Chapter 688: Praying (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 688: Praying (2)

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Since they were afraid of any untoward incidents, once August had arrived, Chu Lian’s close servants had started making preparations.

On the morning of the tenth of August, Xiyan was suddenly overcome with a high fever.

The ones chosen to accompany Chu Lian on this trip were Wenqing and Xiyan. Wenlan had gone to the tea garden and it would take a few days for her to return to the estate.

Since Xiyan wasn’t feeling well in the morning, they could only find a replacement for her.

There were only Xiyan, Wenqing, Wenlan and Muxiang serving Chu Lian as her four personal handmaids.

The only one most suitable to take Xiyan’s place was Muxiang.

Ever since Chu Lian had gotten pregnant and Muxiang had been sent here to serve her by the matriarch, Muxiang had been behaving properly over the past few months. Furthermore, she worked swiftly, and got along well with the other maidservants.

Even Wenqing, Wenlan and Xiyan had stopped guarding against her.

Senior Servants Gui and Zhong were both troubled. The two senior servants were still reluctant to bring Muxiang along. Since they would be travelling out of the estate, they would have to take care of their madam the whole way. As amiable as Muxiang was, she had only been serving for a few months and she was still considered one of Matriarch He’s servants. The two of them hadn’t forgotten how Matriarch He had been biased against Chu Lian when they had moved out of the Jing’an Estate!

Compared to Muxiang, the two senior servants trusted the second-tier maidservant Baicha more.

Just as Senior Servant Zhong was about to speak, Muxiang stepped up.

She bobbed naturally to Chu Lian, a trace of worry showing in her expression, “Since Xiyan isn’t well, please let this servant serve Madam today.”

When Chu Lian heard that the sick Xiyan had seemingly relaxed upon hearing Muxiang ‘bravely’ volunteer as her replacement, she bowed her head and pretended to think about it for a long moment. Finally, she said, “Fine, you can come along today. Baicha, take care of Xiyan. Get Uncle Miao here to take a look at her. Why did she suddenly fall ill?”

Baicha immediately replied in the affirmative and turned to stride towards Xiyan’s room, where the ill maidservant was resting.

“Alright, it’s getting late. Hurry up and pack these up. When my husband is back from court, we’ll move out.”

Chu Lian was helped over to a wooden chair in the outer room by Wenqing. Senior Servant Zhong came out along with them.

Chu Lian glanced over at the senior servant. When she caught sight of the hesitant expression on Senior Servant Zhong, she asked, “Momo, is there anything you wish to say?”

Senior Servant Zhong was startled by the question, “Madam, this servant is afraid it won’t be too good to let Muxiang go with us.”

Chu Lian had guessed that she would say that. She patted the elderly servant’s hand to reassure her, “Don’t worry about it. Even if she has any bad intentions, she’s just one person. With my husband nearby, what can she do?”

Since her master had already said so, Senior Servant Zhong kept the rest of her worries to herself.

She sighed inwardly. There were some things that Chu Lian still wasn’t cautious enough about.

Actually, she found it rather strange. Chu Lian was normally quite prudent and treasured her life very much. Why would she suddenly act so carelessly?

She was carrying two lives now. Even if Muxiang was a weak maidservant, if she really wanted to do anything bad, she might be able to...

Perhaps the pregnancy had affected her master’s brain? Made her more foolish?

That didn’t seem right. Just two days ago, Zhou Wen and Manager Qin had been singing Madam’s praises in her ear for her marvellous ideas for the northern market and Dejufeng.

Senior Servant Zhong had no choice but to turn back inside and order Wenqing to watch Muxiang carefully.

While Wenqing felt that there wasn’t any need to, she still agreed.

Once He Changdi returned from court, he changed into a comfortable set of robes and accompanied Chu Lian out.

Countess Jing’an was already waiting in the outer court of the Anyuan Estate. When they neared the entrance of their estate, He Changdi personally helped Chu Lian into the carriage.

Chu Lian and Wenqing were to share a carriage with Countess Jing’an, while Muxiang and Countess Jing’an’s handmaid, as well as a female doctor she had brought along, were to share another carriage. He Changdi would be mounted on his horse and lead the guards protecting both sides of the carriage.

However, as they were travelling on the roads and before they had even reached the foot of Mount Lanxiang, a fast horse came chasing after them from behind.

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