Chapter 675: Causing Her Own Demise (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 675: Causing Her Own Demise (1)

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He Changdi looked her over once before ordering, “Put it down and get out.”

Jingyan was startled by the abrupt command. She hadn’t thought that He Changdi would be so cold and indifferent towards her. His gaze hadn’t even lingered a second longer over her.

Jingyan bit her lip and made a decision in her heart.

She only had one chance! If she missed out on this one chance, then she would have to give up on her dream!

She took a deep breath and put on the most seductive expression she could muster. Ignoring He Changdi’s order to set down the box and leave, she sashayed up to He Changdi and put the food box down at one corner of the table. In a soft voice, she said, “Master, Madam is worried for your health, so Madam specially told me to watch Master drink the soup down.”

The cold aura that He Changdi had kept under control suddenly burst out in full force. He had been considering the fact that Jingyan had been serving as Chu Lian’s maidservant ever since she had married him, so he had given her some leeway. However, since she wanted to invite her own death, he wasn’t going to show her any mercy.

Jingyan hadn’t noticed the subtle changes in He Changdi. She was so nervous that her heart was about to leap out of her chest. She couldn’t possibly have taken note of the expression on He Changdi’s slightly bowed head.

Her slender hand moved to her waist. With a gentle tug, her thin nightgown came undone, revealing her long, snow-white legs and her full bosom…

Jingyan gathered her courage and leaned over the table, revealing her exposed chest to He Changdi’s sight. Her voice wavered as she offered in a delicate and frail manner, “Ma… Master, this servant will help you drink the soup…”

The rage in He Changdi’s chest reached its peak upon hearing Jingyan’s shy words.

He abruptly lifted his head. The frozen expression on his handsome face had finally changed, but it wasn’t the change Jingyan had been hoping for.

His handsome mien was slightly contorted into a malevolent expression, and his deep eyes were like ancient glaciers.

Jingyan was scared stiff by that sinister look on He Changdi. Her eyes widened in disbelief as she lost all strength and collapsed to the ground.

By now, Jingyan had finally realised how stupid her decision had been. However, it was too late for regrets.

He Changdi didn’t have an ounce of pity for a woman like this. A corner of his lips tugged upwards into a smirk. That smirk wasn’t sympathetic at all; rather, it made him seem even more terrifying and cruel.

In the next second, the dishevelled and half-naked Jingyan was kicked right out of the study. She rolled and landed right by Laiyue’s feet.

Laiyue: ……

Following that, He Changdi’s angry roar rang loud from the study. “Once you’ve taken care of her, go and punish yourself!”

Laiyue’s own expression turned overcast and he glared fiercely at the unconscious Jingyan. He was extremely vexed inside. This damned woman had caused trouble for him!

Even though he felt very indignant and wanted to beat up Jingyan to relieve his anger for a bit, Laiyue didn’t dare to tarry on fulfilling He Changdi’s order.

He took out a black bamboo whistle and blew on it. In a short moment, two guards appeared from the darkness. With just a simple hand gesture from Laiyue, the two black-clad guards took the unconscious Jingyan away.

Laiyue hesitated for a moment before turning back and entering the study.

He Changdi looked up and swept a cold gaze over the manservant, making Laiyue freeze.

Laiyue showed a pained expression as he explained, “Master, it’s not that this servant didn’t have doubts, but Jingyan was one of Madam’s handmaids…”

“You can shut up now. Take this box of food to Uncle Miao and have him check if there’s anything else in the soup.”

Laiyue didn’t dare to continue trying to explain himself. He immediately agreed and carried the box of food out.

“Has Wenqing left yet?”

“She’s already gone. When you kicked Jingyan out, Miss Wenqing left immediately.”

“Alright, you’re dismissed!”

Laiyue bowed as he walked backwards out of the study.

After Wenqing explained everything that had happened, the tension in Chu Lian’s heart faded away. She could finally lay back down and have a good night’s rest.

It wasn’t until right before daybreak that He Changdi finished his work and returned to Songtao Court.

Uncle Miao had actually come all the way over to the study just now because of that aphrodisiac soup, putting He Changdi in an awkward spot.

Uncle Miao had even assumed that he had some hidden illness! The doctor had insisted on taking his pulse before finally leaving.

Chu Lian felt someone hold her in her sleep. She struggled a little in her half-awake state, but she couldn’t get free. In the end, she opened her eyes reluctantly, only to meet with He Changdi’s deep, dark gaze.

He Changdi chuckled and pinched her pert little nose. “You silly goose. Are you satisfied now?”

Chu Lian’s mind was still foggy, so she couldn’t really process what he had said. She pouted and repeated the insult back at him. “You’re the silly goose!”

He Changdi didn’t retort. He simply looked at the cute and sleepy Chu Lian in his arms with a warm gaze, unable to resist kissing her fluttering eyelids.

“Did our little one disturb you these two days?”

Ever since Great Doctor Miao had diagnosed that she was carrying, the pregnancy symptoms had immediately started up with a vengeance. Chu Lian puked out whatever she ate. Sometimes she would be able to eat a bowl of food, only for it to come back up later. Her appetite hadn’t been very good in the first place. After the symptoms started, she ate even less.

However, Senior Servant Zhong and Great Doctor Miao had told her that she had to eat even if she didn’t feel very hungry if she wanted to keep the child. Thus, she hadn’t been having a very good time so far.

It wasn’t until the three month mark had passed that the symptoms had slowly abated and her appetite had returned.

Now Chu Lian could down two bowls of rice by herself in one go.

Perhaps due to the scare from last month, He Changdi couldn’t seem to set his worries aside. He asked about her condition daily and whether the little one had made trouble for her.

Chu Lian shook her head. After the first three months, the little bun seemed to have settled down. Other than a slight bump in her abdomen, she hardly felt pregnant, other than being just a little sleepier than usual.

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