Chapter 694: Teaching His Wife A Lesson (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 694: Teaching His Wife A Lesson (2)

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Chu Lian was rendered speechless by He Changdi’s words.

Thinking back to the close call she had in the thatched hut, a wave of residual fear washed over her. Even though she had eaten Great Doctor Miao’s specially made medicine to stabilise the foetus, her belly wouldn’t have been able to withstand that stab from Muxiang.

She had indeed put herself in too much risk and danger this time.

The unhappy and indignant feelings from earlier dissipated.

She looked down at her swollen belly and rubbed the top of it to soothe both herself and her unborn child. Chu Lian apologised in her mind, ‘Little fellow, Mother has let you suffer.’

He Changdi saw that his wife had understood what he had to say.

He covered Chu Lian’s small and soft hand with his own, and joined her in stroking her belly.

“Don’t worry, this little one has been quite obedient so far. The little one won’t blame you.”

Chu Lian shrunk into He Changdi’s embrace and clutched his lapels. After a long period of silence, she mumbled indistinctly, “He Changdi, I… I won’t do that again.”

Hearing that promise from Chu Lian, the corners of He Changdi’s mouth curled up. He tucked some stray locks of her hair behind her ear.

After a moment, Chu Lian puffed up her cheeks and turned around to look up at him. She glared at his handsome, yet expressionless face. “Although I was in the wrong, how could you hit me so hard?!”

He Changdi glanced down at her flushed cheeks, “Was it too hard?”

Chu Lian nodded profusely.

He Changdi replied in an absolutely nonchalant and calm manner, “Then I’ll let you return the hits when we get back.”

Chu Lian: …

Her mouth twitched and she rolled her eyes furiously.

She looked towards his robes and felt even more depressed. What was so nice to touch about a man’s buttocks? It was all hard and tough muscle there. She didn’t have any perverted inclinations…

After her initial train of thought had been interrupted by He Changdi, Chu Lian temporarily forgot about her inner struggle.

She had the feeling that He Changdi’s attitude towards her hadn’t changed at all even after this incident.

She suddenly lost the urge to ask him about it.

Learning in He Changdi’s safe and comfortable embrace, Chu Lian quickly dozed off.

Pregnant women were prone to sleeping more anyway, and she had already suffered a fright earlier. Actually, she was already very sleepy.

Once Chu Lian fell asleep, He Changdi knocked on the walls of the carriage and ordered Laiyue to drive the carriage a little slower.

He looked down at the soundly sleeping wife in his arms. He couldn’t seem to get enough of looking at her porcelain-like face, no matter how much he had already seen.

Thinking back to the completely different personalities of the Chu Lian from his past life and this one, he suddenly felt glad. Glad that he had still left some space in his heart to accept her after he had reincarnated, and even more glad that he had won her over.

It seemed like the heavens were still fair to him. The woman lying in his arms now was his true wife.

She had never been that wicked woman ‘Chu Lian’ from his previous life.

The intelligent and sharp-witted He Sanlang suddenly burst into a silly grin while watching his wife sleep.

Upon returning to the Anyuan Estate, they met with Prince Wei, Count Jing’an and the rest, who were waiting for them in the parlour of the outer  court.

He Changdi first carried Chu Lian into a side room of the outer court and settled her in before hurriedly going out to meet their worried senior family members.

Countess Jing’an personally went to the side room to look at Chu Lian, as well as to watch Great Doctor Miao take her pulse. After the report of a clean bill of health, she could let her worries go and returned to the estate with Count Jing’an.

He Changdi had to endure a good round of scolding from Prince Wei, before he could finally send the prince off.

Standing at the main entrance of the Anyuan Estate, He Changdi’s back was ramrod-straight, calling to mind the image of a tall mountain. His hands were placed behind his back as he watched Prince Wei’s carriage disappear into the distance. A spark of realisation and ruthlessness flashed across his narrow eyes.

All the secrets he hadn’t been able to find out even till his death had now surfaced.

So that wicked woman who had caused his downfall in his past life had actually had another identity. No wonder Prince Wei cared so much for Lian’er.

Unfortunately, in this lifetime, Chu Lian would only belong to him, she would only ever be his wife.

As Prince Wei’s carriage continued making its way off into the distance, He Changdi abruptly turned around and returned to his estate with a cold expression on his face.

Following right behind him was Laiyue, who didn’t understand how his master could change his expressions so quickly.

He Changdi watched as Chu Lian drank a bowl of calming soup and fell right asleep. He sat by her bedside for a while before leaving the side room. Before he left, he ordered Wenqing and Wenlan to take good care of his wife. The moment he stepped out of the room, Laiyue came to report.

“Master, the prisoner has been sent over by Captain Guo. She is in the jail right now. Would you like to head over?”

He Changdi glanced at Laiyue once before quickly striding towards the jail.

Laiyue had to break into a jog to keep up.

In a remote corner of the Anyuan Estate, there was a small jail. It was located in the basement of one of the unused courtyards. Normally, He Changdi would conduct any unsavoury business here. Chu Lian didn’t even know that there was such a dark and hidden place in their estate.

He Changdi quickly entered the jail.

There were guards on duty both inside and outside the jail. Even a fly wouldn’t be able to enter without alerting them.

The person managing the jail was one of the He Family’s private soldiers. When He Changdi and Laiyue entered, only Xiao Hongyu was inside.

Xiao Hongyu heard the sound of their footsteps and turned to meet them, “Brother He, the prisoner is in the cell within. Brother Guo and Brother Zhang had some business, so they left first.”

He Changdi nodded, “Hongyu, I’ve troubled you today. You should head back earlier to rest.”

Xiao Hongyu rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment, “Brother He, what are you saying? This is all within my duties.”

After sending away Xiao Hongyu, He Changdi turned and walked towards the jail cell inside.

The jail cell was dark and damp, and the air was filled with the smell of blood and mold mixed together. It wasn’t a very pleasant place to be.

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