Chapter 679: Muxiang Enters the Estate (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 679: Muxiang Enters the Estate (1)

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Everyone was stunned by the sudden decision from Matriarch He.

Let Muxiang go to the Anyuan Estate to take care of Chu Lian?

Muxiang was Matriarch He’s most trusted handmaid.

The announcement set everyone to thinking as they tried to discern how much sincerity was in Matriarch He’s gesture.

However, when they thought carefully about it, it seemed like there was no reason for Matriarch He to make things difficult for Chu Lian.

After all, the matriarch had been waiting for this unborn child for very long. While she had some conflict with Chu Lian previously, the child was innocent. The matriarch might be muddle-headed at times, but not to the degree of harming a child.

Muxiang was a family servant. Her parents had passed away when she was a child, leaving her behind, so she had started serving the matriarch at an early age. Even Senior Servant Liu had praised her work before. Anyone with eyes in the entire Jing’an Estate could see her character for themselves. Even the harshest senior servant would likely recommend Muxiang for any work.

Furthermore, her looks were very average and didn’t stand out at all. Any one of Chu Lian’s handmaids had her beat in the looks department. Matriarch He’s intention to send Muxiang over to Chu Lian’s place was really likely only out of concern for her unborn great-grandson.

Chu Lian had also thought of all these.

It wouldn’t be good to reject the matriarch in front of so many people too.

If there was really something wrong with Muxiang, then she could have her servants keep an eye over her in the Anyuan Estate.

Countess Jing’an subtly winked at Chu Lian, indicating that Chu Lian should agree to the matriarch’s request.

Chu Lian turned her head slightly to gauge He Changdi’s reaction. His eyes narrowed slightly in response.

Since he hadn’t spoken up to reject the offer, Chu Lian knew what she should do next.

She stood up and bobbed towards the matriarch, “Then Granddaughter-in-Law shall accept Grandmother’s kind offer. Please don’t worry, Grandmother. Granddaughter-in-Law will treat Muxiang like any other servant in the Anyuan Estate.”

The matriarch nodded in satisfaction.

By the time the couple were ready to leave, Muxiang had already packed her bags and was following behind Chu Lian.

On the way back to the estate, Muxiang sat in the same carriage as Wenlan.

Muxiang had a good reputation amongst the servants in the Jing’an Estate, and she had grown up by Matriarch He’s side. Everyone treated her as a highly-ranked servant.

After Wenlan had been transferred to Chu Lian’s side, she and her sister Wenqing had occasionally interacted with Muxiang.

Muxiang was well-mannered and treated everyone generously. She was also a warm and magnanimous person. Others might even think that she was a young lady from one of the smaller noble houses.

Wenqing and Wenlan both had good impressions of Muxiang.

Since Muxiang was going to serve Chu Lian together with them from now on, on the way back to the estate, Muxiang and Wenlan started chatting happily.

Wenlan had a good feeling about the new arrival Muxiang.

When they returned to the Anyuan Estate, Chu Lian told Wenlan to let Muxiang settle in in her new room.

The couple then entered their bedroom and settled down on their chaise.

He Changdi dismissed all the servants.

Chu Lian leaned against her husband’s chest and played with a lock of his hair as she asked, “Hubby, you agreed to Muxiang coming to our estate too? What do you think of it?”

He Changdi pulled her even closer and let her shift into a more comfortable position in his arms. He leaned close to Chu Lian’s ear and whispered, “Letting the wolf in.”

Hearing this, Chu Lian immediately sat up straight with eyes wide, “Muxiang is…”

He Changdi nodded.

Although he couldn’t be sure which faction she belonged to, there was definitely something suspicious about her!

A dangerous spark lit up in He Changdi’s eyes. He and Prince Jin had searched for very long, but they hadn’t been able to find any leads at all.

As for how Muxiang had gotten involved in all this, there were too many unanswered questions.

Now that she had served herself up on a plate, it was a good chance for them to find out!

Chu Lian was equally surprised. She thought back to the events in the original story. There hadn’t been any mention that Muxiang was plotting something…?

Nevermind, she couldn’t figure it out, so she stopped trying to puzzle it over. Anyway, she hadn’t even read the second half of the novel. She couldn’t guess at what the author had been thinking either.

Chu Lian blinked before letting out a crafty smirk. She sprawled over He Changdi’s chest and whispered in a mischievous tone, “Then what should I do?”

He Changdi patted her head, “We don’t have to do anything right now. She just came over, even if she has bad intentions, she wouldn’t act so quickly. Just don’t interact with her directly and I’ll send someone to watch over her in secret.”

Chu Lian nodded.

She seemed to have suddenly recalled something. Chu Lian fought free of his embrace, wanting to jump off the chaise to grab something from her closet. However, when He Changdi saw that she was about to step onto the floor with just her socks, he hurriedly stopped her, “Put on your shoes!”

Chu Lian wasn’t afraid of him. She paused for a moment before setting her feet down on the floor. In the next moment, He Changdi had already pulled her back to the chaise. He held down her squirming feet and pulled her soft-soled home shoes on over them.

Once he was done, he carefully set her two feet on the ground and patted her pert butt, “Go on!”

Chu Lian turned back to glare at him speechlessly, “He Changdi, you’re becoming too naggy!”

He Sanlang snorted back at her.

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