Chapter 672: Enjoying the Breeze (2)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 672: Enjoying the Breeze (2)

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When He Changdi entered the inner court, it was only to see that Chu Lian was still sitting under the grape vines and hadn’t even moved a little. When he had left the estate at noon that day, Chu Lian had already been sitting there.

It was indeed rather cool under the grape vines here. Since it was close to an alley, a breeze would pass by from time to time and the dense grape vines absorbed much of the harsh sunlight. It might even be comfier than a modern air-conditioned room.

Xiyan and Wenlan had already asked a few times, but Chu Lian didn’t want to move at all.

Although it was summer now, it wasn’t good for a pregnant woman to sit in the breeze for too long.

However, the group of maidservants couldn’t get Chu Lian to budge. She had already started flipping through the account books that Manager Qin had just delivered.

The moment He Changdi entered the courtyard, he was greeted with the sight of the maidservants standing helplessly next to Chu Lian, looking like they wanted to speak but not daring to at all.

When Xiyan noticed He Changdi, her eyes lit up, as if she had just seen her saviour.

Chu Lian was currently sitting with her back facing He Changdi, so she couldn’t see him at all. He Changdi waved his hand at Xiyan and Wenlan to dismiss them.

The two handmaids bobbed in respect before leading the other maidservants away.

Chu Lian was still marvelling at the speedy development of the market, fully immersed in the numbers on the pages. Her eyes were wide and bright as she read. All of a sudden, she was pulled up from behind and into someone’s embrace, giving her a fright.

She only had time to make a short scream before her mouth was devoured by a familiar pair of lips.

Chu Lian’s eyes went even wider, and she finally looked right into the dark eyes of her husband. She was so angry at the sight that she began to beat on He Changdi’s chest.

He Changdi let her struggle, but he made sure to keep her stable in his embrace. He kept one hand over her waist to make sure she wouldn’t kick her own belly.

At the same time, he refused to give in and played with her tongue mercilessly.

It only took a few punches before Chu Lian gave up on moving him. His chest was hard and it seemed like her attacks didn’t even affect him. In the end, all she was doing was making her hands sore.

The flurry of movement and the battle between their tongues sapped her strength away, making her boneless.

She could only let this lunatic husband of hers do as he liked.

When He Changdi finally let go of her tongue, they were already back in their room.

Chu Lian’s face was fully flushed. The parts of her neck exposed to the air were also pink. Pregnant women were more sensitive than most. Right now, her eyes were slightly watery, giving her a tender and beguiling aura, seducing the person beholding her beauty.

He Changdi’s pupils dilated and he took a gulp. All the blood in his body rushed downwards…

He sat Chu Lian down on the chaise and took a few steps back to put some distance between them, tugging at his robes awkwardly.

In a cool voice, he reprimanded, “You’re not allowed to sit in the breeze for more than two hours from now on.”

Chu Lian simply stared at him, tongue-tied. Was he going to nitpick even over this?

Soon enough, He Changdi was going to become quite the busybody...

There was a hint of a pout in her voice as she replied, “It’s hot in the room.”

He Changdi looked around and retrieved a hand fan from the side. He opened it up and started fanning her.

“Is it still hot now?”

Chu Lian didn’t know how to reply to that. A twitch developed in the corner of her mouth, and she tried to push away He Changdi, who was starting to lean closer and closer to her.

“Why did you come back so early today?”

“I didn’t go to the ministry today. I was at Prince Jin’s estate, so I came home earlier.”

He Changdi couldn’t resist hugging Chu Lian again. Her figure was already small in the first place. Even though she was now more than three months pregnant, she hadn’t gotten any bigger yet. Only the smooth glow of her skin and her extra sensitivity hinted that there was a new life growing inside her.

His arm slid under her slender neck and he continued fanning her. The cool breeze washed over her flushed cheeks and neck, carrying the slight fragrance of her body to his nose, immediately tempting the desire he had suppressed for months.

The thought of the silver mine that had been taken away by the emperor suddenly came to Chu Lian’s mind. A wrinkle appeared between her brows and she turned to catch He Changdi’s collar, looking up at him. She was about to tell him about the northern market when He Changdi bent down to catch her lips once again.

He licked her cherry red lips before nibbling on her full lower lip. Finally, his agile tongue slid into her sweet, warm cavern and immediately overpowered her.

Chu Lian gave in to the desire that his actions had stirred. Even if she tried to push him, it had no effect, so she could only wrap her arms around his waist and continuously stroke the area there.

For such a tall and strong man, He Changdi’s most sensitive area was actually his waist. However, even Chu Lian didn’t know that…

In the middle of playing with Chu Lian’s tongue, He Sanlang suddenly frowned and let out a suppressed moan.

Even if it was a man’s voice, that moan was very seductive.

Before Chu Lian could react, he threw away the fan in his hands and pulled Chu Lian onto his lap. His other hand caught both of Chu Lian’s naughty hands and restrained them.

Chu Lian quivered a little at the sudden movement, her half-lidded eyes immediately fluttering open. Being held down like this made her shy and timid. She turned her head away because she couldn’t meet his eyes in this state.

However, there was still a buff arm wrapped around her, so she couldn’t completely get away.

“He Changdi, let go of me!” She panted coquettishly in protest.

Right now, her entire body was in his arms. How could He Changdi bear to let go of his lovely wife at this point?

A man who had been left high and dry for two months was to be feared, especially when it was the lunatic He Changdi.

He tightened his embrace around Chu Lian and panted into her ear. The hot and heavy breaths puffing over her ears made them flush instantly.

Chu Lian could hear his husky voice pleading, like a big puppy begging for help, “Lian’er… Help me, please?”

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