Chapter 692: The Evil Female Lead (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 692: The Evil Female Lead (2)

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Chu Lian’s abnormal calm was like a thorn in Muxiang’s side. She shoved at Chu Lian with all her strength, pushing her down to the ground and watched as Chu Lian sprawled pitifully over the floor, her two hands wrapped around her swollen body in protection. Only then did she feel like she had vented some of her frustration.

Luckily, there was the pile of hay nearby, or Chu Lian would have been really worried about her child.

She purposely chose to land in a haphazard pose to make herself seem more pathetic.

Muxiang’s tone was cynical as she replied, “You don’t owe me anything? You’re really a freak! You have absolutely no shame to be able to say such words! You took my body! You stole my husband! Isn’t that enough? You freak, you’re the most shameless person I’ve ever met! If not for you, Guilin Restaurant, Dejufeng Restaurant, the northern market and those noble titles… Wouldn’t all those be mine? You’ve taken so many of my things, yet you’re telling me that you don’t owe me anything? Did you think you could simply enjoy living well like this? Dream on! I’m sending you down to hell today!”

Muxiang had gone crazy with jealousy!

Due to the events of her past life, as well as her current life as a lowly maidservant, how could she endure seeing how Chu Lian was living right now?

She wasn’t satisfied with the end she had gotten in her past life, of seeing the freak who had stolen her body living a thousand times better than she had. How could her heart possibly be content?

The gap in their lives had quickly warped Muxiang’s heart.

Chu Lian really thought that the original female lead had something wrong with her mind. She bowed her head without meeting Muxiang’s gaze, making it look as if she had given up and accepted Muxiang’s words.

Muxiang looked down upon Chu Lian, sprawled on the ground with her swollen belly, not daring to even look at her.

She sneered, “What? Now you’re finally feeling scared?”

She suddenly squatted down and stroked Chu Lian’s tender cheek. Her hand slid down Chu Lian’s body, landed on her belly, and pressed down hard.

Her voice was sinister as she continued, “I was very surprised when you got pregnant with He Changdi’s child!”

Furthermore, this imposter had used her body to do that. The provocation in that action had driven her even more mad with envy.

In the past life, she hadn’t been able to get pregnant at all despite being by Xiao Bojian’s side. It was only right before her death that she found out that Xiao Bojian had given her a secret medicine that made her infertile.

She had assumed wrongly that Xiao Bojian had given her the medicine early on, while they had been in the Ying Estate, so she had thought that her old body was still infertile.

Now she knew that Chu Lian’s body was actually completely healthy, it was perfect, and she could use it to bear children for the man she loved. However, the soul inside wasn’t her any more!

How could she not be jealous?!

Chu Lian could discern the change in her voice, that Muxiang had completely lost her rationality. Chu Lian kept both of her hands on the ground, prepared to protect her stomach at any time.

As expected, Muxiang’s next words confirmed Chu Lian’s suspicions, “What a pity. You’ve already carried the child for so long, but this child is unfortunate. I wonder whether it’s a boy or a girl in there? But we won’t have to wonder for long. I’ll take the child out and let you see for yourself. You can see whether you and He Changdi’s child is handsome, whether he looks more like He Changdi or you.”

This woman must have gone mad! She actually managed to spit out such cruel words. The calm on Chu Lian’s face faded, replaced with a deathly pale pallor.

Noticing that Chu Lian’s shoulders were trembling, Muxiang burst out into sinister laughter.

“Why? Are you finally scared?”

Chu Lian bowed her head, counting inwardly. She had already found out whatever she wanted from Muxiang, so there was no longer any need to play around with her. She was waiting.

Muxiang seemed to have lost interest in tormenting Chu Lian with her words. She turned around and took up a pouch on the table. The mad maidservant pulled a sharp dagger out of it and started walking towards Chu Lian step by step.

When Chu Lian saw that she was holding a dagger, she carefully shifted backwards a little, her lips formed into a thin line.

Muxiang had a crazy wide grin on her face. She squatted down and raised her arms, that sharp dagger pointed at Chu Lian’s belly. In the next second, she made her move—

On the verge of life and death, a whoosh accompanied the sight of a fast object shooting through the air.

That sharp arrow was much faster than the dagger, and it shot right through Muxiang. The enormous force behind the arrow actually lifted up Muxiang’s body and stuck her to the opposing mud wall like a pin!

Muxiang let out an intense wail.

A tall figure appeared at the entrance of the thatched hut. Chu Lian was still in a panicked state when she turned her head to look, only to see He Changdi standing there in a black robe, carrying a giant bow. He was standing ramrod-straight at the door, an icy aura emanating from his frosty expression. His sinister gaze landed upon the pinned Muxiang.

Following that, he hurried forward to Chu Lian’s side. Tossing aside his bow without a care, he lifted Chu Lian up from the pile of hay and wrapped her in his embrace.

Once Chu Lian was ensconced in her husband’s arms and his comforting scent, she slowly came back to her senses. In a flurry of action, she hugged He Changdi’s neck and buried her face into his chest. She let out a sniffle as she complained, “He Changdi, I was so scared…”

The murderous expression on He Sanlang’s face faded away. He watched his lovely and fragile wife as he soothed her by patting her back. He reassured her with a soft, low tone, “It’s okay, Lian’er, it’s all over. I’ll bring you out now.”

After saying so, he walked out while carrying Chu Lian. Captain Guo, Zhang Mai and Xiao Hongyu all came up to surround them, asking worriedly, “How is Sister-in-Law?”

He Changdi faced everyone with his usual cool expression and shook his head, “I’ll leave the person inside to you. I’ll send Lian’er back first.”

Captain Guo patted his shoulder and entered the thatched hut with the others.

Chu Lian looked around them, only to see that her masked kidnappers were all lying on the ground, motionless.

She raised her chin to look up at He Changdi’s defined chin. She pressed her lips together and shoved her head even deeper into his chest, trying to surround herself with the scent that made her feel safe.

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