Chapter 680: Muxiang Enters the Estate (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 680: Muxiang Enters the Estate (2)

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Chu Lian quickly came back with a small, exquisite mahogany box.

She sat down by He Changdi’s side and pushed the box to him.

“There, that’s for you.”

He Changdi’s voice was low and magnetic as he asked with a little smile, “What is it?”

Chu Lian passed him the tiny silver key that she kept on her at all times, “Won’t you know once you open it?”

Expectation built up in He Changdi’s heart unconsciously. He took the silver key and made quick work of the lock. With a clack, the box sprung open.

There was a contract and a square personal seal.

Although He Changdi didn’t interfere with Chu Lian’s businesses and he never investigated her properties, he still knew a little about what his wife did.

His servants were still right by her side after all.

“A personal seal from Tonghui?”

Tonghui Bank was a bank opened by one of the rich Shandong nobility. Although it wasn’t as big as the government-controlled Longhui Bank, it was a private bank so there were all sorts of powers backing it. It was a mix of crooks and honest folk. Those who didn’t want to reveal their identity would use Tonghui Bank.

Tonghui Bank would issue a type of personal seal specially for important clients.

As long as they brought the stamp to a branch of Tonghui Bank, they would immediately be able to draw cash.

There were very few of these seals in circulation; less than a hundred according to rumours.

Tonghui Bank was older than the Great Wu Dynasty, so it could be imagined how valuable a personal seal from Tonghui Bank was.

This was also a direct reflection of how profitable Chu Lian’s northern market was.

Chu Lian nodded without any change in expression, “It’s mine. I’m giving it to you to use. Aren’t you lacking in funds?”

He Changdi’s gaze fell upon his beautiful wife. He sighed and stroked her smooth cheek, “My silly Lian’er, don’t you know what this seal represents? And you’re giving it to me just like that?”

Chu Lian puffed up her cheeks and rolled her eyes, “What else could it represent? It’s just money… What can I do with all that money anyway? You’ll put it to better use. Our Great Wu is large but lacking in material goods, so it’s easy to earn money. Anyway, it’s not like there’s a limit to how much I can earn.  I’m not a dragon that needs to hoard gold either.”

Chu Lian thought differently from most noble ladies because she was a modern person at heart.

Most noble madams would simply store and save up their money once they earned it and feel content looking at the mountain of gold at home.

What they didn’t know was that money had to be spent in order to generate wealth. The amount of money that Chu Lian had was just a number anyway, using it where needed and getting things done was more important.

She had only opened up the market in the north on a lark, for the citizens of Liangzhou and giving the poor barbarian people another source of income. Based on some luck and some power, she had somehow made the business bigger than she had imagined.

If the business grew too big, it might attract unwanted attention, so Chu Lian was actually satisfied with what it was now.

As long as she had enough money to spend and her days were spent carefree, that was enough for her. Having a huge amount of silver wouldn’t bring her any joy and would instead bring a lot of worries. Why not just throw it all to He Changdi and let him settle it for her?

He Changdi’s heart warmed because of her gesture. He had encountered so much unjustness in his past life. Even his own parents had never done anything so thoughtful for him before.

At this moment, he felt that all the pain and suffering he had gone through in his past life had been for the sake of earning the love of this woman in his arms now.

When Chu Lian noticed that his eyes had gone unfocused and that his lips were pressed together as he remained silent, she frowned and waved one fist in front of him. She acted tough as she mock threatened, “What? You don’t want it? Are you afraid I’ll charge interest?”

He Changdi focused his gaze on her lovely features. The stiffness in his expression faded and softened as if the spring breeze had pushed it away. He hugged Chu Lian tightly as his magnetic voice resounded by her ear.

“Lian’er, thank you.”

Chu Lian rested her head against He Changdi’s chest. There was a slight smile on her lips.

The couple stayed ensconced in their little corner of warmth for an hour, unknowing of the growing impatience in Muxiang’s heart as she waited in the parlour outside.

After she had followed Wenlan over to her new room, she had been taken to the parlour next.

The handmaids and senior servants who were usually close to Chu Lian were all here.

Wenlan looked at her sister, who was right next to her, but Wenqing shook her head. Just as she was about to speak, Senior Servant Zhong called the two sisters over to the corridor outside.

Before the two handmaids could speak, Senior Servant Zhong ordered, “The two of you, take Muxiang with you on your work. She is to take the place of Jingyan temporarily. When you have the time, tell her about Madam’s usual habits and the rules of our estate. Do guide her along.”

Wenqing and Wenlan were surprised.

Wenqing thought it over before asking, “Momo, is this Madam’s order? Although Sister Muxiang is Matriarch He’s handmaid and we won’t mistreat her, isn’t it a little inappropriate to let her take the position of personal handmaid so quickly?”

Senior Servant Zhong had her own doubts in her heart, but this wasn’t her decision to make.

“This order came from Master and Madam. Since our masters have already decided, we are to follow their orders. However, we cannot be complacent and forget to take caution against her. The masters had this meaning too when they ordered you to guide Muxiang.”

Wenqing and Wenlan exchanged glances.

They then replied in unison, “Momo, don’t worry. We understand.”

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