Chapter 693: Teaching His Wife A Lesson (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 693: Teaching His Wife A Lesson (1)

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Of course, they ended up abandoning their plans to visit Da’an Temple. He Changdi brought Chu Lian along with him down the mountain. At the foot of Mount Lanxiang was a carriage that He Sanlang had ordered to wait for them.

He Changdi carried Chu Lian into the carriage, before he boarded the carriage himself and sat next to her.

There was a basin of ice already placed within the carriage, as well as thick curtains at the window and door. The moment they entered, there was a soothing cool atmosphere to welcome them.

The carriage quickly started moving.

He Changdi continued wrapping Chu Lian in his long arms. Afraid of disturbing her belly, he only touched her shoulders.

Now that everything was over and he had Chu Lian to fill the space between his arms, the fretfulness and fear in He Changdi’s heart dissipated completely.

He rested his chin on the top of Chu Lian’s head and took a deep breath, taking in Chu Lian’s familiar scent. He shut his eyes to calm down the torrent of emotions within him.

Chu Lian was trapped in his embrace, unable to move. She understood that she had really been on the verge of danger earlier. If He Changdi had been late by a few seconds, then the little fellow in her belly might have been lost to them.

She parted her lips a few times, but she didn’t know what to say.

Chu Lian knew that He Changdi must have been waiting outside the hut for some time. Muxiang had said so much to her, and she didn’t know how much he had heard.

Did he already know that she wasn’t the real Chu Lian? Did he know that Muxiang was a reincarnated person? What was he thinking right now?

The ancients feared the supernatural. They would have a fearful sort of reverence towards anything they didn’t understand. Would he really hurt her because of the truth? Would he also think that she was a freak?

Although she had retorted to Muxiang so confidently just now, now that she was in front of He Changdi, Chu Lian wasn’t as certain of herself any more.

Sometimes, this was how things were between lovers. The deeper you loved, the more you would fear losing them and facing their disappointment.

It was also precisely because she cared for him that she didn’t know how to start this conversation.

After a long moment, when He Changdi had finally regained a modicum of calm, he opened his dark eyes. He put a little distance between them by pushing Chu Lian further back a little, then helped her to switch into a more comfortable position, leaning against his chest.

He Changdi lowered his gaze to observe the slightly pale face of his wife.

Her thick eyelashes were trembling and her pink lips were tightly pressed together. It was clear as day that she was currently tense and fighting an inner struggle.

He could see through her thoughts in one glance and found it funny.

His eyes landed on her swollen belly. A wave of fear swept through him, and the soft expression on his face made way for an extremely gloomy expression.

He lifted one hand, and landed a resounding smack on Chu Lian’s pert and soft bottom. Before Chu Lian could react from her shock, he gave her another slap on her butt.

He Changdi made three slaps in total before he finally stopped.

Since it was summer, they wore thinner clothes. He Sanlang’s slaps had made crisp and clear sounds. It wasn’t just the guards following them on either side of the carriage, who could hear the slaps, but even Laiyue, who was in front driving the carriage.

Laiyue froze up a little and sat up straighter. He put on a serious expression and pretended that he hadn’t heard anything, as if nothing had happened at all.

He also pretended not to see the questioning looks that the guards sent him.

Laiyue lambasted his own master for being too ‘vicious and ruthless’ in his mind. He could even bear to lay his hands on a fragile young lady like Third Young Madam. He definitely had to light a candle in sympathy for his unborn young master.

Chu Lian had been trapped in her mental conflict when He Changdi had suddenly ‘attacked’ her.

After the three slaps, her entire body went stiff. He Changdi hadn’t given her any mercy this time, her left buttock was on fire. She stared with wide, round eyes in disbelief at He Changdi.

Astonishment and complaint shone through in her almond-shaped eyes.

“You deserved that! Do you know how much danger you would have been in if I hadn’t made it in time?”

The scolding that Chu Lian had wanted to unleash was immediately snuffed out by He Changdi.

Chu Lian lowered her head and thought for a bit, but she still felt that these three slaps were just too much. She spoke up grumpily, “Didn’t we agree on the plan previously? How could you possibly be late?”

He Changdi sighed. When he saw that the corners of her eyes were red, and how tough it was for her to lug her heavy body around, his hardened heart melted back down once again.

He reached out with one hand and rubbed at the spots that he had just smacked, helping her to soothe the pain.

“Better safe than sorry. Next time, even if we don’t have any better ideas, you’re not allowed to put yourself on the line. If anything happens to you, how am I going to continue living alone?” He Changdi softened his tone and spoke in a coaxing manner to Chu Lian.

Seeing that her face was still flushed with anger, he bent down to place a gentle kiss on her lips.

They had long suspected that there was something wrong with Muxiang. He Changdi had used his men to investigate her. After a thorough investigation, he had actually discovered that Muxiang had even secretly sent messages to Xiao Bojian’s spies before.

Seeing how big Chu Lian was getting and since they were nearing the birth, they couldn’t let someone like her continue staying beside them.

He Changdi wanted to find an excuse to send Muxiang away from Chu Lian. However, Chu Lian hadn’t agreed. She thought that it would only solve the immediate danger, but not get rid of the threat once and for all. The mastermind behind everything would also hide even deeper. Now that the battle between the factions of Fourth Prince and Sixth Prince was getting even more intense, they couldn’t leave any threat roaming free.

Thus, she had insisted on using this chance to lure the snake out of its hole.

He Changdi hadn’t been able to persuade her otherwise, so he could only let her execute her plan.

Both Chu Lian and He Changdi hadn’t expected things to end up like this.

Muxiang was actually the original inhabitant of Chu Lian’s body…

Due to her jealousy and hatred for Chu Lian, she had actually wanted to take Chu Lian’s life!

When He Changdi had been waiting outside the door, he had watched as Muxiang raised the dagger above Chu Lian. The man who had always been calm and collected on the battlefield had almost had a heart attack.

Luckily, he was skilled with the bow, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to protect his wife.

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