Chapter 682: Poisoned (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 682: Poisoned (2)

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“Your Highness, you’ll have to eat your medicine regularly! I’ll tell Senior Servant Lan what to do.”

Chu Lian didn’t know of the underlying reasons for her visit, she was genuinely concerned for Princess Wei’s health.

Great Doctor Miao stroked his long, white beard with a spark of understanding in his eyes.

His decades of experience meant that he could see through certain things. Although he had realised what was going on the moment he read Princess Wei’s pulse, the sharp Great Doctor Miao didn’t expose their excuse and simply followed along with what Princess Wei wanted.

“Lian’er, don’t worry. You still have to worry about your own health first, with that little one in your belly! Have the symptoms gotten better this month?”

Chu Lian smiled and nodded, “I can eat whatever I want now without any nausea!”

Princess Wei returned the smile and stroked her head.

While the atmosphere in the room was warm, Senior Servant Lan suddenly rushed into the room with a terrible expression.

Princess Wei frowned at the sight, “What’s wrong? Why are you in such a hurry?”

Senior Servant Lan glanced at Chu Lian, then Royal Princess Duanjia. In the end, she could only lean close to Princess Wei and whisper something into her ear.

“What?” The originally kind expression on Princess Wei’s face fell away and absolute shock replaced it in an instant. The fact that she hadn’t been able to conceal the change spoke to the gravity of the news.

It was very rare that Princess Wei would act this way. Even Royal Princess Duanjia had never seen her mother lose her composure like this before.

Royal Princess Duanjia asked urgently, “Mother, what’s wrong?”

Chu Lian stood up along with Royal Princess Duanjia. She pressed her lips without speaking and looked seriously at Princess Wei.

With a subtle nudge from Senior Servant Lan, Princess Wei suddenly came back to her senses.

She abruptly looked towards Great Doctor Miao, who was sitting at one side.

“Doctor, I have a request that I hope you might accept.”

Princess Wei spoke very humbly. She didn’t even refer to her status while speaking.

Great Doctor Miao was first startled for a moment, before he replied, “If Your Highness has some request, please feel free to speak. If it is within my means to help, I won’t stand by idly.”

While Great Doctor Miao did have some arrogance that came with his age, he wasn’t stupid.

He knew of Princess Wei’s status. Someone who could make her this worried, worried enough to humble herself, was likely someone of equally high status. Although he didn’t care about fame, he knew that there were some people he couldn’t afford to offend if he wanted to continue living peacefully. Princess Wei just so happened to be one of those.

Furthermore, it would likely be in line with his strengths, so there shouldn’t be much difficulty in her request.

Princess Wei was an upright character and she wouldn’t make unreasonable demands.

Soon, the princess personally lead Great Doctor Miao to a room that was under heavy guard.

Chu Lian was left under the care of Royal Princess Duanjia, and even Senior Servant Lan wasn’t allowed to follow them.

Within the heavily guarded room, Prince and Princess Wei stood by the bedside while two men stood not too far away.

One of them was a clean-shaven man who looked to be in his fifties, while the other man was much younger.

Great Doctor Miao only managed a glance at them before a chill ran down his spine. His gaze moved to the middle-aged man in steel grey robes lying on the bed.

The doctor suppressed the turbulent emotions in his heart by shutting his eyes and letting his mind calm down.

He was invited to sit by the bed by Prince Wei.

He didn’t ask any questions and simply started taking the pulse of the middle-aged man according to Prince Wei’s instructions.

After fifteen minutes or so had passed, Great Doctor Miao was done with his diagnosis.

He looked back at the middle-aged man on the bed before looking up at Prince Wei. While time has left its mark on the mysterious man’s face, it was clear that Prince Wei and the man were closely related.

The two of them had very similar features.

Great Doctor Miao was deliberating on what to say. His brow was already furrowed from tension.

After mulling it over, he decided to tell the truth.

“Your Highness, would it be possible to speak elsewhere?”

Prince Wei was slightly surprised. He hadn’t thought that the doctor would make such a request.

He looked over the other people present in the room with caution. After a few seconds of thought, he agreed to Great Doctor Miao’s request.

“Doctor, please follow this prince this way.”

The two of them entered a quieter room. Prince Wei set his personal bodyguards at the entrance, so no one would dare to approach.

Great Doctor Miao took a deep breath before speaking resolutely, “The patient has been poisoned.”

Even Prince Wei couldn’t maintain his composure at this point. His eyes were wide with disbelief.

“What did you say?! He’s been poisoned? How could that be possible?!”

His brother was the ruler of the land under heaven, the regent of their kingdom. There were many talents gathered under his court. How could he possibly be poisoned?!

Since Great Doctor Miao had decided to speak the truth, he had also considered Prince Wei’s emotional outburst.

He first waited for Prince Wei to calm down before explaining everything to him.

“It’s a slow-acting poison. This old doctor can’t tell which poison it is until further examination. However, this old doctor can confirm that it isn’t a common poison and that it hasn’t spread throughout the patient’s body yet. There is still a chance for treatment at this point. If treatment is delayed any longer, the patient will be beyond saving.”

Prince Wei had already been through great turmoil in his life. During the fight for the throne, where they had battled against their brothers, he and the emperor had carved out a bloody road for themselves. As grave as it was, could any other matter compare to the perilous situation they had been in back then? He quickly calmed down.

“How confident are you that you will be able to treat the patient?”

Great Doctor Miao was silent in thought for a moment before he lifted seven fingers, “Seventy percent. With the right ingredients, it could be as high as eighty percent.”

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