Chapter 683: Businesses (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 683: Businesses (1)

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“Don’t worry, Doctor. The ingredients aren’t a problem. This prince will be able to gather whatever you need in the shortest possible time.”

Great Doctor Miao tactfully avoided any other questioning and focused on writing the prescription.

In the evening, the emperor finally woke from his coma.

Great Doctor Miao had been watching over him all this time. He heaved a sigh of relief and wiped at the cold sweat on his forehead. Since his job was done, he kept the silver acupuncture needles he had been using and bowed to Prince Wei before following Eunuch Wei out of the room, taking his medicinal case along.

Chu Lian had stayed in Prince Wei’s estate until it turned dark, so He Changdi came looking for her.

The couple had their dinner at the estate before returning to their own home.

Since Chu Lian was pregnant, He Changdi accompanied her in the carriage instead of riding his horse.

Within the spacious carriage, He Sanlang wrapped his wife in his arms and set his chin on the top of her head. One arm was placed at her waist, while his other hand was linked with hers.

His low, magnetic voice resounded from the top of Chu Lian’s head, “Lian’er, how was Her Highness?”

While she had been with Princess Wei, Chu Lian had been worried for the princess’s health. However, now that they had left Prince Wei’s estate, she could feel that something wasn’t quite right.

She had spent more time with Great Doctor Miao, so she understood his personality well. From what he had said earlier, there was likely nothing wrong with Princess Wei’s health, and the princess herself knew that as well.

Since Princess Wei was perfectly healthy, why had she specially invited her over?

Also, who had Great Doctor Miao gone to see in the afternoon?

Senior Servant Lan wasn’t any normal servant. Someone who could make her that anxious was likely very high-ranking.

Chu Lian prodded at He Changdi and pulled away slightly from his embrace. She looked up at him with her lovely eyes, which contained an intelligent glint.

She clutched He Changdi’s robe with one hand and shook her head before asking, “Hubby, do you know who was ill at Prince Wei’s estate today?”

He Changdi had some men under his command. Some of them were from Prince Jin, and some of them were the Jing’an Estate’s private soldiers, so he received news very quickly.

He Sanlang frowned, “I don’t. The elder royal prince wasn’t around and the younger royal prince has always been healthy. Only Princess Wei has ever had any issues with her health.”

Since Princess Wei was fine, then who was it that Great Doctor Miao had seen…?

Chu Lian explained everything that had happened at the estate this afternoon to He Changdi.

While deep in thought, He Changdi moved his arms to shift his wife into a more comfortable position. After some time, he spoke up, “Lian’er, do you think it’s the person above Prince Wei?”

As He Sanlang was speaking, there was a glint in his eyes.

Chu Lian was startled by this guess. She pondered it over in her mind and realised that it made sense.

“Why would His Majesty be at Prince Wei’s estate at this time? I heard Royal Princess mention that His Majesty doesn’t go incognito often.”

He Changdi bent down to kiss his wife’s soft cheek before pressing her head into his chest.

There were some things that he wasn’t certain of, so he hadn’t told them to Chu Lian yet.

The emperor’s recent actions, especially those directed at him, were likely related to Chu Lian.

“It might be a coincidence. Lian’er, don’t exert yourself too much thinking about these matters. When Uncle Miao returns, I’ll go have a chat with him.”

Chu Lian didn’t like thinking about politics and figuring out what the emperor’s intentions were. Furthermore, she had gotten lazier after becoming pregnant.

She leaned back comfortably against He Changdi’s chest and shut her eyes, feeling a little fatigued.

He Sanlang stroked her smooth hair, “I’ve already prepared something for Muxiang. Even if we’ve already taken enough precautions, you have to be careful. Don’t give her any chances to attack.”

The day that Muxiang tried anything would become her very last day on this earth!

While He Changdi was a loving and caring husband in front of Chu Lian, he was a grim devil to everyone else.

After experiencing the tragedy of his past life, and from the start of his current life, he could still be considered a good person.

Now that he had gone through the army and returned to the capital only to join in the dirty politics going on in court, there was more blood staining his hands.

The fighting in the emperor’s court had always been a hundred times more cruel than any spat in the inner courts.

Chu Lian nodded sleepily, ensconced in the warmth of He Changdi’s arms.

He Changdi could sense his wife’s breathing slowing down, so he hugged her more tightly.

Right now, it wasn’t just his beloved wife he was holding his arms, but also their very first unborn child. The little body he was hugging right now represented his entire world.

Unknowingly, the ice on He Changdi’s face melted away, leaving only a tiny, warm smile on his lips.

The next day, Great Doctor Miao was sent back to the Anyuan Estate.

He Changdi personally went to visit Great Doctor Miao. After their chat, He Changdi had basically confirmed his suspicion that Great Doctor Miao’s patient in Prince Wei’s Estate had been the emperor himself.

Great Doctor Miao had already decided to retire and spend the rest of his days in the Anyuan Estate. He had saved Countess Jing’an’s life and he had already become like a senior family member to He Changdi and Chu Lian, so they were on the same boat. Great Doctor Miao was also a smart one. He wouldn’t hide anything from He Changdi and Chu Lian.

With that piece of news, He Changdi went straight to Prince Jin’s Estate.

Time passed in a flash. Another two months had gone in the blink of an eye.

Although it was already August and autumn had arrived, the weather was still rather hot, especially for a pregnant woman with a growing belly.

Chu Lian was now six months pregnant, so her belly had blown up. Right now, even if she wore the loosest dress she had, she wouldn’t be able to hide the swell of her belly.

Although she was now eating for two, other than the size of her abdomen, there weren’t many physical changes. Her face didn’t swell up at all.

However, the pregnancy hormones had given her the natural glow that most pregnant women got. She became even more beautiful than before.

Royal Princess Duanjia came to visit Chu Lian often, and would comment enviously on how Chu Lian didn’t look pregnant at all other than her belly.

Most women would become plumper while pregnant, some might even grow spots on their faces. They might not even be able to clean up properly or dress up as before, so their looks would drop a grade or two during their pregnancies. However, in contrary to all that, Chu Lian’s face had undergone a transformation: she had lost all the baby fat on her face and turned into a stunning and ravishing beauty.

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