Chapter 671: Enjoying the Breeze (1)

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator

Chapter 671: Enjoying the Breeze (1)

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Myeryen followed behind Manager Qin and entered from the side entrance of the estate. As they made their way past the first wall following the entrance, then the outer court, and then past the outer court to arrive at the inner court, maidservants peeked at them the entire way.

Once they entered the main courtyard within the inner court, Manager Qin took Myeryen straight to Chu Lian, who was sitting under some grape vines.

Today, it was Xiyan and Wenlan who were on duty.

The child in Chu Lian’s belly had just passed three months. Great Doctor Miao had declared that the pregnancy was stable now, making everyone around He Changdi and Chu Lian relax.

It was now more than a month since Chu Lian had discovered her pregnancy.

She had been trapped in the estate for this whole month. He Changdi was normally very busy, but he somehow managed to free up enough time to spend two or three days with her every ten days.

If it were only Senior Servants Gui and Zhong by her side, they might not have dared to interfere with her actions, but it was a different story when it came to He Changdi.

Thinking back to the month or so that she had been cooped up inside the estate, a furrow developed between Chu Lian’s brows. Unless it was absolutely necessary, He Changdi had actually forbidden her from leaving her room.

However, she did care very much for the little bun growing in her belly too, so even without any servants by her side to remind her, Chu Lian would take special care in moving around.

Yesterday, Great Doctor Miao had personally declared that she could leave her room. So today, she had come out to enjoy some fresh air under the hanging grape vines.

On this hot day, it was already painful enough that she couldn’t drink anything cold, but she still had to place a light blanket over her tummy.

Chu Lian shifted the thin blanket aside in disdain, but the sharp-eyed Xiyan quickly pulled it back in place.

Chu Lian had no choice but to take up the lotus seed porridge at the side and sip some to alleviate the heat she was feeling.

From far away, they could see Manager Qin bringing a few people over.

When Chu Lian noticed the foreign-looking man behind Manager Qin, who was at least half a head taller than the poor manager, the corners of her mouth curled up.

She had to say that Myeryen was rather handsome after he had grown up. He looked like one of those European models from back in the modern times. After training with Manager Qin for a few months, Myeryen had lost the cowardly and weak demeanour he had had when they first met. He was now much more confident.

Now that his health had recovered, Myeryen was more self-assured. Furthermore, after helping Chu Lian manage the northern market, he had gotten better at speaking.

He saw Chu Lian lying against the wooden chair first, and his expression lit up. Following that, he spotted Wenlan, who was sitting beside Chu Lian and working on some embroidery.

This time, his brown eyes sparkled even more, as if he had just seen something precious to him.

As the men walked closer to them, Chu Lian was observing them. Of course, she noticed Myeryen’s expression and made a mental note of it. Her eyes slid sideways to cast a nonchalant gaze over Wenlan, who had her head bowed as she focused on her embroidery. A smirk danced on Chu Lian’s lips.

Manager Qin had come here with Myeryen to report on the progress of the northern market, as well as hand over the account books for the season.

Knowing that Chu Lian was pregnant now and that she couldn’t overexert herself, Manager Qin only stayed for a while before leaving.

Just as Manager Qin was leaving, they bumped into He Changdi, who was returning to the estate. He Changdi quickly noticed Myeryen standing behind Manager Qin.

Myeryen came over to greet He Changdi rather enthusiastically, perhaps since they hadn’t met for some time. He made a proper salute towards He Changdi, as befitting a citizen of the Great Wu.

“Brother He!”

He Changdi was a little surprised. He hadn’t managed to recognise that this tall and skinny foreign boy was Myeryen.

The Myeryen of today was utterly different from the Myeryen of his past lifetime.

In his past life, Myeryen had been so thin that he had been practically skin and bones. He had also been dreadfully ill. He Changdi had never seen Myeryen look so lively before.


Myeryen grinned and rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

“Brother He, I didn’t think that you would be able to recognise me. Even Ah-Ma said that I’ve changed too much.”

He Changdi’s gaze was slightly warmer than usual as he patted Myeryen’s shoulder. “How are Ah-Ma and your brother?”

Myeryen smiled, revealing a mouth full of white teeth. “Ah-Ma is doing very well! My brother and I are both working under Manager Qin and learning.”

He Changdi glanced in the direction the two of them had come from. “Did you go to see Madam just now?”

Manager Qin was the one who replied. “Replying to my lord, I just handed over the account books for the northern market to Madam, together with Myeryen.”

When He Changdi had left the Jing’an Estate, he had brought along with him all the servants of Songtao Court. Since Matriarch He was still around, his and Chu Lian’s rank in the family was still the same, so the servants hadn’t changed the way they addressed their masters even after the move to the Anyuan Estate. They still called the couple Third Young Madam and Third Young Master.

However, now that there was a child in Chu Lian’s belly, they couldn’t continue the old way of addressing their masters, since their masters had upgraded by one generation. If Chu Lian gave birth to a boy, he would become the little Heir Anyuan, and He Changdi and Chu Lian would then have to be called Master and Madam.

He Changdi turned to Myeryen and said, “I’ll go and visit Ah-Ma some other time.”

He then let Manager Qin and Myeryen leave.

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