lian’s side and enjoy the warmth that belonged to him alone.

After a long period of silence, Muxiang suddenly spoke up numbly, “He Changdi, let me go. I’ll tell you a secret.”

He Changdi wanted to laugh. Even at this moment, she actually hadn’t given up. It seemed like she really wouldn’t repent until the very end.

“What secret? That you’re Lu Luan’s illegitimate daughter? I’m sure that you must have passed this news on in secret to Xiao Bojian a long time ago!”

Lu Luan was the emperor’s true name.

He Changdi had sensed that there was something off about the emperor’s attitude towards him, and how Xiao Bojian had purposely tried to get closer to Chu Lian. It was only with that extra relationship between Chu Lian and the emperor that it could all be explained.

Muxiang’s eyes were already as wide as they could go. She had never thought that He Changdi would already know of that secret.

In her past life, she had only found that out right before her death. Furthermore, she had dug it out from the inheritance that her mother had left for her. By then, He Changdi had already passed away in her past life.

Finally, the despair that had been building up overwhelmed Muxiang.

After fifteen minutes, He Changdi stepped out of the jail cell. Laiyue was guarding the door. When the manservant saw that He Changdi’s right hand was stained with blood, he could guess what had happened to the prisoner inside.

He Changdi paused in his steps and instructed him, “Take the corpse away and burn it yourself.”

Laiyue took a group of guards into the jail cell. They were greeted by the sight of the prisoner lying in the corner of the dark cell, a dagger stabbed through her chest and a grudgeful expression on her face. However, she was no longer breathing.

When He Changdi stepped out into the little courtyard outside the jail, he looked up to the dusk sky slowly giving way to the dark of night. Waves of emotions were causing ripples in the depths of his eyes.

He stood with his hands behind his back. Now that he had personally gotten rid of his sworn enemy from his past life, there wasn’t as much as satisfaction as he had expected in his heart. Conversely, it felt like his heart had become even more desolate and bleak.

He turned towards the direction of Songtao Court, and the desire rising in his heart was the straw that broke his calm facade. He hurriedly ran towards the home of his heart.

When he returned to Songtao Court, the sinister air cloaked around him kept all the servants hushed in fear. They even made sure to breathe silently.

He Changdi went to the bathroom first to take a bath and change out of his clothes, washing away the bloody aura around him. When he changed into casual home clothes, he returned to Chu Lian’s side.

Chu Lian was still in the midst of slumber when she felt that her body was encased in a familiar warmth.

When He Changdi lifted her head a little to slide his arm under her neck, her body actually turned subconsciously to accommodate the movement, perhaps out of trained habit.

That small movement immediately dispersed the gloominess in He Changdi’s heart.

He pulled his lovely wife closer and pressed his firm chest against Chu Lian’s slender back, covering her entirely with his body, as if this was the only way he could only chase away the uneasy emptiness in his heart.

He Changdi followed the curve of Chu Lian’s shoulder down, his hand tracing down her smooth skin until he found her tiny little hand. He took her hand into his own and entwined their fingers. Finally, he stroked her belly gently.

He Sanlang breathed in his wife’s comfortingly familiar scent, then bent to kiss the top of her head. He tucked the thin blankets properly around Chu Lian before finally falling asleep next to her.

Thanks to the resolution of the grudge he had borne for most of his life, He Changdi’s slumber on this night was particularly deep and relaxed.

When he opened his eyes again, Chu Lian had already woken up. She was still lying in his embrace as she peeked at his face.

He Changdi’s first reaction was a startled silence, before his expression softened. He reached out to stroke his wife’s tender cheek and asked with his sleep-roughened voice, “What’s wrong?”

It was rare for his lazy little piggy to wake up even earlier than him.

While He Changdi had been sleeping, Chu Lian had been watching him and going through many thoughts in her mind.

All the strange little things that He Changdi had done ever since she had come to the Great Wu would make sense if he had already lived through everything once and reincarnated back to this moment.

The corners of Chu Lian’s mouth lifted and she showed a sweet and trusting smile to him.

She actually knew that He Changdi must definitely have gone to see Muxiang during the time she was resting.

With her lunatic husband’s skill, there wasn’t a way for Muxiang to keep anything a secret.

Although she hadn’t said it outright, he likely already knew all about the truth.

She could also feel that their relationship hadn’t been threatened by this revelation, and that their appreciation and trust for each other had instead grown.

“Isn’t there something you want to ask me about?” Chu Lian reached out in a similar action and stroked the side of his face with her thumb.

He Sanlang stiffened up slightly, before the smile on his face became a touch more genuine.

He couldn’t resist stealing a kiss from Chu Lian’s pink lips. He returned the question to her, “Isn’t there something you want to ask me about too?”

After he finished speaking, the two of them laughed in unison. He Changdi pulled Chu Lian closer to him and hugged her tight, while Chu Lian wrapped her arms around his narrow waist.

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