Chapter 691: The Evil Female Lead (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 691: The Evil Female Lead (1)

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The corner of Chu Lian’s mouth twitched. She felt that she had been completely shafted by the heavens. It was bad enough that she had suddenly transmigrated into a novel that she had only read halfway into the body of the evil female lead, no less. She could accept not being able to return to the modern world, since she had no ties keeping her there anyway.

Do the heavens really have to play with me like this?! I don’t even have any cheats to use, how am I going to survive this?! I’ve had enough!!

At first, her husband had suddenly turned bad, then now there was this ‘abnormal’ maidservant. Don’t tell her that Muxiang would turn out to be the reincarnated original female lead. She wanted to gift her just two words: ‘ha ha’.

A twitch developed in Chu Lian’s forehead. She looked at Muxiang, who seemed to be filled with hate and fury for her, with a strange expression.

“You’re… the original Chu Lian?”

Muxiang was staring closely at Chu Lian’s face, not wanting to miss out on even the most minute change in her expression.

She had been waiting patiently for so long, all just for this moment: to see the shock, alarm, and fear on the face of the freak that had stolen her body, to revel as the freak fell to the ground on her knees to beg for mercy.

A torrent of emotions was flooding her heart right now. She couldn’t hold back the burgeoning excitement in her, which showed in her trembling body. Right now, looking down from above at this woman that He Changdi had protected like a delicate little flower in a greenhouse, there was a sense of satisfaction and elation she couldn’t name.

She was waiting. Waiting for Chu Lian to give up and beg her for mercy.

After that, she would simply laugh right in her face and kill her last remaining hope. She would first make her lose her child, then torment her and make her suffer. In the end, she would make sure that this imposter died without a corpse to bury.

This way, once the freak in her original body died without a trace, she would then take her rightful place as the real Marchioness Anyuan.

Muxiang was absolutely thrilled at the thought.

However, as Muxiang continued waiting, what came wasn’t the scene she had imagined.

Chu Lian faced Muxiang’s gaze straight on. One of them was looking downwards, while the other was looking upwards. The two of them blinked in unison, then again, like some silent play.

Chu Lian was finding it strange why Muxiang was giving her an expectant look, as if she was waiting for something. She didn’t understand. What did Muxiang want from her at this point…

She had indeed taken Muxiang’s original body, but it wasn’t as if she had wanted it… She hadn’t had any say in the matter.

Furthermore, the original Chu Lian had been an evil woman with a poisonous heart. She hadn’t even hesitated when killing. For the sake of her own benefit, who knows how many people had fallen beneath her claws?

Even back in the Ying Estate, when the original female lead had been ignored by everyone and had lived a terrible life beneath even a handmaid, that didn’t have anything to do with the current Chu Lian.

Chu Lian had the confidence to say that she hadn’t done anything bad ever since she had come to the Great Wu Dynasty. She had also respected her seniors and supported her husband. She didn’t have any bit of remorse towards the original owner of this body. Strictly speaking, she was the most innocent victim here.

Since that was so, she really had no idea what Muxiang was waiting for.

The satisfied expression on Muxiang’s face started to contort. Her eyes got wider and wider, as disbelief sunk into her over how the situation was changing!

She had imagined many times over how the current Chu Lian would beg pathetically on her knees, pleading for her not to reveal this tremendous secret to He Changdi. However, she hadn’t expected Chu Lian to be so calm. Was she really not the slightest bit afraid? Was she really that fearless?

When she faced Chu Lian’s moist eyes, Muxiang bit her lip hard, almost drawing blood. She pointed a trembling finger at the bewildered Chu Lian in agitation. Her voice was shaking from her anger, “Aren’t you the slightest bit guilty? That’s my body you’re in! I’m the real Marchioness Anyuan! Aren’t you afraid that I’ll tell the truth to He Changdi?! That you’re not Chu Lian, and that you’re just a freak? Aren’t you scared that he’ll shun you once he finds out?”

Chu Lian was still stunned by the revelation, despite everything. So the soul inside Muxiang was the original ‘Chu Lian’.

However, just like Muxiang had said, Chu Lian really didn’t care if Muxiang were to reveal the truth to He Changdi. If He Changdi really chose to part ways with her based on that alone, then it was He Changdi who wasn’t worth her trust and love. She would have nothing to say to him if he broke up with her over a reason like that.

Also, what rubbish was she saying?

Even if Muxiang was still in her original body, going by the way the original novel had developed, she wouldn’t have become a marchioness regardless.

A thought suddenly surfaced in Chu Lian’s mind.

Since ‘Chu Lian’ had become Muxiang, going by the novel’s original plot, shouldn’t she have gone to look for Xiao Bojian instead? Wasn’t Xiao Bojian her true love? Why was she aiming for He Changdi now?

Even if ‘Chu Lian’ were to say that she had chosen He Sanlang for his power now, it didn’t make sense.

He Changdi did hold high status and authority now and he was currently occupying a good position in court. However, Xiao Bojian was doing equally well for himself. If they were to compare the status of both men, Xiao Bojian would likely be able to stand equally with He Changdi now.

The Jing’an Estate wasn’t a particularly old or rich noble house either, so there shouldn’t be any attraction there.

Since it was so, it was worth thinking further on why Muxiang had still ended up choosing He Changdi.

Since she had already transmigrated into this book, nothing seemed impossible.

If she were to make a few bold assumptions, could it be that Muxiang had regretted her choices in her past life— that is, the events in the original novel— and was now choosing He Changdi wholeheartedly in this life?

Chu Lian hid the guesses in her heart. On the surface, she narrowed her eyes at Muxiang. “Why do I have to be scared? Even if this body was originally yours, I don’t owe you anything.”

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